Karroubi: Norooz Message

Slams Islamic Republic's policies

Radio Zamaneh: Mehdi Karroubi, Iranian opposition leader issued a message on the occasion of Nowruz condemning the exclusionary policies of the Islamic Republic claiming the regime has been reduced to a few clerics and the military supporters of the government. Naming a few hardline clerics such as Ayatollah Janati, Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi and Ahmad Khatami, he added that by limiting the regime to such a handful of clerics and the armed forces behind the government, the “galleon of the regime” has been transformed into a “meager barge.” Karroubi’s comments come after Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei announced that he does not want anyone to disembark for the “ship of the regime” unless they insist on getting off. Karroubi maintained that he considers himself “a devotee” of Islamic and the Islamic Republic, but has no faith in a regime that solely belongs to the “tastes of a small group.”>>>


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Not bad

by MRX1 on

His speech in retrospect is not bad if you compare it to the rest of IRR clan. Would have been nice if he said this stuff, thirty years a go, 20 years a go, even 10 years a go, than now.


I dont buy what he says

by mahmoudg on

he is as gulty as the rest.  Where was freedom and transparency when he was accepting millions of illegal contributions from his supporters.  How does a mid level cleric afford a multi million dollar house.  They are all crooks and must be brought to justice.


Sale Jadide Norouwzi Be to Gerami Bad Ey Delavar. doostat darim.

by samanpacino on

Saman London


My hat off to all of those who have had the guts to stay in Iran

by Bavafa on

and openly protest against this regime, this is specially the ordinary citizens who have virtually no protections against the thugs of the regime.  They surely show far more guts and balls then many of us, including myself who stay in the comfort of our homes outside of Iran and dare to move a finger.



Dariush Tabrizi

by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد" Vaghan Motasefam... yani ma Azaria va Kurda zabuna chi, nakhastam chizi begam .. ke zood migan ehhh shoma kheyli geyrati astin... Khatami ba un Joke goftanesh,,, Pooleh Melat ba un sheresh ParsNejad.. Einam Karoubi ba tabrik goftanesh... Man motmayen astam ke manzuri nadasht vali kan.. hanuz ye siasat madhar bayad fekr kone harf bezaneh... Poole Mellat nevesht parsnejad Rayis Jomhur joke mige (Khatami) Einam Shoja Karoubi... Badan begin chera shoma Azaria sukut gereftin bad az entekhabat...  Hala javabaro bedin ke Khamnei torke, nemidunam shome pish az hat hasassin..  Merci Tabrizi

Fouzul Bashi

جناب آقای کروبی

Fouzul Bashi

با تشکر از موضع مسئول و بی باکانه شما.  نوروزتان پیروز باد.


ممنون از آقای کوبی


که واقعا بی‌ باکانه حرفش رو میزنه و از خواسته‌های به
حق مردم عقب نشینی نمی‌کنه و از کسی‌ هم واهمه‌ای نداره، حتا پس از این همه
حملاتی که بر او و خیشانش روا داشته شده.


to dariush kadivar

by tabriz_balasi on

Please think alittle before you write something.  Azari people are not "parsi zaban" or "farsi zaban" and they celebrate "Nowrouz", so Karrobi forgot to mention us, "Azari zaban" people, and that is very offensive to me.  second of all, who cares about who gives a better speech.  Obama gave lots of good speeches too, but look where he is right now.  even democrates have given up on him.  third of all, you sound have become an interior designer, who gives a "sh**" about the background?! 


be an act at all times in the name of Allah.

Darius Kadivar

Much Better speach than Moussavi

by Darius Kadivar on

He even refered to the "PARSI" Speaking population too.

Nicer background too. ( Get a  micro next time)

Told you so didn'I ?

SATIRE: I voted ;0)

Hee Hee