Delara Darabi

Outrage at execution of child offender

Amnesty International has expressed outrage at the execution in Iran this morning of Delara Darabi, a child offender executed despite an international ban on capital punishment of those convicted of crimes committed when under the age of 18.

Delara Darabi was hanged in Rasht Central Prison earlier today, becoming the second person to be executed in Iran this year after being convicted of a crime she was alleged to have committed while still under 18. Ms Darabi was executed despite her having been given a two-month stay of execution by the Head of the Judiciary on 19 April.

Amnesty International Middle East and North Africa Programme Deputy Director Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui said:

'Amnesty International is outraged at the execution of Delara Darabi, and particularly at the news that her lawyer was not informed about the execution, despite the legal requirement that he should receive 48 hours' notice.

'This appears to have been a cynical move on the part of the authorities to avoid domestic and international protests which might have saved Delara Darabi's life.

"This indicates that even decisions by the Head of the Judiciary carry no weight and are disregarded in the provinces.'>>>


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rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

point A. i don't know what you mean by Chief Editor. I only know of one "chief editor". Please elaborate.

point VBI was told it was the largest online community in terms of number of HITS per month per individual computer. Admittedly that's a broad definition of community and I also know that many hits are just cursory. Be that is it may, do you know if that part's true" I understand the number of hits has now exceeded one half million.

And, also, what do YOU consider the largest online community or communities and on what basis, briefly, if you wish.

Point C. Who's laughing at me? Well..I dunno, lemme guess...Chuckles the Clown?

Point D. Parham, poop on their party??? I think the point you're missing is that NO ONE IS CELEBRATING HERE.

Boy, you're one cantankerous dude.


Rosie and KouroshS

by Parham on


No, I meant chief editor. And I said I "was", meaning no flagging anymore. But then what good did flagging do when we could?

Anyway, as to who gets the point and not, and how they would get it, let's just leave it there. I'll just go for people who matter from now on. Thanks for making me think about that.

I forgot... This is NOT the largest Iranian community! Perhaps that's why everyone's tearing themselves up here? Guess who's laughing at you...


Who am I to know? Who are YOU to know?
Seriously, you wanna go on like this??

And btw, all (or most), sorry there are people like me to poop on your agenda. Haghighat talkhe. If you can't take it, don't go debating...

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

My condolences to the family of Delara :'o(

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

 Driven Across Many Nations 

by Gajus Valerius Catullus

Translated by Charles Martin


Driven across many nations, across many oceans,

I am here, my brother (sister), for this final parting,

to offer at least those gifts which the dead are given

and to speak in vain to your unspeaking ashes,

since bitter fortune forbids you to hear me or answer,

O unfortunate brother (sister), so abruptly taken!

But now I must celebrate grief with funeral tributes

offered the dead in the ancient way of the fathers;

accept these presents, wet with my brotherly (sisterly) tears, and

now and forever, my brother (sister), hail and farewell.






Jaleho your post may 2nd,

by KouroshS (not verified) on

your post may 2nd, 1:01 pm

Hameye shavahed? Che hameye shavahedi??? If you are so concerned about that why don't you care about the fact that another court was not formed to consider the new evidence in the case? Chera be ghazye yek tarafe negah mikoni? She took the blame because it was wrongly assumed she would get out and will go free, well guess what they were wrong. MY GOD! What Difference would it have made whether the Whole world would know about this or not? Godl bless Mahin's soul, But they are using this as an excuse to solidify their position that There is no way the will agree to change their mind. This is so outrageous.

Souri Khanoom
Your post... 1:29 pm
EXCELLENT. VAghean ke Dame shoma garm. It is bugging me that neither one of these people would not want to even bother to recognize this point. Seems as if they are under so much pressure and the talking to the media and internationalizing the case was the spark that was needed for them to just Blow...

Your Post 2:04...

Is that the basis for your argument? What is with the all-nonsense marathon you are going on? What does This "dangerous" sense of thinking have anything to do with when and how and for whom would people express their disgust and sense of outrage and who are you to KNOW whether they were there for osanloos... and others? So far you have tried everything in the book to make your argument logical, even insulting people, yet you are still Andar khame ye kooche and you shall stay there for a while. Jaat hamoonja khhobeh.

Agha shirazi
You and arazels like you will never understand and will continue with your ignorance to live under a rock forever and ever. You probably even know who the executioner was and what color socks he was wearing at the time! what you have to deal with and worry about is How your bosses are ripping people off left and right and their chapavol and gharat, how they hide their crimes and blmae it on the ordinary people and punish them instead and how they are the source of any kind of Crime and depravity. You are damn straight. NOT A DAMN THING That they do is right and Just. NOt one thing even if there is good intentions in there. Their existence is that of evil's. Get this in to your Thicker than Brick and that rock that you live under skull.
One More Innocent soul lost PLENTY MORE MASTER CRIMINALS LEFT TO BE DESTRIOYED> SOON BE OMIDE KHODA. Reserve your seat and be there to watch the Perish.

rosie is roxy is roshan

No, Parham, I am NOT assuming you started the

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

insults. Trust me. I am fully aware that there are many people on this site who are all too happy to start mud-slinging.

I talked a lot to you because I REALLY think your ideas are VERY important. At the beginning, I did feel that as a "mourning thread" (my term) it simply wasn't the time for the polemics but that changed and so I was GLAD to discuss your concerns, they concern me too. Very much. And I think that if you would PLEASE just TRY to read my post to you and Anonymous again and TRY to at least get the gist of it, it would be very important, because it is where I try to explain ExACTLY where I feel the issue of Delara as Delara intersects with the big picture and how the problem can be resolved so that Delara becomes RELEVANT to the big picture in people's minds. Which is, how to confront the enormous dimensions of what is happening to ALL oppressed people in Iran, the murdered, the tortured, the imprisoned..and the populace as a whole  held hostage.

The reason I flagged you was because..well we talked about it early on, you KNOW what post really got to me..since then I've flagged other people.

And more people should be flagging. Including you.

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to go see who actually started the insults ask you aked because so much was going on. Believe me I'd've GLADLY flagged anyone who upset me with their language (not their CONTENT or causticity, their specific LANGUAGE).

I think it would be a terrible idea for you to leave here because these perceived "minority opinions" challenge people, including me, and in fact are the ONLY way that people can grow in their perceptions. Otherwise they're all talking into an echo chamber. Is that really what you hope for in the largest online Iranian community in the world? TWell, if you abdicate, that's what you'll get. But honestly, face it, if you don't compromise with your tone no one will hear you. No one except those who already understand you because that's the way people are, you included. Me too.

Nezanin said nothing to you to deserve your reaction . And trust me, everyone knows that if Nezanin or I don't like what each other says, we do NOT defend each other. So trust me on that one.

Parham, you were, I guess you mean a chief moderator???, you said editor. So you should know all about flagging. Can't YOU just flag someone who insults you and tell them guess what I flagged you, tbye bye

I find you teribly irksome, my dear.. But very challenging in a good way. But I generally have a thick skin, and I really think that if you'd just calm down, othe people would hear you more. I'm NOT pre.what I really aching. I'm TELLING you that you are defeating your own purpose which is to open people's minds. And it's my purpose too..so..what I really mean to say is... 

Cut the crapm will you? Don't be such a bonehead.

Flag me. LOL




by Souri on

Sorry I'd over looked your reply to me (I had a good reason which I just mention to those fellow commentators)

Either my English is really very bad (which I doubt) or you, like Jaleho, deliberatly misunderstand my question.

Like Jalheo, you too, refer to the last post. Baba vallah be khoda, man ham baladam farsi bekhounam ham englisi, va hatta  mifahmam!!!

I'd asked you "why they did not give a notice to the lawyer or the family or both, when they decided to execute Delara

YOu repeat again the same fictitious scenario about the power straggle between the local judges and the central government!! You don't answer my question, Sir! Why overnight, why in hast, why without notifying the lawyers and the family? They could send a message to them on Thursday saying that they will kill Delara, on Friday morning. Couldn't they?

Why you guys, try to turn around the subject with the same reasoning all the time, which get no where? Is it a tactic to repeat same empty argument  with the "I already answered you, read it again?"........who are you trying to fool, guys?


Okay, quick replies again...

by Parham on


If you liked it so much the first time, why don't you do it again and spend your time doing that for the joy of God?? And you didn't get the point again, Mr. Know-it-all, go bark elsewhere as well, will you? :-)

Now that's more like it.

Look, whatever. This is the way I talk to people I deem crossing the line of human decency. Like it, good. Don't, ask me if I give.
And about the threads here, I should know, I was also "chief editor" here. Except I believe the way the rules (that didn't even exist in the beginning!) have been implemented have led to this b.s. we're witnessing. But then never mind that either... The point is you (and the rest of the current posters)are inferring I began insulting. Go back to the beginning of the thread and read again. If you can't do that simple thing (and I'm talking to all), you shouldn't be here discussing Delara. Capisce??


This Reminds me of a Rashti Joke

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.


Forget about Rashti jokes...

And listen to this:



That's all that matters.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Andy, please come back later, I want to talk to you

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

about this woman/judiciary issue. But I need a little time. Please, again, let me know you're here, okay, and will come back because everybody seems to be leaving.

Might be for the best, so we could actually have a normal discussion.



Short memory

by Iranivaliazad (not verified) on

Iranians will forget about death of this youngster at the hands of moslem clerics in a short time, like they have in case of thousands of other executions.

And that is why moslem akhonds can kill Iranians like "magas" because Iranians are suffering from short memory issue and they are diseased with hocuspocus of islam.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Souri, if you drop by again..the discussion of the number

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

of blogs on Delara is highly relevant here, and we talked about for a very important reason.s. Very. which once the threrad beCAME a polemical thread are totally relevant.

i leave you to puzle out why.



PArham I'm not patronizing

by TheMrs on

PArham I'm not patronizing any more than you did. And I didn't say seinfeld in a callous way. I was trying to say that we were busy with our regular lives and that me, personally, I can't follow every case. Maybe I'm a terrible person. Actually, I probably am. I suck, I am the scum of the earth.

Yes there is a lot of BS every where, music, politics etc We all experience it, it's terrible that you are feeling so frustrated here, it sucks to say something you believe is right and feel that people just don't get it. Be bozorgieh khodet bebakhsh. Important point here is that everyone on the thread is actually paying attention to both victims now.

As far as this site, most people here don't know what they're doing here. Join the club. I feel much better, less guilty and a bit hopeful. So I'm logging off.

Live long and prosper

rosie is roxy is roshan

Sorry to write another one to Parham like this but..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

honestly Parham, Nezanin (mrs.) didn't insult you. IMHO. And another thing Parham, in general, there's a fine line between causticity and abusive language. One is within the parameters of civil discourse and theother isn't. And I can be aery caustic person when I'm pushed but on this forum I try very hard to not cross the line to abuse. Not always successful but usually. So..if I can do it, anyone can...and basically it's "illegal" here to cross that boundary. For good reason. We used to have even..death threats here..a lot. If Jahanshah's not deleting a bunch of stuff on this thread, it's probably because like he just blogged, he's travelling. But trust me, it's..illegal.. 

gie it a shot, will ya? This thread HAS becmoe a discussion thread and it could be a really important one, but hardly anyone's hearing what you have to say, which IS important now that it's not a mourning thread"...because..you're shouting too loud. You're making them deaf.

Oj and ps,I do flag abusive posts. I do. Call me..moallem. LOL  ;oP


Never mind

by Souri on

Interesting people with good posts, left the thread already!

I too, leave you two talk to each other about the number of the blogs being featured, when and why and how and is that or this? Chat as much as you want.

Parham: Now you got my answer about your motivation!!! just read the first sentences.

Good luck!



by Parham on

It's the one with the title
"Parham, Anonymous, re observation below on plethora-edited" I didn't understand, but never mind..

I'm off. Again!


Thank you Rosie and thank you desi

by Parham on

(re Osanloo and OTHERS who are in imminent danger)

At least someone got the point!! Sheesh...

I'll only add this: Not only are they in imminent danger, they're defending YOUR rights,in jail, believe it or not. Even if you think you're away in your comfortable corners of the world and only going back when the rest of your servants have made it possible for you!
(Delara wasn't even, but never mind that anymore...)



by Parham on

And what ARE my motivations? No please, maybe something good will come out of this, although I doubt it.


Here'a a list of iranians in

by desi on

Here'a a list of iranians in imminent danger according to Amnesty International US.  The UK list is different.  If anything...Delara's death has shown how vocal we can all be.  I for one am going to go thru these and familiarizing myself with their cases and start signing petitions.  I think that at the very least Delara's life and death has opened my eyes to some new facts.




by Parham on

Think what you will, I'm not writing for you, or anyone who says she was watching Seinfeld when they were killing the other dissidents as a reply! Some things I DO NOT JOKE WITH! Level-headed to you or not.

And as far as I'm concerned, from what I keep reading, still you guys are having trouble getting the point I've been trying to make! So why won't we just leave it here if you're all so smart and all.

As for writing about music -- frankly, even in that, I see so much bullshit and so many people only driven by themselves and their immediate agenda that I'm feeling sick to my stomach. I'm sorry so many of us should be so full of it. To be honest with you, I don't even know what I'm doing on this site anymore , something I tried to convey by counting the number of articles opened by Jahanshah about this subject.

So anyway, next time you decide to state you're "disappointed" with someone, a very patronizing and arrogant thing to say, watch if the person does give a fly about you or your opinion!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Osanloo, Parham, yeah me.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on



No Rosie!

by Souri on

Ask Jaleho yourself. Ask anything form anyone you like, but please do not derail this conversation we are having about Delara and her case.

Parham's motivation is now clear to me (if not to you) but too many posts went with no attention because of Parham/you Q and A, which are really not interesting to anyone esle and are especially getting on my nerve now.

PS: I'm still very emotional, but don't become a frivolous chatterer. You may watch this, with your " you said that, I said this, you did it, Javid said that....etc." If people say it to you, they may have a point.


And what a mouth you have!

by TheMrs on

And what a mouth you have! Thanks for your contribution, I think Rosie said it best when she said it's a funeral. I hope you don't carry this type of attitude to real life funerals. You are too upset to be here and don't get mad at me, if you ask me to go f myself, I will. I won't be insulted. I'm saying this out of general concern, you need to cool off.


Oh great, here comes the other khanoom-moa'allem

by Parham on

Go read the thread from the beginning, see who insults who, then state your "spin".
And do not insult my intelligence, I will only insult you!


All this left hand right hand nonsense

by agha shirazi (not verified) on

A cunning CRIMINAL like DELARA knows how to orchestrate a crime and make you bozos play the left hand right hand game.

You guys remember OJ? The glove didn't fit so you must aquit! That worked out well didn't it!?

Don't put too much faith on trivial things like which one of her thieving hands did what and so on.

Eyewitness accounts and testimony will always be paramount!


Parham I'm so disappointed

by TheMrs on

Parham I'm so disappointed at you man you seemed so level headed and fair. Maybe you should stick to writing about music because you seem to be way too emotional for this. Point is, it doesn't matter who was executed if you agree with the basic principle that this type of execution is wrong. If person A is a victim fo this sort of thing and doesn't get enought attention that's a shame. When person b is a victim and is getting support, it can be productive. You poisoned this debate from the start. You should;ve written a blog instead. Discussing why some people get more media attention and other victims don't. You reactions here was just so wrong on so many levels.


my second and last comment on this thread

by IRANdokht on

When I first saw this post, I was shocked as many of the readers still are. The two month stay of execution had given the lawyers hope for another trial and the news was shocking and outrageous, considering that a blogger died in prison not long ago while sentenced for a two year term. A lot of questions,doubt and speculations come to mind in such situations.

I am appalled at all the insults being thrown around on this thread. It sure is a highly emotional situation but it seems like some people are trying to fish in these muddy waters (read Bijan AM mentioning the nuclear debate)

It's in very poor taste to insult anyone in such times. We're all looking at this event from the outside and we're all convinced that we're seeing the whole picture. Why do we have to convince others?

JalehO is against capital punishment like many of us. She's showing a different view of the situation, speaking of the victim of the murder who was definitely innocent while there's been shadows on Delara's innocence, claiming that the extra sensitivity to Delara's death has been brought by people who have other agendas. Some may agree and some won't.

Parham in his own not-very-considerate way tried to ask people why they're making a bigger deal out of Delara's case than others who are not even charged with Capital crimes and are either still suffering in jail or murdered already. The reaction he received prompted him to insult others rather than clarify his point.

I am sorry to hear a young woman was killed. I was sorry to hear a young blogger was killed, I am sorry that so many of our activists and journalists are currently awaiting some hideous fate. I am sorry to hear that more people were arrested for May Day protests. My heart goes out to the families of the ones whose lives are in danger because they dared to speak up.

I was crying very hard at a funeral. One of my friends noticed and asked me if I were close to the deceased. I wasn't. But times like this we are reminded of our own losses...

Lets just allow space to anyone who wants to mourn and leave them alone.
And please lets not forget others who have lost their lives and their freedom.

that was just my two cents...


PS: Desi jan please don't believe Bijan AM's insinuations as fact.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Souri, Parham's obsession is with his concern over

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

what he perceives as a fixation on one victim while people are ignoring the rest. His points are very valid but his tone is often offensive.

However Parham and I got over that hurdle. If you look down the thread it was ExACTLY when I was most trying to convince Parham to let people grieve, and specifically said give them space for the emotional and leave the polemics for at least tomorrow, that you posted to Jaleho (I counted) twelve minutes later and right on top of me, coinciidence or not, let's leave the emotional and stick to the rational.

You were one of the people who most wanted the emotional, the grieving aspects. I told Parham this was a mourning thread. You wanted a BLACKOUT of i.c. You said you'd ask Jahanshah.

So why don't you ask Jahanshah (by e-mail) whether he thinks I should go with Parham elsewhere and if he does, I'll go. Meantime several hours ago I flagged three of Parham's posts and Parham surely knows at least one of them because we discussed it. They were much earlier posts.

I didn't suggest inviting Parham to a blog of MINE but Parham making his own to polemicize. At exactly that point more or less you started polemiciizing with Jaleho. I guess the blackout had ended.

Now you talk to Jaleho here, whom I find inordinately offensive and haven't asked you to take anywhere, and I'll talk to Parham here. Unless Jahanshah forbids it at your behest.

Oh and while you're at it, ask Jaleho again for me, I already asked her FOUR TIMES, why she claims that IRI is a democracy. She said that she doesn't respond to me because I am a frivolous chatterer. So would you be so kind as to have that frivolous chat with her on my behalf?


In the meantime...

by Parham on

Did anyone even bother checking out who Osanloo was since I posted my message?

Remember, he is ALIVE right now, sitting in a prison cell because he has dared defend co-workers and has been vocal about it.

He has been tortured. Anyone for helping him?



by 1hamvatan (not verified) on


shame on you IR.

please show also show i wrote earlier , the real reason why she was killed.

Yes, she was probably raped. Very Common in Iran.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Bijan AM, just for the record, Parham has not..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

insulted me. At least hardly. So he hasn't insulted EVERYONE.

Give credit where credit is due. Parham makes some good points. It's just that he's a bit..brusque.No, seriously, Parham, I mean it.

Personally I find Parham's bitterness that stems from desperation at his awareness and pain over the most serious issue confronting Iran to be far less offensive than someone else's implicit defense of repugnant things based on an agenda..who can't even hold a logical argument for five minutes.

However I am happy ;o) to say that that person hasn't insulted me either, but only a figment of tiher imagination.