Delara Darabi

Outrage at execution of child offender

Amnesty International has expressed outrage at the execution in Iran this morning of Delara Darabi, a child offender executed despite an international ban on capital punishment of those convicted of crimes committed when under the age of 18.

Delara Darabi was hanged in Rasht Central Prison earlier today, becoming the second person to be executed in Iran this year after being convicted of a crime she was alleged to have committed while still under 18. Ms Darabi was executed despite her having been given a two-month stay of execution by the Head of the Judiciary on 19 April.

Amnesty International Middle East and North Africa Programme Deputy Director Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui said:

'Amnesty International is outraged at the execution of Delara Darabi, and particularly at the news that her lawyer was not informed about the execution, despite the legal requirement that he should receive 48 hours' notice.

'This appears to have been a cynical move on the part of the authorities to avoid domestic and international protests which might have saved Delara Darabi's life.

"This indicates that even decisions by the Head of the Judiciary carry no weight and are disregarded in the provinces.'>>>


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The point is

by capt_ayhab on

The point that every one who is supporting her execution are missing is not the matter of guilt or innocence.

The point everyone in this category, in particular Parham, Jeleho, Chai are missing is Even if we assume she was guilty, Even if we assume she was given a fair trial, which she was not, is that she had committed the ALLEGED crime when she was a minor.

Even if we make the assumptions above, there is another dark spot in the whole deal and that is, 2 weeks before her execution a judge had granted her STAY OF EXECUTION for two months.  The judge who had ordered the stay of execution MUST have seen some legal precedence for it, otherwise as we all know about the judicial system in Iran, normally these types of cases do not get such rulings.

So please people, I doubt it seriously that anyone here is claiming she was innocent, since no one knows of all the details of the case.

She should have not executed for 2 MAJOR reasons:

1. She was a minor at the time of crime, assuming she ever did it.

2. there was a pending order by a JUDGE for stay of execution.

I for one am FOR capital punishment for certain cruel crimes and for crimes against society as a whole. BUT I am categorically against executing someone who is accused of a major crime while they were a minor and underage.

Lets debate these rather than trying to discredit and chastise people who want to sympathize with her. 



In Memory of Atefah Sahaaleh †

by MiNeum71 on

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

RE: Chai

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

 "The best thing to give to your enemy is forgiveness; to an opponent, tolerance; to a friend, your heart; to your child, a good example; to a father, deference; to your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you; to yourself, respect; to all men charity."

           -Francis Maitland Balfour


Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

The Last Night That She Lived by Emily Dickinson

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

The last night that she lived,

It was a common night,

Except the dying; this to us

Made nature different.


We noticed smallest things,

Things overlooked before,

By this great light upon our minds

Italicized as 't were.



That others could exist

While she must finish quite,

A jealousy for her arose

So nearly infinite.


We waited while she passed;

It was a narrow time,

Too jostled were our souls to speak,

At length the notice came.


She mentioned, and forgot;

Then lightly as a reed

Bent to the water, shivered, scarce,

Consented, and was dead.


And we, we placed the hair,

And drew the head erect;

And then an awful leisure was,

Our faith to regulate.



I don't feel sorry for delara...

by chai (not verified) on

I know I belong to a minority here, but if it wasn't for her, that murder would not have happened. I am not sure how much of the actual killing she did, but she is equally guilty. Her bodyfriend should have been sentenced to death also. Think about the main victim, and her surviving family members. Would you ever forgive someone if someone did that to your own loved ones? Would you?

az kiseh khalifeh bakhshidan asooneh, na?



by Parham on

I didn't say they don't DO anything for human rights. I said they either have agendas or they fall in those categories I mentioned. Add to that the fact that they're so easily manipulable and they don't even realize it. I mean, look at the attention this case keeps getting while the others don't.

And again, this the case of someone who has been accessory to murder. The others are cases of people fighting for freedom and human rights. Now scale them against each other and ask me why I sound bitter. It's Zane-Rooz vs. Fazilat, and Zane-Rooz wins!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Last comment here to Parham, in reply only...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

eI simply meant, well, you tel lthem they are hypocrites and they don't DO naything for human rights..so..what do you do? I asked. v

But I have to tell you something Parham. I am taking the flak, I'm becoming the fall guy and I know it. i can't allow it to be said anymroe that I am "hogging" the thread with you. Then it's all about my own agenda, so-called. you are irksome, as I said, but I've been..well, anyway...SO it'd be it'd be better to take this conversation elsewhere. Lessee..how about my Striking Iran thread, you'd feel comfortable there, you're very interested in the workers movement.. You can go there by clicking on my blue name and then finding the blog in my blogs list on my account..but I swear to God Parham, if you don't listen to me..I've had it. I'm tired. Really. 


What do you mean...

by Parham on

... what do I do?

"Darius and David showed up" -- sheeeesh, I can't believe I'm even debating this!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Okay, one more, P., but folks, please read it..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

 dear Parham, thank you for finally articulating your views coherrently. I am sure many of them are important, but since you continually alienate and antagonize everyone, I as a non-Iranian will try to go through them myself since I don't feel so distraught over you...okay, here goes;

 Most of you here don't really give a hoot about the values you say you uphold. Some are here for some type of agenda..

andd then you enumerate various agendas. This may well be true for some. I have felt so myself, others have felt it about me. I know it's DEFINITELY true of some, but when they are all collectively mourning someone who represents for them IMHO their entire country, it is time to support them in their unity, not spit at them.

 EVEN MORE, when pieces of news about (for example) the Labor Day demos were posted, nobody bothered to show up. Anyway... I'll make it short!

It is not true. David and Kadivar showed up. On a previous workers' feed, several people showed up. i have to admit that when i worked weeks to expose the labor purges starting in February when I stumbled upon them by chance, I was bitterly disappointed by the lack of interest when I wrote my blog, Striking Iran. Bitterly. However if they are unified here to mourn Delara, why don't you ENCOURAGE them to see the connections instead of alienating them further?

And again, this labor purge was of unprecedented dimensions in recent IRI history, but the feed did NOT in title or supertitile convey that, some people only scan the feeds, they've been grieving, and so on..

I say, and I stand by it, ("I accuse"!) as I'm even more convinced than before, that most of you whining and moaning

You are whining and moaning about their whining and moaning. Just because you shout louder doesn't change that.

are only a bunch of hypocrites! IT'S NOT WHAT YOU SAY, IT'S WHAT YOU DO THAT SHOWS IT

Sometimes I feel that a lot of people here are hypocrites, espeically when some of them attack me as being one because I know I try NOT to be one. However, if I may be so bold as to ask, what do you do?

C'est tout. Fini. Done with that one.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Parham, get Delara a life..so she can bring back life...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

let her. Let her. Let her poems and her paintings and, yes, the photo that shows her beauty..and all of it also shows her terror and her hope..

let her live to speak for ALL the imprisoned and th,e executed..and for all the Iranians in IRI which is one great prison where every day their soul is killed..

let her live..to speak for so many people in the Diaspora who've been numb, numb from the horror of it all that they have to witness from afar.

let her live, Parham. Don't tell people to GET a life.

YOU, give HER a life.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Dear friends/Mrs., Ayhab, Parham Delara May Day and more-edited

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Parham, I agree with Nezanin and Ayhab that you have issues. Over and over I tried here to: 1) get you to allow people to mourn; 2) when the thread became polemical, get you to tone down your language; 3) try to share ideas with you about Delara's context within the larger and FRiGHTENING full-frontal attack on all aspects of human rights iran in the past weeks, so that I/we could 4) get everyone to understand better what Delara's MEANING in it all is and how their grief could lead to greater awareness and galvanizing to some kind of...action, even..not that they don't KNOW the picture, just that as your RIGHTLY point out, if Delara becomes a kind a..saint..just for a collective...catharsis..that's..missing the boat.. 

I told David, Delara's biggest activist defender here, on the May Day feed thread last night--you've seen that post: oh my God, David, they sstaged it. They planned the largest May Day purge of workers EVER and then they staged Delara's execution for MAY DaY knowing that the other human rights groups were marching in solidarity with the workers in Tehran, and that those groups were following her carefully.  Theater, the timing of her execution was..theater..

Just like..the initial announcement of her execution last month the day before Roxana's sentencing..it's theater..domestic and geopolitical theater.

Parham, mayday, mayday! It means DANGER. For god's sake Parham your country is in DANGER. Has been for a long time, it is ESCALATING in these past weeks by leaps nd bounds. Mayday, mayday! Parham.Your contempt is not HELPFUL. 

This little girl, innocent or guilty, privileged or not by her looks and youth to play  the violin strings and illiciit an inordinate amount of concern in comparison to all the rest. of the persecutd.; subject o fan international human rights campaign that may or may not have actually caused unintentionaly more harm than good because no one anticipated these major purges when it began and how they relatie to the new geopolitcs since Obama;  media creation or not, and to what extent or not..

so many of these things which you correctly bring up.. 

this little girl is part of it all, but SHE  and SHE alone has been capable of capturing people's hearts, souls, imagination COLLECTIVELY in a UNIFYING way..

Mayday mayday, Parham! You want them to listen to you but you won't listen to me telling you that the only way they can listen to you is if you listen to them listening to the screams and choking and gasping  for breath of a pretty little girl strung up all alone without even her parents there to see her die


One hundred workers arrested, beaten, along with more million sig people after the twelve recently arrested... and with others arrestedm beaten..

and then there was the blogger, and the Bahai, and the AIDS doctors, and the students, some still rotting in Evin, and Roxana, , and Shirin, and the lawyers, and even the pronographers.. And even the dead of Akhavan. And the Sufis..and..

and this little --this pin up girl, sentenced the day before Roxana-gets strung up on May Day and they are angry and wounded and..she is an opportunity to..galvanize some people who've been too NUMB for so long to be..galvanized..and all you do is spit in people's faces about her.

Goddam it, Parham. You know what your whole problem is?

You hear and you hear..but you just don't..listen.


One little remark

by Souri on

Dear Babak

Thanks for your insightful post. Those are real questions, I am still wondering about and nobody yet could answer them

Just a small reminder about this :

"according to Sharia law, the accused and the deceased immediate family
including the lawyers must be available at the time of execution, how
come this time, this very fundamental important procedure was not

I believe I have read somewhere (in a notice from the Amnesty International I had recieved) that the two daughters of Mahin Darabi were present at the moment of the execution (?)

This, by itself raise another question, as to : How is it admissible that they had time to call the victim's children for the execution and not enough time or will to call the lawyer and the family of Delara?

All in all, this execution was full of mysteries.

babak pirouzian

Delara was victim of internal political fightings.

by babak pirouzian on

Why they (executioner) couldn't wait till the end of two months stay of execution is over?

Why judiciary denied lawyer's appeal for presenting new evidences, proving that she is innocent? isn't it what justice is all about?    

What was the rush for killing her so fast? she was in prison over 5 years, 2 more months wouldn't made any difference?, specially when the question of life and death is on the table?  she was in their custody, she couldn't runaway?
Why execute her without prior notice to her parents and her lawyer(s)? this is against Sharia law in Iran

What was the rush to hang her at 7 A.M. on Friday morning, a Holiday? "Never on Fridays" applies on all execution, why not on Delara's case?
If Shahroudi, the chief justice announced stay of execution for two months? why a clerk (religious, so called judge, Javid Nia) is not abiding with this ruling? Sharoudi is appointed by Khamene e to run the show, why Shahroudi who has absolute control of the judicial system did not interfere, a man who can fire, hire all judges. Now,  because of disobedience, why Sharoudi is not punishing him?. 

When the deceased family recently issued their open letter , they claimed they are against execution and themselves are human rights activists.What has happened since last two weeks?

Two weeks ago Delara's execution postponed because, the deceased family did not show up and according to Sharia law, the accused and the deceased immediate family including the lawyers must be available at the time of execution, how come this time, this very fundamental important procedure was not followed? 

The above plus many other rumors coming from Iran indicates that Delara was victim of internal political fightings between conservative and reformist, where Karoubi indicated last week,  that children under 18 must not be executed ( a fashionable issue in Iran these days), Mousavi has similar views and there are strong opposition brewing inside of Iran for abolition of child execution, however this is not what fundamentalist are looking for, and here we see another young child is vanished just for nothing. 
Now she is gone who is benefiting from it? who is happy now?  is this justice?, who can answer it? what do you call this barbaric, inhuman, un-Islamic act?.   




by TheMrs on

Khak tu oon saret konan ke enghad nafahmi! I gave you a polite suggestion, after taking your points into consideration. No one said you should take my suggestion. I was being helpful and understanding and trying to give an idea that would be helpful! I thought about what you said and figured, hey maybe this could help. Obviously it was directed to the wrong person. You are one mean, arrogant, little man. Go back to writing about music. Don’t bother sending me an insulting message, I won’t respond and couldn’t care less what a pesteh brain like you has to say.

My apologies to all the decent ladies and gentlemen on this thread but this guy is either psycho or a fanatic. Either case, OGH.

David ET

شب را سیاه بکش دلارا، بی ستاره، بی ماه و بی فردا

David ET

  آسیه امینی


ساعت یک صبح است. تازه از رشت رسیده ام تهران. با چشمانی برآماسیده و دلی برآماسیده تر. حتا نماندم تا دلارای نازنینم را خاک کنم. خانواده اش را تنها گذاشتم. با فریادهای دلخراش و گریه های بی امانشان. آن قدر در سرم فریاد هست که هرگز امروز از یادم نرود. 

صبح که خبر را از آقای خرمشاهی شنیدم فقط فرصت کردم که  آماده شده و راهی رشت شوم. در ر اه به محمد مصطفایی هم خبر دادم. او هم وکالت دلارا را پذیرفته بود و هفته پیش گفته بود اگر برای رضایت می روی من هم می آیم. و حالا باید برای تسلیت به خانواده اش می آمد. گفته بودمش که دو ماه وقت داریم هنوز. امضاها که بیشتر شد قرار می گذاریم. خطاب نامه این بار به خانواده صاحب خون بود. نه به رئیس قوه و نه به مردم و نه هیچ کس دیگر. کلی امضا پای نامه بود. تقریبا از همه اهل فرهنگ و هنر. نقاشان. نویسندگان، شاعران، سینماگران و.... نوشته بودیم شما اهل فرهنگید. زبان خشونت برازنده شما نیست. شما اهل شعور و معرفتید.

دو سال تمام است که لام تاکام حرفی نزدیم. نکند که به کسی بربخورد. همه اش گفتیم و گفتند فقط رضایت! رضایت تنها راه است! گفتیم 17 ساله بود. گفتند دیر است برای این حرفها فقط رضایت! گفتیم بحث نبود و نیست! این همه دلیل و سند وجود دارد که نشان می دهد او قاتل نیست! گفتند حکم قطعیت یافته، فقط رضایت! دو سال است خفه شدیم و رفتیم دنبال رضایت. این هم از عاقبت رضایت!

می توانستند بگویند رضایت نمی دهیم. می توانستند آب پاکی را از همان اول بریزند.  این همه بازی دادن چرا؟ سردواندن چرا؟ خب از اول می گفتند رضایت نمی دهیم و خلاصمان می کردند. شرط گذاشتند. همه پذیرفته شد. اجرا شد. نامه های دو طرف را مطبوعات چاپ کردند. وکیلش را عزل کردند ( البته بدون ابلاغ به خود وکیل)و .... آخرش همین بود؟! که همه را بگذارند در بیم و امید و روز جمعه!!! بدون دیدار خانواده و بدون حضور وکیل اعدامش کنند؟!  بدون شنیدن ضجه های مادرش؟ و پدری که امشب روانه بیمارستان شد و نمی تواند حتا دیگر شانه هایش را راست نگه دارد...

آخر انصاقتان کجا رفته بود. حتا اگر دلارای 17 ساله مرتکب قتل هم شده بود - که نشده بود- باز هم مرگی با این همه جفا؟... حیوان را هم که سر می برند فرصتی برای گلوتر کردن بهش می دهند. دلارا سه وکیل داشت. گیرم که عبدالصمد خرمشاهی را عزل کرده بود. آن دو دیگر را چرا نخواندید؟ شاید وصیتی داشت! شاید حرفی برای گفتن داشت! شاید آرزویی، توصیه ای، خواهشی...

دیر است و درد چنگ انداخته به گلویم. پشیمانم که برگشته ام تهران و البته چاره ای نداشتم. دلارا را فردا در خاک  می کنند و من نیستم کنارش تا گردن بند سوغاتی اش را به گردنش ببندم. می خواستم روز آزادی اش به گرردنش ببندم.  دادمش به غزاله و گفتم به او بگو که دیر رسیدم و بگو که ببخش اگر نتوانستم به قولم عمل کنم!

دخترکم نمایشگاه نقاشی ات به هیچ دردمان نخورد. دیگر فریبت نمی دهم با امید. دیگر قول نمی دهم که صدایت بلرزد از کورسوی امید و بگویی "می دانی آرزو داشتم نمایشگاه نقاشی بگذارم


For what it's worth..

by Coward (not verified) on


I understand your point exactly. Obviously, emotions (and the various OTHER motivations/agendas) are going to prevent that point from being sustained here and in other threads. Thanks for sharing and having the guts to say what you did. I am an anonymous coward, but I had to post this.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Souri, I wrote a blog about

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

how timely flagging and deletion on everyone's part including my own and the moderator(s) would've prevented the deterioration of this thead yesterday. If you thought I was the cause of that deterioration , you should've immediately flagged me  (as I told you..). And I don't really see how any further analysis TODAY of WHY this thread deteriorated YESTERDAY does any more than further deteriorate it, and just when it's just beginning to heal . Any further discussion on these point is detrimental to this thread TODAY. Please move it elsewhere,as I just asked you to,  to my new blog on flaggings, link to which I provided; to the old blog on moderation, link to which you provided; and/or to a new blog of your own, where it might be constructive. Here it won't..

David ET

whiner or accomodator

by David ET on

 The guy at best is just a whiner seeking attention at the cost of breaking a harmony and united voice and distorting the truth

First he whines and whines about why people do not pay attention to so called his causes and when he is asked to ALSO start a campaign day in and out and bring attention to so called his cause just as SCE does, then he runs away and says:

there are a lot of people already doing that

If A LOT OF people are already doing that then what ON EARTH is your problem stinking this place with your minute by minute repeat nonsense that why there is no attention!

and if there are not enopugh people doing it, get on your own feet and do something before vlaming others for not doing

The two  : supporters of IR and the Holier than Popes have all along been the backbone of IR in breaking any solidarity. Indeed its a convenient sleep over of the two but nothing new !

No you can NOT talk sense in to the minds of those with agenda who intentionally distort or hide facts and attack individuals with what they have at their discretion online: name calling, labeling and even telling people to F^&% themselves.

Same people when in power would use anything else they have in hand, being guns or prisons or newspapers to label people. same people who call a caring attorney charlattan today.

Their screen names and outfits or titles are totally irrelevant, its the mentality that we have to prevent.

A word of thanks to them from IR: Thank you, keep up the good work.

like asieh amini said: even an animal is given water before slaughter. this guilty murderer of yours was treated worse .
where is your humanity for GOD' S sake. At least respect others

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

we have to care..you bring up many improtant points. i shall re-redit this post to adress them.Jut please make sure you come back. thx R.

Bijan A M

Who cares?.....

by Bijan A M on

Another young life gone in vain.  How come no one sees the gravity of lawlessness in our land? A young life is taken away. So what? This has been going on for 30 years. It is not anything new. The only thing that is unique about Delara’s death is the fact that it was not supposed to have happened the way it did according to the damn sharia law. Why is everyone ignoring that and focusing on the loss of life? I don’t mean to be callus and insensitive. God has been witness to my tears. But, that’s not the point. We all can mourn her death in private or in public (in forums like this). Fine….But what was accomplished? Nothing…

If you suggest the current ruling government in Iran cannot be trusted with accountability to international treaties or even their own laws, you will be accused by Olia Hazrat Irandokht of trying to fish in muddy waters.  From the other side of her mouth she proclaims herself as a defender of human rights and anti IRI.

Then we have this gentleman, Parham, who sincerely wants change and is advocating freedom of political prisoners and is anti IRI establishment. But, he undermines any effort that keeps IRI’s feet to the fire when it comes to the execution of minors.

Then again, we have Jaleho, who, out of his hate for US and western governments, supports every atrocity committed by IRI. He is a real patriot!!!! Defender of Iranian autonomy.

It is time to wake up and see the realities for what they are. We, (the true Iranians in diaspora) are helpless and hopeless when it comes to confronting the rule of the Akhunds. We cannot afford rejecting help from those who are on our side (Be it from US, Spain, Argentina, Canada, Israel, Egept,…). We need to get our land back….period.



by Souri on

"what happened yesterday to this thread, it degenrated, a degeneration which I tried very long and hard to prevent."

The thread has degenerated only because of your many posts which look more like chatting with Parham and some other posters here. That's all! I don't know if you had time to realize that nobody gave a damn to what you were preaching all the time (and out of the subject).

We all are used to this site and we all know the flagging system and we all are the grand "children" who know how to debate. Thanks for trying the take care of us, but actually you were acting more like a "bug" than a volunteer moderator!

BTW: I'd read that (your) blog, the day it was posted, don't worry. Don't advertise your many blogs in all and every post you do. Some could believe that you are a real "attention hungry" which you have been labelled.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Souri, to address your concerns, I'll try to be brief,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

in the interests of the integrity of this thread, which I've been trying hard to protect, since your post to me is off-topic. 

My post below on flagging referring to my blog I wrote in the wee hours of the morning has two simple points: 1) we all need to flag, and 2) the flags need to be deleted expeditiously. This I wrrote because of what happened yesterday to this thread, it degenrated, a degeneration which I tried very long and hard to prevent. That is all my post and blog below say in essence..

Now, as to the off-topic issues you bring up, regarding the two blog links  you posted just now,, to Jahnashah's and to my old ones, Jahanshahs' decision to take over all the moderation onsite, always in my opinion an unwise one, was made over five weeks after I wrote that blog on moderation,  You suggest a causal link. I do not perceive one. If you want to discuss this off-topic matter further, please post on that old blog of mine, or address this issue in a new blog of your own, and I'll reply.

If you don't wish to, you might wish to have a look at the blog on Delara I wrote two days ago asnd asked everyone to read, in my post directly below.



by Souri on

"I mght add now, everyone's responsibiliity to prevail upon the
publisher to somehow revise or streamline the moderation system, which actually worked far better when there were many moderators until a few weeks ag,"

Really? You think the moderation system was working better when there were many moderators working on it, instead of only ONE moderator right now?

Should I remind you that the change on the moderation system happened mostly due to your many blatant blogs about the same system you are advising now? Of course many of them are deleted by your own but here is one at least, have a look please to what you were preaching not so long ago (Feb. 5) :


And this was the result you got on March 13:


What? You say you are not happy with the outcome now? You want another change again? Just ask for it. We will do whatever YOU decide!

rosie is roxy is roshan

What is Delara's larger significance for Iran?

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Delara's Delara and people grieve for her because of her life and death. And I tried very hard to keep this a "mourning thread" according to the wishes of the majority by trying to convince Parham to do that, until the thread on its own shifted to a polemical one. Having said that, although I don't like his general tone AT ALL, Parham's main POINT is very important: If Delara isn't more than JUST Delara, that is if she doesn't have RELEVANCE within the context of no doubt the worst full-frontal attack on human rights in IRI's recent history, this is dangerous. Because she will soon be "just" what I call "Delara, the pin-up girl", a "single white female", as Curly put it, strung up, mourned and yet, essentially her life and death will have been wasted once we get to the next capuccino and Netflix.

So I thought it would be a good idea if those of you who haven't read it (or who only read the first version which was a MESS because I was so distraught writing it, having just heard the news), please read the blog I wrote about her on Friday. It expresses what I think Delara's life and death MEAN, and why she has a MEANING which far transcends the tragedy of her individual life.




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I wrote a blog last night about this thread, (link below). Although I didn't mention it specifically. I explained very clearly and forcefully that what happened on this thread yesterday  was terrible but that it happened because people weren't flagging the abusive posts as far as I know except for me, and that when I did flag it took hours for the deletions to happen. My point was that everyone has to flag and that the moderators have to delete the flagged posts quickly before things escalate. And that Jahahshah has been doing all the moderation himself and that clearly isn't working out as witnessed by this case. So I am saying again that the flaggings are everyone's reponsibilty, as well as it is, I mght add now, everyone's responsibiliity to prevail upon the publisher to somehow revise or streamline the moderation system, which actually worked far better when there were many moderators until a few weeks ag, again, as witnessed by this blog, if there continue to be such delays in the deleting the flaggings. (Perhaps the publisher didn't think my points in that blog about this thead and by extension all others ware thatimportant, since the blog wasn't featured, but they are. No one person here-NONE- can be blamed for what happened yesterday. The threads are eveyone's responsibility-the postes, to flag, and the moderators, to delete as expeditously as possible. 




Hajminator, this is a very awkward situation I'm put into since, obviously having not slept last night like you because I was so upset about all this that I had to write that blog instead of sleeping, an having, as you can clearly see, devoted almost all day yesterday to trying to maintain this tread both on topic and respective of it as a mourning thread, I want to get away from this type of interchange more than anything, but, I really do have to know:

were you aware that the person Jaleho was talking about when he said someone was chattering and using this thread as a means to achieve a HABITUal personal agenda of getting atteniton was me, when you agreed that such holding the issue hostage was a terrible thing to do?

I think you can understand that writing whaat I'm writing right now is the last thing I want to do if you read my new blog as well as my comments up the thread from the beginning, and that it's extremely awkward (I'm damned if i do and damned if I dont-either aggrandzing myself now by writing it or by ignoring it carrying this question with me about your view of me fro now on), but that I do have to ask it to you. Maybe you were just tired and didn't realize who Jaleho meant.  I woulld hope so but either way please let me know. Thans

PS I know you weree very agitated so I wondered if you read the blog i wrote when I first found out the news.





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I am doing enough on my side and not necessarily what you're saying, there are a lot of people already doing that...

And yes, I'm concerned about those cases, certainly no need for your advice or suggestion.
More, I have no more concern about this case as of this day. Seems you all fill the shoes well! There.
See ya.


Parham The way my lover

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The way my lover and I figure, Delara got attention because SCE blogs are always there and in your face. I never read them but with her, there were a lot of responses and I was curious and I read it. Then, this surprise that she was killed even though everyone though the NEZAAM, system had agreed to post pone the execution was a shock. The executions aren't. But for some naive reason, I guess people thought maybe she would get a fair trial or a chance to give her new evidence or whatever. Then you wake up and bang, she's dead.

So, as a suggestion, if you really are concerned, why don't you start a blog, a gmail blog will be enough. And start posting links from AI or HRW about bloggers (or otehers) that are being maltreated or executed in Iran. Whenever a case comes up, put info on the blog and add a link in this site;s blog section, Exactly what SCE does. I'm sure other people here would help if you needed it.

If you're not ready to make other cases heard, then you kinda can't complain that other people, average joes, didn't hear about it.




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You're beginning to be funny ("cantakerous dude"!). I like that. :-)

Anyway, yes, last time I checked, this site was getting something like 800,000 and up users (not singleusers -- meaning "distinct") a month. I'll leave it at that.
And yes, chief editor, one of them (there were several). Not editor-in-chief, which was actually, in my guess, Jahanshah's way of putting it. That, again, without wanting to develop more.

I have no clue which community is now the biggest in terms of single users (per month/year/whatever). It used to be this, but that's when BBC didn't even have a Farsi section. It has surely been replaced by other sites, and most likely by far.

What, you're gonna take your agendas to other sites now? :-)


Mrs. Jaleho

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Now I understand your points and I’m glad to hear that you’re against the capital punishment. It’s clear that taking this situation in hostage and trying to fish in muddy water is as ugly as making blind judgements.

I, personally was more shocked by this execution because Mrs. Darabi was convinced and hoped that she’ll be released one day as she made a part of her prison sentence as accomplice. As just many Iranian prisoners in Iraq who under international conventions hoped that they’ll be freed one day. But in both cases the outcome was the same.

May all innocents’ souls rest in peace. Thank you for your words for my brother.

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