Obama's Nowruz Message

Renews Iran dialogue offer

WhiteHouse.org: President Obama sends an important message to those celebrating the Persian holiday of Nowruz, and in particular to the people and government of Iran. While recognizing our continuing differences with the Iranian government, the President outlines his commitment to a more just and hopeful future for all Iranians. To everyone celebrating Nowruz around the world, may you have a peaceful and prosperous new year.



he's saying Iran's rights

by benross on

he's saying Iran's rights are controlled and are subject to "approval" of America

In a nutshell, he is saying exactly that. Because it's not about IRAN. It's about IRI. And you are right. He is prepared to deal with IRI within its capacity. The issue of what rules in Iran and what capacity it has, is an Iranian issue, for Iranians to deal with. Not Obama. He indicates that U.S is not going to leave Iranians alone. That pretty much sums it up... on a good note.

The rest is up to us. And by 'us' I mean those Iranians who want a regime change. Those who want put Iran in modernity time zone. A modern government will have a far larger capacity to live within international community and most of the tensions currently upon Iran, inflicted by IRI, will disappear. Nobody can claim defending Iran interest by ignoring the common sense. Nobody. Mossadegh couldn't do it. Shah couldn't do it. And you can't do it either.

This picture is quite clear and obvious. It's not subject to any dispute. The dispute is among those who want a regime change and those who don't. As simple as that. Now they may try to taint any supporter of regime change as an agent of Israel or this or that. This is their job to do. Islamic regime is defined by drawing its enemies. It has no definition in and within itself. So anybody who wants it gone, MUST be an agent of this or that.

All these anti-Israeli hoopla in IC blogs, is not for protesting the Israeli government policies, its for tainting any Iranian who fights against IRI as agent of Israel or U.S or others. They have a job to do. They don't want Iranians put their trust on opposition which wants a regime change. This is a job, psychologically obliged to cover their historic guilt, to prove to themselves they had a 'purpose' and that 'purpose' is not dead yet!

The supporters of a regime change are supporting an Iran within international community. It means that they don't define their country based on defining its enemies. So a priori, all countries in the world, including Israel and this U.S -where most of these 'anti-imperialists' and anti-Israelis took refuge in - are our friends. We may have differences, but we are not enemies.

So if for a second you think that Israel bashing in IC is over, think again. They are out to taint IRI opposition and implement IRI 'doshman shenaasi' doctrine. It was never about Israel.

As long as IRI exists, they subsist.


Tear this islamic wall down

by mehdi79 on

Reagan told the communist regime "Mr Gorbachev tear this wall down" .. when we hear the same thing but this time" Mr Khamenei tear this islamic wall down" then we know the shit is for real ... you cannot appease this regime or negotiate with them ... you gotta crush em under your thumbs ... there s a need for a solidarity movement like in eastern europe a velvet revolution ... no need for violent military strikes


positive and negative...

by Q on

On the one hand calling it "Islamic Republic" is a clear signal that Obama is not interested in any kind of "regime change". He's trying to at least convey that US is willing to live with IRI, even a nuclear powered IRI.

However, it's sad to see the same neocon mentality let over from the Bush crazies. If one pays close attention, it's easy to spot the "fine line" with this deal. Obama is saying "Yes, you can have nuclear energy but only if we determine you are worthy". In effect, he's saying Iran's rights are controlled and are subjec to "approval" of America. Like Bush said "freedom is not America's gift, it's the almighty's gift to humanity" meaning America is carrying out God's work.


Obama how long r u going tolerate this situation

by seannewyork on

please let us know.  havent you seen enough.


I would like to say, you

by zebel20 on

I would like to say, you should start by apologizing for financing sadam hussain financially and militarily, including the chemical weapons that was used against the Iranian nation. In addition, explain how a dictator like sadam hussain was considered by the USA as an ally, but later on as the enemy of the USA, and how you have managed to kill over 1million still counting Iraqies, that had nothing to do with the world trade centre. For a simple reason, their vast OIL reserves. The only reason now you are trying so hard, out of desperation to rich Iranian people, beside invading us just like iraq, is our countrys mighty military force as it is good enough to defend ourselves against you. Now as a black man why don’t you look back into history and the treatment of black people in USA as you still lable them as second hand citizen, by referring to them as African American. Our students are more then ok to study in Iran and our today and future scientist are going to make us Iranians proud, not to come to US and profit you. Your country is so great, you know so much about economy you have over 40000 jobless Americans, so much rape, drug addicts, gun crimes, robberies, and have the most debts in the entire world. No country in the world likes you. Before the revolution you have had full control over our countries natural resources and economy, now you have no control. Your sanctions has not work and still we spend so much less on technology thanks to your sanctions but still we are competing in the worlds arena.


Azizan FB and MK

by IRANdokht on

You two started my year with a big smile and I am grateful to you for at least a whole year ;-)

You gents are both #1 in my book :o)

Bekhoda we need to give him a chance. A lot of people had given up on him for taking the center in domestic policies and they didn't realize how important it was for him to take that time to prove the naysayers are on the wrong side, before he pushed hard for health care and what he added to the bill made this reform 100% better than what the senate was going to vote on.

He's doing what he needs to do in order to be respected and taken seriously (racism is alive and well even amongst the most progressive and intellectuals in this country). I see the same strategy in motion on other issues as well. Have you ever seen Israel lose face and be asked to apologize to US for their settlements before?)  You won't be disapointed. ;-)


Fouzul Bashi

My dear Marhoum Kharmagas! LOL :)))

by Fouzul Bashi on

You laanati! looool :)  It's good omen to begin the New Year with a hearty laugh:))))  And a very Happy New Year to you too my good man.  May the Parvardegar enaayat a green chaman free from weeds and lajan for us to sing and dance for many New Years to come ;)


marhoume laAnti ;-)

by capt_ayhab on

NouRuzet pirus va khojasteh, shoma va khanevadeye gerami.

You are missed dada


marhoum Kharmagas

I too say be chashm to ID! (to FB)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

FB-e azeez, I too say be chashm to ID's request, or as we Esfahanis say be rouye tokhme cheshmam. Needless to say that if it had been requested by a non progressive green I would have used the same sentence with skipping cheshm related words in it. Happy new year to you FB jaan, and I hope next Persian year will be a year of healing for our hamvatans.

ID jaan, I hope 'saali ke nekoost az bahaarash peydaast' is not applicable to Obama! 

Fouzul Bashi

ID jan

by Fouzul Bashi on

WOW! Was that a "failed" sabzeh in your book?  If the president 'failed" like that, I would kiss his hands and do a somersault ;))  Anyway, that coming from you, berooye cheshm, lovely lady, I give the president another chance ;)


Thank you Mr. President, Excellent Message as always.

by mehdi2009 on

What a great message by a wonderful speaker. Compare to the last occupier of the Oval office, this man truly honors the English Language. His Farsi accent has also greatly improved.


Salutations to ALL the TRUE Sons and Daughters of Iran.



FB jan

by IRANdokht on

sareh saal-e no khooneto kassif nakon baradar! and please give my President a chance ;-)

I wish you and yours the best in the new year and btw I am sending you a picture of my failed sabzeh soon :o) 



My friends

by IRANdokht on

Happy New year to all of you especially my good friends MK jan, my dear Marge and DK aziz, and all who send me your nice words and norouz cards in email.

Wishing you a wonderful Norouz and a healthy, happy, joyful and prosperous year.

MK jan lets start the new year on a positive note and hope that this good will message from President Obama marks the start of better days to come for all Iranians :o)

It's good to see you all and hope you enjoy Norouz with your loved ones. 



May This Year ...

by R2-D2 on

Bring The True Liberation Of The Iranian People From The Tyranny Of The Mullahs .....



Darius Kadivar

Don't Miss VOA Persian Nowrooz Program

by Darius Kadivar on

Excellent Kambiz Hosseini is hosting it !

Great Guests too. Hope it will be on youtube soon !

Don't Miss it !

Fouzul Bashi

Mr President, Are you kidding?!

by Fouzul Bashi on

You say the US has no objection to Iran exercising its right to nuclear technology!!!!!!  Really??????????  So what are all these pushing for sanctions resolutions in the UNSC and unilateral sanctions against Iran, the petrol embargo????? Since when isn't uranium enrichment, Iran's right?  Shame, shame.  We say in Iran, khejalat ham khoob chizieh!  Ask Mr Sazegara to translate it for you! I know, your strings are pulled and pushed like a marionette, but .. disappointing sir, disappointing ...  And a Happy Norouz to you too .. Hope the new year will bring some freedom and honesty your way loool

Irandokht Jan and Marhoum Kharmagas Norouzetan pirouz bad :))  sad saal beh een salha :) 

Darius Kadivar

Happy Nowrooz Irandokht Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Kojayee Dokhtar Jaan !

Welcome Back !


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

He's one man in one branch of government

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I was not surprised that we aren't living in USA Utopia. He has a big mess and big Congress babies to deal with. Change is slow. Remember that. When it's not, you must be suspicious.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Dear IRANdokht!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Norooz Pirouz! Happy Norooz! So good to see you here. Have a wonderful year.

marhoum Kharmagas

Norouzat Pirouz IRANdokht jaan

by marhoum Kharmagas on

ID jaan, these days I too rarely write, but am glad to see you! Norouzat Pirouz, and have a good year ahead of you. I'll have the same wish for likes of Obama when I see them treating Iran fairly.


" Obama Offers Engagement "

by Fartash on


" Obama Offers Engagement " » by FartashPhoto - Most Recent Article in CNN ireport ~ //bit.ly/9i00Yt

My Name Is Borat

So what?

by My Name Is Borat on

It's been more than a year since he has taken office and people remain starstruck, despite the fact that his policies are a complete disaster at every level.


Happy Norouz...

by Emil on

President Obama, Nowruz shom ham pirooz va khojasteh....


Norouzetan Pirooz

by IRANdokht on

Mr President,

Thank you for a strong, straight forward, peaceful and humanitarian message to all Iranians, delivered with class and eloquence.

The hope is alive.


marhoum Kharmagas

Don't see any good faith so far, Mr. Obama

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Mr. Obama, you and your heavily Israeli influenced/controlled government have been looking for Iran's total capitulation. Many of us Iranians don't like our country to capitulate despite our disagreements with IRI.


Bad timing

by pars35 on

I find this speech as very irrelevant. On the eve of Nooroz no Iranians want to hear about Israeli/ US agenda.

Here is your Aidee, Sanctions and Bunker Busting Bombs piled up in Diego Garcia so I can send Persians back to Stone ages.

Get Real .. this white house is run by Israelis.   



I wish he was the Shah of Iran

by benross on

می‌گویند در دوران تظاهرات انقلابی در رشت، مردم راه افتاده بودند و شعار می‌دادند «ما شاه نمی‌خواهیم، ما شاه نمی‌خواهیم». بعد سر و کلهٔ سربازان پیدا شد. مردم به شعارهای خود ادامه دادند «ما شاه نمی‌خواهیم، چونکه یدونه داریم».

اما امریکا هم اگر پادشاهی شود خیلی از مشکلاتش حل می‌شود. اوباما بد نیست به این نکته کمی بیاندیشد. 


Listening to Obama, I

by azadi5 on

Listening to Obama, I wonder what kind of message Ahmadinejad or Khamenie have for the people of Iran and the rest of the world for norooz, perhaps something like;

1- this year we are going to wipe Israel off the map,

2- kill all the Americans and Europeans,

3- ban the color green from all forms of clothing, paint, trees, etc.

4- arrest all journalists who don't praise the government,

5- mandatory borqua for all females of all ages outside and inside of homes. mandatory beard for all men. no more shaving,

6- replacing Farsi language by arabic,

7- rape, torture, and execution for all political and non political prisoners,

8- replacing norooz, 4shanbe soori, 13 bedar, yalda with days of mourning for emam zadeha

9- khamenie to be worshiped as god himself from now on

10-removing Iran's name form the country, calling it Islamic Republic.



Mola Nasredeen

"Such a great leader and a wonderful man, I wished he was the

by Mola Nasredeen on

Shah of Iran!" Said Hazrate shotor.

Sargord Pirouz

Less interesting, less

by Sargord Pirouz on

Less interesting, less hopeful speech this time around.

What we need is sincere engagement, not take-it-or-leave-it offers intended to be rejected, in order to pursue economic warfare against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

But hey, at least "crippling" sanctions do not appear imminent, nor does war appear likely. So that's something, at least.