Delara Darabi

Outrage at execution of child offender

Amnesty International has expressed outrage at the execution in Iran this morning of Delara Darabi, a child offender executed despite an international ban on capital punishment of those convicted of crimes committed when under the age of 18.

Delara Darabi was hanged in Rasht Central Prison earlier today, becoming the second person to be executed in Iran this year after being convicted of a crime she was alleged to have committed while still under 18. Ms Darabi was executed despite her having been given a two-month stay of execution by the Head of the Judiciary on 19 April.

Amnesty International Middle East and North Africa Programme Deputy Director Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui said:

'Amnesty International is outraged at the execution of Delara Darabi, and particularly at the news that her lawyer was not informed about the execution, despite the legal requirement that he should receive 48 hours' notice.

'This appears to have been a cynical move on the part of the authorities to avoid domestic and international protests which might have saved Delara Darabi's life.

"This indicates that even decisions by the Head of the Judiciary carry no weight and are disregarded in the provinces.'>>>


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rosie is roxy is roshan

wiki schmicky...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

that's the point...the essential point..

don't you understand that?

let's all go and add to wiki now, shall we?


Artificial Intelligence

Dear Jaleho

by Artificial Intelligence on

You are the ignorant one for thinking that we would not catch you in your stupid (and usual) word play. What you stated initially was not a "FACT"!  You initially said that if she apologized to the family, she would be "set free".  These were your words that you decided to add in another one of your asinine attempts as the resident IRI apologist.  Then you gave the citation to the Wiki article which does not say that she would be "set free" if she apologized. So why did you make up that nonsense about "set free" you shameless lair? 

Now that you have been cornered with a typical twisted lie, you conveniently go to bed? Again, what kind of a CIVIL judicial system executes a person based on the failure to apologize? This fact, if true, makes these IRI scum look more savage than they actually are. Or you perhaps you don't see it that way because you are having a mental block? 

Shab be kheir.






Death penalty must be

by KouroshS (not verified) on

Death penalty must be abolished EVERYWHERE!
by Ostaad on Fri May 01, 2009 02:05 PM PDT

BTW, does anyone know the name of the woman who was killed by either Delara or her boy friend or both? One thing is certain, the poor woman did not commit suicide, she was brutally murdered.


This is not the time for your usual inestigator-detective bazi. Of course someone was Killed, But unless you live under a pile of pehen, and not even bothered to read all the news about the case, You should know better the answer to this question.
This is not the time for being a smarty pants.


Was Delara Brave? آیا دلارا دلیر بود ؟

BehnamMaroufi (not verified)

I don't hear anybody express any sadness at all over the person who was killed as a result of Delara's actions.

Regardless of whether it was she who stabbed the victim or her boyfriend, the two were together during the killing. This makes her, at the very least, an accomplice to murder.

It is one thing to be opposed to capital punishment; it is quite another thing to glorify someone who had blood on their hands.

I very much hoped that her life would be spared and that she would be set free and allowed to make something of her life. But I don't think we can speak of her as a victim, let alone as the heroine that most people in this web page make her to be.

May her soul rest in peace. May the soul of her victim rest in peace as well.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Wa-wa-wait..he just went to bed..can someone PLEASE

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

translate him for me?

Was he REaLLY saying that what just came out in wiki TODAY in the flurry of shock and high emotions and misinformation..

written by some...anonymous person..somewhere..before the quality ccontrol people could review it.. or others even contribute..

is a legitmate SOURCE..

and anyone who doesn't know this is a propagandied idiot?

Is this possible? Or do I misconstrue him?

David, here's a project for you. Go to wiki and add on to it and tell Jaleho tomorrow that it's..THE source..

PS agent? I don't think so. If you were a government, would you hire him?

David ET

you sick IR agents

by David ET on

It is not a new game that your paid agents try to change user created data on wikipedia.
often responsible contributors people had to block your misrepresentations on such Wikipedia pages many of which formed or updated by SCE and alike.
now you paid agents on day of this girls death try to write nonesense on wiki.
you did same crap on nazanin fatehi page and on many other human right issues

its nothing new

it will get fixed based on Facts and not your sick misinformation and PR
you add the crap and then refer to it ?
how ugly and sad creatures you are.... you I R misinformation paid agents
but I am also very glad that having all those guns you are so scared @"+$less these days

rosie is roxy is roshan

Speaking of apologizng...

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

now I remember at one point right before the SCHEDULED execution there was an SCE blog saying she'd apologized..speaking of misinformation, it was so chaotic in those couple of days..

but here's the thing< Jaleho, she was a 22 year old girl who painted and wrote poems and used to dress very beautifully..

is it conceivably possible that if she didn''t apologize perhaps it was because she wasn't guilty and felt she had no murder to apologize for?  Or did she have..some kind of..death wish for herself?

Jahelo..surely you know wikipedia's...not..a lefitimate source..ESPECiALLY for information that just got out a few hours ago before the quality control people could review it.

so what idiots and propaganda are you talking about..wiki's/

Really. I'm confused.


Artificial Int.

by Jaleho on

In other words, no FACT can close your ugly ignorant mouth, can it?! 

Good night, I'll go to sleep. But, you continue to pull your hair when someone writes FACTS that you didn't know about, no one can see you over the internet ;-)

Artificial Intelligence

For the Haj Khanoom who is on a Misinformation Campaign

by Artificial Intelligence on

Haj Khanoom writes the following:

"She is even given a chance by her own family to apologize for the murder and set free"

Where does it say that she would be "set free" as the Haj Khanoom tried to sneak in and make the Islamic system look so benevolent?

Regardless, what kind of justice system kills a person for not "apologizing" or puts the life of a person in jeopardy based on an "apology to the victims".  This is the justice system for the beasts and the vahshie  amongst us. I hope you can enjoy such a justice system in your idiotic life.    




Delara, wish you were here

by Shyton (not verified) on

For those assholes out there that found Delara's death was a good reason to attack each other, I have two words for you, Fuck you.
One said that we need to defend Palestinians from Israelis brutal attack before dealing with people like Delara back home. Goz be shagheghe che. Fuck you, Palestinians and Israelis all together.
This beautiful girl died quietly and none of you bothered to find her family and offer your sympathy.


for loud mouth idiots

by Jaleho on

from wikipedia for idiots who don't know the case beyond propaganda they are fed:


Delara Darabi (Persian: دلارا دارابى; September 29, 1986May 1, 2009), was a young Iranian woman executed after being convicted of murdering her father's cousin. She was allegedly 17 years old when the murder took place. She confessed and later on denied committing the crime. The victim who was stabbed to death, was the mother of three children. [1] Darabi's boyfriend was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment for participating in the murder and theft.

Iran is a state party to international treaties that expressly prohibit the use of the death penalty for crimes committed by those under the age of 18. Iranian judiciary system postponed her execution so that she have a chance to ask for forgiveness from the family of the victim. The family of the victim agreed to forgive her if Darabi apologizes. Darabi never apologized and thus was executed at the age of 22. [2]

rosie is roxy is roshan

No, there IS equivalency..

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

or at least comparisons possible, not about the JUSTICE system per se in the US vs IRI but about how it's carried out BUT FAR MORESO about whether the US carries that justice system with them to third world coutnries (they don't).

But the point is that every nation's deeds and misdeeds must be evaluated autonomously in terms of that nation and that nation alone.

To do otherwise is to play tiddly winnks with nations..and that's a game..it's dehumainzing...people aren't plastic chips, whether it's ONE person or one hundred thousand.

and in the case of "third world" countries, so-called, it DEnNEs THOSE COUNTRIES' POTENTIAL FOR AUTONOMY AND AGENCY. Implicitly.

Delara's Delara. Innocent of guilty. Ask her parents what they think about the capital punishment laws in..on..the moon..when they weren't even allowed to be there to see her die. 

Artificial Intelligence

Dear David, Its all about Intentional Misinformation

by Artificial Intelligence on

Some IRI defenders and apologists here intentionally twist the facts to make outlandish arguments in defense of the IRI without saying that they are actually defending the IRI. They attack us for making" A Hero out of a cold-blooded murderer thief". It is a wicked and disgusting tactic by shameless creatures who are trying to be wise asses thinking that people are dumb enough to fall for such statements as "She is even given a chance by her own family to apologize for the murder and set free" Set free for apologizing to a murder in the IRI? Get lost! Gomshoo be Gheyrat!.

We can all probably agree that generally speaking executions are wrong and do not really benefit the society whatsoever. 

As Ali P. so eloquently pointed out here, there are huge difference between how the US executes a person and how the IRI executes a person. To add to his great points:

1) The US actually follows a constitution which is not governed by  Sharia law;

2) The life of a person can not be saved by such disgusting concepts as "blood money" where you beg for the life of the criminal by paying off the victim's family or "apologizing to them"

3) The Court system in the US permits many appeals 

4) Confessions are scrutinized and are protected by the 5th, 6th and 14th  Amendmendts  of the US constitution

There is no equivalency between the procedures US follows and the procedures that the Akhoond beasts follow to execute "criminals" in Islamic Republic.

Get a life you lunatic lefty disgusting IRI apologists/defenders.





I knew it.....I knew it.....I knew it....LOL

by Majid on


Just pour water in an ants' hole and watch'em coming out the ying yang!

In other words.......

 "Choob ro ke vardaari, gorbeh dozdeh dar mireh"...........LOL

 About God damn fu**ing time you IRI apologists and supporters come out to defend your master's act (who issues your miserable paycheck).

What a "POFUZI" life style that FU**ING paycheck creates!

Enjoy it while it lasts! 

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I'm serious, I DID post a blog ofr POLEMICS about Delara, ESPECIALLY about Delara vs. the US legal system.   Javid didn't make her Iranian of the Day on the day of her death so people could agendaize hers, really not. Really not.  She's just a young woman who was SNEAKILY hanged in a macabre publicity STUNT, guilty or innocent, she is just a pawn,..

Now, this business of comparing the US and Iran all the time, it's like..if I say there was a stoning in Iran someone, it's like a kneejerk reaction, is gonna say, well, but Bush was worse. If I say the young blogger was beaten to death, someone says, but what about Camp X-Ray?

Yet when my friends and I protested Camp X-ray, and Iraq, and...the shooting of Afro-Americans in the floods of New Orleans..WE never said, well, at least they weren't stoned..or hanged from cranes..

AND WHEN PEOPLE DO THINGS LIKE THIS THEY ARE DEPRIVING THE IRANIAN PEOPLE OF AUTONOMY AND AGENCY. They dont' realize it but by ONLY evaluating the Iranian government in terms of someone else's-ANYONE ELSE's--the US's, israel's, China's, Tahiti's, the moon's--in the name of "anti-Colonialsim" THEY ARE DEPRIVING THE IRANIAN PEOPLE O A SENSE OF THEIR OWN AUTONOMY.

It is patroniing to their own people. Patronizing, infantilizing, and it's a kind of...inzternal colonialsm of the soul.


David ET


by David ET on

IR killed Delara .
I guess now Palestinians can have their homes back ?
What a bunch of CRAP you write !

David ET


by David ET on

you have been told this before right here and provided proof that since US supreme court decision US DOES NOT execute juveniles. You intentionally misrepresent the facts. US also had slavery of blacks but does not anymore.: Obama.
take your intentional misinformation campaign somewhere else

Ali P.

American executions v. Iranian executions

by Ali P. on

Here are the differences: 

1) In America, NO JUDGE can order an execution; only a jury can. Judge can only accept, or deny the jury's recommandation.

2) The jury's verdict has to be unanimous.

3) ALL 12 have to be convinced of the defandant's guilt, beyond reasonable doubt, and unanimously, recommand the death penalty. A 11-1 verdict results in hung jury.

4) There is an automatic appeal process.

5) As it stands today, the American Supreme Court has outlawed the execution of defandants who allegedly committed their crime when they were minors. Also, if the crime did not involve taking a human life, the execution would most likely not be allowed.

David ET

the charlatan

by David ET on

the "charlatan" who wrote those words is human right attorney mohammad mostafaei who is representing more than 20 Iranian juveniles sentenced to death free of charge. who has met Delara in prison and seen Delaras small body and delicate neck



by Jaleho on

you said:

"1- US does not execute juveniles"

From well over thousands of people executed in America, 22 of them have been executed for crimes commited under the age of 18. The last one was Scott Allen Hain in Oklahoma., but I bet you never heard his name, ha? You just can not accept that you're brainwashed over this issue, can you now?




Jaleho is 100% Correct

by Farhad Alawi (not verified) on

We first have to resolve the issue of the Zionist criminal aparthied regime and its treatment of Palestinians non citizens before we talk about human rights in our beloved homeland. Please stay on course people and don't deviate from your anti Zionist colonialist path that the revolution has succeeded in.

The Revolution has accomplished so much in the past 30 years and we should be proud of the revolution, proud of our hamvatans and proud of human rights under the Islamic regime.

Change in our land will/must come from within without any foreign or imperial zionist pressure. We should do our out most so that the imperialist zionist West does not put further sanctions on our beloved meehan.

Obama is just a Zionist/AIPAC tool and he should be ignored. We should make sure that this does not adversely impact our meehan's nuclear ambitions as the Zionist will attempt to take advantage of this.

I am still PROUD of my country, the Islamic Republic of Iran and all of our people's accomplishments in the past 30 years. Change must come from within!

David ET

everyone has RIGHTS

by David ET on

1- US does not execute juveniles
2- I have not seen Delara's case on Fox or other major US networks but I wish they actually did !
3- When we stand for the right to justice for even those who may be guilty, in fact we already are standing for the rights of the innocent to justice
4- Deciding on life and death in one day rushed summary courts as it is common in IR and as had been the case is FAR from justice or establishing of guilt
5- All are innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt in fair and balanced court with proper presentation

Delara's case like most others in IR was unjust


David ET's post about the "scene" of the execution (just below)

by Parham on

This is exactly what I mean when I say "avamfaribi". The death of Delara is surely tragic, but the whole story sounds like coming out of the mouth of an akhund who's on top of a "manbar" and reciting Emam Hossein's death.
It's when I read things like that (e.g. her "delicate" neck, etc.) that I worry about our future...
What a bunch of charlatans, and what a load of naive, manipulable crowd that swallows every word. No wonder we had a revolution led by a bunch like Khalkhalis and the like.



by Jaleho on

I personally do not believe in capital punishment anywhere in the world. I have the same feeling for over THOUSANDS of Americans who have been executed in the US, and Delara Darabi. I just don't like the fac that a hero is made out of a cold-blooded murderer, just for making dirty political points by anti-IRI people on this site.

Like I said, I don't believe any of you, Iranian or American, can name those executed Americans in the list I provided, because FOX news did not brainwash you about them being poor heroes executed by savage executioners!

BTW, HEVAK, every country, in addition to psychologists for criminals,  has a justice system so that the victims of a crime can get a justice too! Some countries, Iran or US among them, have capital punishment for murder. In this case, the family of the victim (who are the family of the murderer too by the way) insisted on her capital punishment because she refused to even apologize for the murder! Here's the letter of victim's family, courtesy of Ostad in another link:



PS to Rosie: This site seesm to have the largest traffic, let's keep it here. As you can infer from my comment, I don't even understand why there are so many different blogs written about a murderer. One against capital punishment in general is good enough for me.



by Parham on

Sorry for having been harsh to you. Just that I have too many whacked compatriots hanging around me...

The case of Mir-Sayyafi was of course taken up by Amnesty International -- if you live in the US, you probably didn't get it in the e-newsletter though.

Also, his status went from alive to dead in no time, since he became ill suddenly and died in a matter of two days only.

But I only mentioned his case as an example. There are SO many cases I could cite...

David ET

in the words of attorney mostafaei:

by David ET on


At 7am Delaras mother received a phone call from Delara who said Mom, they want to execute me, I see the gallows, mother save me. She then asked to talk to her father and said I want to see you, for God sake save me. At that point, someone took the phone receiver away from Delara and said We are going to kill your child and you cannot do anything about it.
While holding a Koran, Delaras mother and father rushed to the prison. They cried, pleaded and yelled and said please let us see the deceased family. We want o fall to their feet. They took Delara to the gallows with nobody around her. No father, no mother no lawyer who could listen to her needs. They put the rope on her delicate neck. I do not know who the cruel person was to pull the chair from under her feet. Judge Javid Nia issued her execution order. He is the newly appointed Judge in Rasht. Since his appointment, one person has already been stoned to death and this time it was Delara who was executed.


Parham, I get consistent

by desi on


I get consistent emails from AI and did another check on their site today.  I couldn't find anything.  In any case you're probably right.  Delara was the only news feed that I'd received.

rosie is roxy is roshan

Does anyone actually know how she was hanged? I mean,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

was it by the favored way in IRI, the cheaper way, by crane? Presumably not, as I imagine the execution was indoors..but does anybody know for sure that they were willing to shell out the extra dough?



by Parham on

Did I ever say people DON'T have the right to discuss Delara's execution?? So what are you saying?

Mir-Sayyafi's death WAS taken up by Amnesty International. I don't know what it is that people don't even check things before they post. This one coming from someone who, from his/her writing style seemed to be a bit more balanced!




by HEVAK on