Why an Islamic dictatorship can never produce a reasonably efficient economy


by FG

An Islamic-ruled society--like rule by the people in a communist state--may sound nifty in theory but it CANNOT run an economy, regardless of available resources. Mullahs with a narrow religious education lack the skills yet for political reasons fear to hand the job over to the best qualified (a private middle class).

Khamenei knows how greatly a nation's military capacities are affected by improved economic performance but he fears the historical risks in doing what's necessary. The middle class that made medieval states become more powerful and wealthy demanded in return a share of political power proportionate to its contributions. That share could only come from the ruling aristocracy. Today the ruling mullahs won't share power either despite the fact they too offer nothing at all of social value--no more than ancien regime aristocrats in 1789 or Soviet politburo members in 1989. Indeed all three had "negative value," hindering prosperity and success so long as they could stick around.

To run the economy ruling clerics have turned to the Third Option--IRCG generals as unskilled and prone to corruption and incompetence as the clergy. The missing cure for such ills is a free press that can expose what works badly and thereby discourage it. Unfortunately, to tell unwelcome truths in the Islamic Republic is to "undermine national security.  Meanwhile Khamenbei is free to commit heinous crimes and tell brazen lies he wants but it can't make people love him or believe him anymore. The same tactics which have backfired in other Arab Spring countries backfire now in Iran. Khamenei probably knows that but, having burned too many bridges, what option does he have now?

Life in Iran can only get worse at this point--day by day, year by year, decade by decade unless the existing system is ditched completely. No more than the Soviet Union by Brezhnev's time, can it offer a political or economic model that anyone with half a brain would want to imitate.

For a fine analysis of the awful job the IRCG has done when it comes to the economy see:



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The Great hass-terical, West-residing IRI Cyber Groupie

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So one is supposed to believe that the IRI has a supposedly rapidly rising living standard since the "Great Revolution" (to use the term of a Stalinist IC resident) and yet is not even in the Top 100 among countries in terms of life expectancy or infant mortality! Oh really, Hass-terical?!? Many countries much poorer than Iran (forget South Korea, whose GDP was smaller than that of Iran in 1979 -- I'm talking real Third World basket cases) have better infant mortality and life expectancy rankings than the IRI. After 32 years in power, despite having the second largest natural gas reserves in the world and the third largest oil reserves in the world and some of the highest oil prices ever seen, why is the IRI so pathetic in these basic measures of human welfare? Because of (Fill in the Blank): the imperialist lackey Shah, the Great Satan, the Zionists, the MEK, the Bilderberg/Trilateral Commission plot, etc, etc.


 Excellent rebuttle, FG.

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 Excellent rebuttle, FG. Hass  and the mullsh do not live in the reality-based world/country. They have no choice but to fabricate, photoshop, manufacture, forge data and statistics to keep the brainwahed constituents happy. I think even the sheeple are starting to wake up when they can't pay their electricity bill.

Reform requires the consent of the corrupt


Rubbish? Are you kidding

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You count by QUANTITY of education only, otherwise Soviets would have ranked too.  Education consists of more than increasing literacy.  In Iran, eniversities are going backwards as they are increasingly islamized.  Real profs are fired and replaced with ideological dullards.   Unqualified basilj are admitted in a form of affirmative action.  Their primary job isn't to get an education but to spy on and beat other students.  Free thought, essential to a university is a no-no, as bad as a defense attorney committing the crime of seriously defending a human rights campaigner.  Meanwhile, in another great backward move, Khamenei has become segregating schools from grade school to the univesities.

MEDICINE: What good are hospitals if you dare not go there after being beaten, knifed, run over or shot by the regime's thugs--a policy identical to Assad's and Khadafis.  Doctors who treat people are arrested and sometimes killed if they've seen to much.   Recall a certain prison doctor's fate after opening his mouth.

PER CAPITAL INCOME.    Iran had the fastest growing economy in the world at the time of the revolution. Now it's stagnant and corrupt. The regime even cheats by counting people who work one hour a week as "employed."

Turkey (no oil) and South Korea (no oil and barely any natural resources, has the same per capital income as Iran in1979.    About 5 years ago, Turkey's per capita income reached 4 x that of Iran.   With Turkey's economy growing rapidly since, and Iran's going in the opposite direction, the gap is surely higher now.   South Korea's per capita income is 20 x higher than in l979.   Iran's per capita income is actually lower than in 1979. 

Young people in Iran had no jobs or prospect of jobs, can't afford to buy a house or marry, etc.   The mullahs are killjoys who deprive the young of all social and political freedoms, though their own kids are an exception.  Iran has the biggest brain drain in the world.  That lost of expertise is also killing the economy.

IS IRAN LEFT OR RIGHT? (Question answered)

Basically its a fascist regime with all the related traits--a Supreme Fuehrer, an SS (the Republic Guard), a brownshirt militia (basilj), Goebbels's style propaganda with no free press, most large scale businesses private in theory but under control and supervision or the regime, persecution of anyone who questions all this, etc.

Even so, remember that in many respects, far right and far left regimes tend to have many traits in common and even copy one another's ideas for mass control.




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And yet, Iran's Human Development Index has continually improved since the revolution.


اقتصاد مال خره!



ما برای خربزه انقلاب نکردیم!

- امام خمینی 


In the long run, we are all dead


John Maynard Keynes -


A Non-Mullah's Reply:

by Tavana on

"And thus have We willed you to be a community of the middle way (Lit, "middlemost community"),......(Ghoron 2:143).

Read Ghoron to find the ans. No Mullah is needed for that. Islam is all about the 'guidance' & not the 'dictatorship.' The messanger duty is only & only to 'Balagh (convey)' & not to 'enforce' or to 'dictate' anything. But Mulahs use 'Shalagh (stripe)' to oppress the community! ('Come in Unity,' that is).


This is my question:

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Is Islam more compatible with the Right, or is it with the Left?.........Straight answers for a straight question..............Mullas this, mullas that-ers need not reply......