Rahnavard: Norooz Message

Struggle for justice continues, Mousavi's wife vows


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Time to come clean

by MRX1 on

We don't really know what Mr. Mossavi did when he was a prime minister, so innocent till proven guilty  which is more than IRR has been dishing to  it's victims.

However the fact that Mr. Mousavi and people like him (ganji, sazgara, etc) who were in position of power back then, do not want to talk about that decade even now, about their past experiences, leaves a bad taste in our mouth. Till some of these people appologize, accpet their roles and ask for forgiveness  it's hard to take them seriously or think they are sincere.

David ET

all that fabric wrapped around her only because

by David ET on

she is a woman !

Is this what Iranian women want?

and that photo of her hero? Is that what we want after all ?

I sure hope not

time to move beyond IR and its supporters 




by Milan on

What's with all the colors?  looks like she collided with a parrot!


Did Mr.  Mousavi

by bachenavvab on

Did Mr.  Mousavi physically kill anyone? Mr. Mousavi was the 79th and last Prime Minister of Iran who was in the office from 1981 to 1989.  Under his Prime Ministership, the mass execution of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of political activists were carried out.  How much responsibility does he have for this tragedy?  What would one have done in his position, given Khomeini's power?  What should the Prime Minister have done regardless? 

Conidering, Hoveyda was also a Prime Minister who did not stand up for the people and put Shah in check because Shah was the all powerful.  the system (that, the disgruntled, Mr. Mousavi, later joined the ranks of its leaders) found Hoveyda guilty and put him to death.  So by applying the standards of the system that Mr. Mousavi  believes in, whole heartedly and calls holly, he himself is guilty of what Hoveyda was found guilty of, but in a much larger scale.


Did he have to actually kill anyone to be called a murderer? Let's say  beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Power to the people.  Down with IR and all its franchises.


Mrs Rahnavard looks very scary

by persian_yingyang on

like life has been sucked out of her.  Initially I thought it was photoshoped image resembling the Dark Night character from Batman 3.


Regarding other naysayers and haters: GO get a life.  If you are so brave, go and fight IRI in the streets of Tehran.  We are so sick and tired of your depressing comments.  You are nothing but a piece of meat that was chewed, abused and thrown to the side...perhaps by IRI....now you feel so bitter and upset ...



what kind of style this is?

by MRX1 on

wearing ajagh vajagh colors under a chadoor. just one look at her, and that poorly done supposedly omati haft seen with khomeini's picture next to it and you know who you are dealing with.


"you and your murdering husband..."

by میرزاقلندر on

Whom did he murder?

Farah Rusta

under her heels!

by Farah Rusta on

I hear that Mrs Musavi used to be in the girls swimming team when she was stuyding at Pahlavi university in Shiraz and no doubt must have been wear heels. She is still a good swimmer when she finds the right water.



yet another worthless so called Nationlist

by mahmoudg on

you and your murdering husband are equally responsible for what this country has endured for 30 years.  Get this through your thick scarf, YOU will be brought o justice when Iran is freed.  You just hope that this regime survives because otherwise you will be tried by a jury of your peers which will most probably send you to the gallows.  Iran has suffered long under your boot(s) and that of Islam.  Enough is enough.