Two reports on nuclear reactors should scare the pants off most Iranians


by FG


My Intro: Before earthquakes wreak havoc HUMAN ERROR is virtually certain to produce a catastrophe in Iran as was the case in Chernobyl. The USSR was a closed regime with no transparency run by the same kind of despised slugs. See:



EXCERPT: “I remember that after Chernobyl there was a town in Northern Sweden called Gavle. The radioactive cloud went over the town and it started raining heavily and there was a lot of deposition of radioactive particulate material that was caught into surfaces of roads and buildings. There was a high level of cesium-137. When we went there and waved our Geiger counters about the counters maxed out - it was that bad.”

Read the Asia Times story to find out what happened later in Gayle, which was 1600 MILES FROM CHERNOBYL and it’s not over. The bad news continues in Gayle. Also note that Greenpeace estimates total deaths from Chernobyl at 985,000. Thatt’s without considering other things like birth defects.

Assuming it remains true to form, the Khanmei regime will screw up. What happens then?

How much of the country will be uninhabitable. How much of the food supply will be tainted?

How will Iranians pay for uncontaminated food and where will they get the funds to do so?

Who can take in 70 million people? (However, the ruling thugs have plenty of cash and can be expected to take long vacations abroad)

How much will neighboring countries be affected by such a disaster?


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Any patriotic Iranian should be extremely concerned....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

about the prospect of a bunch of reckless, crazed islamists with no respect for human lives to be in charge of something as sensitive as a nuclear reactor, period.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Stop the lying

by hass on

Irans 'nuclear reactors are very different from Chernobyls and cannot be compared, sorry.


Breaking News:Tokyo Says radiation in water puts infants at risk

by FG on

Today's NY Times focuses on another threat. 



First you steal the revolution which was supposed to END tyranny.

Then you steal the economy.

The you steal the elections.

Then you steal the freedom and even lives of the people.

Finally you go after the kids. 




Thanks for the timely post.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Factual and to the point.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Maryam Hojjat

FG, Thanks for your ALERT

by Maryam Hojjat on

I think we Iranians must have waken up and start to protest against N activity in IRAN.  IRAN really does not need this.  All your arguments are valid.


Lying mouths

by Fred on

The horrible reality of what nuke is all about, its so called peaceful civilian application included, and how powerless even the most technologically advanced society is in containing any mishaps, leaves the  nuke lobbyists for the Islamist Rapists with "crux statement" nowhere but to speak from both side of their lying mouths.


Even the regime's supporters should be worried

by FG on

To trust a ruling class composed of IRCG and clerical thugs with responsibilities like this is equivalent to trusting a three year old with a live grenade.   These guys know how to siphon off a country's oil wealth, rigging elections and beat the daylights out of anyone who objects.   None of that takes exception intellect or skills. 

It's not as if what the people think hardly matters.  They have as much say as an ant.  Yet, as in the past, the regime's blunders will be costly--in this case more than ever.

When it comes to selecting administrators and engineers, political loyalty will be the prime requirement.  If the dictatorship operates reactors as well as it runs universities and manages the economy, Iranians should begin making out their wills.

As the article notes, having the world's worst “brain drain” hardly helps.  The regime will have depend on second-team talent. The best and the brightest are banned from the universities for political reasons, or must undergo "educations" characterized by Islamist administrators,  classes stocked with club-wielding Bailj spies and clowns who have replaced the most talented and respected professors.  

The brighter and more talented you are, the less Iran is the place for you.   The middle class comes to expect democracy, human rights and social, artistic and intellectual freedom.  if it can't get those things, it will go elsewhere.    

If you have a bright kid, which would you want your child to have--a third-rate education in Iran or real education in a free country, preferably at Harvard, Oxford, or someplace similar? 

Iran under Khamenei has become a rotten place to raise children.   If you are urban and middle class the chances that your kid will be beaten, imprisoned or worse may be better than 50-50.   Assuming the regime needs you and bribery (the carrot) doesn't work, family members make great hostages (the stick).   People who have talent and ability that other countries would welcome are prone to "get out while the getting is good."   

An ignorant regime that sneers at its middle class can hardly grasp its potential economic value or understanding that a mniddle class will naturally insist on certain rights...or else.   That includes universities that include the humanities and social studies along with narrower technical subjects.

By the way, Islamist rule in Turkey, supposedly an alternative role model, is having a similar brain drain effect on Middle Class, driven by behavior which is starting to resemble Khamenei's. Erdogan has encouraged new laws which enable him to arrest journalists and opposition politicians.   For that see: