Latest protests

Most recent/important videos on the June Uprising

"Outside My Door," Someone visiting Iran has made a video clip of the second night after the protests just outside her house:

Very clear footage of Tehran, Vali e Asr Ave, on the eve of elections:

Dortmund, Germany:

Vienna, Austria:

Bucharest, Romania

Athens, Greece:

Berlin, Germany:

Sidewalk confrontation between crowd and police, Tehran, July 3:

"Allah o Akbar" night time, Shemiran, July 5:

Man shot in the head, Tehran:

Oh My! This is lovely! Watch these Americans in Montana celebrate 4th of July, wearing green in solidarity with Iranians' quest for freedom. Very touching, gave me goosebumps!:

Tehran a few hours after election results were announced:

How Ferdowsi went "green" during the demonstrations:

Isfahan, police beat up a young man:

"Daneshjoo mimirad, zellat nemipazirad", Kashan University protests, July 4:

Police destroy satellite dishes, Tehran, July 1:

Los Angeles, June 28th, 2009:

Mainz, Germany:

10-year-old boy shot by basijis while out on Gandhi Avenue with his father. He died later. This is horrible:

Riot police shooting paint ball bullets at crowd. An explosion is heard:

July 2nd, police attack one young man:

Thursday, July 3rd, relatives of those killed during the recent protests gather in Behesht e Zahra:

Tehran, June 28th (according to clip), protesters and police:

St. Louis, Missouri:

Toronto, cycling rally in solidarity with Iranians:

Mohsen Makhmalbaf speaks at a Paris rally, June 26th:

Thugs attack demonstrators, Tehran:

Running from danger, Tehran:


* Sound of gunfire
* Street battles
* Helsinki, Finland
* Adelaide, Australia
* Police destroy people's property
* Woman dares riot police to hit her
* Tehran, Allah o Akbar
* Streets of Tehran
* Riot police destroy private property
* Qoba Mosque: "Marg bar dictator"
* Police harass and attack people
* Riot police arrive Qoba Mosque
* Rooftop chanting
* Paris protests
* Darmstadt, Germany
* Protests in London
* Human chain in Toronto
* Denver, Colorado
* Demonstrator shot by basij
* Tehran University students protest
* Police use tear gas to disperse crowd
* Tehran street clashes
* Khamenei's picture on fire
* Iranians marching in Montreal
* Angry crowd resolutely yells "Allah o Akbar"
* "Marg bar dictator"
* "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein"
* Karoubi among protesters (1)
* Karoubi among protesters (2)
* "Irani meemeerad, zellat nemipazeerad"
* "Marg bar dictator"
* "Beheshti, kojaee? Mousavi tanha shodeh"
* Mousavi addresses crowd
* Crowd chants for Karoubi and Mousavi
* Allah o Akbar in the dark
* "Natarseem Natarseem"
* Basiji shooting at people from a rooftop
* Tulsa, Oaklahoma
* Tokyo, Japan
* Las Cruces, New Mexico
* Greenlake, Seattle, Washington
* Constant shooting, people shot
* Police beat up protester
* People throw stones at police
* Neda Salehi Agha Soltan's grave
* Candlelight vigil for martyrs in front of Tehran University
* Funny song against Ahmadinejad
* Protesters prevent attack on police
* Salt Lake City, Utah: Actress Alyssa Milano and actor Chris Gorham attended
* Canberra, Australia
* Auckland, New Zealand
* Colombus Circle, NYC, Amnesty International
* Coquitlam, Canada: Mayor speaks
* San Jose, California
* Christchurch, New Zealand
* Frankfurt, Germany
* Maastricht, Netherlands
* Prague, Czech Republic
* Cyprus protests
* "Dolat e koodeta, estefa estefa"
* Demonstrators shot
* Amsterdam, the Netherlands
* Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
* Silent Night in Western Ontario
* Frankfurt, Germany
* Bremen, Germany
* Copenhagen, Denmark
* Basle, Switzerland
* Man shot as crowd charge forward
* Basijis firing into crowd
* Protesters beaten, Baharestan
* Athens, Greece
* Berlin, Germany
* Las Vegas, Nevada
* Bern, Switzerland
* Lusanne, Switzerland
* Munich, Germany
* Camp Ashraf for Neda
* Dublin, Ireland
* Seoul, Sout Korea
* Miami, Florida
* Cardiff, UK
* Warsaw, Poland
* Washing DC, Dupont Circle
* Coppenhagen, Denmark
* Denver, Colorado
* Clashes, Baharestan
* Baharestan, police
* Regime thugs attack homes, cars
* Green balloons around the world
* Tehran chaos
* Truck slams into demonstrators
* Protesters affected by gas attack
* "Scream of Silence"
* Rasht
* Saghez, Kurdistan
* New York, New York
* Leeds, UK
* Hanover, Germany
* Peaceful Tehran demonstration
* People move injured protester
* Glendale, California
* Basiji captured, let go
* Man is shot dead
* Protesters charging at police
* Fighting intensifies
* "Marg bar Jomhoori-e Eslami"
* Shots fired at Tehran crowd
* People escaping bullets
* Kermanshah
* Bandar Abbas night time
* Woman injured, Isfahan
* Tense air in Rasht
* Ahvaz, Khuzestan
* Another man killed
* Amazing confrontation with police
* Man shot in Tehran
* Protesters setting up barricades
* Tel Aviv, Israel
* San Francisco, California
* San Diego, California
* Toronto, Canada
* Dallas, Texas
* Washington, DC, White House
* Cologne, Germany
* Windsor, Canada
* Oslo, Norway
* Candlelight vigil in Austin, Texas
* Silent vigil, Vancouver, Canada
* Hague, Netherlands
* Atlanta, Georgia
* Police attack crowd at Tehran University entrance
* Badly injured man
* Young man cries by pool of blood
* Firing shots
* Five policemen beat one protester
* Pro and Anti-Ahmadinejad crowds
* Outside Tehran University
* Azadi Square march
* Road blocks by police, Azadi Square
* "Marg bar Jomhooriye Eslami, Marg bar basiji"
* Military show off on Tehran street
* Makeshift first aid station
* 7 Tir Square protests
* Young woman beaten by police
* Baharestan, Allah o Akbar
* Tabriz: "Azarbaijan jonbesh kon"
* Shiraz protests
* Sports complex turned into a military garrison
* Protesters gather
* Defiant people kept from leaving an alley
* Reza Pahlavi joins demonstrations
* Two injured by basijis
* Protesters celebrating
* 7-year old boy beaten
* Tehran people throw stones at the guards
* Tehran: Man shot dead
* Young man shot dead
* Allah o Akbar at night in Shemiran
* Police car in blaze
* Tehran: Azadi Square
* Tehran: Valie Asr Square
* Tehran: Gandhi Avenue
* Babol demonstrations, 4 parts
* Security forces making arrests
* Crowd charging biker police, Vanak
* Attack on residential complex
* More helicopter spraying
* Protest in Tehran (at Forsat Street)
* Basijis attack protestors and break into homes
* Shiraz protests
* Isfahan, injured students
* Tehran, men unconscious or dying
* Man killed
* Protests contnue
* Neda Agha Soltan shot in Tehran
* One person killed in gun shooting in Tehran
* Memorial service for Hossein Tahmasebi
* San Francisco protests
* Man shot in Tehran
* Isfahan, injured protestors
* Oroumieh: Man is killed (?)
* Charlotte, North Carolina
* San Jose, California
* Nashville, Tennessee
* Stockholm, Sweden
* Zahedan, "Nirooye Eftezahee!"
* Ahvaz
* Abadan: Woman shot
* Khorramabad, Lorestan
* Portland, Oregon
* Alboquerque, New Mexico
* Seattle, Washington (1)
* Seattle, Washington (2)
* Protester shot in front of Basij station
* Los Angeles protests
* LA Iranians fighting over flags
* Orange County protests
* Protests Munich, Germany
* Washington DC protests
* Sacramento protests
* New York City protests
* Austin, Texas
* "Day of Mourning" march, Tehran
* From Isfahan rooftops shouting "Allah-o-Akbar"
* Tehran "Million Silent March" (1)
* Tehran "Million Silent March" (2)
* "Toop, Tank, Basiji Deegar Asar Nadaarad!"
* Protester killed by police
* Isfahan, several wounded protesters
* Orumiyeh protests
* Koln, Germany: "Iraniye ba gheyrat, hemayat! Hemayat!"
* Protest in Gothenburg, Sweden
* Protest in Glasgow, Scotland
* London: "Een Entekhabe Maa Neest"
* Houston, Texas, demonstration
* Massive Tehran demonstration
* Sari: "Taghalob, Taghalob, Taghalob!"
* Yazd University students
* Qazvin Azad University students
* Man shot during demonstration
* Protesters in front of Iranian embassy in London
* Tehran, Vali Asr: Incredible demonstration
* Tehran: Police car set on fire
* Isfahan: "Atal Matal Tootooleh, Diktatore Kootooleh"
* Several shot in Tehran alley
* Protest gathering in Kerman
* Massive demonstration in Isfahan
* Pro-Ahmadinejad rally
* Wounded Tehran University students
* Takhte Tavoos protests
* Wounded students at Isfahan University (1)
* Wounded students at Isfahan University (2)
* Shiraz: "Marg bar Diktator"
* Man shot near Azadi sqaure
* Basiji shoots at protesters
* People marching in Shiraz
* Demonstrations in Isfahan
* Tehran Metro protest ;o)
* Tehran crowd shouting pro-Mousavi slogans
* Police beat people
* Demonstration in Dubai
* Demonstrations in Hamburg
* Sobhan housing complex in Tehran attacked (1)
* Sobhan housing complex in Tehran attacked (2)
* Shiraz crowd burn police motorcycle
* Tehran University dorm attacked
* Isfahan protester shot dead
* Crowd carrying wounded man
* Man shot, put in ambulance
* Basijis shooting at crowd
* Shot at Azadi
* Protester beaten inside home
* Jam e Jam rally
* Girl shot in Tehran
* Hospital staff walk out (1)
* Hospital staff walk out (2)
* Security forces, crowds in Rasht
* Bandar Abbas, transporting detained protesters, June 15
* Basiji fires at angry demonstrators



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Dear Marge I agree


I agree with you about Shirin Ebadi, needless to say!  I deeply respect her courage, integrity, humanity and intelligence.

ps I am not French! Jan or Dear or just my name would be fine ;(

Mort Gilani

How Can We Help?

by Mort Gilani on

I hope regardless of what the black-robed buffoon, Khamenei says during Friday's prayer tomorrow, , the protests continue on  Saturday.  The movement must keep its momentum


Why no one ask this Mr.

by kz (not verified) on

Why no one ask this Mr. Mousavi about the executions that took place under his watch as the prime minister or why they had to rape teenage girls before executions?


This is in response to I have a crush on Alex Trebek

by Bahram Gohari (not verified) on

I will still say where is Shirin Ebadi why isn't she leading the demonstration? please tell me what she has done so far to unite the oppositions in order to bring down this filthy regime.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Shame on shame

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Madame Mehrnaz,

Of course it's fine to ask. And it's ok to answer! But it's not ok to do what Bahram did from his Lazy Boy furniture and say "SHAME ON SHIRIN". 

Shirin is not the enemy. She is a hero. She is a woman of conviction. She has fought for people in the hardest circumstances.

Also, she did not create this mess in Iran, and she did not rig the election. It's not even her responsibility to tell the government of Iran to stick the election results up their asses, which she did do. It's EVERYONE's DUTY. 




Thanks for saving me from the dark too!  Isn't that a reasonable question though? - hardly dumping on dear compatriots!  Strangely, it takes balls to ask under the current climate!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Bahram. You are obviously in the dark.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Shirin Khanoom HAS issued several statements. She has also written a blog that demands that the IRI admit to the election being a fraud. It's on the HUFFINGTON POST. That takes balls. And she's a lady. What does that make you.

Gawd damn. Is this really the time to be dumping on your fellow compatriots? Are we that desperate?! 


Bahram Gohari - good point!


Ebadi unfortunately did not vote so she is decent enough not to jump on the bandwagon of a movement that calls: Mousavi give our votes back!  


Rigged election

by Bahram Gohari (not verified) on

I would like to know where are The Human Rights activists like Shirin Ebadi and many others like her, why don't they come out and support the people's cause and what they preach, it is a shame and more shame.


وقتی کروبی ياد جوانی افتاد و چريک‌بازی کرد!

Nemidanam (not verified)

وقتی کروبی ياد جوانی افتاد و چريک‌بازی کرد! (خبر ويژه همراه با عکس)
» » عصر روز چهارشنبه و طبق برنامه از پيش اعلام شده، سيل مردم معترض به کودتای ۲۲ خرداد در ميدان هفتم تير تهران گرد هم آمدند.
در اين راهپيمايی که همچون روزهای گذشته با سکوت شرکت کنندگان همراه بوده و مسير هفت تير به ميدان ولی عصر و تا انتهای بولوار کشاورز طی شد، «مهدی کروبی» هم حضور داشت. شيخ ۷۲ ساله در ابتدای ورود به جمع راهپيمايان با استقبال و هجوم مردمی مواجه شد که شعار می دادند: «کروبی، کروبی، رای منو پس بگير!»
کروبی برای پاسخ دادن به ابراز احساسات هواداران مجبور شد با کمک چند نفر، از يکی از کيوسک های تلفن محل بالا برود!




by bikar (not verified) on

با سلام

امروز وقت ان رسيده كه ١٠ نفري بسر اين بيناموسها ريخت و اسلحي انها را گرفت و از مردم بيگناه دفاع كرد


Swedish internetactivists helps Iranian protesters inside Iran

by Anonymus (not verified) on

The swedish The Pirate Bay has temporary changed the name of its website to The Persian Bay.

Check this link:

How-to surf securely and avoid censorship: //

This forum aims to be a secure and reliable way of communication for Iranians and friends. Use it to discuss what is happening in Iran. Post in the forum either anonymously as a guest, as a registered user, or login with your facebook-account. We are not a government agency, nor are we Iranian. We are simply the internet and we believe in free speech. Read here for more: //

This forum is backed by, Anonymous, and numerous other internet-friendly forces.

Some background:

The Pirate Bay is a Swedish website that indexes and tracks BitTorrent (.torrent) files. It bills itself as "the world's largest BitTorrent tracker"[1] and is ranked as the 106th most popular website by Alexa Internet.[2] The website is primarily funded with advertisements shown next to torrent listings. Initially established in November 2003 by the Swedish anti-copyright organization Piratbyrån (The Piracy Bureau), it had been operating as a separate organization since October 2004.


Some Persian blog titles today

by Unanamouz (not verified) on

آقای لباس شخصی شیشه ماشین رو شکستی دیگه چرا ضبط رو بردی ؟!

آگهی فروش محمود احمدی نژاد در E-bay

عباس عبدی: در یک حوزه آرای کروبی، ۵۳۰ تا است. می‏خواهید اعلام کنیم، ۱۰٬۰۰۰ نفر بیایند و بگویند ما به کروبی رأی دادیم؟

شورای نگهبان: شخصی به نام میرحسین موسوی اصلاً از اول جزء کاندیداها نبوده ـ

Shazde Asdola Mirza

در انتظار وصل تو

Shazde Asdola Mirza

قسم به خوبی و صفا، غمین و زار و خسته ام


چو مرغک شکسته دل،  به خاک و خون نشسته ام


سر به هوای عشق تو، رسم وفای کوی تو


غیر تو راه نی مرا، که تا کنون نشسته ام


جز تو به کس نمانده ام،‌ در انتظار وصل تو


رها کنم اگر ترا، غمین و دل شکسته ام


قسم به تار موی تو،‌ به گرمی و صفای تو 


دیوانه ای در کوی تو، به آرزو سرگشته ام



Bypass Iranian internet filters

by shojan (not verified) on

Bypass Iranian internet filters by downloading this free program.



چهارشنبه 27

Nemidanam (not verified)

چهارشنبه 27 خرداد 1388، 17 ژوئن 2009، ساعت 2:30 بعد از ظهر

اطلاعيه: به عنوان اعتراض همکاري خود با صدا و سيما را متوقف مي‌کنم!

انا ل‍له و انا اليه راجعون

اينجانب عبدالله شهبازي، که قريب به دو دهه به عنوان مورخ و تحليل‌گر سياسي با سازمان صدا و سيما همکاري داشته‌ام و مصاحبه‌هاي فراواني از من به‌ويژه در زمينه تاريخ معاصر ايران از تمامي شبکه‌هاي سازمان فوق پخش شده، و حدود يک دهه به عنوان مشاور پژوهشي در تدوين مهم‌ترين فيلم‌ها و سريال‌هاي تاريخي سيما نقش داشته ‎ام که پربيننده‌ترين و تاثيرگذارترين بوده يا خواهد بود؛ مانند «پدرخوانده» (سريال ويژه دهه فجر 1386)، «عمارت فرنگي» (سريال ويژه دهه فجر 1387)، «سال‌هاي خاکستري» (سريال ويژه دهه فجر 1388، در مراحل آغازين ساخت)، «مدار صفر درجه»، «کلاه پهلوي» (در مراحل پاياني ساخت)، همکاري خود با سازمان فوق را متوقف مي‌کنم.

علت اين تصميم، اعتراض شديد من به رويه يکجانبه سازمان صدا و سيما در جريان انتخابات تاريخي 22 خرداد 1388 به سود يک نامزد معين و عملکرد تحريک‌آميز آن بعد از انتخابات تا به امروز است که آن را در راستاي ايجاد و تشديد خصومت در جامعه، فروپاشيدن وحدت ملّي و اهانت به ملّت بزرگ ايران مي‌بينم.

به‌ويژه بايد بر سکوت اين سازمان در قبال فاجعه تکان‌دهنده و نابخشودني حمله به کوي دانشگاه تهران و حملات خونين و شبانه به خوابگاه‌ها و اماکن دانشجويي در تهران و ساير شهرها تأکيد کنم.

بدينوسيله، از سازمان صدا و سيما مي‌خواهم که از اين پس از پخش گفتگوهاي ضبط شده من خودداري کند.

عبدالله شهبازي
شيراز، 27 خرداد 1388


Please Read:

by gol on



by gol on

با درود این سند تخلف وتقلب رژیم اسلامی است با ذکر آراء ما هستیم



massive rally today

by Twitter (not verified) on


Referendum of constitution!

by It's time (not verified) on

It's a bout time.
"Velayate faghyh" has to be abolished!


European Parlimant Voted Against Ahmadinejad

by Nemidanam (not verified) on


About this video:
European Parlimant Voted Against Ahmadinejad

On Tuesday evening 16th of June 2009, Mohsen Makhmalbaf and Marjan Satrapi attended the European Parliament conference in Brussels. As the ambassadors of Iranian people who are being killed in streets of Iran at the moment Makhmalbaf and Satrapi informed the members of European Parliament of the harsh situation in the country.


Help with "Yahoo messenger & Microsoft messenger " filteration

by Nemidanam (not verified) on

ياهو مسنجر و مسنجر مايکروسافت و بسياری از برنامه های ارتباطی تحت وب فيلتر شد،

» ساعاتی قبل ياهو مسنجر و مسنجر مايکروسافت به همراه بسياری ديگر از برنامه های ارتباطی تحت وب توسط فيلترچی ها و سانسورچی ها از کار افتاد!

(هم پورت ها و هم آدرس ها فيلتر شده) اگه شما هم داخل ايران هستيد و يا دوستانی تو ايران داريد که به اين مشکل برخوردند به همشون خبر بديد که فعلاً از ياهو مسنجر تحت وب استفاده کنند تا راهی برای اين مشکل پيدا کنيم.

برای اين منظور به آدرس زير وارد شويد : // توجه: برای استفاده از اين سايت نياز داريد که حتما از نسخه 9 adobe flash player بر روی مرورگر خود استفاده کنيد. همچنين ميتونيد برای برقرای ارتباط با مسنجرهای ديگر و ياهو از وب سايت

همچنين می توانيد از سايت // استفاده کنيد.
سايت ديگری که می توان از آن بهره گرفت؛


پروکسی سرور برای ياهو8

rosie is roxy is roshan

On Basij and Guards' consolidation of power (& more..)

by rosie is roxy is roshan on


Interview with Pepe Escovar, Iran expert and one of world's greatest living journalists. Very disturbing.

(My original supertitle for news feed was 'Coup de Goon').


warning: graphic

by ,.// (not verified) on

Isfahni student murdered by basiji thugs:



Stupid Basij

by KingReza on

What's the quickest way to hook up with 72 hot Persian girls in Iran right now?

Get shot by basij.

Mort Gilani

These Islamist Thugs Are Just Animals

by Mort Gilani on

The most gruesome video I have ever seen:




by JH (not verified) on

Wher are the videos from our AZARBAIJANI HAMVATANS ???????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David ET

Eyewitness account

by David ET on

It's painful to watch what's happening.

I don't want anything to do with what has been said this far, as I neither have the strength nor the resilience to face all these unfathomable events. 

I only want to speak about what I have witnessed. I am a medical student. There was chaos last night at the trauma section in one of our main hospitals. Although by decree, all riot-related injuries were supposed to be sent to military hospitals, all other hospitals were filled to the rim. Last night, nine people died at our hospital and another 28 had gunshot wounds. All hospital employees were crying till dawn. They (government) removed the dead bodies on back of trucks, before we were even able to get their names or other information. What can you even say to the people who don't even respect the dead. No one was allowed to speak to the wounded or get any information from them. This morning the faculty and the students protested by gathering at the lobby of the hospital where they were confronted by plain cloths anti-riot militia, who in turn closed off the hospital and imprisoned the staff. The extent of injuries are so grave, that despite being one of the most staffed emergency rooms, they've asked everyone to stay and help--I'm sure it will even be worst tonight.

What can anyone say in face of all these atrocities? What can you say to the family of the 13 year old boy who died from gunshots and whose dead body then disappeared?

This issue is not about cheating(election) anymore. This is not about stealing votes anymore. The issue is about a vast injustice inflected on the people. They've put a baton in the hand of every 13-14 year old to smash the faces of "the bunches who are less than dirt" (government is calling the people who are uprising dried-up torn and weeds) .

This is what sickens me from dealing with these issues. And from those who shut their eyes and close their ears and claim the riots are in opposition of the government and presidency!! No! The people's complaint is against the egregious injustices committed against the people.  

::::::::WEAR A GREEN RIBBON::::::::::


People, please see this

by Alireza4221 (not verified) on

People, please see this picture of Esfahan today, I cannot believe it: //