Best and worst Nowruz messages!


Best and worst Nowruz messages!
by David ET

Here is how I rated the Nowruz messages, first one being the worst

Ahmadinejad        Lies lies and more lies as usual

Khamenei            Had nothing to do with "Nowruz" especially from a guy who only few days ago opposed Charshanbe soori festivities!

Mousavi               I give him this much credit: He can put everyone including his enemies to sleep!  and what did he say? The green movement wants Islamic Republic? and so the rest of opposition who supported the movement do not count? Shouldn't he at least wait until he gets to power !...By the way! and when did Khomeini's name change to Someini?

Reza Pahlavi        Who writes his speeches?  Do they Xerox the speeches from previous years ? His message was like a last minute Ensha that he wrote for school assignment! What's next ? "Tatilaat khod raa chegooneh gozarandim?"

Rahnavard          Does she patch her bedroom sheets and curtains to make clothes for herself? She wraps herself in that much fabric just because she is a woman ? and at the same time talks about women equality? ...and what did she say? Having freedom "again"? Have we had freedom at sometime and we missed it? Or may be they did.... and like her husband communicated : the rest don't count ! and what was up with that cameraman and the changing angles!

Karoubi               He said he will spill his blood to save Islamic Republic ! Who was that message directed at? at leaders of Islamic republic or its opposition!?

Obama               Comparing to others, I think he scored well; giving him extra point for not even being Iranian and also for the improvements from last year and even finishing his message in Persian versus those who finished theirs with Arabic!

and here is what I think was the common subliminal message of all of them to Iranians for the new year.

"Don't count on us. You are on your own"                                    




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"The part I do not think

by jamshid on

"The part I do not think will sell with some/many or will alienate some is to actually put any monrach figure anywhere in it "

I agree. The realities of today's Iran and the younger generation is such that any firm reference to a monarch will drive many away and create more divisions than we already have.

I took another look at your links. I think they are neutral enough. There is a clear indication that any groups including republicans, constitutional monarchists or socialist can promote their views and ask for people's vote in a refrundum. I agree that any reference a pre-established monarch would be detrimental based on today's realities in Iran.

I am curious to know so I'd like to ask Dariush Kadivar, why he feels we can't start with this interim constitution and why we must start with the 1906 constitution (eventhough I like a modified version of the 1906 version as well). Both would be legitimate ways to proceed.

But settting aside our own likes and dislikes, what about the realities of today's Iran and the younger generation? It doesn't look like they point to a monarchic constitution, regardless of how legitimate it acutally is (again based on realities of today's Iran.)

And lastly, is it possible to have RP endorse such neutral interim constitution, without relinquishing his obligations as the crown prince?

David ET is willing to as so far as to changing the wording of "president" to "chief of government" mainly to show his good faith and intentions to monarchies.

Again, I am asking these questions, purely based on realities of today's Iran, which are different than in 1979 or 1953 or 1906.

I wish RP could be interviewed on the important issues brought forth in these few blogs, which are essentially discussing the same issue. I would be much interested to hear his opinion.


David ET

Dear Jamshid

by David ET on

If you are talking about the constitution I absolutely have no problem to make it even more neutral than what it is which I actually haven't had the time to do it but the most important parts already have...

The part I do not think will sell with some/many or will alienate some is to actually put any monrach figure anywhere in it (which is why I said to please them because obviously the only reason to do that -for the sake of unity - is to supposedly create unity)

I continue to believe - as it is common in all effective coalitions - to unite based on what we have in common instead of what we don't and having a monrach is not a common matter.

I do understand that you or some may not be happy with what happend in 1979 but all you have to do is to look at the masses of protestors post election and then tell me if you can convince most to unite under a shah (pre any referendum) .

Jamshid , this is not about me , dariush and I. I assure you three of us can unite in 30 minutes ! Its about what works and millions.

I am being realistic. I would have said same thing even if I was a monrachist!

I repeat I have been working on cleaning the constitution for the 6th draft , calling the intermin president, head of government (raees dolat or whatever) and calling the system simply an intermin secular democracy or something but that is somewhat different than the terms of the Iranian Solidarity Front summary and preamble) which already have no mention of a system anyway...



David ET

by jamshid on

"we like it or not, there was a  revolution in 1979 and there are so many in Iran that no longer like Pahlavi's or even Monarchy."

You mean millions like me? Who chanted slogans against monarchy and pahlavis in 1978? Well, David, half of those now actually prefer the Pahlavis and today in the hindsight, even like them. There is a reason why MRP is now called khoda biamorz by many in Iran. That doesn't mean they want a return of monarchy (such as me who prefers a republic), but there also millions, to my estimate a good 25 percent of the population who would want the return of monarchy. These are the kind of people who do not want the return of dictatorial monarchy, but a legitimate secular democratic constitutional one. What about them?

When forcing such idea on them in such so called coalition arrangement.

I agree. Nothing should be forced, including monarchy or the Pahlavi family on anyone. And here is the trick. To come up with a way of making all sides happy, without forcing anything on anyone. That is why I believe the interim constitution should be neutral about the issue of monarchy, and clearly state this neutrality until the time that the people are ready for a refrundum. This is the very least it can and should do.

just to please Reza Phalavi or some monarchists!

I am so sorry that after all that is said, I have to read this. This is not for pleasing RP or die hard monarchists! It is for realizing unity and freeing Iran! For god's sake, can't you distinguish between the two? Besides being politically correct (which your views are), we have to also be good politicians as well!

And that's what missing among opposition. A charismatic leader who can understand the priorities of Iran.

in return you might lose support of so many others.

A constitution that takes a clear neutral stand on the issue of monarchy will not cause loss of support among others. Quite the contrary, if the secular democratic monarchists and the secular republicans join force, it will create such exitement among people who oppose the regime that more and more people will join the rally.

You should look at the whole picture and not just segments of society...

Yes, looking at the bigger picture, which is what I am trying to do here. But neither you nor Dariush Kadivar, both good representations of republicans and monarchists, seem to be able to do the same.

David ET


by David ET on

Here are my answer in short (sorry I am worn out by answering to dariush's long blog):

1. How can this hurt anything?

we like it or not, there was a  revolution in 1979 and there are so many in Iran that no longer like Pahlavi's or even Monarchy. When forcing such idea on them in such so called coalition arrangement.  pre-referendum or anything (just to please Reza Phalavi or some monarchists!), in return you might lose support of so many others. The idea of coalition is to bring people together against IR , not to gain some and lose others !

You should look at the whole picture and not just segments of society...




I'll take that back

by jamshid on

Looks like Kadivar did left a response, but in another blog, which I will read later.


David ET

by jamshid on

There are times when what is right is not right after all. Everything you said in your last comment was right. However, today the "right" thing is not what could save Iran. It is the "imperfect" coallition of ideas that could bring us all together and therefore save Iran.

Technically speaking, you are correct and I sincerely find myself in agreement with your points. But unfortunately the reality of today's Iran doesn't walk along the same lines than technical correctness.

We must be able to see through this. Sometimes, "technical correctness" must be sacrificed a bit for the sake of unity. Again, I repeat, it does not matter that some people don't want a king over their heads, what matters more today is that we let go of what some of the things we want in favor of cooporation.

For the sake of argument, let's say that the interim constitution has provisions for a powerless, ceremonial shah figure head, or at least a reference to its possibility, of course SUBJECT to people's vote in a future free Iran.

Now I ask you two questions:

1. How can this hurt anything?

2. How can this help anything?

I know my answers. Think about yours. My answer is that it can't possibly hurt anything because, the worst case scenario for some is that the people are going to vote the position of Shah right out of the constitution. For some others, the worst case is that the people will vote for a "ceremonial" shah figure head and some of beytolmaal's money will be wasted for this.

So in my opinion, it cannot possibly hurt anything. The one thing that stops you from thinking like me is our old nemesis, the past, and the fear of return to the same old situation we had before the revolution, back to square one! But this can't happen. Think about it, our people are changed, the parameters of our politics are vastly different that in the past.

Now, how can it help anything? Need I say how? If the secular republicans join force with the monarchists (and with jebehey melli), I think only then, the seculars will command such power to change the sad state of opposition into somthing that is vibrant and powerful. The leftists will join soon.

More importantly, the people of Iran will see true democracy being acutally practiced by the different sides of opposition, and therefore begin to have faith in that opposition. That faith shall then become one of our most lethal weapons against the regime. Without that faith, no amount of education and exposure could buy the heart of the masses and rally them.

Is it too much of a sacrifice to make in the name of a free Iran? I think not.

We can start by looking at ideas, one of which is presented by Dingo Daddy below. According to him, why not make the Shah's position a purely ceremonial and non-governmental position. This alone would make most monarchists content. I am sure they can live with this compromise, but can the republicans as well?

I am sorry, but I don't know what other words or logic I can use to convince you. And unfortunately, we have not heard back from Kadivar either.

David ET


by David ET on

My suggestion as stated in the last blog (The road to freedom) is equally addressing everyone, republican, monarchists, etc and is not giving preference to anyone

It is unfair to all others to expect to have a shah over the head of those who do not believe in one as a form of compromise! when there is not even a determination about that by majority, while an interim system, as is obvious from is name, is only interim ...

David ET


by David ET on

I think you have made an unfair comparison and I tell you why:

The interim constitution is a modern one based on needs, knowledge and experience of today (2010)and not 104 (yes one hundred and four) years ago when none of us were even born!

The interim constitutions does not give anyone any right above others, monarch, mullah, president or whatever where the 1906 and 1979 constitutions do

The offered new constitutions are interim and provisional where 1906 is a permanent one

The interim one allows room for even change of the system to whatever (secular) system that people and their reps decide upon , including monrachy, ....while 1906 does not

The interim constitution has temporary positions until there is a determination, while 1906 is not temporary

The interim constitution addresses many aspects from no-execution to no political prisoners to seperation of religion and state 1906 does not

The interim constitution and its summary is to unite all seculars including monrachists  where 1906 is only geared to the monarchist 

So as much as is easy to pass judgment as being equal in demands but one is insisting on laws that are exclusionary and permanent as opposed to other than include all seculars and is interim

So considering the two thoughts as equal I think is an unfair comparison

This is NOT about republican versus Monarchist! NOOOOO

This is about offering all secular democrats (INCLUDING REPUBLICANS) to put aside their preferences in the interim and unite under common goals and after the common enemy is gone then while running a country by elected representatives of the people in the parliament and executive branch(head of government whatever you might want to call it) until a more permanent system of government is determined by majority, instead of having few (monarchist, republican, socialists or whoever) try to force their preference in advance on others

The fact that I believe in a republic system is independent of my suggestion. That is just my individual preference seperate than the call for unity.

In such environment , republicans just as monrachists etc will have equal rights and opportunities to promote their preference and if obtain majority can proceed with it...

I think most are missing my personal preference with my call for unity...

Indeed if a republican also insist on only his/her ideas only, I will take same position as I am taking with some monrachists ...

Meanwhile I too will say what I think is better system of government but I am not saying my preference is above what the majority wish might be if different...


Dear all - Jamshid has a good point

by MM on

I have been monitoring the discussion here, and this is so typical of all the back and forth discussions without any conclusions reached, which basically amounts to everyone wasting time here.  Meanwhile, our resident Islamists report to their bosses as how fragmented the opposition is and how AN and VF need not be concerned about us.

At the end of the day, the people of Iran, in a referendum, will decide which form of government they want to put their faith in.  All we can do is present various constitutions on paper and educate people on what our core-beliefs are without pooh-poohing the other side, which will be one of the keys for unity.  One thing that is gaining momentum in other blogs is a sense of urgency to unite the opposition in Diaspora as well as inside Iran in order to put up a solid front against IRI.

David - We have to accept the fact that there is a chance that the people of Iran will choose Monarchy, whether pre-1979 or a newer "Danish" version whose constitution need to be presented yet.  As such, we need to be respectful to the other side, as partners and not adversaries.

Darius - I have listened to Reza Pahlavi's speeches and I know what he is saying, but the 1906 constitution needs to amended to take out the clauses which gave the clerics and/or the Monarchs powers of abuse, put down the charter of the human rights within it (which I heard RP say so), with RP himself signing it as the representative of the Monarchists. 

As the first step towards unity, I think that we need to concentrate on the common denominator of different factions.  What I see common are:

1. A desire to bring democracy to Iran, with written constitutions to distribute and discuss before the referendum, not after (cf., 1979 IRI constitution). 

2. Adherence to the charter of the human rights, granted to all Iranians, regardless of race, sex, religion.....

3. Separation of religion and government


I will stop at #3 for you all to fill in the rest, and you hopefully realize there is more in common than not.

dingo daddy En passant

This is a very important debate

by dingo daddy En passant on

I fully believe in unity. This is exactly what has kept down the opposition.

I think David ET and Darius Kadivar both have very good points and I like much of what Jamshid says as well. I'm happy this dialogue is happening. As a person with  the highest respect for Iran's historical monarchy, I would love to see a constitutionalist government. But, I have come to the conclusion this is not so easy. I admire Jamshid for trying to do a compromise, I think you are almost there. But currently Jamshid is basically saying that we should accept a constitutionalist system with elections. I like this solution myself, but I don't think this is enough of a compromise. It is exactly the same position that Mr. Kadivar and most Monarchists have. Monarchy, to me is important for symbolism and history. I would humbly have another suggestion. What if Monarchy is actually not part of the government but celebrated outside of a constitution as a historical and cultural aspect of Iran? I think some other nations do it this way. It basically says that there is a Monarch, but there is no official recognitions. I think it is worth consideration. I will read your responses. Thank You.


David ET

by jamshid on

You wrote,

"as long as RP or some supporters continue to insist on 1906 Monarchist Constitution and are not open to agree on anything less ..., [then] the ones who continue to dance only their own tune remain to be them"

The problem with what you are saying is that Monarchists can say the same thing about Republicans, that as long as republicans continue to insist on some other interim constitution, then in action they are the ones who only dance to their own tune.

What can you say about that?

Again, here lays the problem. The inability of both sides to come up with something that is in the middle. 

I don't see any reason why the interim constituion should not include provisions for both a prime minister and a monarch.

A prime minister can be elected by the people to run the country. The monarch remains a figure head. And it doesn't matter that you and other republicans "don't believe in any figure heads of any kind." Because what matters more is your ability to demonstrate that you can work with others, including monarchists, which in my opinion command, at the least, 25 percent of Iran's vote.

You cannot do this by excluding the monarch from the constitution. However, you can have the best of both worlds by adhering to a constitution that has provisions for an elected prime minister and some sort of a monarch figure head, with clear and strong indications as to the limitations of this monarch (and the limitations of the prime minister as well.)

If you can't sacrifice this one bit, then how can you ever consider yourself to be a true democrat?

In my last comment to Kadivar, I told him about RP's lackluster and un-innovative efforts. Now I say the same about our fellow republicans. I find their efforts to be unexiting, uninnovative and not taylored to Iran's needs, but more taylored to their anti-monarchy and anti-Pahlavi feelings.

There is a good reason why the mollahs have remained in power this long. To see those reaons, all one has to do is look in the mirror.

What Iran needs today is a brand new, exiting and innovative vision that can bring the many dispersed segments of the Iranain society and political spectrum together.

Monarchies, Republicans and Jebehey Melli have all failed to do this in the past 30 years. They have failed because they keep saying, "how can I convince the others that my way is the better way?" Instead, they should have been saying, "how can I work and cooporate with the others?"


Dariush Kadivar

by jamshid on

First, I want to say that you should ignore the comment of this Amirkabear fellow. I think he is a reformist, which makes him the supreme "ablah" in this blog.

You wrote, "Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi is Not trying Re invented the Wheel of Democracy"

And why not? Today's Iran need reinventions of many kinds. I think this is the primary reason why RP's efforts are lackluster. Because he is not innovative and creative at all.

"All You have done is Copy and Past the 1906 Constitution and Renamed it as Your Republican Constitution. Added or Took Away a few amendments"

Didn't we Iranians do the same with the Belgian consitution in 1906? But I want to add here that I agree with you in that the 1906 Constitution should be the starting point. However, if the Monarchists and RP, are not able to come forward with new, innovative and creative ideas that are fit for today's needs, then they will not become a popular front in Iran.

I have defended the Pahlavis many times in this site. So you can say with certainty that I don't have any biases against the Pahlavis. But if RP and the monarchists are not even able to gather the support of the likes of me, how are they ever going to gather the popular support of a majority?

And it doesn't matter that RP's views are logical and good for Iran (they really are in my opinion.) The important thing is the ability to "sell" those ideas and gather momentum.

In 1988, after the end of the war, when he had a rally in Los Angeles, about 8,000 people, including myself, showed up. The sport stadium was packed. There were many who were not for monarchy but showed up because they still thought RP is an interesing option.

He could have built on that momentum, but alas, he didn't.

David ET

Dear Jamshid

by David ET on

I sure agree with what you say.

However I must also add that as long as RP or some supporters continue to insist on 1906 Monarchist Constitution and are not open to agree on anything less than that even on an interim basis, in action the ones who continue to dance only their own tune remain to be them

Such non-conciliatory self centered self serving attitude is not limited to them but to many from MEK to Islamists such as Mousavi etc etc

Everyone talks about unity but under their own preferences instead of "common" ones . Actions always speak louder than words ...

I have addressed all these issues (and my solution) in my "The Road to Freedom" article.

As for my approach, I do suggest unity under common goals but at the same time I do not sweep under the rug the unwillingness of the leaders of so called opposition to come from high horses also.

We must be open, upfront with clarity as is common in democratic countries.

As for the people I usually have been faced with open arms with concept of unity under common goals but it only has been some zealous supporters and the leaders who have put their ideologies and preferences above others

David ET

Dariush FYI

by David ET on

1- I did not revise the 1906 Monarchist constitution but the 1979 one.

2- Those "few things" that I removed, revised, added can make a world of difference for those who had been getting imprisoned, arrested , in who determines their destiny , or in women's choices , minorities, etc etc...

What you consider little is what gives dictators the power to control our lives.

You can keep trying to belittle my effort in offering a new hope and constitution just to push for the same old unsuccessful attempts being Islamic Republic or Islamic Monrachy..

The difference between you and me is that:

You are stuck in the Past and I am looking in to future , while we both have the present in common.

You enjoy seeing Royals party and picnic in nice clothes and I enjoy and want that for the people.

I do not believe in any idols and "bot" , being a shah, a mullah or whatever... you on the other hand need that human dressed as God to cherish...

RP is no Shapur Bakhtiar and should not hide behind him. Bakhtair stood for his beliefs whatever it took and paid for it with his life...


Darius Kadivar

Congrats David You Just Found a New Friend ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

amirkabear4u The Sheriff of Nottingham In Person:




Dear David ET

by amirkabear4u on

I am sure you heard of this expression but just like to remind you as sometimes people just argue all the time. Just remember, 'javabea ablahan khamoshest'.

Fairness and Equality in Justice

Darius Kadivar

David Your Questions were answered Long Ago by Shapour Bakhtiar

by Darius Kadivar on

Your Questions have been answered Long ago by Shapour Bakhtiar which I have sumbitted to you and others MANY MANY Times which You seem to either ignore or pretend not to understand.

Shapour Bakhtiar on Regime Change and the conditions underwhich it should be applied (including the Provisional government):


Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi is simply Taking the Mantle Where Bakhtiar Left it:


Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi  is Not trying Re invented the Wheel of Democracy Like You Are Trying to Do by arrogantly dismissing a Struggle that started more than a 100 years ago !

Something that even Shapour Bakhtiar who despite having been Arrested under the Shah’s Regime did Not put into question.

All You have done is Copy and Past the 1906 Constitution and Renamed it as Your Republican Constitution. Added or Took Away a few amendments which troubled you and which prior to your modifications may have indeed justified the Absolute rule of the Shah but which were not in the first draft of the Constitution as submitted by the Constitutionalists Founding fathers to the Qajar Shah's (None of Whome Respected the Constitution the the Letter). At worst the 1906 Constitution as we know it was drafted as a compromise with the Ruling Qajar King but certainly not entirely as how those Constitutionalists who were Bombed to smitherins by the Canons of Colonel Liakoff intended the Final Draft to Look Like.

It is an Imperfect document but the only one we have and drafted on the Belgian Model of the time and can very well be updated to respond to the truly democratic principles of the separation of Powers which sustain all democratic principles.

If Your Draft is anything else than that then I salute You as An undisputed authority in Constitutional Law to have come up with a Miraculous Solution which Naturally No Prominent Iranian Intellectual or Freedom fighter has ever  thought of before You (sic):

HISTORY FORUM: Ahmad Kasravi's Life, Assassination and Intellectual Legacy 64 years On ...

HISTORY FORUM: Mashallah Ajoudani on Intellectuals and the Revolution


HISTORY FORUM: Nader Naderpour on Iran's Constitutional Revolution and European Rennaissance (1996)

For a More Complete Answer I will get back to his thread or blog Seperately by refering to this blog of yours.





David ET and Dariush

by jamshid on

David ET: I agree with the points in your last comment. But do you agree that we should give each other the privilege of a clean slate and not allow the past to butt in? RP has extended an olive branch to republicans and jebehey melli on many occasions, only to be shuned and ridiculed by them. What else do you suggest RP should do?

Dariush: "The Cockoo republic of your dreams" is just not going to cut it. A republican could get offended by such statement, just as much as you would get offended by a similar statement regarding monarchy. So what is the use?

As much as a Monarchy system could be a viable system for Iran, so could be a pure republic. They both have their pros and cons.

But the issue here is that NEITHER is in power in Iran right now. The next issue is that Monarchies alone can't do it. Republicans either. Jebheye melli either. We all need each other to topple this regime. Even that may not be enough!

It is not important anymore whether monarchy or republic is superior. The only important thing today is how can we unite and organize against the regime. These useless debates only shows ourselves that we are incapbable of taking step one, let alone the far more difficult steps ahead.

David ET

I rest my case !

by David ET on

from my last comments: 

"These are the questions I ask every secular including Dariush and they keep avoiding them"

Darius Kadivar

The "Cookoo" Republic of Your Dreams ...

by Darius Kadivar on

The Third Man - Cuckoo clock speech:

Don't be so gloomy. After all it's not that awful. Like the fella says, in Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock. So long Holly.

-Harry Lime (Orson Welles) in The Third Man (1949)

Related Videos of Interest:

Shah's Fortune :

pictory: Shah's Fortune demanded back by Iran's Revolutionary Government (1979)

Shah of Iran, Swiss TV 1961:


Iranian Students in Switzerland Complain about Shah's dictatorship and the Savak (1976-1977):


Swiss In Iran after the Revolution:


Iranians vote for Islamic Republic March 1979:


David ET


by David ET on

Dariush ... I respect your views even if I do not agree with them 

and Jamshid.... I have no problem with Monarchists or anyone for presenting their views. After all that IS what I am asking and standing for , freedom of expression!

But I am simply asking all seculars and democrats, monarchists included stating as I did in my last blog :

آیا در سایه یک نظام غیر عقیدتی و سکولار افکار خود را بهتر میتوانیم بیان کنیم و گسترش دهیم و یا اکنون ؟

آیا مخالفت بینشمندانه با طرز فکر دیگرانی که حرفشان را قبول نداریم در محیطی آزاد و دموکراتیک عملی تر است یا اکنون ؟

اگر به برتریت راه خود اعتقاد داریم، آیا در سایه حکومت قانون و مبری از برتری شخص یا گروه و عقیده مشخصی میتوانیم سعی در به دست آوردن رای و اعتماد مردم کنیم یا اکنون؟

پس آیا هنگام آن نیست که دست در دست دهیم و براهدافی که با هم اشتراک داریم تمرکز کنیم به جای درگیریهای بی نتیجه با یکدیگر در مورد روش های متفاوت رسیدن به آن اهداف مشترک !؟

These are the questions I ask every secular including Dariush and they keep avoiding them!

Why is it that they prefer to argue and represent their case (including RP) today when IR is in power instead of uniting under common causes and then discussing them in a democratic environment? Why do they want it all their way or the highway of IR that we are in , instead of in the democractic interim government?!

Like I wrote:

 آیا زمان آن نیست که به جای پنداربه تفاوتها، گذشته و گسستگی …. به ارزش های مشترک، آینده و همبستگی بیاندیشیم؟

and if so why is it that RP's and others not stop addressing the differences and preferences and instead focus on common goals (if those are truely their goals) and leave the rest to after IR is gone in a democratic environment to discuss and leave the decision to the people?

I am and have been trying to be inclusive and consolidating! All I have been saying has been:

1- Do not consider yourselves holy and instead allow cristism , accurate or not!

2- Do not want it your way today but instead agree to the common ideals and then as for the process of how to reach it, let that be discussed in a future and democratic environment that we supposedly all agree on.

Short of such action, the talks are just talks and cheap.


Dariush and David ET

by jamshid on

The likes of Sargord Pirouz are laughing outloud and in pleasure reading your comments: Two of the potentially most powerful fronts against the IRI, fighting among themselves. What else can be more rewarding for the regime supporters?

And then another one of them such as Marge butts in to spice up the fight.

Let me be brutaly honest with you two. In my opinion, despite your attempts to create a solidarity, you two both in some ways "define" the obstacles we Iranians have been facing in creating a true national solidarity front against the regime. In fact, this blog can be used as a case in point in a research paper on the issue of unity.

Neither one of you has crossed to the other side yet. This side is the side of exclusion and in-fighting. The other side is the side of inclusions and cooperation.

"oboor baayad kard va hamnavarde ofoghhaaye door dast baayad shod."

Can either one of you say that you have done this?

Both of you are true patriots who want the best for Iran. I have no question about this. But while you are fighting on how to make things better for Iran, the IRI is making everything worst.

I once commented to Dr. Masoud Kazemzadeh, a national front sympathizer who happens to be as patriotic as you two, that as long as the National Front cannot include the left, the monarchists and other groups, it is not a national front, it will only remain a Mosadeghi front.

The same can be said about republicans such as David ET, or monarchists such as Darius Kadivar. We must find ways to include others, not to allineate and exclude them.

In order to do this, we must begin with a clean slate and give others the same privilege. Otherwise, in one way or another we are all guilty of having made mistakes in the past and so have dirty slates, and that's for all of us, republicans, monarchists, national front, etc. The road to solidarity begins with giving each other the privilege of a clean slate and going from there. 

A clean slate means that we cannot blame a national front member for having once supported the regime. It also means we cannot call Reza Pahlavi a moftkhor for having lived his life on his father's fortune.

Without a clean slate, the past will always keep butting in and and force us to hold on to it. But we can't hold on to the past because if we do, not only we won't be able to correct or do anything about that past, but we'll also lose our opportunity to fix the present.

Gentlemen, solidarity can be achieved only through shedding the past, shedding any and all strong past feelings and attachments, focusing on the future, understanding that we need each other, establishing trust and working together.

Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourselves, do I have the strength to let go of the past and its scars and attachments for the sake of Iran and Iranians? Can I read or hear something that could boil my blood in anger, and yet, in the name of freedom and in the name of unity, remain calm, remember my priorities and remain focused?

And then carefully look at each other and ask yourselves, isn't he really looking for the same things that I am looking for? A free Iran, a prosperous nation, rule of justice and a happy and healthy people? If not, then you have good reasons to oppose each other. But if you are both looking for the same, then you have no excuse to delute your forces, much to the delight of the IRI.

While the different sides of the oppositon are fighting about which gun or weapon to use, the IRI is gunning down your people and their hopes.

To Monarchists, Republicans and National Front supporters and leaders: As long as you have not discovered the formula that could bring us all together, you are no opposition leader, you are just a slate opposition member. Only when you have found that formula, at long last, a leader among you is born.

Darius Kadivar

Va Te Coucher Marge Il Se Fait Tard ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Besides I just Found You a Future Husband :




I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

There's the heart of it, the entire reason I can't stand monarch

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

David ET wrote:

I once called Reza Pahlavi Moftkhor considering that he lives off the unaccounted wealth that he inherited and in return you called me a moftkhor!! My comment was a political one towards a public figure with some basis in my viewpoint and yours was a personal one directed at me without any basis or reasoning 

Beautiful statement that demonstrates the problem with monarchy and the followers totally.

Darius Kadivar

Why do You distort My Comments David Jaan ?

by Darius Kadivar on

I NEVER HAD and have NO problem with Nazanin who is a Dear Friend From DAY ONE when she started this whole campaign to Stop Child Executions in Iran:

Saving Nazanin By DK 

TAKING A STAND: Nazanin Afshin-Jam, Former Miss World Canada 2003 ... by DK

The Struggle Continues! By DK

BREAKING THE WAVES: Iranian Women of the Diaspora Seduce French Media By DK

I am simply underlying Your Own Contradictions and Prejudice against the Pahlavis based on the same baseless accusations when it comes to reducing the Pahlavis to Party Goers for which YOU yourself have No Proof.

I mention Nazanin here in the link to show that unlike YOU she Doesn't Isolate herself in ideological dogmas when it comes to rallying public opinion for a Just and worthy cause.

So don't twist words in my mouth ! 


As for Humor I did not see what was so funny in your blog other than another Political correct observation.

I say Political correct because it has become SO CONVENIENT for Everyone of Your Republicans to Speak in the name of this Vague Entity Your Call the PEOPLE !

People without leadership in any enterprise are Powerless. And Nation Building in a country like Iran is Impossible without a clear understanding of what this country identity has been associated to for more than 25 centuries which is unique to Iran as to no other country with a Royal institution.

I do not consider Reza Pahlavi as a Leader I consider him as My King !

He is Not God Nor an Exceptional Person. He a Legitimate Heir to Iran's throne ( whether you like it or not it is a reality in the abscence of any other pretender be it a Qajar Prince) not only in my view or that of his followers but in the view of the Institution he embodies simply a Crown Prince and Roi de Jure Period  !

So don't feed me the Comparison of a Crown Prince of Iran to the Product of YOUR Republic and that is the MKO Leaders or anyother Chalabi Type Pretender to the Office of President of a Republic ( reformed or Not, Secular or Not ). Until Further Notice there has been no other Republic in our history than the current one ( Theocracy or Not it is Still a Republic). So Don't expect me or Crown Prince Reza to be accountable for YOUR Collateral Republican Offsprings ... LOL.

We are Accountable for the Absolute Nature of our Former Monarchs so intellectual Honesty on Your part would be to be to see you be Accountable for YOUR OWN Unfortunate Republican Offsprings in return.

Ne Melangeons Pas Les Torchons et les Serviettes S'il Te Plait !

You may not like that idea but he was born into royalty. He is Accountable for the Institution he represents as well as the Success' and Failures of his predecessor Father and Grandfather But he IS NOT GUILTY !

Unlike the Man YOU Chose to Vote for without expecting the slightest accountability on his behalf or the massacres he alledgedly overlooked as PRime Minister of the Islamic Institution You wish to see Evolve into a Secular Republic. 

To Understand the difference you need to first understand what a Monarchy means which clearly you do not want to see because you are simply dismissing it's importance in the history of our nation.

And secondly understand what a Constitutional Monarchy is all about.

On both accounts You clearly need to update your knowledge !

But All this Hypocrisy on the Pahlavis Fortune is typical of anyone who ignores the very notion of what a Monarch  or Royal Family is all about.

In the case of Iran let me tell you Very Blunlty that It is alas not Reason that guides That Entity You Call THE PEOPLE !

Individuals THINK ... PEOPLE DON'T !

MOB MENTALITY Is Not Going to Lead us Anywhere but to our own demise.

The Mob Mentality of Your Republican Friends Will lead to the Disintegration of IRan in the decades to come and I don't want to be part of it.

One of the major Problems the future Democratic government will face weather that government is a Secular Republic of Your Choice or a Constitutional Monarchy of My Choice will be to keep the territorial integrity of IRan.

30 years of mismanagement, National Nihilism and Stamping on ALL that IRan has Stood for including it's New Year Traditions will and have left significant scars on a nation and a generation which was brought up with the IRI's Brainwashing Propaganda.

Iranian are Arabs, Arian is a myth created by Zionist, Shame on Khamenei:


Those Provinces and ethnic minorities who have been and continue to be humiliated by this UN IRANIAN regime such as the Kurds, or Balloutches or even the Religious minorities have been so dissappointed not only by this regime but by the entire nation they wish to Part from on the First Given Opportunity.

I argue that After 30 years of this current Nihilistic religious leadership a Secular Republic will not be able to live up to two major pre-requisites when it comes to Nation Building:

A) National Reconciliation

B) National Unity

Only a Restoration of the Monarchy precisely because it is a Very Strong and Symbolic Gesture ( However in it's Constitutional Form) and Not Unique in the History of mankind (and particularly in the History of neighbouring Europe to which we are far more close culturally and historically than the United States of AMerica) can lead to a successful transition towards democracy without further fragilizing an already dissillusioned nation with ENORMOUS and LEGITIMATE Expectations in political and economic terms.

Our Oil Revenues even if the Monarchy is Restored will NEver Be satisfying these needs like under the Last Shah. So dissappointments will naturally soon follow the High expectations that the fall of the IRI ( if it happens) will trigger in society.

You claim that a Republic will restore Iranians Faith in themselves. I argue it will restore individual confidence but Not our Collective Identification in a Unified Entity we Call Iran.

Only the Monarchy has maintained this collective identification for more than two milleniums in our country albeit indeed under different dynasties. I do not consider the current regime for that matter as anything else but another Absolute Monarchy. The difference is that is is a NIHILISTIC One which disrespects the country and humiliates everything the country has stood for including it's traditions and religious, ethnic and cultural diversity.In short it is a Tyranny and Not merely a Dictatorship be it a benevolent one like under the last Shah. Yes you perfectly read my comment I call Absolute Monarchies Dictatorships but Not Tyrannical Regimes. There is a difference between the two which is not merely based on semantics. To understand the difference I suggest you to look at the metaphores of our national literary masterpiece known as the Shahnameh and take a look at the legend of Zahak.

It would be no exageration to call the current Khamenei the Zahak of Iran ! An Illegitimate King or Crown Prince of a Dynasty founded by Khomeiny.

Beyond the Romatic Metaphore any Iranian can see that it does constitute an ironically truthful  assessment of what this regime has been since it's inception in our country 3 decades ago. Don't think that this is a metaphore that does not come to the minds of many Iranians when they contemplate their contemporary history in the light of what happened to us and particularly eversince last summer.

When you see that even the intelligenstia of this regime like Ziba Kallam start questioning the IRI's accomplishments in comparision to the Shah's  era it proves that the very ideological foundations of not only the current Republic but also the Revolution that founded it are being questioned and sheding doubt in the minds of it's staunchest supporters. 

Without aiming at Political Predictions it would not be exagerated to fear that Unsatisfied provinces are bound to demand autonomy and political avidity and petty personal ambitions of wannabee Napoleonic politicians Like this clown (or anyother bound to sprout out of the blue )  :


each with their own personal visions can lead to separatist demands which No Iranian Republic however legitimately created would be able guarantee these provinces loyalty.

You can draft whatever you want in your Constitution but in the end of the day it is a piece of paper and it will remain a piece of paper in their minds and hearts.

A State Can and Should be Built on Democratic Ideals But a Nation's Unity and historical Identification to a given institution like the Monarchy as has been the case for IRan and all things culturally bounded to this institution from our language to literature and Art Cannot merely be dismissed in a nation's collective psyche by naively suggesting a LA LA LAND Republican Substitute without evaluating the Risks this may imply in the nations very own survival.

I am not implying that Iran will Crumble too pieces if a Democratic Republic is declared tomorrow. Iran and all things Iranian will continue to survive and play a major role in their own right in our countries history. But Iran will be fragilized as an entity in the same way the Ottoman Empire was fragalized and reduced to Turkey as we know it today. We are Bound to see Iran's Territorial integrity jeapordized and probably will lose some provinces we deemed as eternally linked to Iran. A Monarchy may not stop such a hemoragea but I argue that it can limit it's consenquences and probably with less bloodshed.

I have No proof of what I am saying here  for it is merely a Projection.

But Ultimately that is What having a Political Vision is all about ?  

Which of our current candidates or even reformists minded intellectuals including Shirine Ebadi that some want to see President truly seem to display a vision that is appealing enough today ? I see no one !

So in My Book Restoring the Monarchy is Not about Restoring Corruption, unjustified Priveledges or long lost titles of a so called aristocracy. Iran's Aristocracy was it's Middle Class which revolted against the king all of whom fled for exile. You, Me, JJ or anyother you name it.

That is Not what the Monarchy is about Nor What Restoring it aims at !

The Restoration of the Monarchy is First and Foremost a Reconcilation of Iran with itself, it's identity but also it's past. It's about healing its scars and Nation Building based on Checks and Balances including for the Royal Family who will not be above or under the Law.

That is all I can say. I don't claim to be right or even Fair. I am simply saying it is the shortest and probably the best shortcut towards a democratic transition in a country that has never known neither a Democracy nor a Republic but which has understood that it cannot live without genuine Democracy but can survive without a Republic.

Call it a utopia if you will but it is as utopic as Your Inexistant Republic.

The future will say which of us was correct. I hope without a nightmarish conclusion either way for our people at large ...

For the Rest we can agree to Disagree.

Anyways that is my last comment to this thread !

Take Care,


David ET

Dear Dariush

by David ET on

Once again you have unnecessarily brought up everything and everyone in to the conversation just to make a point and that I am afraid as much as you don't like to hear; is not much different in style than any extremist's approach such as the zealous supporters of IR or MEK etc.

Just few things to clarify for you

The blog was written with a grain of humor on the new year so don't be so serious so early on this year. First step is not to take ourselves or beliefs too seriously as we may one day find out that we may have been wrong or at least the other person may have had some valid points too

If you read my last article or the revised proposed interim constitution, it is as inclusive (of all seculars including Monarchists) as it can be by referring all to future votes and referedums and participations. My whole point always have been that a referendum post IR fall will be very immature which I have detailed my reason in the article. I have proposed an interim government based on common values until the future one is determined . I am not sure what can be wrong with that, as you or and many of other viewpoints have been silence to the idea which I also have addressed as to the possibility of why:

راه رسیدن به آزادی  

 As for bringing Nazanin Afshin-Jam to this conversation! I have no idea what jetset parties you are referring t!o nor am aware of any; nor am I her representative. If you have any issues with her it is best to address her directly. I simply find her to be a caring Iranian and human rights activist which I have defended within that context. As for anything else that you may know of or accuse her of , it is best to address her directly nor would I see any relevance to this blog. Also Nazanin has never seeked any political or Royal positions and has simply shared her voice within the context of human rights to help better Iran and her private life remains to be her business and not others.

The reason I tend to end dicussions at times, is because some do not know how not to disconnect political or other diasgreements from making or taking them personally.

eg: I once called Reza Pahlavi Moftkhor considering that he lives off the unaccounted wealth that he inherited and in return you called me a moftkhor!! My comment was a political one towards a public figure with some basis in my viewpoint and yours was a personal one directed at me without any basis or reasoning.

What one says about RP you take personally and reply to it as if it was directed at you and that is no different than the reaction that I get if I address Khomeini and a zealous Islamist takes personally.

That is what I hope you take in to consideration in your communications this new year if you wish to have more constructive ones...

If I rarely address RP is because I think he as the leader of his supporters also can play a more effective role if he someday gets out of the hole that he has been stuck in for the past  31 years ....and even still keep his claim to a monarchy and this requires no martyrdom but putting Iran first before self

Darius Kadivar

David ET You Are the one who closed The communication channels

by Darius Kadivar on

The day You Preached Unity Through DisUnity. Refusing the Friendly Hand of us Monarchists or Iran's Crown Prince's Call for a Solidarnosc Movement beyond our political differences or by Resorting to Cheap Attacks like you are doing here by suggesting his so called Partying.

Our Common Friend Nazanin Is more of a Jet Setter and Partier ( and Good for Her) than any member of the Pahlavi Family has ever been in 30 years of exile so cut the Hypocrisy.

I Rest My Case for the 98  % of what I said and grant You the 2 % of personal Introspection.

Send My Warm Regards and continued encouragements to Our common Friend Nazanin ( who unlike You doesn't play it Solo ) if you ever meet her at the NY.  or Vancouver Jet Set Parties or when more seriously she demonstrates or gives conferences for a good cause around the four corners of the world to stop Child exectutions in our homeland or  for Democracy and Human Rights on Capitol Hill next to our fellow compatriot Yamine Pahlavi:

IRANIAN SOLIDARNOSC: Yasmine Pahlavi, Nazanin Afshin Jam and Arash Sobhani (June 12th 2009)

It's never late to unclench Your Fist and Join Reza's Solidarity Call ... The Door will always be open to Patriots even if they are clueless and undecided like you.

Cheers Buddy !



David ET

"offended as you often become"

by David ET on

Dear Dariush

98% of what you wrote had nothing to do with what I said or had ever said but I for one have become used to seeing them dumped without relevance.

But as for the other 2% once again I rest my case, as I see  no real communication going on.

I wish you a happy New Year :-)

Darius Kadivar

David ET Your the One who is Offended and losing Your temper ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Posting Twice in the process ... Tah Tah ... ;0) 

I expected More From You than lowering yourself to That Mob Mentality that is responsible for all the misery we have endured in 30 years both as exiles and for those we left back home.

He is Not my Hero David Jaan ... He is My King !

But Loyalty is Not a Virtue You IRANICAN Republicans can Grasp or Understand so no worries I won't hold it against you.

After All France's De Gaulle Used to Say about the French People he served so well that they Were Cows: "Les Francais sont des Veaux" mocking their Stubborn Mob Mentality back in 1968.

I suppose The Same Assessment would rightly Apply to the Olagh Mentality that has taken deep root in the IRANICAN Mindset over the past 30 Decades by the Namak Nashnas generation you prefer to remain Loyal too.

With all Your Good Will and genuine Patriotism which I have never questioned nor patronized you for preaching Your Republican Mindset other than expressing my alternative view ( one of Restoration in an aim of National Reconcilation) but Let me simply say that You are Not an Authority in Constitutional Law But You are Free to Continue in Your Lonely Quest of Self Discovery and Eternal Disappointments by Copy and Pasting the 1906 Constitution and renaming it it under whatever name you see fit.

Lastly Don't Insult My Intelligence by comparing me to those LA TV's fit for YOUR IRANICAN Mindsets Not Us EURO IRANIANS with some understanding of What Constitutional Monarchies who are not afraid to debate about the Pros and Cons of an institution we respect while being open minded enough to realize that it's constitution should not be concieved as a rigid text also needs improvements in the same way You seek Improvements of the Current Republican Constitution which you acknowledged it's legitimacy by participating in it's elections which was YOUR Right But NOT MY CHOICE.

You know me Better than MON Q to want to reduce me and my arguments to the likes of Saeed Sakuee and other Shahollahis who seek Vengeance and not National Reconciliation unlike The man they consider as  their Own King Reza Shah II who has been calling for all these years:

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by DK

And to Which others wish to rally in a constructive way:

RESPONDING TO REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc in the Making ... By DK

IRANIAN SOLIDARNOSC: Defecting Revolutionary Guard's confession and support to Reza Pahlavi

YOU Are Entitled To YOUR Republican Opinions, dreams, Hopes and Visions for a Future Iran !

AS MUCH as I am Entitled to MINE or others who Unlike Cowards like YOU and Me are Dying for that Vision !


But Your Convictions Are Neither SUPERIOR Nor INFERIOR to Mine or Vice Versa !

Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi has probably Not been More Brave nor less brave than Any other Political Leader or President Wanabee including Khomeiny ( who watched Iranians get Slaughtered on the Iran Iraq Front while sleeping in tranquility in Qom and Running the Country) But to his Credit he has been Honerable !

If you want to sell me your Idealistic Utopia that Martyrsom is the path to legitimacy be it as President or King let me tell you straight that there is no noblity in Suicide be it for good reasons and certainly not in this Time and Age No more than any other time in Human History. Politics and the Quest for Power is not a Kindergarden Moralistic Game where the frontier between Good and Bad People is as transparent particularly in a world where International Politics interact with a nation's future. I leave That kind of Kindergarten reasoning for the Likes of PhD graduates like Trita Parsi and his own Likeminds who have never even lived in Iran under the previous regime or under the current theocracy but wish to lecture a nation's Crown Prince and an Opposition that paid a heavy price of blood in the past 30 years in trying to get it's acts together ( Bakhtiar, Oveissy, Farrokhzad, Shahriar Shafigh to name a few).

I do Not wish Crown Prince Reza to be Assassinated or Become a MArtyre to the Royal Cause unlike some Other REPUBLICAN DEATH WISHERS on this Very Website who claim to be Democrats but are Nothing else but IRI apologists and Cyber Terrorists at Best;

PREDICTION II by amirkabear4u

You Don't belong to that cheap category so don't Lower Yourself to that level by insulting Your Own and My Intelligence in the process.

At Worst Crown Prince Reza Pahlavi was indeed No Martyr but At Best he has been a Patriot taking the mantle of the Constitutional Struggle Where Shapour Bakhtiar Left it :

Shapour Bakhtiar on Regime Change and the Constitution of 1906 ( last Public Appearance in Hamburg before Assassination a few years later):


Reza Pahlavi's message on the Anniversary of the 1906 Constitutional Revolution in Iran (2009):


and is doing his best to rally YOU Stubborn Patriots to getting Your Acts together rather than playing on division and encouraging that counterproductive behavior which has maimed the Iranians in exile from creating a Strong Opposition force with a genuine Program for a bloodless Transition towards Regime change.

THAT Is Where My Loyalty Towards The Crown PRince I wish to see as King in My Land Stands and Not On LA PArties or Jet Set to Which He has Never Participated nor indulged in contrary to what YOU seem to want to suggest.

Khejalat Ham Khoub Cheezyeh !

So Get Down FRom Your High Horse in Preaching me or Insulting Our Royal Constituency on grounds of some inexistent Moral Superiority You yourself of Deprived from !

30 Years of Republican Mismanagement Vs 50 Years of Pahlavi Rule.

In the abscence of equally a Truly Secular Democratic Republic as You envision or hope for or a Truly Constitutional Monarchy as I envision or Hope for ... I believe it is Up to Iranians and History to Evaluate and Compare Which One deserves Credit, Praise or Blame for Our Current Predicament !

Happy Nowrooz and for the Sake of the Political Sport of Intellectual discourse you seem to want to indulge in don't Lose Your Smile in Your Eternal Voyage of Self Discovery and Repeated Mistakes !

ROYAL HAFT-SEEN: Pahlavis gather for Persian New Year (1389 / 2010)

Lastly even at the sake of repeating myself I say this without any form of aggresivity towards anyone but with Firm Determination :


And Will continue to Suggest RESTORATION of the Monarchy but in it's Constitutional Role as a Path towards National Reconcilation and Genuine Democracy.

You are Free to suggest and defend Your Path ! 

Have a Nice Day David Jaan,


PS: There is No Expiration Date for a Nation's Dreams or Ideals Be them Yours Or Mine or of Our respective Likeminds who unlike us are dying for it in the streets of Iran today and at times imprisoned, tortured or executed so that WE SPEAK UP for THEM ! ... So LIVE WITH IT ! For Martyrsom is Not the Solution Nor the adequate answer to their Predicaments !

David ET

Always read the expiration date

by David ET on

If we read the back of the most of the same ones we keep hearing from, their recycled ideas have already expired:

Here are list of only few expired ones:

Khamenei, Ahmadinejad, Rafsanjani, Rajavi, Khatami, Soroush, Mousavi, Karoubi, Pahlavi.....