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Flow of Arms to Syria Through Iraq Persists, to U.S. DismaynewsDec 01, 2012
Dec. 1st roundup: Turkey-IRI tensions grow/ Assad's troubles mountblogDec 01, 2012
EA analyst: REGIME'S FALL COULD BE IMMINENT!"blogNov 29, 2012
A myth-debunking study has potent implications for USA, Iran and Arab worldblogNov 25, 2012
Gunning for Damascus When no one was watching, the Syrian rebels started winningnewsNov 23, 2012
Upcoming changes in energy availability will have huge political & economic effects on Iran, elsewhereblogNov 21, 2012
Iran Deputies To Mull Draft Law Restricting Women's Right To TravelnewsNov 21, 2012
real causes of the rial crisisblogOct 03, 2012
FALLING BY THE HOUR: Rial drops 15% to 34500 to the dollar (with further analysis)blogOct 01, 2012
Iranian rial dropped 6% today. Figure is 28,500 to 1blogSep 29, 2012
The Disgraceful George RomneyblogSep 12, 2012
Regime's #1 Assumption for 2013: IRANIANS ARE STUPID, GULLIBLE & HAVE SHORT MEMORIES blogSep 11, 2012
In Syria, jihadist numbers grow and they demand a harsh stateblogSep 09, 2012
How Obama can triumph in November and prevail in the Middle EastblogSep 08, 2012
Analysis & roundup: IN SYRIA--NOT A STALEMATE AFTER ALLblogSep 06, 2012
Syrian Children Offer Glimpse of a Future of ReprisalsnewsSep 04, 2012
BREAKING NEWS: Assad has just targeted Homs civilians with deadly new weapon (roundup post)blogSep 01, 2012
SAS kills hundreds of terrorists in 'secret war' against al-Qaeda in IraqnewsAug 31, 2012
FSA destroys at least 5 regime helicopters in airport raid (roundup).blogAug 29, 2012
How many defecting troops and high insiders have attested to Assad's crimes? Are they all Al Queda?blogAug 27, 2012
Over 700 bodies (mostly executed young men) found in Darayaa after regime withdrawsblogAug 26, 2012
Maryam Keshavarz: 'In Iran, anything illegal becomes politically subversive'newsAug 25, 2012
Intervention in Syria could bring Khamenei's downfallblogAug 24, 2012
Assad's desperate new strategy--mass execution of civilians after suffering any setbackblogAug 23, 2012
Iran's supreme leader orders fresh terror attacks on WestnewsAug 22, 2012
UNCONFIRMED: Dreaded head of Syrian Air Force Intelligence dies in Russian hospitalblogAug 20, 2012
Can Sunnis avoid "The Huge Blunder of 1979?" blogAug 17, 2012
Victories of the FSAnewsAug 17, 2012
Today's amnesty for 90 prisoners will not calm Iran's peopleblogAug 16, 2012
Official Sources Continue to Downplay Earthquake DevastationnewsAug 15, 2012
Iran forming a militia in Syria, Leon Panetta warnsnewsAug 14, 2012
Regime to foreigners on post-earthquake aid: "GET LOST!"blogAug 13, 2012
Aleppo 'is becoming Syria's Stalingrad'newsAug 12, 2012
Syria crisis: US and Turkey consider no-fly zonesnewsAug 11, 2012
How long can Assad's forces withstand daily losses like those he suffered today?blogAug 10, 2012
The Winners and Losers of Syria's Civil WarnewsAug 09, 2012
BREAKING NEWS: 3 huge developments in Syria today blogAug 08, 2012
ANALYSIS: Iran's spies are losing the war with US and IsraelnewsAug 07, 2012
AWFUL NEWS FOR ASSAD: FSA may have Sam anti-air missilesblogAug 07, 2012
Syrian defection--maybe the biggest yet--could hurt the Islamic Republic big timeblogAug 05, 2012
Facing military defeat, Khamenei May Employ Assad's Chechnya tactics. HOWEVER...blogAug 03, 2012
Copying the Sultan's policies, the mullahs pay the same priceblogAug 01, 2012
Khamenei to Educated Emigres: "PLEASE RETURN TO IRAN. OUR ECONOMY NEEDS YOU!"blogJul 30, 2012
Why didn't the world go after "Kind-Hearted Khamenei" in 2009?blogJul 28, 2012
Syrian army supply crisis has regime on brink of collapse, say defectorsnewsJul 27, 2012
Anti-protest tactics that worked in 2009 have a fatal flaw that Iranians failed to testblogJul 26, 2012
JOY, OH JOY! Iranians should celebrate in the streets today as Syrians are doingblogJul 18, 2012
How the FSA suckered Assad into a lose-lose battle in DamascusblogJul 17, 2012
Syria Hardens Response to Clashes in Damascus newsJul 17, 2012
Unprecedented fight in Damascus: 2 highways cut, snipers killed, APC destroyedblogJul 16, 2012
Top Syrian defector: "The regime itself blew up government buildings & blamed protestors" (Sound familiar?)blogJul 15, 2012
WASTE OF TIME: 50 "Reform" Parties Unite to Choose 2012 Presidential CandidateblogJul 14, 2012
The Islamist AscendancynewsJul 13, 2012
Kenya police: Iranian terror suspects shipped 100kg of explosive to hit Western targetsnewsJul 13, 2012
IRCG general says Khamenei personally ordered slaughter of civiliansblogJul 12, 2012
A History of the (Syrian) Insurgency newsJul 11, 2012
On the regime's latest summer morality campaign: Dumb and ill-Advised blogJul 11, 2012
BLASTING AWAY: Turkey's economy is second only to China in economic growth. Where is Iran?blogJul 10, 2012
Iranians Watch as Country's Economy WithersnewsJul 09, 2012
ANALYSIS: Are disgruntled Basilj students turning on the regime?blogJul 07, 2012
'I did not join the armed forces to see this army harm its own people'--General Tlas urging defectionsblogJul 06, 2012
Why Egypt's Islamists will spurn Iran's recent courtship of Mohammed MorsiblogJul 06, 2012
General said to defect from Assad inner circlenewsJul 05, 2012
ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: Regime survival will be measured in weeks if it attacks HormuzblogJul 05, 2012
As Beaten Wives Love Their Husbands, So Iranians Love the RegimeblogJul 04, 2012
The Islamic Republic--Damaged Beyond RepairblogJun 29, 2012
Iranians Protest Rising PricesnewsJun 26, 2012
2012: A potentially disasterous year for three allied dictatorshipsblogJun 11, 2012
If Syrians can do this, why can't Iranians do the same?blogMar 16, 2012
UK paper says it has Syrian leader’s emails showing he took advice from Iran, used iTunes newsMar 14, 2012
Will Islamist betrayals destroy the Arab Spring? blogMar 10, 2012
Iraq "morals police" kill 90 kids for bad haircuts, smash the skulls of homosexualsblogMar 09, 2012
Iran to crack down on protests during fire festivalnewsMar 09, 2012
Four more generals defect from Syrian armynewsMar 08, 2012
U.S. says Iranian general key in Afghan heroin tradenewsMar 07, 2012
U.S. says Iranian general key in Afghan heroin tradenewsMar 07, 2012
An unnoticed Romney Blunder: He implies most Iranians are ArabsblogMar 07, 2012
What Russia taught Syria: When you destroy a city, make sure no one -- not even the story -- gets out alive.newsMar 05, 2012
What most Iranians firmly believe about the turnoutblogMar 03, 2012
Clandestine Iranian documentary scores "100" with film criticsblogMar 02, 2012
A Swift End for the Innocent: The Sanctions Hit Home newsMar 02, 2012
Why Iran's Election is a FarcenewsMar 02, 2012
Iran Invokes the West to Motivate VotersnewsMar 01, 2012
Iran’s underground nuclear sites not immune to U.S. bunker-busters, experts saynewsFeb 29, 2012
Will acid attacks on women return when Islamist regime falls?blogFeb 25, 2012
Iran elections underscore split between leaders, middle classnewsFeb 25, 2012
Why Khamenei's Iran can never be a great power, either military or economicblogFeb 24, 2012
Is the Iranian regime rational?newsFeb 24, 2012
Syria’s currency reserves to run out soon: Western diplomatnewsFeb 23, 2012
A Matter of Survival: PRINCIPLISTS TO DUMP HOPELESS KHAMENEI?blogFeb 21, 2012
Iran as continual regional menacenewsFeb 20, 2012
An election campaign built on terrorism? Welcome to IrannewsFeb 18, 2012
US officials believe Iran sanctions will fail, making military action likelynewsFeb 17, 2012
Awful economic report & more open criticism of "Lady F" blogFeb 17, 2012
Iran's censors wage web war against Ahmadinejad as elections loomnewsFeb 16, 2012
Aggressive Acts by Iran Signal Pressure on Its Leadership newsFeb 16, 2012
MR. X: Is the same man leading Khamenei's new death squad?blogFeb 14, 2012
ROUNDUP: Internet chaos leaves business desperateblogFeb 13, 2012
The Best Election Day Choices for Disgusted VotersblogFeb 12, 2012
Iran turns to barter for food as sanctions cripple importsnewsFeb 09, 2012
ANALYSIS: What the huge wave of "preventive arrests" of journalists tells usblogFeb 09, 2012
The ECONOMIC CRISIS in IrannewsFeb 08, 2012
Khamenei: Allah spurns prayers from all Sunnis, most ShiitesblogFeb 06, 2012
Damascus Avoids Blood of Uprising, but Not PainnewsFeb 04, 2012
ROUNDUP: While Iranians struggle, Khamenei sends billions to 3 countriesblogFeb 04, 2012
Is the CIA behind all these darn protests?blogFeb 03, 2012
Effort to Rebrand Arab Spring Backfires in IrannewsFeb 02, 2012
Why a likely uprising in Russia may be harder to contain than one in IranblogFeb 02, 2012
Goodbye all! My last post on Iranian.comblogJan 31, 2012
At Low Point, Leader's Popularity EbbsnewsJan 30, 2012
ROUNDUP: Why Iranians should keep a eye on events in six countriesblogJan 30, 2012
Khamenei in a crisis: How could any leader be so stupid?blogJan 28, 2012
IRANIANS IN SYRIAN UNIFORMS CAPTURED (names and videos): WOW!blogJan 26, 2012
If the IRCG is being targeted by a death squad, is Ahmadinejad next?blogJan 26, 2012
Should patriotic Iranians fight the mullahs or aid them?blogJan 24, 2012
A growing rift in the Revolutonary GuardnewsJan 23, 2012
As of 1748 GMT, Rial has lost 15% of its value in one day.blogJan 23, 2012
THE FALL OF THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC: How close is it?blogJan 20, 2012
Signs of trouble for Iran's regime are mounting fastblogJan 18, 2012
Joan Baez: "I'm singing this song for the people of Iran"blogJan 17, 2012
ASKING FOR TROUBLE: Iran's "revenge bombing" scheme in Thailand blogJan 16, 2012
The Tiannemen Analogy: Khamenei wrongly assumed people would "get over" 2009 blogJan 10, 2012
Iran on Edge over Upcoming ElectionnewsJan 09, 2012
"Boycott the Election" Graffiti = Trouble for the RegimeblogJan 09, 2012
Exclusive: West readies oil plan in case of Iran crisisnewsJan 07, 2012
A political & economic roundup (Jan. 6)blogJan 06, 2012
Screws tighten on Iran as big buyers shun its oilnewsJan 06, 2012
UH-OH! Delicious audio tape of hardliners' meeting suggests serious PANICblogJan 05, 2012
If Khamenei's threats backfire, what will Iranians do? (revised)blogJan 04, 2012
IS HYPERINFLATION STARTING? Rial falls 17% in since Sunday morningblogJan 02, 2012
Improbable Scenario: KHAMENEI CONVERTS TOTALLY TO REFORMblogDec 31, 2011
Stats PROVE major election rigging began with the Majis in 2004blogDec 30, 2011
Iran: no oil will be allowed to pass through Strait if West applies sanctionsnewsDec 27, 2011
Khamenei's support base is even smaller than Assad's, a masterpiece findsblogDec 26, 2011
ANALYSIS: As election nears, mullahs repeat their old mistakesblogDec 24, 2011
Iran Analysis: The Supreme Leader is Looking for A Few Good ReformistsnewsDec 22, 2011
As Further Sanctions Loom, Plunge in Currency’s Value Unsettles IrannewsDec 21, 2011
Is Iran behind Iraq's crisis? If so, why now? What are the risks?blogDec 20, 2011
Iran's War Against Western Culture: Never Ending, Always Losing newsDec 20, 2011
Sources hint regime will make the usual pre-election "Sucker Moves"blogDec 17, 2011
This is bad news for the ruling mullahsblogDec 16, 2011
BREAKING NEWS?: Revolutionary Guards named in Khamenei murder plot'newsDec 14, 2011
Jealous mullahs heat up their rants against TurkeyblogDec 14, 2011
Why Hamas is rapidly backing away from Iran-i-ficationblogDec 12, 2011
Syrian defector says FSA killed 40 Basilj and 120 Hezbollah in SyriablogDec 10, 2011
BIG NEWS!" Outbreak of Arab" Spring-like demos in Russia threaten Iran, SyriablogDec 09, 2011
Fearing low turnout, regime pleads with Moussavi for helpblogDec 06, 2011
British 'most secret' invasion plans seized at Iran embassynewsDec 05, 2011
Rumor: Greens may have a huge suprise for Khamenei and his regimeblogDec 04, 2011
Iran to build 50,000 houses for poor Syrians, 10,000 for Venezuelans, 0 for IraniansblogDec 03, 2011
Basilj writer cries over apparent contempt from security forcesblogDec 02, 2011
Iran Analysis: The Embassy Attack --- "A Serious Mis-Calculation" by the RegimenewsDec 01, 2011
Hot new developments in embassy siegeblogNov 30, 2011
The banking ban behind the attack on the British embassy in IrannewsNov 29, 2011
Basilj forces carry out "spontanous" British embassy takeoverblogNov 29, 2011
Is Iran's currency collapsing and can it be saved?blogNov 27, 2011
3 Intesting news item on Iran (Nov. 25)blogNov 25, 2011
Theocrat admits election results were indeed riggedblogNov 22, 2011
"Dog Sweat" shows secret life of rebellious IraniansnewsNov 21, 2011
If this unusual proposal ends Syria's turmoil, how would Iran's regime be affected?blogNov 20, 2011
If revolt comes in Iran, the regime has many advantages and one big Achilles heelblogNov 18, 2011
Should Greens ally with Ahmadinejad for now against the mullahs?blogNov 16, 2011
Civic Islamism: The Brotherhood and EnnahdhanewsNov 15, 2011
Observations on latest news items about Iran (10/15/11)blogNov 15, 2011
The Bomb Will Not Save Iran from Increasing IsolationnewsNov 12, 2011
Iran to women: No skiing unless with a male guardiannewsNov 11, 2011
Khamenei & his ilk confront the unstoppable in "Cultural Wars" blogNov 10, 2011
Iran's leaders overlook a boomerang in gloating over West's economic problemsblogNov 09, 2011
Tunisia’s Islamist-led government rejects laws to enforce religionnewsNov 06, 2011
Turkey's rising clout leaves Iran fuming on sidelines of Arab SpringnewsNov 03, 2011
Why not just introduce an Islamic Inquistion while you are at it?blogOct 29, 2011
The latest timely question for Iran's Supreme DictatorblogOct 23, 2011
WikiLeaks: The Election Was "A Power Grab by Mojtaba Khamenei"newsSep 21, 2011
The upcoming elections: 4 predictionsblogSep 11, 2011
Why an Islamic dictatorship can never produce a reasonably efficient economyblogSep 05, 2011
The Puzzle of the Iranian EconomynewsSep 05, 2011
Notes from the UndergroundnewsSep 02, 2011
Video of new Syrian defector suggests hope for IraniansblogSep 01, 2011
How A Kickboxing Champion Became "Israeli Spy" & Was Sentenced To DeathnewsAug 29, 2011
The Prince of Persia: Machiavelli's Got Nothing on the Supreme LeadernewsJul 22, 2011
A Craze for Pooches in Iran Dogs the Morality Police newsJul 18, 2011
Belatedly Khamenei warns IRCG generals: "Don't Meddle in Politics"blogJul 10, 2011
Why Mojtaba is almost certain to be Iran's next supreme leader nowblogJul 09, 2011
As Syria's economy sinks like a stone, Iran's protestors need to borrow an ideablogJul 02, 2011
Khamenei: Blame "Prophet" for all regime crimesblogJun 28, 2011
Iran's New Economic SlumpnewsJun 21, 2011
Regime may start "acting nice" in the months prior to next electionblogJun 21, 2011
Recent video offers great opportunity to hasten the regime's fall with YOUR help.blogJun 12, 2011
Syria: If Protestors Don't Get Assad, the Economy Will newsMay 28, 2011
Ahmadinejad And Larijani Tussle In An Oil Slick newsMay 27, 2011
The Supreme Blasphemer makes Danish cartoonist look tame by comparisonblogMay 22, 2011
Why a lame duck Ahmadinejad should consider defection while traveling abroadblogMay 20, 2011
Iran learns of "masonic takeover plot" & gets awful economic newsblogApr 14, 2011
"Clever" Syrian security plan (leaked)blogApr 14, 2011
While Khamenei invents fiction re: 1979 Ahmadinejad enrages Iranian workersblogApr 07, 2011
Having murdered Khomeini's son, Khamenei could not allow later concessions to reformblogMar 28, 2011
A Spokeman Introduces the New Official Salute of the Islamic RepublicblogMar 23, 2011
Two reports on nuclear reactors should scare the pants off most IraniansblogMar 22, 2011
The Beloved Leader has a new plan to make life better for the peopleblogMar 21, 2011
Jeremy Irons plays a brutal, scheming Khamenei in upcoming movieblogMar 19, 2011
UN Approves Airstrikes Against LibyanewsMar 17, 2011
Very graphic video of protestor shot in head shows why Saudi intervention may backfireblogMar 17, 2011
If Khadaffi & Khamenei sought movie roles, guess who they'd playblogMar 10, 2011
Taliban caught with Iranian rocket shipment, say diplomatsnewsMar 09, 2011
Rafsanjani's ouster completes an evolutionary trend in IranblogMar 08, 2011
How to Lose a Country GracefullynewsMar 07, 2011
"Arabs Rise, Iran Trembles," Predictions if Rafsanjani's is Ousted & moreblogMar 07, 2011
Harasser of Rafsanjani's daughter Identified & more regime embarassmentsblogMar 04, 2011
Khamenei's murderous son played key role in arrest of opposition leadersblogMar 01, 2011
Three Evin Guards Jailed for Cooperating with PrisonersnewsFeb 28, 2011
Why Iran escape a common tide in the Middle EastblogFeb 26, 2011
Bahrain's tactics may inspire Khamenei but will they work in Iran?blogFeb 18, 2011
To Moussavi and Karroubi: Join the people or get left behindblogFeb 17, 2011
Hacking group 'Anonymous' to Iranians: 'You express yourself, we're listening, we support you, expect us'newsFeb 12, 2011
Why Iran's impending economic crisis could be far worse than anyone has predictedblogFeb 10, 2011
Tehran set for a crashnewsSep 30, 2010
Regime's 5-Phase Attack Plan for 22nd KhordadnewsMay 20, 2010
Rapists in IrannewsFeb 16, 2010
Khamenei on TV: "Why Our Judicial System Is Easily the Most Fair in the World"blogFeb 15, 2010
Imprisoned Iranian protesters share a bond forged in hellnewsFeb 14, 2010
Karrubi’s Wife Says Her Son Was Tortured, Threatened With Rape newsFeb 13, 2010
A legitimate government is ENTITLED to a monopoly of violenceblogFeb 13, 2010
Iran Analysis: The Regime's Pyrrhic VictorynewsFeb 12, 2010
Supreme Leader 'Yazid' Khamenei boasts of "16 crimes I personally approved" then commits moreblogFeb 11, 2010
Three hard-to-beat photos capture the regime's essence (plus a few other gems)blogFeb 09, 2010
Only one thing is required to destroy Khamenei's regime now.blogFeb 05, 2010
Iran’s Economy in Decline: Economic AnalysisnewsFeb 04, 2010
Khamenei's MEN tied her to a bed for days while they did WHAT?!!!blogFeb 02, 2010
Use these fair questions to grade the Islamic Republic's perfomance, popularityblogJan 31, 2010
Top Iranian Mullahs corrupt, official saysnewsJan 26, 2010
How the regime can discredit the opposition virtually overnightblogJan 26, 2010
A new book should scare all proponents of Islamist ruleblogJan 25, 2010
Clerical students attack KhoumeiniblogJan 24, 2010
Notice who is fleeing Iran these daysblogJan 23, 2010
The Plot Against AhmadinejadnewsJan 22, 2010
Conservatives may oust Ahmadinejad within daysnewsJan 21, 2010
Hundreds of soldiers disrupt political education session with coughing protestblogJan 21, 2010
Trends that killed the USSR are doing the same now to the Islamic RepublicblogJan 19, 2010
Iran Analysis: How Mohareb Death Threats May Hurt the RegimenewsJan 18, 2010
The Supreme Leader's Inner CirclenewsJan 17, 2010
The 15 Points of "The Secular Green Movement"newsJan 16, 2010
The Battle for IrannewsJan 14, 2010
2 Great Videos: "Message to Armed Forces" & "I Go to This Green War"blogJan 14, 2010
Imelda Marcos + Marie Antoinette = Khamenei's wifeblogJan 10, 2010
TRAITORS and MULLAS of IRAN Bank Account Info in foreign countriesnewsJan 09, 2010
OMINOUS! Khamenei gives IRCG thus control over judiciary, sentencesblogJan 07, 2010
Steady drip of leaks corrodes the core of the Iranian regimenewsJan 07, 2010
Iran Uses Internet as a Tool Against ProtestorsnewsJan 04, 2010
Khoumeini family seeking refuge in Najaf and other hot newsblogJan 04, 2010
The opposition's biggest blunder is...?blogJan 02, 2010
Secrets of Khamenei's Life (Part II)newsJan 01, 2010
Revealed: Iran's involvement in Britons' Baghdad kidnapping (with detailed video)newsDec 31, 2009
Why Iran's people are fortunate to have their present rulersblogDec 31, 2009
Shocking details of Khamenei's wealth & luxury lifestyleblogDec 30, 2009
While once poor countries grow rich, Iran's per capita income has plummeted over 30 years of Islamist bunglingblogDec 29, 2009
With Mousavi dead, who will well-protected death squads target next?blogDec 28, 2009
Death Toll Rises to 10 as clashes in Iran IntensifynewsDec 27, 2009
ONGOING DEVELOPMENTS: Mousavi's nephew shot through the heart & other itemsblogDec 27, 2009
Operation Azadi: Military forms new army, declares war on coup forces newsDec 26, 2009
With Ashura two days away, the Isalmic Republic tremblesnewsDec 26, 2009
On Twitter: More signs of revolt, military and police defections today (12/25)blogDec 25, 2009
Opposition Essay Contest: Khamenei is an ideal moral role model for Iran's children because...blogDec 25, 2009
This is sick! Should demonstrators start carrying 2 x 4's in self-defense?blogDec 24, 2009
Iran: Who is afraid of relations with the US?newsDec 24, 2009
IF these reports from Twitter, MikVerbrugge are correct, REVOLUTION MAY HAVE BEGUNblogDec 24, 2009
Leaked: NSP assessment of Montezeri funeral and Ashura expectationsnewsDec 23, 2009
Khamenei's basilj earn a "thank you" from the people of IranblogDec 23, 2009
Yo, Khamenei! Time to flee to Venezuela or stick around for your trialblogDec 22, 2009
Monday's upcoming funeral puts regime on the spot no matter what it doesblogDec 20, 2009
Iran Forces Occupy Iraqi Oil Well, Border Guard SaysnewsDec 18, 2009
Iran: Basilj member describes election abusesnewsDec 16, 2009
Khamenei's thugs killed Khomeini's young son so why not Mousavi nowblogDec 16, 2009
Iran's jails--an inside viewnewsDec 16, 2009
Open Letter from an Iranian Soldier "without color" to Ayatollah Rafsanjani.newsDec 15, 2009
Why regime big shots recently spent 3 hours debating Mousavi's arrestblogDec 13, 2009
Iran: The military will stand with the Iranian PeoplenewsDec 11, 2009
Green satire: Photos of Khamenei & Ahmadinemad dressed as womenblogDec 11, 2009
Iran's NSP predicts economic collapse, then political implosionblogDec 10, 2009
Polls show huge decline in support for regime, especially among former supportersblogDec 09, 2009
Iran Student Protest Bring Out Tens of ThousandsnewsDec 07, 2009
3 Great Dec. 7th videos expose regime's "unworthiness" & suggest more trouble on the wayblogDec 07, 2009
Listen to what the people are chanting these days, Mr. KhameneiblogDec 07, 2009
Iran's Plan to Phase Out Subsidies Brings Frenzied DebatenewsDec 02, 2009
IRAN: Authorities confiscate lawyer Shirin Ebadi's Nobel Peace PrizenewsNov 26, 2009
Six reasons why the regime's reeducation campaign is doomedblogNov 26, 2009
Familiar tactics: Same Islamists burned 500 alive in 1978 Abadan movie fire & successfully blamed othersblogNov 25, 2009
Hah! Hah! Chevez greets Ahmadinejad by playing the Shah's anthem!blogNov 25, 2009
Chavez meant well in complimenting Ahmadinejad as comparable to Mugabe, Idi Amin and Carlos the JackelblogNov 24, 2009
Iran Expanding Effort to Stifle the OppositionnewsNov 23, 2009
By purging everything & appointing its own ayatollahs, regime seeks to tighten controlblogNov 20, 2009
The Revolution is Coming! Hilarious "preview" blogNov 19, 2009
Top clerics vow Khamenei will be the last Supreme LeadernewsNov 19, 2009
Look closely at how the opposition is winning this war in so many areasblogNov 18, 2009
Iran's top general warns of Saudi "Wahabbism Terrorism"newsNov 18, 2009
Enjoy these photos of protest graffiti on Iranian banknotesblogNov 18, 2009
Khamenei aide: ‘Leader should not have to abide by law’newsNov 16, 2009
Iran's Green Movement Spreading Despite CrackdownnewsNov 15, 2009
How bad can life get when ruling Islamists REALLY take off the gloves?blogNov 15, 2009
Unprecedented soccer boycott, Neda "trailer" embarrases ruling clique blogNov 13, 2009
Brainwashing children: Basij militia to be established in 6,000 elementary schoolsnewsNov 12, 2009
Ruling thugs openly grind their teeth over new Neda Scholarship at Oxford as Iranians grinblogNov 10, 2009
An act of war?: Iran knowingly makes false espeionage charges against 3 hikersblogNov 09, 2009
A principalist comes up with a workable solution to the current crisisblogNov 08, 2009
Potential opposition tactics to give the regime nightmaresblogNov 08, 2009
Khatemi will admit rigged election at press conference & install Mousavi as presidentblogNov 06, 2009
Who's really running Iran's Green Movement?newsNov 06, 2009
The regime may be planning Karoubbi's assassinationblogNov 05, 2009
Iran on the EdgenewsNov 05, 2009
Coming soon: A Death in TehrannewsNov 03, 2009
After the revolution should Iran consider switching alphabets as Turkey did?blogNov 02, 2009
Royal dynasties omitted from history booksnewsNov 01, 2009
The Iranian Republic: How its people are being gradually pushed to the brinkblogNov 01, 2009
Brave student defies the Supreme Leader of IrannewsOct 29, 2009
//www.payvand.com/news/09/oct/1289.htmlnewsOct 29, 2009
Overview: University UnrestnewsOct 28, 2009
It's very unlikely that Khamenei personally believes in religionblogOct 25, 2009
The New Hostage Crisis: Why Iran's Rulers Imprison People They Know Are InnocentnewsOct 25, 2009
The Media Fair assault makes Iran's Supreme Leader look like....WHAT?blogOct 24, 2009
In key address, Khamenei denounces entire concept of human rightsblogOct 23, 2009
A lone cleric is loudly defying Iran's LeadersnewsOct 22, 2009
Iran's Politics Open a Generational ChasmnewsOct 22, 2009
The Sheik of Reform: Mehdi KarroubinewsOct 21, 2009
Neda's Mother Rejects Regime OverturesnewsOct 20, 2009
Compared to Khamenei, Iraq's high clergy have such a refreshingly democratic attitudeblogOct 20, 2009
Former Minister of Islamic Guidance Calls for Impeachment of Ahmadinejad and KhameneinewsOct 20, 2009
Saudi-Iranian Hostility Hits Boiling PointnewsOct 20, 2009
Iran Guard Commanders said to be killed in blastnewsOct 18, 2009
Bring Back the CaliphatenewsOct 14, 2009
احضار فوری 3 پزشک به بیت رهبریnewsOct 13, 2009
Letter from Tehran: Iran's New Hard LinersnewsOct 11, 2009
"Bliss": New film deals with conflict between the old and new in the Islamic world.blogOct 09, 2009
Mesbah Yadzi: Afvice on proper methods of raping male and female prisoners under IslamblogOct 08, 2009
Iran's Not-Yet Revolution: Cause for OptimismnewsOct 07, 2009
Is this guy the living embodiment of incorrigibility?blogOct 07, 2009
Iran's senior clerics condemn divisive commentsnewsOct 06, 2009
A Rafsanjani-Khamenei "deal" & an interesting detail on new Basilj leaderblogOct 06, 2009
Funny skit: "Mrs. & Mrs. Ahmadinejad" on Saturday Night LiveblogOct 05, 2009
Is there anything that isn't rigged or corrupt in Iran's Islamic Republic?blogOct 04, 2009
A new wave of purges of social science academiciansnewsOct 04, 2009
Popular broadcast targets "Assembly of Flatterers," Supreme Leader & silent but wealthy clericsblogOct 02, 2009
Engaging With Iran Is Like Having Sex With Someone Who Hates YounewsOct 01, 2009
Video on internet shows Neda's ExecutionernewsSep 30, 2009
Majority of Assembly of Experts are Palace ClericsnewsSep 30, 2009
So what do you think of the "national unity plan" just published in FarsblogSep 29, 2009
All Iranians pay now for bad choices Khamenei made long agoblogSep 29, 2009
Is the regime that blind to how badly its censorship efforts are failing?blogSep 28, 2009
Iranian Protester Flees After Telling of Torture newsSep 27, 2009
Ministry creates a 5-man "disinformation committee" to discredit reform leadersblogSep 26, 2009
Details on plans for a new government & some clever opposition tacticsblogSep 26, 2009
If Iran's regime covertly arms Taliban, should USA covertly arm dissidents?blogSep 23, 2009
Ahmadinejad's Desperate GamblenewsSep 18, 2009
Beloved Neda gets a song, hated Mojtaba gets middle finger from demonstratorsblogSep 18, 2009
New site has some fascinating items in EnglishblogSep 16, 2009
Conservative surprises Iranians by openly blasting Supreme LeadernewsSep 15, 2009
Ignoring Khamenei's threats, Karroubi responds to judicial whitewash by offering strong evidence and detailsnewsSep 14, 2009
Assembly of Experts must look into arrest of Montazeri's 3 grandsonsblogSep 14, 2009
Pro-Moussavi Rally in Conservative QomnewsSep 14, 2009
Twitter is All I HavenewsSep 14, 2009
Beheshti release attibuted to enormous new pressure on conservativesblogSep 13, 2009
Why No One Believes the Regime: A List of Goebbels-Style WhoppersblogSep 13, 2009
Breaking news items suggest the regime is about to arrest the saintly KarroubiblogSep 12, 2009
Khamenei treats his own people worse than Jews treat PalestiniansblogSep 11, 2009
Khamenei's nephew says IRCG , Ahmadinejad rule Iran nowblogSep 10, 2009
BLOCKBUSTER: Protest leaders drugged, raped and murdered their own demonstratorsblogSep 10, 2009
Why Not a Quds Day Demonstration Seepah can't easily stop?blogSep 09, 2009
PROOF: Supreme Liar's Promise to Punish Torture, Rape & Murder Was a Stall for TimeblogSep 09, 2009
Ahmadinejad says internal enemies committed post election crimesnewsSep 08, 2009
Atefeh Imam – daughter of prominent jailed Reformist – freed from PrisonnewsSep 08, 2009
NEW PATTERN: Regime now goes after Karoubi's son. Is it targeting offspring of opposition leaders?blogSep 08, 2009
Revealing Document: Khamenei CAREFULLY planned the slaughter of thousandsblogSep 08, 2009
SAUDI ARABIA: "Pure" Islamic Alternative to You Tube LaunchednewsSep 07, 2009
Atefeh Eman, 18-year-old daughter of Javad Eman arrestednewsSep 07, 2009
Iran's Victims: The 72 People Killed in Post-Election ConflictnewsSep 07, 2009
The Death of the RepublicnewsSep 06, 2009
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