Delara Darabi

Outrage at execution of child offender

Amnesty International has expressed outrage at the execution in Iran this morning of Delara Darabi, a child offender executed despite an international ban on capital punishment of those convicted of crimes committed when under the age of 18.

Delara Darabi was hanged in Rasht Central Prison earlier today, becoming the second person to be executed in Iran this year after being convicted of a crime she was alleged to have committed while still under 18. Ms Darabi was executed despite her having been given a two-month stay of execution by the Head of the Judiciary on 19 April.

Amnesty International Middle East and North Africa Programme Deputy Director Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui said:

'Amnesty International is outraged at the execution of Delara Darabi, and particularly at the news that her lawyer was not informed about the execution, despite the legal requirement that he should receive 48 hours' notice.

'This appears to have been a cynical move on the part of the authorities to avoid domestic and international protests which might have saved Delara Darabi's life.

"This indicates that even decisions by the Head of the Judiciary carry no weight and are disregarded in the provinces.'>>>


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Ahwazstudies.com (not verified)

عزیزان، خواهشمند است که به لابی‌های جمهوری اسلامی توجه نکنید.



Okay let get over it

by Souri on

You are so funny!

The first link you posted here (which I said I had read) was in Persian/Farsi. Then you also translated it in English in your next reply to me ( the last one) how ridiculous it was, I didn't point it out.

Now, you are again translating it in two languages both in Farsi and English as if I can not read or am idiot and can not understand what I read?

You do not answer none of my questions, in either of your responses, just repeat "tooti vaari" everything you just read on that article.

Vaghean keh!!!!

Forget about my questions, would you? let it be.


Souri jan,

by Jaleho on

Did you bother to read either the page in Farsi I provided carefully, or the English explanation I provided?! You would have had your answers then. But, OK, you want yes-no type on 1-2-3? Here:

 1. Re. apology: The many stages of original courts, "court of appeal," and the final supreme court ALL have established that SHE IS THE KILLER. However, the law specifically gives a right to victim's family to FORGIVE IF THEY WISH SO, that's where the apology comes in, and that's what was the CONVICTED KELLER'S LAST CHANCE to escape the execution. Do you get it? Here:

برابر قوانین جاری کشور قصاص نفس حقی است که قانونگذار به خانواده مقتول داده است و طبعا اولیا دم هستند که میتوانند از این حق گذشت کرده و یا بر آن اصرار ورزند 

2. re. Capital Punishment: I totally agree with you, and have stated that PERSONALLY I am against death penalty everywhere, in particular both countries of my own citizenship, Iran and the USA. Yet, the criminal laws of both these countries are against my personal belief. That's as far as I can go with generalities, NOT interfering with the details of some victim's case agaisnt a killer's case.

3. I restated the "victim's children's statement for you," as to their reasoning why they decided to forgo the forgiveness that they originally were willing to offer the convicted murderer. They said that they are being victimized TWICE, their family is getting a bad name, a killer is becoming a hero at the expense of their mother's brutal killing thanks to propaganda, and blaming the lawyer as the main culprit they came to this conclusion, which I merely re-stated for you:

با حادثه قتل فجيع مادرمان دو گونه برخورد مي تواند وجود داشته باشد، اول اينکه وکيل و خانواده قاتل، اکنون که قضات محترم با صبر و درايت کامل و تحقيقات کافي که هيچ جاي شبهه يي باقي نگذاشتند حکم را صادر کرده و راه ديگري جز اجراي قصاص وجود ندارد مجرميت (دل آرا) فرزند خود را بپذيرند و از طريق يک عذرخواهي بي مقدار در برابر خون يک انسان و يک آموزگار فرهيخته اولياي دم را به عفو ترغيب کنند.

دوم اينکه از جرم در مدت اين چند سال دفاع مي کردند و به دنبال يک حرف محکمه پسند بودند. متاسفانه در چند سال اخير پدر دل آرا و وکيل او با مقاصد خودخواهانه که بر مطلعان پوشيده نيست به نحوي عمل کرده اند که او فرشته بي گناهي است و مادر ما به دست عوامل غيبي به قتل رسيده و دستگاه قضايي آنقدر بيکار است که با کينه توزي به اين دختر و خانواده او مي نگرد و ما بايد سپاسگزار آنان باشيم، بلکه ما بايد از آنان اعاده حيثيت کنيم.... ما هم معتقد به رحمت و عفو حقوق بشر که بارها در دادگاه ها به ما گوشزد شده، هستيم اما نه به بهاي تشويق کردن مجرم.



by Souri on

Put aside your political views for a minute please. Forget about this and that person who wanted to fish in a muddy water. I am asking you straight questions to think of with your heart.

1) If she was not the real killer, why should she ask for Pardon from the victim's children? Do you ever apology for something you haven't done?

Asking for forgiveness would imply that SHE WAS the murderer, while all the way long she wanted to claim her innocence 

2) Let say, she was the real killer. But she commit that act at 17. She was still a child. I know you will tell me that 17 years girl, is not a child, but if you consider the emotional state of the girl being in love, adding to the emotional state of the situation of the murder, we can still give the credit to the fact that maybe, she would not grow a killer, if she had a chance to live as an adult, in a better situation. 

3) you said :

"they (the victim's childrend) dnot want to enocourage a criminal, and were mad at the bad name their family is getting,"

Do you really think that they got a better reputation now, after sending a young body to death without letting her a last chance to defend herself? Without letting her to say her last words, last goodby to her parents?

Two months, Jaleho, only two months!


Souri jan,

by Jaleho on

I am not here to judge the guilt, nor am I a criminal expert who knows the details of the case. I am just sick of people who CLAIM THEY ARE; they know everything, they make an angel out of a murderer or at best someone who took her boyfriend to stab to death her own family member for money with collaboration with the said man. The victim's children clearly say that they are precisely sick of people who portray a killer as an innocent frail artist and they feel  the victims are victimized TWICE!

And, from the reading of the same article that you just read, they say that they waited close to 6 years during which the original court had reviewed the case in manay stages, the girl has originally confessed and described the details of the murder, 5 judges have reviewed the case and agreed that she is the killer and the boyfriend is the collaborator. The case has then gone to the supreme court and the judgement is confirmed as"ghesas" by which the punishment is execution. But the law allows the victim's family to forgive IF they wish so. The judges then ask for extra time where the killer can reach out to the victim's family for forgiveness and the victim's family are ready to accept a public apology, but the convicted felon refuses to make such an apology.

The victim's children try to clarify that they are not emotionally pointing a finger to the girl, and in fact they wish the killer were the boy who is not a family member! But, they say that after six years of investigation and reports of the criminal experts, they agree with the outcome of the final court. The convicted killer does not make use of the extra time given to her to apologize and the victim's children refuse to forgo of ghesas beacause of that. Now, who are we to claim that we know better than all these people involved?!!

I can personally announce my position against the capital punishment in general. But, all the idiots who tried to use this as a case against IRI even didn't recognize that this is not a case of IRI vs. someone. It is a case of a victim family against the killer, and in fact because of its publicity IRI has tried to postpone or convince the victim's family to forgo of ghesas. But, law specifically indicates that the only one who is capable of saving the killer's life after conviction and that after the victim have waited 6 years, is the victim's family, and victim's family alone. They felt that at this stage, by the propaganda that has been spread for "poor fragile innocent artist," they do not want to enocourage a criminal, and were mad at the bad name their family is getting, and they felt they would be betraying their mother's blood. They refused to forgive any further, and no amount of time or trick of the lawyer would have saved the convicts life any more. The article clarifies that the idiots who didn't recognize that the sole salvation had remained in the hand of victim's children, should not have antagonized them by belittling their mother's death or glorifying her killer, for cheap political gains.

Darius Kadivar

Was, Am And Will be For Regime Change ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Say What You Will Ladies and Gentlemen But all this division only Proves My Point: Our incapacity to define our Priorities particularly when it comes to our community's selective indignations have only prolonged this Wretched Regime to Fool Us All and prolong its survival. Crying over the Palestinian Cause knowing all the manipulation of the IRI behind it was just a small example of how naive we can be and how we lack to see into the very nature of this regime, unique in its kind if not only a replica a thousand times worse than the Spanish Inquisition.

Don't Blame the Opposition,( or Lack of Opposition ) the root of the problem is that Collectively We don't even know what We want !  

ET N'EN DEPLAISE A MONSIEUR KHATAMI and his Pro IRI Lobbyists in the US : This Regime Ain't Reformable !


کشور مسخره.

1 hamvatan (not verified)

میدونید تقصیر خودمان هست. فرهنگ جامعه کشور خودمان از بیخ خرابه چون ما معنی درست عادلت را نمیفهمیم.وقتی دادگاه در حرف خودش اختلال داشته باشه و دائم حرف و قانون را عوض میکنه بدرد لای جرز میخوره. اگر 2 ماه فقط داشت که مدرکهای جدید اراعه بدهند...چرا دادگاه بیعادلتی کرد؟؟؟ چون ملت بیعرضه و بیسواد هستند و این مذهب مسخره هم گربیان مشگلات کشور شده.



by capt_ayhab on

Knowing how these IR goons investigate these types of situations , how credible the first confessions could be?

Just imagine Delara, a 17 years old  girl, taken to the police station under the suspicion of alleged murder, how scared she could have been. And again knowing how these people treat this alleged crime, God only knows what they have done to her to get her to confess. I can bet you, if nothing else, and if they had not raped her to submission, at least they MUST have threatened the living daylight out of the poor soul. 

No where in the world these types of confessions are permissible in the court of law. I keep seeing you talk about the justice system and the law . You tell me, and you do not have to be an attorney to answer me this, Just as a human being, would you accept this type of confession? Is it fair to even get these types of confession from a scared little 17 year old girl?


Just imagine then you MIGHT see how credible those confessions are. Deal with this certainty and answer me.



‫خانم/آقا، هرکی با اواتار جالهو


‫به فارسی نوشتید شاید به فارسی بهتر متوجه سؤال اول بنده شوید. ثابت شده بود که زخمهای وارد شده به فامیل خانم درابی بدست یک شخص راست داست بوده است. دلارا داربی چپ دست بود.

سؤال: وجدان شما از کشته شدن یک فرد بی گناه، که اعترافات اشتباه اولش با مشاهدات پزشک قانونی رد شده بود، آلان راحت است؟ خود را چطور احساس میکنید، حال که مجرم اصلی زنده است؟

‫از حکم رئیس قوهء قضائییه گذشتن، با تمام مشاهدات و مرتکب این جرم شدن خود یک جنایت است. شما که این جنایت را پشتیبانی میکنید، خود شریک جرم هستید. پس به استدلال خود، که خانم دارابی با همدست بودن یک جنایتکار حقش مرگ بود، شما هم باید مجازات شوید. درست؟


You bleeding hearts are amazing!

by agha shirazi (not verified) on

If this is how you react to THIEFS and MURDERERS getting what they deserve!?
I wonder what your views are on child molesters, rapists and granny killers is!?
Do you lot cry for them too?
Her parents should be ASHAMED! Down right ASHAMED!
If it was me I would have DISOWNED this renegade TEEN PUNK HOODLUM a long time ago!
Just look at that above picture!!!
She looks like someone from some TUPAC GANGSTA RAP VIDEO!
Does that look like someone you would want living in your neighborhood? Around your kids? OFCOURSE NOT! Cut the crap people!! She was a downright MENACE!
Anything IRI Does Is bad!! Even the good!! Amazing!
At least be friggin honest! If they do someone good once in a while.. admit that.. you can still hate them if you want.. but admit the good!!
Anyhow its done, that is ONE LESS THIEF/MURDERER (and god knows what else this cunning young criminal did we never knew about!!!) we in Iran need to deal with!

You got Anymore!?? BRING EM ON!!



by capt_ayhab on

شاعر میگه "نرود میخ آهنین در سنگ".
کسی که احساس همدری کردن ,به دلیل جهل اجتماعی براش امکان پزیر نباشه, هیچگونه منطق هم نمی تونه
به زشتی کارش واقفش کنه.

احساس و منطق هر دو از مغز انسان سرچشمه میگیرند.




if you agree with what was done. you deserve this regime

by ajabaa (not verified) on

it is sick to now give this girl due process , they did not take finger prints of the weapon, ignored the evidence that she is left handed and crime was commited by a right handed strong person who made 18 deep stabs...
the real killer is walking free just like .......


Criminals deserve what they get regardless of age

by Anonymous2211 (not verified) on

what most people here forget is that she committed a capital offense............ maybe they should have let her live on the condition that people here that oppose her execution had to take her in and hope that next time she didn't kill them or their family............

people, please stop feeling sorry for the criminal and start feeling sorry for the victim in all of this....



by Parham on


I think this is the part of the mentality that keeps us losing. That's why I came up with the example of Emam Hossein in the desert of Karbala.

It's "don't call Kohmeyni anything but Imam, people might not like it". Or better, "don't question the veracity of that Karbala desert scene, you'll hurt people's feelings." No, even better, "don't question anything the prophet has (allegedly) said, you will hurt the feelings of Muslims."

Don't you think it's this sort of thinking that can get us in trouble, more than any objection I might have or any hint I might post of people's hypocrisy? ON a "discussion thread"? Where no one has even heard of a mourning thread, and if we actually make one, it will be a purely Iranian creation?

Well if you say no, which I'm sure you will, then we disagree on something fundamental, i.m.o.
Not too many things are THAT sacred, you know...
Especially the feelings of compatriots who have usually not been here, but who all of a sudden appear for this case...

rosie is roxy is roshan

Sorry, P, disagree.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Vast majority of people from early on came here to mourn. That made it a de facto mourning thread because when so many people gather to mourn their wishes must be respected. EVEN IF they are mourning for Hitler.

Which our girl sure ain't.

There are simply times when feelings must be given precedence over reason. there ARE. And this..is not something for you to reason out, Parham, you have to feel it.

What if it werre a member, god forbid, of your family, or a friend. Well Delara is a SYMBOL for many people and that makes her their family, their friend. Whether she should or shouldn't be a symbol is irrelevant for NOW. She JUST IS. She symbolizes THEIR COUNTRY.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, maybe these people can discuss whether or not she SHOULD BE. a symbol..but..yesterday???

Another possibility would've been to set up a different blog with the specific hard issues you have, you know, like Why so much fuss about Delara?", or 'delara; media creation?" or "Amnesty campaign: tactical error?", etc. Now there'd've been many people screaming how dare you write this blog. But it'd be your blog and then you could've said, well because this, this and this, or..you don't like it? Go to the Iranian of the Day thread and grieve.  And btw, I'm SURE there would've been people eager to discuss your blog.

But..here..was just...not good for most people. They needed a catharsis. They really did. And probably still do..

So let's let them have it, shall we? SCE has posted some VERY upsetting materials for them and they want to digest it all..and I think..we're..disturbing them..  So..ssssshhh





by Souri on

I read that link. I deplore the victim's family situation and share their pain.

But let put aside the emotional side of it now, would you ?

The logic and professional side say: The court had given 2 moths time frame to the  lawyers for preparing Delara's defense.

Is that correct or you are denying the fact?

They did not held their word! 

You are still trying to prove that Delara was guilty. I said that here is not a court. We don't know the truth. The lawyers said they can prove her innocence, they asked for more time to prepare her defense.

Why it was so hard to wait only two months ? They had waited more than 5 years for that. Delara and her family and also the victim's family had all waited so long for the verdict. Why not just two more month? The victim's children said clearly in their letter, that they still don't know who was the real killer (dokhtarak or pesarak)

Didn't they (and you by the same mean) want to know the truth before sendin someone to the death room?


Rosie, again

by Parham on

Except, this is where you go wrong: This is NOT a mourning thread. It's a DISCUSSION thread. It was made for discussion, not mourning! There IS NO SUCH THING as a "mourning thread".

Do you get this point as well?

rosie is roxy is roshan

Okay, Parham, thanks for replying. I do

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

understand that you caame with some valid points. I tried to tell you and EVErYONE who was polemicizing that it was a very bad place and time to do it here. It couldn't come to a good end. You see, people can't be logical when they're grieving and shouldn't be expected to be, They will get more upset and one thing will lead to another..Well it's all grist for the mill.

Take care.



by Parham on

Really, I do want to get out of here!

About your question:
Go to the beginning of the thread, see how this rhetoric started.

My friend asks me where all these people (the ones here, "mourning") were when they were handing the bodies of dissidents fighting for freedom back to their families. That makes me think, and I think he's right. So I come here and ask, hoping to get a reasonable answer.

This is where we are after I asked!


آیا دل شما راحت است که با نا آگاهی‌، حتی به احتمال بسیار کم


 به این اعدام کمک نکرده اید؟ فکر نکنم هیچ کدام از کسانی‌ که این جا سنگ عدل را به سینه میزنند، لینکی‌ را که فرزندان مقتول نوشتند را بالاخره خواندند! اگر یکی‌ از افراد خانواده شما مادرتان را با چاقو برای دزدی بکشد، و بعد از ۶ سال انتظار و اعتراف اول قاتل و نفی ثانویه، تمام شواهد به شما حق قصاص بدهد...بعد از شما بخواهند که به قاتل مجال بدهید که به پوزش از شما تقاضای عفو کند، و شما این اجازه راا بدهید، ولی‌ متهم به پشتگرمی از تبلیغات خارج از کشور حتی حاضر به پوزش نشود و شما و خون مادرتان را بد نام هم بکند، شما باید خیلی‌ فرشته باشید که از حق قانونی خود بگذرید. من کاملا مخالف هر گونه حکم مرگ هستم، ولی‌ از کسانی که خودشان را بالاتر از مظلومان میداند، بخصوص برای  کسب یک نکته کثیف سیاسی، حالم بهم می‌خورد.

این صفحه راا بخوانید:



SCE Campaign

Delara's body was burried today

by SCE Campaign on


 پیکردلارا دارابی متولد 7 مهر 1365 خورشیدی امروز 12 اردیبهشت1388 خورشیدی  در حضور صدها نفر از دوستان و آشنایانش در باغ رضوان رشت به خاک سپرده شد. دیشب پدرش را به بیمارستان بردند . او در مراسم خاکسپاری دخترش حضور نداشت Today May 2nd 2009, body of Delara Darabi born on September 28, 1986 was burried in "Heaven's Garden" in the Caspian City of Rasht, Iran. Hundreds of people attended her funeral. Her father who is now hospitalized was not present. 


rosie is roxy is roshan

Parham, in case you come back, one small clarification..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

It was a rhetorical question.

I, and we, KNOW you're not happy about what happened to Delara. But I think I can speak for many (which I hardly ever dare to do) in saying that we don't understand, why, since you agree with us and you are not happy, do you have to say things in a way that make sother people MORE unhappy and agitated than they already are?

and that's not a rhetorical  question. But one that I humbly suggest you answer only to yourself.

ps I happen to find your exchanges with me very interesting. But that's neither here nor there.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Parham (and friends???)....edited..../ps SCE

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

Parham, I didn't see your comments below, I only saw your response to me today, and uthonestly if I'd seen a couple of those comments below to others I wouldn't replied to you, especially not on this thread, even though they may be directed to people I don't agree with or even like..having said that..



Most of the people you can ignore here are unhappy with the way Delara, guilt or innocence aside, was played with, used, tormented, unfairly tried and grotesquely executed by surprise and alone. No, we are not happy. So fundamentally on this thread we concur about the central issue. We have some solidarity for the dead girl and deplore her tormentors.

But what I was tryiing to say in the bold in my previous post was that..if

Delara sat rudderless amidst the rubble that your generation lefther, neither guilty nor innocent but only complicitous, a nation of birds where crows hang vultures and doves alike from cranes, all, all complicitous..

is that if you want to understand how this happened to Delara (and to ALL the rest, ALL, the blogger, Ahmad Batebi, Shirin's office, the Haft Tapeh union, etc etc. ad infinitum..0

look at how you talk to each other, look at how you disrespect the mourners on this thread, look at how you regress to schoolyard bullies, how you agendaize everything and each other, etc. etc. here this day in May 2009

and call it 1979

and all of your questions, concerns and even scepticism about Delara's fate shalll be answered.

Especially you, P. Can I ask you a simmple question: ar eyou happy with what happened to delara?

Carry on


ps SCE, sorry, cross-posted. Thanks so much for some RELEVANT materials..




Marg Bar Jomhoree Eslami

by Zede I.R. (not verified) on

Tamame shoma mozdoraye Islamic Republic goosh konid!!!!!!!!

Marg bar Khameneie, Velayate Faghih, Rafsanjani, Ahmadi Nejad, Tamame azaye Shoraye Negaban, maslahat nezam, majles eslami , hezbollahi ha, terrorist ha va tamame mozdora va moftkhoraye khonkhar ke ba Jomhoree Eslami hamkari va komak kardid va hanooz ham meekonid,

Tamame shoma haromzadeha va tofalehaye kasif kholafaye kasif eslami hastid ke dar 1400 gozashteh dar IRAN mesle kesafat roshd kardid. Yek roozi, yek Irani baa sharaf hamatoono mesle yek jaani va ghatel (Serial Killers)ke hastid Edaam mekoone!!! Engadr dard bekesheed ta akhareen lahze omre kasifetoon.... Haala bebin kay goftam.......................

SCE Campaign

Nazanin Afshin-Jam's thoughts on Delara

by SCE Campaign on


I am at a loss for words. My heart is empty and my tears are flowing.

I have just finished reading the details by attorney Mohammad Mostafaei of the minutes leading up to Delara’s execution.  It is just too painful //scenews.blog.com/4885252/

Delara, I have known you for almost three years.  We tried our best to keep you alive. We informed  and had the High Commission on Human Rights at the UN, the European Union and Parliaments worldwide act on your behalf. We spread awareness through the media, to human rights groups worldwide. We kept in touch with your family and your lawyers.  We conducted speeches and rallies worldwide. We sent you art supplies in prison and letters from supporters  to keep your spirits high. We tried our best to get in touch with the family of the deceased and convince them to understand the severity of taking a young life away. We tried Delara. We tried but we failed.

You are no longer with us in body, but your presence will live on forever, in the hearts of all the volunteers at Stop Child Executions, all the lawyers and human rights defenders fighting for justice, and  millions of supporters around the world fighting for your life.

If there is one thing I can promise you and your family, is that your death will not be in vain. Your departure from this temporary world we call Earth has emboldened and strengthened our fight to seek justice for the 140 children who remain on death row in Iran.

The Islamic Republic of Iran must be held accountable for their violations against humanity.  Clerical Judge Javid Nia, who approved your execution will be held into account one day.

In Delara’s case, Iran has breached many laws.

Injustice # 1

Iran is state party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Charter of the Rights of the Child which forbids the execution of those who have committed an offence before the age of 18. Delara was 17 years old when she was allegedly charged of murder. To the bitter end she maintained her innocence.


Injustice #2

The initial verdict that was issued, was based on a confession from a child that did not know her rights, and was not made aware of the consequences for taking the blame for a crime she says she did not commit.


Injustice #3

Medical examination of Mahin’s body in an autopsy suggested that the crime was committed by a right-handed person. Delara was left handed. If a new trial was accorded to present this new evidence, the death penalty verdict could have been reversed. Delara’s lawyer Abdolsamad Khoramshahi has tried for years to obtain a new trial and carry out a re-enactment of the crime in court, with no success. He is also convinced that due to Delara’s small frame and gentle nature, it was an impossibility for her to have committed the offence.  A partnering lawyer who followed the case, Mohammad Mostafaei, said “I swear she is innocent”.


Injustice #4

Whereas the head of Judiciary Ayatollah Shahroudi accorded a 2 month stay of execution in order for the families to try and negotiate  a pardon, Delara was executed in less than 10 days from this order.


Injustice #5

Under Iran’s Penal  Code it states that the family and lawyer of the accused are to be given 48 hours prior notice before execution.  No such warning had been given. Instead Delara was executed in secret, like Reza Hejazi and Behnam Zare, with no mother, father or sister to be with her in her last frightening moments or to hear her final words.


Injustice #6:

In cases of “ghesas” crimes, the decision whether or not to execute the accused rests with the relatives of the victim. What kind of Justice system allows the biased opinion of the family who has lost a family member to decide ones fate?


Around this time two years ago, Delara wrote this beautiful letter to me://scenews.blog.com/1772243/

It was touching to read her words to all those who have helped her:

“Say hello to my true loving friends. Every night during my prayers I pray for all the people of this large and vast house. I pray that one day everyone becomes a lover and we all be the guests of Lord's vast  feast.

I don't know if I will meet you my dear ones or we must leave the meeting to the unseen world.

Anyway, Delara is not alone, Delaras are trapped in prisons and in need of God's help and in need of defenders of human right and humanity!!!””

One day we will meet Delara in heaven and she will have thanked us for continuing with the good fight.  

Delara, it is so sad and unfortunate that you had to depart like this without your family being able to say goodbye

 My most heartfelt condolences go out to your family Delara. The loss of a child is painful enough. The loss of a child under unjust circumstances is a tragedy….a tragedy that could have been avoided.

Stop Child Executions will be launching a full report on executions of juvenile offenders in Iran on June 17th in the UK Parliament via the Foreign Policy Center and I will also be addressing the issue in front of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva at that time.

To see Delara and her family in the documentary we made about her a year and a half ago, please visit:


Delara lives on

SCE Campaign

Attorney Mostafaei's thoughts on Delara

by SCE Campaign on


Delara Darabi, who was in custody since she was 17 years old shockingly was executed in Rasht Central prison. The execution of this artist occurred without any prior notice to her. The news was very short but frightening. How easily we take someone's life?  How easily we put the ropes on a child’s neck?  How easy we feel the trembling of her small body?

My God this is a crime. My God it is not justice to take the life of this child. My God this is not justice to kill someone who does not deserve to die. Who will answer to this crime in the afterlife?  Is this fair justice? 

On March 24th 2006 (Fourth of Farvardin 1385) I met her in Rasht prison. I remember she had a very innocent face. She was not a murderer; I swear that she was not a killer. She painted a picture for me of an old man who was playing the violin. I did not know that he was playing her death song. I cannot believe she has been executed. She was really innocent, calm, collected and pure. It was not her time to die, but they took her life. My God please help us.  My God where should we go with all this injustice? My God, My God, My God, why have you created us so cruel?  Why? WhY?     

May 1st 2009 (11 of Ordibehesht 1388), was a very frightening day. At 9 A.M. I checked my S.M.S. and it was written "Delara executed". My whole body shook. I had no energy to move. Asieh Amini was on the line and was crying and said “they executed Delara today”. I got in my car and told my wife that I am going to Rasht. She said she was coming with me.  I don’t   know how I got to Rasht. Delara's mother was biting herself, her father was talking about how he delivered her daughter to authorities, and everyone was crying, everyone was hitting their head, everyone loved Delara. But she wasn't amongst us anymore. She got her peace today. No one will hear her voice again.

Her mother said that she met Delara in prison yesterday. Delara said “If I come out of prison, I want to continue my education. I would like to be free. One of the judges promised me to obtain forgiveness from the family of the deceased”. Delara continued “Mother I am innocent”.

At 7am Delara’s mother received a phone call from Delara who said “Mom, they want to execute me, I see the gallows, mother save me”. She then asked to talk to her father and said “I want to see you, for God sake save me”. At that point, someone took the phone receiver away from Delara and said “We are going to kill your child and you cannot do anything about it”.

While holding a Koran, Delara’s mother and father rushed to the prison. They cried, pleaded and yelled and said “please let us see the deceased family. We want o fall to their feet.”  They took Delara to the gallows with nobody around her. No father, no mother no lawyer who could listen to her needs. They put the rope on her delicate neck. I do not know who the cruel person was to pull the chair from under her feet. Judge Javid Nia issued her execution order. He is the newly appointed Judge in Rasht. Since his appointment, one person has already been stoned to death and this time it was Delara who was executed.

God bless her soul. But why? Why was Delara executed like this? A friend of mine said “even Saddam Hossein was not executed like this!”

 Why are the voices of the innocent not getting anywhere?  Some say Delara was at fault, some say it was her father's fault, some say it was her lawyer's fault. I say it is the fault of the judicial system here because whereas many countries have abandoned the execution of juvenile offenders, Iran insists on killing them. Why?

Why did they take her to the gallows without informing us in advance?  The executions of juveniles Reza Hejazi, in Isfahan and Behnam Zare in Shiraz were carried out in a similar manner, without prior notice. The executioner knew that if they had been given a deadline, the execution would not have happened because millions of people were supporting her. We all knew that an innocent girl was taken to the gallows and lost her life in injustice. Delara is not executed, she is at peace”.   





by Parham on

Ignorant, arrogant, all the rest of the name-calling -- yourself!

If you wanted to discuss anything, you wouldn't be here spewing your stinky existence through your mouth like that.

Now get lost.



by KouroshS (not verified) on

Speaking like a human being Ha? Poor you.I guess no one really ever talked to you that way. I feel so sorry for you:)
DOn't worry about making it clear for me. You are the one who needs to comprehend your own mutterings. Again, I am sure, you have forgotten that it was her lawyer along with all other activists, actors and artists who made this an emotional case as it should be, so for you to put the blame solely on the lawyer is nothing but Moosho gorbeh bazi. Just like everything else you said.

If you were wise enough you would have gotten your answer by the likes of Themrs and others, but i guess you have too much arrogance to dismiss it right of the bat. What can i say? Wallow in ignorance and Useless games and clowning around all you want.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Yes, P, we do know what IR does with women but (edited)

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

it is not being articulated clearly enough on these threads, at least what I've read.  How to explain? people are so caught up in the very emotionality of her having been a beautiful sensitive woman that they do not seem to be consciously aware, at this moment, of how that emotion has been manipulated and orchestrated by the puppeteers. What is my proof and why have I bothered to articulate it at length below? Well..again, I thought it wasn't the time but since I couldn't help stop the polemics from happening, here goes again..

my proof is all the She is completely innocent! going around. It is not helpful, especially not in the long run.We do not know the details of that miurky night. But no one was completely innocent. Delara, neither guilty nor inncoent but complicitous..as are we all...Now can we face this about her? It involves facing it about ourselves? Surely painting things white will not help to face it.

Please excuse my quoting, or paraphrasing, myself but..Delara  sat rudderless amidst the rubble our generation left her of her nation, neither guilty nor innocent but only complicitous, a nation of birds  where crows hang vultures and doves alike from cranes,. All, all complicitous.



by Parham on

No, I do not disagree, and I don't think the two premises are mutually exclusive.

However, I think the real message there was to the west/rest of the world. Come on, WE KNOW what the IRI thinks of women and how the laws are established there concerning males and females. It has been 30 years.

FYI, I did agree with her parents' stance (for once in such cases) -- the publicity was more negative than positive here.