Delara Darabi

Outrage at execution of child offender

Amnesty International has expressed outrage at the execution in Iran this morning of Delara Darabi, a child offender executed despite an international ban on capital punishment of those convicted of crimes committed when under the age of 18.

Delara Darabi was hanged in Rasht Central Prison earlier today, becoming the second person to be executed in Iran this year after being convicted of a crime she was alleged to have committed while still under 18. Ms Darabi was executed despite her having been given a two-month stay of execution by the Head of the Judiciary on 19 April.

Amnesty International Middle East and North Africa Programme Deputy Director Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui said:

'Amnesty International is outraged at the execution of Delara Darabi, and particularly at the news that her lawyer was not informed about the execution, despite the legal requirement that he should receive 48 hours' notice.

'This appears to have been a cynical move on the part of the authorities to avoid domestic and international protests which might have saved Delara Darabi's life.

"This indicates that even decisions by the Head of the Judiciary carry no weight and are disregarded in the provinces.'>>>


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by Souri on

Please get this conversation with Parham, somewhere else, would you.

This is getting in the way of serious talk between all other people who are very passionate about their posts.

Parham's obsession with his own concern is nothing interesting for us, if you are interested, then get it in your own blog which you already mentioned. You are distracting us from the main subject.


rosie is roxy is roshan

Parham, Anonymous, re observation below on plethora-edited

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

of material on Delara..

single white female-yes and no.  Yes, because it makes her fragile and beautiful and plays the violins for people. But you're leaving out a couple of things. First rate artist and poet who, guilty or innocent (yada yada, my word is complicitous), whose works explore the deepest darkest corners of the human condition, and also the greatest aspirations. i'm not normally an SCE', I have other human rights focuses, labor being one. But it was a particular poem David ET showed us on a thread (topic unrelated to Delara but she came up, at moment of initial sentencing) that got me instantly impassioned for her cause. Yes, I'd heard that there was a "single white female" and knew the bare bones of the case, but it was her EXPRESSION that drew me in. I did not know at the tine that she was beautiful, that there was a particularly strong case for her innocence, or anything like that. I only knew that this poem opened my mind and touched my soul. And as such she spoke-and still speaks-for all imprisoned people, i jails andin jails of the mind. And that's what she intended. And so she's not just any single white person.

Now depending on how this is used, if used wisely, Delara will be a wake up call to some and a revitalizing force to others to fight for all the rest, the 141 minors on death row, the bloggers, the workers, the million sig people, in short, the whole country imprisoned.

But not if people who legitimately, actually, are bothered by the for lack of a better word, more cynical aspects of the case--single white female, media creation, Angelina Jolie in headscarf enchained, etc. to such point that they keep knocking the ones who are so affected by her for those reasons, they will lose this uniqe opportunity to use her to expand the minds of those people so they can focus on the lbig picture. s the cynicism should really be dropped and the common ground stressed. Not Delara the "pin up girl" because she was pretty, another soap opera, another sob story, but Delara the "pin up girl" strung up with no notice to her parents, who has the potential to galvanize people..

All featured blogs but Javid's on Delara. This is a first. On no single issue has Javid eve devoted all the features. Nor have almost all blogs been submitted on one. And it is a human rights issue. So, you choose. Contempt, or..seie the moment and use it wisely.

Yes I said used. She has to be used. As she was used by the "justice' system and the real power brokers, used by her boyfrinned I'm pretty sure no matter who did the stabbing, used by herself for being complicitous and so on. She has to be used. That's why she gave us her work. As an offering. So we could use them. Wisely.

In the handwritten note that was posted on the wall of her painting exhibition in Tehran, she said, these images are not just images, they are photos of the reality of OUR lives.

She meant the lives of all the people of Iran.. Not her life, not the lives of prisoners. The life of Iran in all its horror. And all it hope.


Souri and Rosie

by Andy Hormuz (not verified) on

I am not in favor of this execution. I wish she was not killed and was imprisoned instead and given a second trial.

One cannot make coherent arguments while overly emotional. If you want to be emotional, I will not continue this discussion out of respect for the readers.

Souri, please see the answer that I provided the first time you posed the question.

I think there are some internal politics where the local judges did not want to be overruled by the central government. This is a big point of power struggle in Iran right now. The decision to wait two months was probably forced down from above and the judges did not like it. This also proves that there was strong support for this death penalty.

Rosie, I do not think you are very familiar with the court sysem as you said. Iranian law is implemented with enough discretion as to do it only when and where it has popular support. There is a fair amount of tribal justice and local consensus built into it. There really was strong sympathy in Rasht and all over Iran for the victims' family. If you read the babak's long comment, it is a personal testemonial that talks about how disappointing it was that the victim's family was not going to relent and Delara's own family was not supportive. The Islamic principle of 'qesas' depends on it. The injustice in question is done to the opposite party who can always forgive.

I actually think there is a good chance that if Delara was going to be freed, someone from that community would have taken the law into their own hands.

It was not a Kangaroo court. The victims of vast majority of executions and hangings, even for sexual crimes are men, not women. Women have a better chance of their crimes being reduced and forgiven. This case was matriculously litigated for 5 years. Except for the issue of the execution date at the very end, nothing was done exceptionally. The "new" evidence like all evidence has to pass a certain muster before being allowed. Otherwise, a defense lawyer can find "new" evidence every 5 mintues.

Again, I feel the anti IRI sentiments are ruling the public opinion in this website. But I see no reason why IRI would want to kill an innocent woman.


Mr Babak Pirouzian

by Souri on

I sent you an email via IC, asking you a question. Please let me know if you got it. Would you please contact me? Thanks.


Eva...Jaleho's a dude?

by desi on

Eva...Jaleho's a dude?  Somehow things are starting to make more sense.


Dear Hajminator, I am deeply sorry

by Jaleho on

to hear about your brother. I can imagine that news of this nature  can bring out sad memories to you.

I don't know why do you assume that I am endorsing this execution?! I have made it plenty clear that I do not believe in capital punishment. However, I also am sick of people who try to make a cheap political point by making a hero out of a convicted killer, who beyond reasonable doubt has been convicted of a vicious murder; at the very best she has taken her boyfriend to the house of her relative to steal money, and between the two of them, they have killed an innocent mother of three. I can not judge that she did the stabbing, not the boyfriend or vice versa. But, I have no reason not to believe the outcome of so many different courts and five years of criminal investigators, or the family of the victim who would rather have the killer to be an outsider rather than one of their own!

My point was to remind people who are repeating some propaganda point of others who like to make a fame for themselves here, out of misery of others. They clearly did not help the case, if anything they made the victims so mad that they decided to remove their previous idea of forgiveness, something which was the only way the victim could have escaped the execution.

May your brother rest in peace.

Bijan A M

Mr. Jaleho

by Bijan A M on

Would you please get out of your basiji uniform for just a few minutes and use all of your 20-30 IQ points to fathom what all this outrage is about?

When you look at it in any depth you will see the cry is not about guilt or innocence. The outrage is about lawlessness. Yes, there is a lot of debate over injustices in Sharia law. Yes, people are fed up with IRI’s violation of international treaties. But, when you look at it with open eyes, they are screaming about chaos and lawlessness. You defend sovereignty and independence, fine. But, how can you defend a regime that ignores it’s own law? How do you explain ignoring the ruling of the highest ranking government ‘s judiciary official? How do you explain violating a citizen’s (though criminal) right under your own sharia law? Why hang in secrecy without anyone present?

You bitch about people politicizing this murder. As tragic and saddening Delara’s murder is, her circumstances raise a legitimate political debate.

My most sincere sympathies and condolences go to the families of both Delara and Maheen (the lady that was murdered). But, regardless of the guilt, and the debate over capital punishment, what happened here was clearly a sign of lawlessness and zero value for human life.

The political debate starts when you defend this chaos and absence of rule of law under the umbrella of nationalism. To you it doesn’t matter how Delara was murdered. She was a cold blooded killer and deserved what she got. Or, at best, there shouldn’t be so much out pouring of emotions for a criminal. But, you are missing the heart of the issue. If under this regime, someone can, on a whim, issue the order to take someone’s life above and beyond the supreme authority, how can you trust them with nuclear power. What is the government? Who is in control? Do you now see the political nature of the debate?

So, please shut-up and take your Islamic propaganda elsewhere…

BTW, you don’t have a shred of femininity (please don’t take it as a complement). Don’t fool people with your Jaleho name…

One final comment to the arrogant Parham who insulted every soul on this thread. Sir, you are no Einstein. As a matter of fact your IQ falls short of Jaleho for missing the point of outrage on this thread. It is stupid to question people’s resolve by comparing their emotions in one atrocity with their reaction to another one. Please get a life and be more sensitive.


Andy, should I repeat my question like I did twice with Jaleho?

by Souri on

Now, you answer my question:

Why did they kill Delara overnight like this, without giving any notice to her lawyers and/or her family?

rosie is roxy is roshan

Babak, or somneone, I hate to do this to you, but..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

could you give me a brief summary of that Persian post. I know a helluva lot about all this so I really think something like one line per paragraph would probably be a lot.

Thanks very much.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Andy..IRI "court system"..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

yes, court system exists but legal system does not. at the whim of whoever whenever, it is completely irrelvant. So the court system can be called kangaroo court system.

And that's where you have to begin. The next thing I think you have to remember is that IRI kills women symbolically every minute of every day. And again, adultery happens, man gets flogged, woman gets hanged, even in some cases like that of Atefeh, a sixteen year old girl who was raped. (Only man never got flogged, he worked for IRI).

And the rest of the answer  i haveis some pretty detailed ideas but they're complicated, so if you really want me to go further with it, I will, but I'd have to work it out a bit more,  so I'll only  do it if you let me know you're still here. Fish often swim away..

I'm no expert and I'm not even Iranian but I've been following this massive orchestrated full frontal attack on human rights in IRI stht began in IRI when Obama took office and in anticipation of the coming elections in IRI, so i know as much as most people here, I think, and more than some..and of course, less than others..

Oh yeah one more thing..the appeal that the lawyer kept asking ,acutally beggin for awas based on her being left-handed while the crme was committed by a right-handed person. That's..something to chew on..

sSo those three things re petty basic: kangaroo court, kill women, why not? and excellent reason to reqyest, rathe beg for repeatedly, the appeal.

babak pirouzian

Andy Hormuz: Your answer is here,

by babak pirouzian on

  Asiyeh writes for Rooz on Line.    سه سال با دلارا دارابي آسيه اميني - یکشنبه 13 اردیبهشت 1388 [2009.05.03]

بار اولي که او را ديدم سه سال پيش بود. قرار ملاقات داشت در زندان رشت با خانواده اش. با چادر گل گلي آمد نشست. نه، ‏قبل از اينکه بنشيند محکم در آغوشم گرفت و با دشت نم اشکش را پاک کرد. صدايش مي لرزيد. نگاهش را از من مي ‏دزديد. نمي دانم چرا. انگار که از چيزي خجالت بکشد. انگار نمي خواست ببينم که نقاشي که تابلوهايش را به خانه ام برده ام ‏حالا در زندان روبروي من نشسته است. دستش را که گرفتم انگار به يک فلز سرد دست زده ام. مانتوي آجري رنگي به تن ‏داشت و مويش را رنگ کرده بود. بعدها مادرش گفت ما دائما از او مي خواهيم به سرو وضعش برسد شايد بتوانيم از ‏افسردگي اش کم کنيم. لباسهاي شاد برايش مي خريم. همه چيزهايش را با رنگهاي شاد انتخاب مي کنيم. اما پشت اين لباس ‏شاد دختر نازک اندامي نشسته بود که از شدت لاغري پشتش غوز مي کرد. دختر غمگيني که با من از آرزوهايش حرف مي ‏زد :‏

‏" از وقتي خيلي بچه بودم آرزو مي کردم يک نقاش يا نويسنده معروف بشوم. حالا به آرزويم رسيده ام. اما خودم کجايم؟!"‏
دائما با دست پيشاني اش را فشار مي داد. گفتم چي شده؟ گفت سر درد دارم. خيلي شديد. و باز خنديد. آرام و غمگين. گفتم ‏بايد براي نمايشگاه نقاشي اش خودش مطلبي بنويسد که در ورودي نمايشگاه براي خير مقدم به بينندگان نمايشگاهش قرار ‏بدهم. با خنده گفت حتما مي نويسم. مي دهم باباخرم بياورد ( دلارا به وکيلش عبدالصمد خرمشاهي مي گفت بابا خرم). ‏
و حالا من باز هم راهي رشت هستم. اين چندمين بار است؟ يادم نيست. صبح امروز ( جمعه يازدهم ارديبهشت) عبدالصمد ‏خرمشاهي در يک اس.ام.اس کوتاه برايم نوشت که حکم دلارا اجرا شد! ‏

ناباور با او تلفني صحبت کردم. در راه رشت بود. راهي که من هم بعد از نيم ساعت مسافرش شدم. ‏

خانواده خانه را عوض کرده اند. براي سومين بار. به اين خانه تابحال نيامده بود. صداي فرياد از داخل حياط شنيده مي ‏شد... ‏

گزارش از مادر و خواهراني که از خدا به التماس مي خواهند تنها يک بار ديگر به آنها فرصت بدهد که دخترشان را ‏درآغوش بگيرند چه فايده اي دارد؟ ‏

خانه پر از سوال است. مادرش زني که هميشه او را آرام و سنگين و منطقي ديده بوديم چنان هوار مي کشد که فکر مي کنم ‏فرياد چند سال حرف نگفته را در گلو دارد؟! به نام صدايمان مي کند و داد مي زند: تو تا حالا ديده اي کسي را روز روشن ‏آن هم جمعه اعدام کنند؟ چرا فرصت ندادند حتا ببوسيمش، با او خداحافظي کنيم؟ چرا اجازه ندادند براي آخرين بار دخترم را ‏بغل کنم؟ ما دوماه وقت داشتيم. و داد مي زند رو به ما که : مگر قرار نبود رضايت بگيريد؟ ... ‏

و پاسخي براي اين سوالها نبود. نه پيش من. که وکلايش هم جوابي نداشتند. ‏

دلارا دارابي متهم به قتلي بود که با اقرار خودش مجرم شناخته شد و حکم قصاص دريافت کرد. روزي که مهين دارابي به ‏قتل رسيد پدر دلارا بي آنکه سخنان دخترش را بشنود و توضيح او را بجويد، فقط از روي احساس وظيفه و اعتماد به ‏دستگاه قضايي او را به پليس تحويل داد. دلارا که هميشه سوگلي پدرش بود و او را ستايش مي کرد، و از طرفي مي دانست ‏که اگر قتل را به گردن نگيرد، پسري که عاشقش است به طناب سپرده مي شود، به خاطر قهر با پدر و مهر آن پسر، قتل را ‏به گردن گرفت. اينها روايتي است که نه فقط خانواده دلارا بلکه خود او بارها گفته است. وقتي پدر بعد از چند روز به سراغ ‏دخترش مي رود با روزه سکوت او روبرو مي شود . غافل از اينکه در همان چند روز او قتل را به گردن گرفته و بارها ‏اقرار کرده است که خودش مرتکب قتل مهين دارابي شده است. ‏

در ديدار با پدر او حرف نمي زند و پس از گريه پدر و وقتي که او نااميد دخترش را ترک مي کرده مي گويد: چه فرقي مي ‏کند وقتي تو مرا دوست نداري؟ پدر مي گريد و با التماس مي گويد : تو فقط به من بگو چه شد؟ و او مي گويد : تو باور مي ‏کني که دخترت بتواند آدم بکشد؟ تو باور مي کني که من قاتل باشم؟!... ‏

و اينگونه بود که يکي از مشهورترين وکلاي رشت را براي دادگاه اول او استخدام مي کنند. وکيلي که در نخستين جلسه ‏دادگاه موکل 17 ساله اش حاضر نمي شود در حالي که همه متهمان ديگر و اولياء دم با وکلايشان در جلسه دادگاه بوده اند. ‏با اين وجود دادگاه تشکيل مي شود! و معلوم است که در برابر وکلاي خبره طرفين دعوا يک دختر 17 ساله چگونه مي ‏تواند از خودش دفاع کند؟ ‏

‎دير آمديم‎

نوشتن از گزارشي که راوي آن سه سال با اميد و اطمينان آن را دنبال کرده و با آن زندگي کرده است، آسان نيست. پايان اين ‏داستان هرگز آنگونه نشد که ما اميد داشتيم. اما بازخواني آن شايد به دختران و پسران نوجوان محکوم به اعدام از اينرو ‏کمک کند که بدانيم ترازوي عدالت، يک ماشين مکانيزه نيست که خودبخود حق را تميز بدهد. قانون و نظارت قانوني لازم ‏است تا بدانيم روند دادرسي هاي ما چگونه طي مي شود. ‏

باري اگرچه گام نخست در دادگاه دلارا با نبودن وکيل اولش به نادرستي برداشته شد، اما با گرفتن وکلاي ديگري که بر ‏پرونده لايحه دفاع قوي نوشتن و استدلال بسيار کردند در مورد اينکه دلارا با منطق عقلي نمي تواند قاتل باشد، باز هم ‏تغييري در نتيجه حکم صادر شده در دادگاه هم ارز ديده نشد و اينبار قاضي جاويد نيا که اينک دادستان رشت نيز شده است، ‏دلارا دارابي را محکوم به اعدام کرد. ‏


رضايت گرفتن از صاحبان خون هم حکايت غريبي است که هي تکرار مي شود. بعد از برگزاري نمايشگاه دلارا دارابي در ‏مهرماه سال85 در زمستان همان سال براي اولين بار براي گرفتن رضايت از صاحبان خون اقدام کرديم. نتيجه ناخوشايند ‏آن جاي گفتن ندارد. هميشه گفته ام که شايد اگر حاشيه هايي بر پرونده دلارا نمي نشست، امروز خبرهاي بهتري براي گفتن ‏داشتيم. کينه هاي فاميلي گاه چنان درهم گره مي خورد که بازگشودن آن کار هرکسي نيست. و اين پرونده حاشيه بسيار ‏داشت. دعوا دعواي دو فاميل بود و ما آن وسط بيگانه بوديم. گره بايد به دست خودشان باز مي شد که نشد.‏

روز هفتم عيد نوروز امسال بود که شبي وکيل دلارا تماس گرفت. گفت به او گفته اند مي خواهند حکمش را اجرا کنند. يک ‏ماهي بود که به زندان لاکان رشت منتقل شده بود. گفتم چرا؟ گفتند استيذان که دارد و خانواده هم پي گيرند. گفتم چه کنم به ‏جز رضايت؟ ... و قرار بر همين شد. ‏

بار آخري که اجراي حکم قطعي شد، دير بود و فرصت اندک. اما در آخرين ساعتها دو ماه وقت خريده شد. از که؟ نمي ‏دانم! زيرا کسي که وقت مي دهد لابد آن قدر به اجراي دستورش اطمينان دارد که آن را ابلاغ و اعلام مي کند. همه رسانه ‏ها خبر دو ماه وقت براي دلارا دارابي نقش زنداني اعلام کردند. ‏

و ما باز دست به کار شديم. دوستي گفت نامه اي بنويس. اينبار نه خطاب به رئيس قوه قضائيه و نه به هيچ مقام ديگري. نامه ‏اي بنويس خطاب به اولياء دم تا براي آن امضا جمع کنيم و بار ديگر براي رضايت اقدام کنيم. پذيرفتم بي چون چرا و نامه ‏نوشته شد و بيش از پنجاه نفر از اهل فرهنگ و هنر و ادبيات اين سرزمسن پاي آن امضا گذاشتند. از شاعران و نويسندگان ‏گرفته تا موسيقيدانان و نقاشان و سينماگران. در بخشي از اين نامه آمده بود:‏

‏"... اگر چه بسيار سخت و جانفرساست، اما اجازه دهيد فرزندان ما بياموزند که خشونت و جنايت ، سبک و سياق و منش ‏بزرگان نيست. اجازه دهيد ديگران از شما بياموزند که در قبال مرگ، زندگي بخشيده ايد، در ازاي محنت، مهر بخشيده ايد و ‏در برابر خشونت، نيکي نشان داده ايد. ‏

ما امضا کنندگان اين نامه که عمري را در راه ائتلاي فرهنگ ايران زمين سپري کرده ايم از شما درخواست کنيم که با ‏بخشودن دلارا دارابي به او و جوانان اين خاک پرگهر ، راه نيک زيستن را نشان دهيد تا اميد ببنديم به روزي که در ‏فرهنگ اين سرزمين شادابي و نيکي، جاي حشونت و پرخاش و جنايت را بگيرد."‏

اما اين نامه هرگز به جايي برده نشد. در فرصتي که براي جلب رضايت داده شده بود و ما سرگرم چانه زني با روشنفکران ‏براي حمايتشان در حد يک امضا بوديم، شب جمعه در زندان رشت دلارا را به نام خواندند. به او گفته شد که ملاقاتي دارد . ‏او گمان برد که خانواده اش و اولياء دم قرار است براي رضايت با هم توافق کنند. با اين اميد بندش را ترک کرد. ‏

بار دوم که نامش را صدا زدند. ساعت 7 صبح بود و در اين فاصله نمي دانيم به او چه گفته شد. ساعت 7 صبح با خانواده ‏اش تماس گرفت. روز جمعه بود و همه در خواب. اولين حرف دلارا به پدرش اين بود که مرا براي اجراي حکم مي برند. ‏پدرش گفت: مگر مي شود؟ امروز جمعه است دخترم! نترس امکان ندارد امروز اعدامت کنند. دلارا اصرار کرد که از پاي ‏طناب صحبت مي کند و دار ، مقابل اوست. و صداي ديگري در گوشي تلفن به پدر مي گويد: همه آنچيزي که فکر نمي ‏کردي شدني است! ‏

خانواده سراسيمه تا زندان مي رود و راهشان نمي دهند به درون و اجراي حکم با رضايت دو دختر مهين دارابي که در ‏زندان حاضر بودند صورت گرفت . ‏


نه در رشت و نه بعد از بازگشت به تهران و نه همين نيم ساعت پيش که خواهرش برايم صورت سفيد او را موقع شستن ‏توصيف مي کند، از بهت در نيامده ام. از فردا دوباره تيغ منتقدان اين نوشته را نشانه مي روند که از متهم و محکوم و قاتل ‏قهرمان نسازيد! اين گزارش ناظر بر سرگذشت هيچ قهرماني نبوده و نيست. رابطه شخصي من و دلارا و هرکس ديگري با ‏او، و نيز هنرمند و نقاش بودنش ، عاطفي و حساس بودنش و هر صفت ديگر نه حق قانوني به او اضافه مي کند و نه کم. ‏صحبت از قانون و حقوق قانوني متهمان و محکومان است. سوالهايي که هر گز در روند دادرسي دلارا دارابي به آن ‏پاسخي داده نشد. سوال از حقوق محکوم به اعدامي است که بالاترين مقام قضايي به او وقت براي جلب رضايت داده است. ‏کدام مقام قضايي مي تواند بالاتر از حکم رئيس قوه قضائيه به اجراي حکم پيش از موعد، بدون حضور وکيل، بدون اطلاع ‏خانواده و به اين شيوه اي که پر از وهم و گمانه زني است دستور دهد؟ ‏

وقتي سخن از قانون مجازات اسلامي است، مساله وهن اسلام و حکومت ديني مطرح مي شود. آيا وهني بالاتر از اين؟ که ‏دختر 22 ساله اي را بدون امکان خداحافظي با خانواده اش بالاي دار ببرند؟ و آيا اينگونه اجراي حکم کردن آن هم در روز ‏غير معمول جمعه و در ساعت غير معمول جز ان است که تداعي کننده سوالهاي بي جوابي باشد که به زمزمه يا صريح ‏بيان مي شود؟ که دلارا قرباني دعواي سياسي بين کساني شد که مخالف يا موافق اعدام کودکانند؟! ‏

بهت، گريبانمان را رها نمي کند. امروز 12 ارديبهشت ، دلارا را در بهشت رضوان رشت به خاک سپردند. بدن سردش را ‏خواهرش شست. و ما که از بهت در اييم، قرباني بعدي در راه است تا در فاصله بهت هاي ما، آنچه که فراموش شود، ‏داشتن قانوني است که زندگي فرزندانمان را پاس بدارد.‏


Jaleho khanoom

by Hajminator on

I expected much more than mockery and contempt from a Mollana lover as you. The execution of Ms Darabi is not the first death punishment I hear but it's the second time that I feel from the deepest part of my soul that an innocent willing to live has been deprived by his/her god-given right. The first time was when I saw the rests of my brother years after his execution by Iraqis.

I didn't sleep yesterday night, I shouldn't have leave any comments. I feel that you are going beyond your believes by backing this act. It's just God who can take what she gives.

چون تيغ به دست آری مردم نتوان كشت     نزديك خداوند بدی نيست فرامشت
اين تيغ نه از بهر ستمگاران كردند              انگور نه از بهر نبيدست به چرخشت
عيسي به رهی ديد يكی كشته فتاده       حيران شدو بگرفت به دندان سر انگشت
گفتا كه »كرا كشتی تا كشته شدی زار؟    تا باز كه او را بكشد آنكه تو را كشت؟«
انگشت مكن رنجه به در كوفتن كس           تا كس نكند رنجه به در كوفتنت مشت


No Souri

by Andy Hormuz (not verified) on

Why wait 5 years and then worry about it getting out of hand? Why would they convict her to death to begin with unless they were convinced she did it, even after she retracted the convession? There was no pressure at that time. This is not credible. I do believe there was international pressure, but if you are right on this, that means the International pressure killed Delara.

I think there are some internal politics where the local judges did not want to be overruled by the central government. This is a big point of power struggle in Iran right now. The decision to wait two months was probably forced down from above and the judges did not like it. This also proves that there was strong support for this death penalty.

I am not in favor of death penalty unless in severe cases. This was not one, so I don't agree with this kind of verdict in general. But this is not based on the laws and the processes of the country or Delara personally.

I do not see a credible case why they would want to kill Delara on purpose while knowing she was innocent. I see a lot of people who are acting out against IRI and they really don't care about this particular case.



by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

Reform doesn't work,foreign interference using war is too bloody and cost, we need another revolution. For sake of Iran and Iranians.



by Souri on

"I do not believe they just want to kill women for no reason. Why would they?"

Because they didn't want this affair get out of hands with all the media and the Human Rights and the Amnesty International getting in their way! They couldn't afford another Mona's story!

That is Why!

Now, you answer my question:

Why did they kill Delara overnight like this, without giving any notice to her lawyers and/or her family? 

rosie is roxy is roshan

Jaleho "apologized."

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

What a surprise.


Dear Rosie, I am sorry to sound like a snob

by Jaleho on

You keep on accusing me for ignoring you in many blogs, but it is about time that I stop trying to be too polite. I admit it: I DO try to ignore you, I know it is obnoxious, but that is me, Mrs. obnoxiously honest. 

I value my time and the way I spend it on the internet. I spend it only as much as it is either fun for me, or I feel I am sharing some information of value that I happened to read or know, and others might benefit from it. I tend to avoid prolific commenters who like to "chat" a lot when clearly they don't care if they are accomplishing a result or not. So, I kinda categorize people to the groups I would care to "chat" with, or, "don't waste time on." So, in all honesty, I suggest you wouldn't waste time writing to me or reading my garbage, I usually don't read your comments. I sometimes read comments like that of Hajminator, but then again I have learned not to give a shit what he writes ;-)

You just get to know different people that you prefer to ignore, or have fun to reply. I am sure if you knew me a bit more, you would have completely ignored my comments too, so better start NOW.

Souri happened to be my buddy in the Moshaereh, and out of respect for our common interest and former cats there, I tried to clarify a point for her. When it occured to me that it is a dead end, I quit. Take very good care.


guilt or innocense

by Andy Hormuz (not verified) on

Please people,

The question of guilt or innocense has been decided by the court system. The question of admitting new evidence has also been decided by the same court system. Of course many people who are guilty continue to claim they are innocense but this is not proof of their innocense! It's that simple!

Would setting people free just because thir lawyer claims they are innocnet make any sense to anybody? There has been over 5 years of litigation already.

I may not like the IRI, but I do not believe they just want to kill women for no reason. Why would they?

Mort Gilani

Shame on Supporters of Mullahs

by Mort Gilani on

Someone posted this note yesterday.  

“Islamists who still blame others for miseries of Iranians, those who still take pride in IRI or anything related to IRI are filthy and inhumane. Those who rush to speak of Palestinians and blame Zionists or anyone else but the filthy Islamic Republic that is burning Iran to ground on every corner and every day, those who still take pride in the filthy revolution of 1979 and their filthy despicable religion are nothing but a shame on the face of anything Iranian and anything humane. Those who rush to compare IRI with the west only when it comes to dirt and crime and inhumanity, while enjoying a good life in the west, are filthy and despicable.”

I must say to those who try to magically put the filthy Islamic laws practiced by their gangster prophet and backward Islamic world on a par with western human rights: Khar Khodeti.

rosie is roxy is roshan

What I meant Parham was that

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

we'd been talking about whether we should be having "polemical" discussionns on a "mourning" thread (my terms). If you still want to discuss it, it's..a reasonably worthwhile discussion in and of itself.

But obviously it has no more practical relevance for the...future of this thread. It's..a "discussion thread" now (your terms).



by Parham on

We're not bed fellows unless you make us.

As or the rest, I don't understand your message and I wouldn't be sure you do either.



by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

this observation has a name: "single white female" syndrome.


ummm. Souri jan,

by Jaleho on

Then I wouldn't attempt to answer your question in Chinese now, because it seems to me you wouldn't understand it in any language, neither in Farsi, nor in English, nor "doovari" as you say ;-)

Better not confuse it seh-vari!!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Funny, Parham..but...n this instance..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

politics makes reeeeeeeeeeeeeally strange bedfellows.

Oh btw I was planning on answering your last post to me, but did the other one first. Obviously it's no logner a thrread of mourning to use my term, so all bets are off, so the issue has only a theoretical rather than a practical relevance now.

Your call.  :o)

babak pirouzian

Jaleho, Answer Souri's please....

by babak pirouzian on

Souri replied to your posting as follows, but you keep sending previous messages over and over again, Her replies are compelling, precise and to the point which cover all yours/and others questions. You can not fight logics. can you? 
But it seems you are upset because people here blaming IRI for this injustice. Remember these kids are Islamic Republic kids, they are brought up last 30 years, they have gone through harsh Islamic propaganda, day and night, but because of harsh realities created by mismanagement of the regime, parents do not/did not /will have the time to look after the kids, teachers and society are engaged with their own day to day miseries and do not care for the kids anymore, therefore you see in "Eslam e Mohamadi" we have one of the most brutal regime and one of the highest crime in the world. Just imagine these crime were occurring during last regime?.
Now before I carried away, please answer Souri's questions if you will.

"Put aside your political views for a minute please. Forget about this and that person who wanted to fish in a muddy water. I am asking you straight questions to think of with your heart.

1) If she was not the real killer, why should she ask for Pardon from the victim's children? Do you ever apology for something you haven't done?

Asking for forgiveness would imply that SHE WAS the murderer, while all the way long she wanted to claim her innocence 

2) Let say, she was the real killer. But she commit that act at 17. She was still a child. I know you will tell me that 17 years girl, is not a child, but if you consider the emotional state of the girl being in love, adding to the emotional state of the situation of the murder, we can still give the credit to the fact that maybe, she would not grow a killer, if she had a chance to live as an adult, in a better situation. 

3) you said :

"they (the victim's childrend) dnot  want to encourage a criminal, and were mad at the bad name their family is getting,"

Do you really think that they got a better reputation now, after sending a young body to death without letting her a last chance to defend herself? Without letting her to say her last words, last goodbye to her parents?

Two months, Jaleho, only two months!"


"I read that link. I deplore the victim's family situation and share their pain.

But let put aside the emotional side of it now, would you ?

The logic and professional side say: The court had given 2 moths time frame to the  lawyers for preparing Delara's defense.

Is that correct or you are denying the fact?

They did not held their word! 

You are still trying to prove that Delara was guilty. I said that here is not a court. We don't know the truth. The lawyers said they can prove her innocence, they asked for more time to prepare her defense.

Why it was so hard to wait only two months ? They had waited more than 5 years for that. Delara and her family and also the victim's family had all waited so long for the verdict. Why not just two more month? The victim's children said clearly in their letter, that they still don't know who was the real killer (dokhtarak or pesarak)

Didn't they (and you by the same mean) want to know the truth before sending someone to the death room?

he was in prison for 5 years, what is a few more months added to that? " 


I came back, so much I'm angry!

by Souri on

I can't believe it Jaleho!!

Do you realize for a second what you are talking about ?

You talk about asking forgiveness and paying the  "khoun baha " even if she was not the murderer? You are preaching the kind of Reshveh, which is now very usual in Iran's judiciary system and the whole country?

You said : "and that's what was the CONVICTED KELLER'S LAST CHANCE to escape the execution. Do you get it"

Yes, I get it!!

you remind me of that Mulla of  "Shahr ghesseh" who had to deliver the shenasnameh for the elephant becoming human!! He repeatedly asked the elephant " Do you get it? It was all about money.

How funny!



by Parham on

I just counted:

- ONE debate on top of the page (this one)
- FIVE blog posts only on the main page, more in the blog central
- TWO pieces of news in the news section on the main page, more in the news central
- and ONE related article in the article area, but I bet more is coming

ALL about Delara Darabi on the main page of iranian.com!

Make your own conclusion.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Sorry to interrupt Jaleho but..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

the girl wound up executed by surprise with no notification to her family, all alone. Illegal (fourty eight hours notice required), inhuman. It was a publicity stunt.I have my own ideas about her guilt or innocence, I suspect the word is complicitous, neither guilty nor innocent. However the horror of the way she ended renders  ex post facto that any and all review, procedings and information IRI  on the case suspect. And her end renders her symbolically completely innocent because she died in the face of Evil.

On one thing we concur. We're both against capital punishment. Some people thought Delara was an angel, a martyr before this; they were wrong. the way this capital punishment was meted out made her an angel and a martyr.

Not a case against IRI? Who the hell put her in isolation for trying to scratch pictures into a wall when they took away her paints? Who the hell didn't tell her parents that she was going to die when it was her own father who cooperated with their penal system in good faith by turning her in?

Finally I'll  say again that you talk a good game but--and sorry to bring it up again but I am-you stated recently that IRI is a democracy. I challenged you three times, you never responded. IRI has democratic elementsi but is not a democracy by any conceivable legitmate definition of the word. 

And whether the US, Israel or Barbados are or aren't is irrelevant.

And, sorry again, but  I consider any person who would make such a claim  and when challenged, implicitly by their silence defend it to thooroughly lack credibilty on any and all political and legal issues concerning IRI.

Oh, excuse me, right, it's..not about...IRI.. I forgot.  I.."apologize."

ps wiki's never a definitive source and only a somewhat reliable one when the articles have been collectively commented and quality ccntrolled. In this case, moreso since the body wasn't even cold. You called people propagandized idiots based on wiki as your bible...? i thought I was hallucinating. I asked if I'd misconstrued. You'd gone to bed. did I misconstrue?.





by Parham on

I found Jaleho's explanation very easy to understand and as straight an answer one could get.


Very good video! Merci 4 sharing! A lot of truth in there!

by gol-dust on

This is the most honest video I have seen from the regime. He admits:

1: there are a lot of problems with the regime, and it is not what we really want or need, but the alternative pushed by America is not for the right intention.

2. America is not our real friend and doesn't care for democracy in other countries. They are only interested in world domination.

This is the delima: Shahi is not good, and Islamic is worse. What do you do? True reform might be an alternative. I mean FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE, which cannot be achieved by allowing the US coming back as before. US has to realize that we will never accept them as our old masters again!

I can see the delima for US: Cannot control the ME and central Asia without Iran's subordination and cooperations. So she is trying to come up with a way of dealing with with her enemy Iran without islating her worse enemy AIPAC! AIPAC is really should be put on trail for treason against the US!