Amir Jahanchahi: Iranian Idiot of the Day


Amir Jahanchahi: Iranian Idiot of the Day
by eroonman

Although it's been awhile since someone qualified for the Title, just when you think we've finally settled into being reasonably sane, the bright light in our toilet of stupidity comes on once again, and we put forth our own example of why Darwin was right.

I present to you for your consideration (and shame), Mr. Amir Jahanchahi. Yes, he actually spells it Chahi. And you will shortly see why the metaphor of a Chah or Well applies.

He calls himself an "exiled Iranian businessman" which would mean that he was a businessman in Iran, but No, he came out in 1979 like everyone else. He became a businessman (and insane) after that. But aside from bad grammar, he is also now interested in the formation of a Green Wave (how original!) of resistance, and apparently thinks that the way to save Iran is to simply outspend the IRI.

His business according to Market Watch is apparently corporate takeovers, "...Mr Jahanchahi was instrumental in toppling an executive at Havas, the advertising group, last June. That paved the way for Vincent Bolloré, the flamboyant corporate raider, to take control." So if we assume that the IRI is merely a corporation, and Ahmdinejad and the mullahs are the CEO and Board, that makes Chahi our Trump.

The plans from his widely advertised "luxurious home" in London (did you get that IRI?), includes "flooding the country with money" to "bring this regime to its knees" and "setting up a Farsi-language radio station to broadcast into Iran".

Apparently Chahi has not seen Amirghasemi poncing about the stage, on Tapesh Satellite TV from LA.

But the most telling example of insanity is the comparison of himself to Charles De Gaulle who was also exiled in London in 1940 and spoke out against the Nazis during WWII. Because if you think about it, and know how to use Photoshop, you can easily see the similarities.

Further describing exactly how he plans to overthrow the IRI, Jahanchahi said his movement will be "…a constellation of all the Iranian opposition, not an organization or a party. I do not represent anyone. I am not Ahmed Chalabi,".

"The Iranian regime needs to be overthrown by force," he said.

Wow! You say Chahi, I say Chalabi, let's call the whole thing off…

Negah Konin, Tora beh Hazrateh Abbas! Hala Digeh az Chaleh beh "Chahi" Oftadeem!


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You are the IDIOT

by Maziari on

This guy puts his MONEY where his MOUTH is. That makes him a lot more respectable than the FREE LOADERS who do the opposite and MAKE MONEY out of PRETENDING to oppose the ISLAMIST unREPUBLIC. That includes various Californian Radio & TV stations, much of the web sites that run ads and so on and so forth.

What percentage of Iranians have contributed MATRIALY to any form of opposition to IR. 50%, 10%, 1% or less than 0.1%?? More likely the number is less than 1 in a 1000.



Go back to Homer

by ehsan-shemrooni on

Listen Marge,

 Just for your weird taste in men you need to get a brain check. Quit the drugs that make you see the reality of the world through the prism of a cartoon character. Here is a clue for you...eroonman... is in fact....are you ready? sure you'are sitting down?..he is...Krusty the Clown! There now you have it. While I am at it, get some help for your hair color. 


I wish you the same courage as Amir Jahanchahi

by ehsan-shemrooni on

As far as I can tell you are hiding behind an alias to pour your vitriolic prose on people you have never met and never known. I wish you had the same courage as Mr. Jahanchahi to stand up in the middle of broad daylight and have the gumption to just say a few words about the evils of the Islamic Republic of Iran (even) from exile. The truth about you may be quite different since one could suspect you being on the IRI payroll to broadcast irrelevant information not to say blatant lies about Iranian activists. Your feable attempt to start a slogan on A. Jahanchahi in Farsi is as pathetic as the empty content you have posted here that is nothing but a waste of space. The depth of your analysis is at par with a high school student trying to decipher complex geo-politics questions. Whether one is an ex-IRI diplomat leaving the revolutionary sinking ship or an activist trying to bring the world's attention to the horrific human right abuses inside Iran they all deserve their place in the sun and our collective appreciation for the efforts they are putting to save the nation. Eroonman (one needs to double check the verasity of your claim to manhood as well) you are indeed ...pathetic!  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

only some dumb brainwashed

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

only some dumb brainwashed Basijis and IRGC will resist and they will be destroyed for good.

I hate to see Iran attacked. But above is the silver lining. The Basiji trash should be destored.

A need modern Iran will rise from the ashes of Islamic republic

I hope so. Of course we would have had one already and doing fine if that idiotic revolution had never happened in the first place.


if they attack Iran, the people will take advantage

by SecularDemocraticIran on

 we don't want military attack against IR because the casualties and destructions of Iran will be unpredictable, but if happens, IR will be the real losers because then they'll be completely destroyed 

regime is very scared of a military strike, because the Iranian people will take advantage and get rid of the occupying regime of the IR 

I even doubt that the Iranian military would make a strong move against the US forces because 1st they know they''re  not any match to the US's military and all the GPS and heat guided missiles the Americans have and 2nd they are as tired of the regime as the ordinary Iranians, there is no lyalty to the regime, they are royal to the people

only some dumb brainwashed Basijis and IRGC will resist and they will be destroyed for good.


 A need modern Iran will rise from the ashes of Islamic republic 


Dear arthimis: "is mocked by I.R. Low Lives... "

by yousef on

But look just behind that mocking mask, hides the face of an extremely frightened, badly wounded, yet schemeing islamist beast fighting for his life, just show no mercy, non whatsoever......


the only alternative to war is regime change & secular democracy

by SecularDemocraticIran on

the only alternative to war is regime change & secular democracy in Iran and that's only achievable by unity among all forces who demand democracy and freedom


laughing at this man is the same as defending the Islamic rep

by SecularDemocraticIran on

laughing at this man is the same as defending the Islamic republic

sympathizing Mousavi's lies and his empty promises (the same lies that brought Khomeini to power) is also the same as helping the Islamic republic

 we are here to free Iran, not to idolize the ones who are trying to keep the Islamic republic in power (Mousavi & co)

Amir Jahanhahi is a hero and introduced a logical solution, he is even willing to invest his self made personal assets to free Iran while Mousavi and Rafsanjani with billions of dollars they have stolen from the Iranian people are trying to keep the regime and will fight the people if necessary to keep the IR in power



Agree with SDI ... Any

by Arthimis on

Agree with SDI ...

Any Iranian Patriot who is coming forward against Evil I.R. and actually does something (instead of talking........) is mocked by I.R. Low Lives... Fine, whatever... But I wonder if they would still laugh when bombs are falling on their families and own heads by horribly violent forces !!!

Keep on laughing losers...

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

I don't

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


know about Jahanchai but I do know these  things for sure.

  • Mousavi is a joke and is actively working to keep IRI in power. He is no leader and greens will be a joke unde him.
  • If the IRI is not removed by Iranian people it will be removed by the USA. 

This is not my desire. I rather Mousavi was a real leader and did help topple the Islamic hell. But he is not. I don't want to see USA attack Iran but it will. It is just going throgh the motions:

  • You first demonize it. The Islamist Reapists are doing a fine job on that. Don't need the US to help. Day by day the idiots make the world hate them more.
  • First you weaken it using sanctions. You see that happening now.
  • Then you cook up some reason to attack it. That is "nukes". The Islamist morons are giving all the help anyone needs.

The only reason it has not happened yet is Afghanistan. The job there needs to be finished. It will be done despite all the opposition. Meanwhile they are bleeding Iran dry to when they attack there won't be much  a fight.


You people are the idiots, not this Iranian patriot

by SecularDemocraticIran on

You people are so stupid, that sit there all say long talking about Mousavi's BS statements without having enough brain to know that all the scripts of Mousavi's statements are carefully written by the IRGC intelligence ministry in order to fool you idiots and buy the regime more time


I've read Amir Jahnachahi's statemen and don't see any non-sense in his proposal, everything he said in his statements were common sense.

I hope more people thought and cared about the situation the way he did.


What he proposed was a logical solution to change the regime by the hands of Iranians,  you don't want it then wait until the US and NATO step in and remove them the way they did to the Taliban and Sddam Hussein.



You ruined my composure!

by lissnup on

LOL I was doing so well keeping a straight face in discussions about this chap and his 'plan' on Twitter but you have undone me.


Discrediting Diaspora

by mwolda on

I'm getting the distinct impression that there are people here on that are putting great effort out to discredit any Iranian diaspora that has potential leadership.... even if they clearly state that they want a secular democracy and dont' want to be leaders. Jahanchahi and Pahlavi both could be part of a larger coalition that Jahanchahi calls for in his book. No single leader. An Iranian coalition to actively work towards overthrowing the fascist Iranian regime. This kind of unification is what the regime fears most. I'm starting to really question the intentions and agendas of those who try to squelch it.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Wow. Great catch.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Thank you for alerting us. How damn funny and sad.