Delara Darabi

Outrage at execution of child offender

Amnesty International has expressed outrage at the execution in Iran this morning of Delara Darabi, a child offender executed despite an international ban on capital punishment of those convicted of crimes committed when under the age of 18.

Delara Darabi was hanged in Rasht Central Prison earlier today, becoming the second person to be executed in Iran this year after being convicted of a crime she was alleged to have committed while still under 18. Ms Darabi was executed despite her having been given a two-month stay of execution by the Head of the Judiciary on 19 April.

Amnesty International Middle East and North Africa Programme Deputy Director Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui said:

'Amnesty International is outraged at the execution of Delara Darabi, and particularly at the news that her lawyer was not informed about the execution, despite the legal requirement that he should receive 48 hours' notice.

'This appears to have been a cynical move on the part of the authorities to avoid domestic and international protests which might have saved Delara Darabi's life.

"This indicates that even decisions by the Head of the Judiciary carry no weight and are disregarded in the provinces.'>>>


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If this injustice caught anyone off guard...

by nuclear bombs are next (not verified) on

Oh wow! You mean the IRI was supposed to hold off on this execution for 2 months but did not? Even despite the international visibility and pressure on this case? I am shocked! NOT!

Is anyone surprised that IRI gets its kicks from torture and murder of innocent lives? What else is new?! That is how they have


operated since 1979. They have so much blood on their hands that we cannot even keep track with the arrests and executions!

Let this injustice that was carried out on an innocent young girl be a warning to everyone as sign of the atrocities that will come our way when IRI gets its bloody hands on a nuclear weapon.

IRI + nuclear weapons = global domination of Sharia

IRI has never had any regard for justice, any regard for humanity or any regard for international laws. Heck, they do not even follow their own laws. Anything goes when it comes to what IRI wants to do.

They drink blood and thrive on torturing innocent and poor people…and laughing at you while doing it.

IRI = SATAN cloaked as Muslim purity and piety

Do not let yourself get caught off guard next time.

Do not expect the IRI to follow any rules or agreed procedures. They have not in the past and will not in the future.

The way things are proceeding – with the US and Europe turning the blind eye, my friends, I am afraid that the IRI will have the last laugh because the rest of the world is too damn naive.



by Parham on

Now that you've (at least) tried to speak like a human being, I'll give you a proper answer.

You don't know ANYTHING about me. So stop with your personal b.s. about me please.
I don't CLAIM to be anything special or part of any organization anyway, so that could be a starting point for you.

More, the "emotional" side has to be brought up by the proper people at the proper time without making the story sound like a load of cr@p. Go back and read: I say it wasn't his lawyer's job to do that, and certainly not that way (and it's a good thing I add "in my opinion"), but in any case, it's not the job of our local charlatans to do that either.

Now if that's not clear enough, I don't know what is.

Again, I stand by what I asked -- where were all you people when they were killing so many political dissidents/when the dissidents were dying in jail?

rosie is roxy is roshan

Parham, BOTH messages are there. I talked about

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

the geopolitical bargaining chip aspect of this with human rights being the very last chip on the table here:


and about why the timing of the Delara and Roxana sentencings within one day in that respect.

But the two things are not mutually exclusive. Not at all. Why would they be? Think about it. ESPECiALLY when women's rights is perhaps the most sacrosanct human rights issue in the west.

The theater on which this is being playedis Iran and the audience is the whole world (INCLuDING Iran and the men and WOMEN of Iran).

There is no contradiction. What you say is true. What I say below I think is also true. They are perfectly compatible.

Now some of the things you are saying down this thread are too raw and painful for many people to hear right now. But since I couldn't stop the flood and help keep this a blog of grieving I will go with it.

Delara's parents concur with you wholeheartedly. That is why, as I am sure you know, they wrote a public letter pleading with the international community to keep their noses out of this case, feeling for sure it would get her strung up.

This is not a case of black and white. Therre is no full guilt or innocence anywhere. Nowhere. The more you face the truth about it the mrukier it all gets.All grey, like Delara's paitings, it shows us the murkiness of our human condition.

But one thing I think all but the most...ridiculous...people could agree, regardless of views on capital punishment, reform vs. overthrow, etc. is that to hang someone without notice or notifying the parents is evil. And that proves that everything that judiciary ever said or did in this case is suspect.

I can't see how anyone sane could disagree with that, as I know you do not.



by Parham on

"The message of IRI with this poster child is watch out, girls. toe the line. You were born guilty and your fatei s our prerogative. Oh, so you had sex? Flogging for him, stoning for you", etc...

No, the message by IRI being to the west (or the rest of the world if you wish), saying "you use a case like this as political means or as leverage, we'll go ahead with it."



by KouroshS (not verified) on

Before i say anything, let it be know that i in no way intend to bring anymore disgrace into this that has already been done, And i certainly do not want to add to the atmosphere of hate and personal agenda,
and i fully respect Delara's memory and that this is a site to actually commemorate her. But There are thing that need to be said....

After reading your so-called "defaeeye" of yourself, which was even more devoid of relevant and logical content than your previous postings, i have no doubt that you have serious issues.
You tried to be as clear as possible, yet you ended up getting yourself into such a big hole you could hardly crawl out of. Let me answer your question first. It is really non of your buiness but if You must know, the thought of getting laid turns into something else when i come here and see sophisticated arajeefs such as yours.

You, as it is so obvious do not Understand anything about Being an activist, despite your claim of being involved in organizing such campaigns. Nothing will work if we do not bring emotions in full-force into the case.Perhaps you were on your favorite P...channel a few weeks back when such amazing outpour of emotions and feelings was precisely why her execution was put off. And FYI it was the "reflection of reality" for the past 6 years that gave SH...t load of credibility to her story, Until now.

The more you try to make people who made such comments on this blog look like idiots, the more you reveal your own cruel and unforgiving nature. And to think that you were involved in a humanitariann campain? What a Hoot. In fact, It is those like you who by resorting to Covering up vicious crimes take away the importance and the urgency and the attention it deserves
And By doing so you give more legitimacy and more reason to IRI to march ahead with even more cold-blooded and ruthless crimes.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Delara Darabi is a "pin-up girl"

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

(I just wrote this in response to someone on one of my own threads but I was thinking mostly about some of the conversation here so I'm reposting it here).


This is a point I htink is being somewhat , having read many comments since yesterday. Some people are having kneejerk reactions, yes, because she was a beautiful sensitive young woman--oh she is completely innocent. Others are accusing them, in unhelpful unsympathetic tones, of doing this, as well as being manipulated by an international "poster child" human rights campaign privileging her above other imprisoned people for these reasons.

Both gorups are not seeing the others' points of view, one too emotionally overwrought, the other too callous--for this time above all.  Neither group seems to be commenting much that IRI has also used her as a poster child in a very specific way.

Clearly whatever happened that murky night-and now we will never know-only that there were two people who were complicitous. Both. Both were young people. One was male, one was female.

The male got ten years in prison, the female got to be played with for years as a political football, being moved into isolation for desperately clawing pictures on a wall, being promised then denied retrial, then being executed all alone with no warning with not even her parents allowed to be with her when she died, in a sneaky, repulsive publicity stunt for IRI to prove a point.

The point being that the woman is always guiltier than the man and when the man does a "no no" it is in some sense always his prerogative, as long as a woman is present she takes the bulk of the blame. Thus hijab to "protect" a man, the "victim" of his uncontrollable lusts from the woman "guilty" of having hair on her head.


The message of IRI with this poster child is watch out, girls. toe the line. You were born guilty and your fatei s our prerogative. Oh, so you had sex? Flogging for him, stoning for you.

Pretty young Delara after how many years was sentenced the day before pretty young Roxana after how many weeks? Pure theater. On a stage called Iran with an audience called the entire world.

In Senandaj in February four union activists, two men, two women, were flogged for attending the same May Day Rally, floggings of 15, 40, 50 and 70 lashes.

The recipient of the 70 lashes: one of the women, the stunningly beautiful one.

Pure theater. Poster children.

Delara Darabi is a "pin up girl


How disgusting

by Motoasefam (not verified) on

Honestly, all this fighting is frivolous and stupid. Get a life and realize that someone lost theirs. Whether you think she was guilty or not, NO ONE informed her lawyer that she was going to be hung. This is an extreme violation in itself. So everyone honestly SHUT UP and if you have nothing sympathetic to say then don't say anything at all.

Rest in peace Delara


Alternative posting but no IRI supporters allowed

by HatIRI (not verified) on


dear all

by Souri on

متاسفانه به خاطر برخوردهای شخصی‌، همه مسائل اینجا دارند با همدیگه قاطی میشند .مشگل اساسی‌ من با اعدام دلارا ۳ نکته مهم زیر:

۱- مجازات اعدام به هر شکلی‌ و در هر کشوری (هر چند که هنوز فکر می‌کنم
که در مورد متجاوزین به اطفال و قتل کودکان، شاید بهتر باشه این مجازت
باقی‌ بمونه)       

۲-  اعدام یک شخص، ۶ سال بعد از ارتکاب جرم، در حالیکه آن جرم را در زمان نوجوانی و نرسیده به سن قانونی مرتکب شده

۳- ندادن فرصت کافی‌ برای اثبات بی‌گناهی یا رد آن.

ما اینجا جمع نشدیم که در مورد گناهکاری یا بیگناهی دلارا تصمیم بگیریم، ما که هیأت ژوری نیستیم. ما که اطلأعی از کیفیت و شواهد ارتکاب جرم نداریم و در حیطه صلاحیت ما هم نیست که در این مورد نظر بدیم (خانم ژاله و).

ما به عدم رعایت عدالت در این مورد اعتراض داریم.

در سال‌های اخیر قبل از انقلاب کتابی در زمینه حقوق جزایی، به تالیف
رسید به نام "بزهکاری اطفال و نوجوانان" که برندهٔ جایزه سلطنتی از طرف
شاه شد.

این کتاب، به همراه یک کتاب دیگر "کیفر شناسی‌" هنوز در دانشکده حقوق  دانشگاه‌های تهران  و ملی‌، تدریس می‌شه. تمام مطالب و مفهوم این کتاب، در رابطه با همین مساله "جووینال" و ارتکاب جرم هست.

این کتاب رو من در زمان جوانی‌ خوندم (نویسنده از بستگان نزدیک خودمه)
و میدونم چقدر با روشی‌ که امروز در دادگاه‌های کشورمون متداوله، مغایرت داره.

سوال من اینه که، اگر جمهوری اسلامی میخواد خودسرانه و بدون توجه به
مفاد و قوانین حقوق جزایی عمل کنه، پس چرا در دانشکده‌های حقوق، مطالب
کاملا مغایری رو تدریس میکنند؟


To all you mourners...

by Parham on

Let's see what you will do in the case of this poor fella here.

He's been in jail for a long time, he has been tortured, and he's STILL ALIVE.


Let's see how many of you will even move a finger instead of whining here and going on with your melodramas.



by KouroshS (not verified) on

Next time someone decides to tell such a story, I will make sure That they will replace the image of the victim with that of ANgelina Jolie. would that grab your attention and prevents you from seeing the reality?

Darius Kadivar

FYI/execution provokes outrage (bbc)

by Darius Kadivar on

Latest on the BBC:


Human rights groups have protested against the execution on Friday of a young Iranian woman for a murder committed when she was 17 years old. Amnesty International said it was outraged by Delara Darabi's hanging and that she did not get a fair trial.


Babak Pirouzian

by Parham on

Babak, I don't think you get my point. Those words in that exact line-up could have come out of the mouth of her lawyer, and they probably have. Problem being that's the type of handling that completely takes the activist action out of its path. If you start adding all these emotional attributes and begin making it look like a melodramatic STORY rather than just reflecting reality when it's your job to do so, you begin taking away from the CREDIBILITY of the story you want to recount.

Darabi's lawyer in Iran may have done that in the Iranian reigning atmosphere, but in my opinion, he has been wrong to do so even there anyway. Now for someone to take that and put it exactly the same way in a media that has its target in the west, that isn't anything too far away from charlatanism, knowing that a moment before, the same person was trying to put forth the name of a few groups he apparently supports.

And again this is my opinion, but I'm speaking from experience: What I'm saying is that by so making a case like that look like Emam Hossein's scene of slaughter in Karbala, one only hurts the healthiness of the campaign but adds to the attention one would like to bring towards oneself or a certain agenda.
I hope I've been clear on that.

As for the other messages calling people like me agents of IRI and England and what have you, I'll just say that they're just SO stupid sometimes they make me want to cry. Then you wonder why you have the current people ruling our country? THAT's why! It's people like that who make it not even possible, but easy!

I'll also add, again, that I'm very sorry iranian.com has been taken over by such people & mentality. Such a shame to be the loudspeaker of all the delusional airheads, as we still DO have people whose head is worth being on their body -- to paraphrase an Iranian expression!


Boycote Iran.. outrageous.. Assult on the youth

by shirazie (not verified) on

This is outrageous. IRI will fall and will fall hard.

A judge issued 2 month stay (hoping next president will pardon her). But IRI has goverments inside its goverment.

Iran's culture has lots of dark spots and has had it for 2500 yeras.

We can all do something by quite travelling to Iran . we are spending our $'s during these visits. They need our cash.

Iranians can not say its the Goverment. Goverment made out from their brothers and sisters


How sad !

by capt_ayhab on

After my last post last evening, I did not get the chance to check this thread and regretfully this morning I noticed how UGLY it got and how fast.

Without naming names and pointing finger to anyone in particular, When I was driving to the office I thought I am going to see some out pure of emotions, sympathies and few songs and poem dedicated to her.

To my amazement and astonishment, I saw usual gang of IR supporters, throwing dirt at each other and ever so miserably trying to justify her MURDER as a lawful act by bunch of criminal goons.

In my book, everyone has all the right to hold any type of political view they desire, BUT if one has to resort to name calling, and POST-TRAIL trial of a possible innocent soul who was not given a fair trial, then as a human being I am ashamed and embarrassed to be called part of their species. 

How callus you people can be? When you can not find a shred of compassion within your miserable beings to set aside your despicable political agenda and just celebrate her ascend to her creator?

Yes hes must be mourned and celebrated. She got her wings to fly to her God, No one can hurt her anymore. Yes she has, by sacrificing her young and innocent life, shown, to all the other prisoners of this blood sucking damned regime, the meaning of dingily and human spirit. She showed how a free spirited human being should not apologize for the crime she has NOT committed. She showed how it is possible to hold ones head up, against this much INJUSTICE, and to her last breath, sing the song of freedom.

Lets mourn her young life, and lets celebrate gift she gave to all of us, gift of humility and dignity, gift of beauty and pure soul. Can you  people[who shall remain nameless] learn form her, learn that there are more valuable things in life besides your criminal and despicable political agenda? 

Can you at least give it a try? or have you sunk so deep in your pathetic and blind obedience of bunch of MURDERS that are disguised under their filthy turbans, and render death sentences in the name of justice that can not bare yourselves to comprehend?

Delara is with her creator, HE will protect her from kinds of you, BUT I hope HE has Merci on your souls for being so callus and inhumane. As one great man said, at the moment of his murder:

[Forgive them Lord for they do not know]

Good bye Delara  :(



RIP to the mother of 3

by Agha M (not verified) on

Rest in peace to the mother of 3 and condolences to the 3 kids who will never see their mother again. Also my condolences to the father of 3 and husband of the deceased who left to work one day only to get a call that his beloved partner in life was taken away.
In all of this most of you forget to think there was an actual walking talking breathing victim whose only crime was to be a woman who could not defend erself agains 2 knife wielding robbers. As some one else mentioned Delara was at best an accomplise to murder and at worst a murderer.Now you could be an ati capital punishment person alltogether and I will respect your point of view BUT the rest of you please stop being such hypocrates. Stop shifting blame to IRI, SBC, KKK....or anyone else for that matter. IRI had nothing to gain but a lot to lose with bad publicity in this. You can blame IRI for alot of things but give it a rest with every freaking chance you get to spew your hatred. There is a time and place for everything. Delara got 5 years from the time of murder the poor victim of this tragedy got 30 minutes of terrifying horrible scare and pain. Chew on that for a minutes.

ebi amirhosseini

So Sad............

by ebi amirhosseini on


 رنگی کنار شب
 بی حرف مرده است
 مرغی سیاه آمده از راه های دور
می خواند از بلندی بام شب شکست
سرمست فتح آمده از راه
این مرغ غم پرست
 در این شکست رنگ
 از هم گسسته رشته ی هر آهنگ
تنها صدای مرغک بی باک
گوش سکوت ساده می آراید......

Ebi aka Haaji


What is HUMAN RIGHT?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by golrokh (not verified) on

Deepest condolences to DELARA'S family.may your beautiful,sombre soul rest in peace at last.

You will never be forgotten DELARA


thank you rosie

by lawnmower (not verified) on

AND WHEN PEOPLE DO THINGS LIKE THIS THEY ARE DEPRIVING THE IRANIAN PEOPLE OF AUTONOMY AND AGENCY. They dont' realize it but by ONLY evaluating the Iranian government in terms of someone else's-ANYONE ELSE's--the US's, israel's, China's, Tahiti's, the moon's--in the name of "anti-Colonialsim" THEY ARE DEPRIVING THE IRANIAN PEOPLE O A SENSE OF THEIR OWN AUTONOMY.

It is patroniing to their own people. Patronizing, infantilizing, and it's a kind of...internal colonialsm of the soul.

Best piece of analysis so far on this thread.



by MiNeum71 on

I will never understand the cold hearted Iranians ...



by Hajminator on

What the sh## are you spreading here?

It has been proven that the murderer was a right handed  while Delara was left handed.

Tell us how it does that in Iran there is an execution almost every day? Is it because your regime is a criminal maker state? Or, is it simply that the regime is a criminal state?

May you, one day, taste exactly the same justice that you're defending to know how one feels after. Amin!


Why after her excecution

by malek_shoara on

We Iranians are really mordeh perast,we should have done much more when the poor girl was alive and may be if we pressured the regim harder probably delara was still alive,either way please we must do what ever we can to protect other innocent people in Iranian jail,by condemning the delara,s excecution,MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE




by Hatami (not verified) on

No we don't feel sorry for the murderers who occupy palaces and mantions that belonged to the pahlavis out of serious and incurable Oghdeh. Trust us. we have got Big Big plans for them. I am thinking more along the lines of hanging them from you know where.

The Victim's family was THE ONLY party That was not Forgotten. In fact they were the center of attention because their forgivness was being begged. IT takes a simple minded person to use this antiquated line and ignore the evidence that is out there for everyone to see.

what is obvious to everyone now is that you have without a shred of a doubt have put yourself UP TOP, in the category of Dast-beseenegan and Chakeran and Nokarane halghe begooshe hardliners. This IS about freedome and democracy and Justice and This is the time and the place to talk. SO with all due respect Go and do some overdue dastboosi, why don't ya.

Azarin Sadegh

I can't believe..

by Azarin Sadegh on

I haven't read all the 170 comments, but I just read a few of the last comments...Wow! (BTW David, I'm totally on your side!)

This particular blog is supposed to be dedicated to Delara's memories, a place where most of us have commented to share our feelings of sadness, shame and outrage for her wasted life.

Delara's only mistake was to fall in love with a coward....that's all! She hadn't done anything else wrong and if her trial had occured in the US, she would have been free a long time ago. 

I can't believe that there has been a few comments trying to justify her cruel execution (or even to justify the unfair execution of Iranian youth by IRI), as if Delara could have been alive today, only if she had accepted her guilt and had apologized!...

To Friends of IRI:

Please have a bit of compassion and decency and keep silent at least for a few days, for the sake of Delara's family who have just lost a child. Thanks! Azarin



by sick of bickering (not verified) on

Do you approve of the comments on this feature?People calling each other charlatans, agents and pofuz, saying they are on IRI payroll? This is shameful and disgusting and so disrespectful to the young woman to whom this page is dedicated.

babak pirouzian

Parham: you are very wrong........

by babak pirouzian on

Here below, is a copy written by Mostafa ee,  one of Delara's volunteer lawyer. Now you call ET , Charlatan? Do you owe him an apology?   

p.s Did you sign the petiton for 140 juveniles under the threat of execution? here it is:


pps: Here is a documentary that SCE and Nazanin made:

If anyone had the same courage and dedication to do the same for Omid? He would probably was alive.  Remind you these volunteers are working nonestop, since last few years, without accepting any money from anyone. They even pay their own long distance calls and other expenses. Would you like to join them? I guess they need many people like you. ( even if you work a fee hours a week)!! how is that?    

I find your comments are not fair and hurts feelings . Do you really want to hurt people?. If you have any particular issue, bring it on, but accusing??? it's not right.   


  and now this documentary is being used all over the world, broken to many pieces, by many organizations, without any credit to SCE or Nazanin. Remind you many people risked their lives taking this task and smuggling it out the country. 

A note to apologist and IRI  agents: Delara is not among us and the producers, film crew are out of country. so do not waist your time looking for them in Iran.         

دلارا داربی اعدام شد

صبح امروز دلارا دارابی، که در سن ۱۷ سالگی به اتهام قتل بازداشت شده بود. در کمال ناباوری توسط اجرای احکام دادسرای رشت در زندان مرکزی رشت اعدام شد.  اعدام این هنرمند در صورتی به وقوع پیوست که هیچ یک از وکلای وی از زمان اجرای حکم اطلاعی نداشتند. خبر خیلی کوتاه است ولی وحشتناک. چه راحت جان می گیریم. چه راحتی طناب دار را به گرد کودکی می اندازیم. چه راحت لرزش های بدن نحیفش را احساس می کنیم. به خدا ظلم است ظلم. به خدا عدالت این نیست که کودکی کودکی را از وی بگیریم. به خدا عدالت این نیست که بکشیم آنکه حقش مرگ نیست. چه کسی می خواهد در روز قیامت پاسخگو باشد. آیا انصاف است .... چهارم فروردین سال ۸۵ او را در زندان رشت ملاقات کردم. او چهره ای مظلوم داشت. او قاتل نبود. قسم می خورد که قاتل نیست. D8رایم تابلویی نقاشی کرد که عکس پیرمردی در آن بود که ویالن می زد. نمی دانستم که ساز مرگ دلارا را می زند. باور نمی وشد که کشته شده باشد. او واقعا بی گناه، مظلوم، آرام، متین، پاک و بی آلایش بود. دختری که حقش مرگ نبود و جانش را گرفتند. خدایا به فریادمان برس. خدایا از این همه بی عدالتی به کجا پناه ببریم. خدایا خدایا خدایا.... چرا ما را اینقدر بی رحم آفریدی چرا چرا... گزارش رادیو زمانه را بخوانید

rosie is roxy is roshan

David, I really think it would be a good idea if you wrote a

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

blog sooner rather than later trying to put these events and answers to these questions in sequential order as best as you know them.


I think this is what Jaleho

by desi on

I think this is what Jaleho is referring to according to "The Peninsula"

“Amnesty International does not consider her trial to have been fair, as the courts later refused to consider new evidence which the lawyer said would have proved she could not have committed the murder,” it added. Her lawyer, Abdolsamad Khoramshahi, told the Iranian newspaper Etemad in mid-April that Darabi could escape the gallows if the victim’s family pardons her and insisted that his client was innocent. 

Could does not mean would.  An apology would also be an admission of guilt.  The 2 week stay of execution was to provide more evidence by her attorney to establish innocence.  God I hope Jaleho is never a jury of our peers.    


rosie is roxy is roshan

Now THAT'S what I mean by unity!

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

You see how we all agree on one thing?

Left, right, center, male, female, Iranian, non-Iranian, friends, foes..

Jaleho is a unifying force.

Artificial Intelligence

Dear David, Please clarify

by Artificial Intelligence on

Now that the resident Islamist liar has gone to bed, as I recall, isn't it true that her family did try to apologize and pay the blood money to save her life but the victim's family refused?