Khamenei: Norooz Message

"Eney plots" have been defeated, he says

(AFP) – Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in his new year message to the nation on Saturday that Iran had defeated "enemies" last year who plotted against the Islamic revolution. "The enemy of the Islamic republic, after a lapse of 30 years, concentrated all its efforts so that it could defeat the revolution from inside," Khamenei said in a message broadcast on state television. "But the Iranian nation, with exceptional resistance, alertness and determination, defeated the enemy's plots." Khamenei has regularly blamed foreign powers, especially the United States and Britain, for the deadly unrest which erupted after the re-election last June of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The supreme leader's message came after US President Barack Obama subtly shifted Washington's rhetoric on Iran >>>



خفه شو


دیگه حنای تو و اون قاتلی که عکسشو گذاشتی پشتت رنگی نداره 

مردم فهمیدند "اسلام ناب محمدی" یعنی چی و بالا آوردند

ولی خوب بزک کرده بودند این مرده رو برای جلو دوربین.   



by Emil on

Looks like he is ready to join his body ( Khomeini) in hell very soon...

Hossein Nikkhah

It Is Pity .....

by Hossein Nikkhah on

It is pity for the air, which he breathes.

He is farting from mouth.........



by Iran_e_Azad on

This dirty Mullah (Khamenei) looks like a dog with RABIES! It is unbelievalble how these wild animals have become occupiers in our beatiful Iran for now over 30 years.

Marg bar to Rahbare Kacif!!! 



I'll take that $ bet and hope that you win

by MM on


Shazde Asdola Mirza

Bet a dollar that he will not be seeing another Norooz!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!


پيغامش بخوره تو سرش



اين با نوروز چى كار داره.

اگه پيغامى داره، براى عيد قربان و عيد غدير خم بفرسته  براى ِ يك مشت گدا و گودول مثل خودش!


برادران بسیج کجان پس؟


تکبیر و سلوات سرگرد پیروز و دار و دستش کو پس؟


آقای ابراهیم (ابی) حامدی


بهتره ایشون اول یاد بگیرند مست رو صحنه نیان و سیاست رو بذارند به عهدهٔ غیر مطربان


Translation please.

by عموجان on

Why doesn't he get caner. My new resolution, I pray to his god to give him one, a bad one.

Darius Kadivar

Pahlavi Era Pop Star Ebi Begs to Differ too ! (bbc)

by Darius Kadivar on

Exiled Iranian pop star Ebi in presidential warning


One of Iran's biggest pop stars has used a rare visit to London in time for Persian New Year to give President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a blunt message.

"Shame on you," says Ebrahim Hamedi - known to his millions of fans simply as Ebi.

"Get the hell out of Iran and find [another] place, because sooner or later they are going to kick you out of the country."

Ebi supports none of the opposition leaders, such as Mir-Hossein Moussavi, whose green-clad supporters flooded the streets of Tehran during the elections of 2009.

"I support the green movement, but there are no leaders," he says, before, characteristically adding another metaphor. "They all come from the same river, the same sea."

Indeed Ebi's pre-election song, Tasmim ("decision"), suggested the choice offered was in fact no choice at all.

"I would love to go to Iran, it's my country.

"If I go there, I'm sure they will not let me go out. I don't know the rest of it, but probably they will put me in jail.

"But this [to go to Iran] is one of my wishes. And some day God will give me that."

Ebi - Khalij Pars - Persian Gulf


Goleh Sorkh



Which one...?

by Emil on

Is that his turban getting bigger or his head getting smaller...?


"@kadivar...Please refrain from insulting...": A Reminder!

by میرزاقلندر on

Advising people to soften their tone is one good thing, telling people to stay away from a blog is some bad thing, indeed.

We,all, should always remember that IC is a public forum, and within the site's rules, and regulations everybody is welcome everywhere.


this was a message to his supporters - NOT to Iran

by MM on

3 minutes is all I could take of this propaganda.

Darius Kadivar

@spatima ...

by Darius Kadivar on

To being with You do not embody the Iranian nation. Secondly if you feel insulted by my assessement on Iran's current ZAHAK that it your problem ... 

Certainly not mine nor sadly theirs anymore:

Royalists : Arash Rahmanipour (19) and Mohammad Reza Ali Zamani (37) were hanged on 28th January 2010.    

Maybe YOU Should Please Refrain From using a Royal Avatar of Iran's Founding Father and King of Kings of Iranzamin to promote YOUR Republican Agenda  ...

SATIRE: Ex-Royals Nowrooz Wishes to Ex-President Khatami ...


Happy Belated Ashura to you and Your Loved ones !


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Dear Spatima

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

what a breath of fresh air. i like your independent thinking. be careful, though. you're giving too much credit to the iranian people. some people don't like that. i would like to hear what your thoughts are on a certain user's comment that "with the USA and Israel" have to help Iranians to achieve the type of government you spoke of. I think the only word missing there was "ONLY with the help." 



by spatima on

Please refrain from insulting the Iranian nation.

I think as Iranians we have evolved to a point that dont view our political struggle as one equivalent to that of Robin Hood and Prince John. Maybe you should keep your cheesy analysis to your monarchist blog.

Na Shah Mikhaym

Na Mullah





In hope of a Free, Independent and Secular Iran


Yeah shah of Iran was very

by zebel20 on

Yeah shah of Iran was very legitimate, for having no control over the country’s assets as it was fully under the control of the English and the Americans, 3 million Iranians died of hunger back in world war 2 invasion of the English from south and the Russian from north. He coudnt even claim compensation for the war, the English labelled us road to victory. Now IRI is claiming compensation for war world 2 and 1. and they are going to claim compensation for iran iraq war too.

Darius Kadivar

I have No Stomach For Traitors Like the ZAHAK King

by Darius Kadivar on






The murderer has spoken

by mahmoudg on

Instead of glorifying the Iranians and Norooz, he continues on his rants about the revolution and how they have defeated the enemy.  what a bunch of hog wash.  he still has not awoken from his dream (perhaps because he forgot to smoke his usual pot).  Iranians do not want this revolution anymore and it will be done with. Hopefully with the help of US and Israel we can run these cockroaches out of Iran and into the sands of the worthless A-rabian desert.