Best and worst Nowruz messages!


Best and worst Nowruz messages!
by David ET

Here is how I rated the Nowruz messages, first one being the worst

Ahmadinejad        Lies lies and more lies as usual

Khamenei            Had nothing to do with "Nowruz" especially from a guy who only few days ago opposed Charshanbe soori festivities!

Mousavi               I give him this much credit: He can put everyone including his enemies to sleep!  and what did he say? The green movement wants Islamic Republic? and so the rest of opposition who supported the movement do not count? Shouldn't he at least wait until he gets to power !...By the way! and when did Khomeini's name change to Someini?

Reza Pahlavi        Who writes his speeches?  Do they Xerox the speeches from previous years ? His message was like a last minute Ensha that he wrote for school assignment! What's next ? "Tatilaat khod raa chegooneh gozarandim?"

Rahnavard          Does she patch her bedroom sheets and curtains to make clothes for herself? She wraps herself in that much fabric just because she is a woman ? and at the same time talks about women equality? ...and what did she say? Having freedom "again"? Have we had freedom at sometime and we missed it? Or may be they did.... and like her husband communicated : the rest don't count ! and what was up with that cameraman and the changing angles!

Karoubi               He said he will spill his blood to save Islamic Republic ! Who was that message directed at? at leaders of Islamic republic or its opposition!?

Obama               Comparing to others, I think he scored well; giving him extra point for not even being Iranian and also for the improvements from last year and even finishing his message in Persian versus those who finished theirs with Arabic!

and here is what I think was the common subliminal message of all of them to Iranians for the new year.

"Don't count on us. You are on your own"                                    




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David ET

0 is a number but not the 1

by David ET on

Let's face it , the man has been in a deadlock and this year in his speech offered nothing new but the same old words. But then to be fair , he was probably too busy with Pahlavi family parties that did not have time to think of anything of value to offer, so he basically recycled one of his previous 30 messages which also can not be denied that in action turned up to be useless.

We Iranians are good in offering nothing while filling up the airs with useless Ta'rof's and Ta'rifs, but for that we already have many LA based backroom satellite TV's .

I know he is your hero but he is a zero and not the 1

and don't be offended as you often become when I or anyone criticize your boy. A zero and its supporters serve a great purpose by adding to the numbers but lets be honest and face it , he has proven in the past 31 years that he is not the 1 and even in his own words he has acknowledged that after the job is done he is willing to offer his Royal or whatever services that might be asked of him! 


Nowruz Piruz

Darius Kadivar

In Your Quest for Perfection David Jaan You forgot Your Empress

by Darius Kadivar on


Shahbanou Farah's Nowrooz Wishes (2010)

And Royal Solidarity in Respecting and honoring our traditions

ROYALTY: Crown Prince Reza and Family Jump over Bonfire (4 Shambeh Souri-2010) 

denied by the UN IRANIAN regime we brought to power 30 years ago for no real justification other than immature impatience that seems to linger on in our IRANICAN community ...

What have the Pahlavi'a ever done for us "THE PEOPLE" indeed ? ...


And I doubt that Sermoning on the Hill and Lecturing on others shortcomings from Our High Horses ever got us Iranians any further in our quest for Freedom and democracy Or any closer to a Unity of democratic forces which is long due :


Remember the Enemy of Good Is Perfection ! ...

You should know better by now that You cannot Always Have What YOU Want ...

SATIRE: I voted ;0)

nevertheless ...

Happy Nowrooz David Jaan ,


PS: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.” -Theodore Roosevelt