Basiji fires at angry demonstrators

UK's Channel 4 News

AP: In a massive outpouring reminiscent of the Islamic Revolution three decades ago, hundreds of thousands of Iranians streamed through the capital Monday, and the fist-waving protesters denounced President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's claim to victory in a disputed election. Standing on a roof, gunmen opened fire on a group of protesters who had tried to storm a pro-government militia's compound. One man was killed and several others were wounded in the worst violence since the disputed election Friday. Angry men showed their bloody palms after cradling the dead and wounded who had been part of a crowd that stretched more than five miles (nearly 10 kilometers) supporting reform leader Mir Hossein Mousavi.


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Missing Person Report

by MiNeum71 on

I wonder where those craps are hiding, the Parhams, hamsade ghadimis, Kaveh Nouraees, ramintorks, HATEIRIs, Yanas, LalehGillanis, eroonmans, Farah Rustas, Masoud Kazemzadehs ... who always claimed: Don't vote, only silly people and IRI-apologists vote, nothing will change, this only helps legitimating the IRI ...

I wrote very often: Civil disobedience is an active action, actually a subtle offence, with which you want to demontrate displeasure, for example when you go on strike. But sitting at home demonstrates only personified laziness and cowardice.

Where are you? You thinks you can work against the people whilst people are dying, and then you come and pick up free gift, you lazy gals and guys? You don't deserve Iran.

There are only two things I expect you to you:
1) Supporting the young and brave Iranians fighting in Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashad, Ahvaz, Tabriz ...
2) Apologising for insulting the intelligence of the voters.

You lost this battle of wit.




by agha shirazi (not verified) on

I'm highly skeptical that JJ is not allowing "Ahmadinejad supporters" or "IRI supporters" to post. One of the things I've noticed since I began posting here is that almost anybody can have their say as long as they refrain from personal attacks, foul language,etc.
Why are they not posting? I dunno maybe the IRI is late sending them their monthly cheques?


Approaching the point of no return

by amirhousein (not verified) on

The end is near. too many lives will be lost.
The God damn leader ship did not learn the lesson.



by agha shirazi (not verified) on

To see reckless people like "Concerned Iranian" ordering people inside Iran to commit acts of anarchy that will almost certainly get them or their loved ones killed. Some folks on here truly have no conscience. My suggestion to all those anti government folks on here is.. if you really want to get involved.. grab your Islamic Republic Of Iran passport (which I'm sure you all have despite being anti-IRI.. funny I know) and buy a one-way ticket to Imam Khomeini Airport (named after the person you all hate) Then its just a cab ride to where all the action is! Why get someone else to do your dirty work?


Violence is NOT the answer

by Mehdi on

People must make sure their demonstrations and demands do not turn violent. Even when some Basijis fire their guns, people should calmly film the event like this video and post it somewhere.

Mousavi should demand that the media be allowed to report on what is happening. The government has no real reason not to allow the reporting of the events. At the very least, Mousavi must demand the reason why the government is not allowing the media to simply report what is going on. 


To Nifky

by Benyamin on

Ahmadinejad said when campaigning "liars fear truth" if so, I hope you(Nifky) with your half sized brain can agree if he isnot a LIAR therefore he doesn`t fear another election?

BTW, Nifky your name sounds a bit like NEKBAT


Mehrnaz Shahabie

by Anonymous-Maryam (not verified) on

Where are you? Haan, don't you want to show some sympathy to your fellow Iranians in Iran? Oh, I forgot that you are Palesteinian, sorry, my bad.


Clarification from nifky please

by Mosleh (not verified) on

Pray tell us what exactly does SOOZEH'ING mean.

How do you pronounce it, especially in regards to the rather strategically located apostrophe?!



by capt_ayhab on


Sick of heart.

by Assal_B on

It makes me sick to compare this video with the images we've seen of the Mousavi supporter helping the bleeding and beaten policeman to safety. A time will come when those who have turned on their own people will fall to their knees seeking mercy...


all you anti IR

by Nifky (not verified) on

All of you anti IR dogs need to stop soozeh'ing, I know it hurts you guys lost. but someone had to win and you guys didn't. When Bush beat Gore in 2000, eventhough Gore had most of the votes, did people act like hooligans? NO, BECAUSE THEY ARE CIVILIZED PEOPLE IN THE US. Acccept you lost you sore losers.

LONG LIVE IR. You soozeh'ing cock roaches need to be stomped on and flushed down the toilet.


Elections Iranian Style

by Anonymous-Patriot (not verified) on

Why can't such hospitable, friendly people do politics withough murder? I guess the answer is one word..."Islam!"


Start of something good perhaps

by mahmoudg on

If this is a start of a revolt or a velvet revolt, hundreds of thousands will die.  These thugs will not leave power without murdering millions.  I think eventually the Americans will have to get involved and cleanse these thugs.


got to fight fire with fire

by MRX1 on

These basiji low life's are armed to the teeth. The only way to fight them is with guns and yes people on both side will get killed as a result, but I don't think there is any other solution. You can't just use fist to fight bullets.


I think the reason you don't

by Dariush (not verified) on

I think the reason you don't Ahmadinejad supporters postings, are because jj is not posting them.


Send to All

by Nemidanam (not verified) on

توجه توجه×××××× خبر بسیار فوری: Send To All
پس از وحشت عظیمی که تظاهرات اخیر به تن این وطن فروشان انداخته است
دفتر بیت رهبری تصمیم به استفاده از نقشه الترناتیو خود شده است.
لطفا خبر زیر را که از طریق یکی از جوانان غیور ایرانی که در دفتر خامنه ای مشغول به کار است به دست ما رسیده ، به همه برسانید.

دفتر رهبر جلاد جمهوری اسلامی که امروز توسط تظاهرات مردم غافلگیر شده است ، بیم ان دارد که این تظاهرات به سمت پیروزی و حذف رهبری و در نهایت سقوط جمهوری اسلامی برود.
برای جلو گیری از این مساله دو راه توسط شریعت مداری و یزدی به رهبر ارئه شده است

روش اول شورای نگهبان با اعلام قبول کردن دوباره رای گیری و دوباره شماری دو هفته وقت برای آماده باش کامل نیرو و دستگیری فعالان سیاسی و تجدید قوای مزدوران به دولت می دهد زیرا موسوی و خاتمی به خیال پیروزی در دوباره شماری به مردم می گویند:
که به خانه بازگشته و به کار روزانه بپردازند.دراین مدت نه تنها تمام عوامل اصلاحات ( سرنگون کنند گان واقعی رژیم) دستگیر و اعدام می شوند بلکه دولت برای یک جنگ قوی با مردم اماده می شود

روش دوم
در این روش رهبر تمام مسولیت را به گردن احمدی نژاد ویا یک مسول رده پایین تر انداخته و حتی احتمال ترور این مهرهء سوخته می رود؛ تا بمانند قهرمان دولت را برای مدت کوتاهی به موسوی یا کروبی می دهد. از طرف دیگر با تحریک ستاد های اصلاح طلب انها را به جان یکدیگر انداخته و بعد از گذشت چند وقت رییس جمهور را عزل خواهد نمود و کودتا را عملی خواهد کرد

لطفا برای مقابله با نیرنگ های دشمن بیدار باشید
سه‌شنبه 26 خرداد 1388


Shame on IRI supporters

by Anonymous-Parsi (not verified) on

Nanng bar those who support IRI on the Don't show us your stupid face again.


I am wondering?

by curly on

what Ahmaghinejad supporters on this site think about our young getting killed like this?where are you?


Protesters stormed a militia

by Dariush (not verified) on

Protesters stormed a militia compound/government building to get their hands on guns and ammunitions and they got shot. What did they expect? This is not reform. This is a coup by Rafsanjani/Mousavi with the help of western and Israeili agents using and sacrificing people. If some are so stupid to fall for it and do stupid things, it will get a lot worse.



by Anonymous-99999 (not verified) on

I was wondering whether your blood started boiling after seeing this video clip just like when you were watching the video clip of Gaza.....


Abarmard, Jaleho, Irandokht.......

by Anonymous-kaveh (not verified) on

Come on guys, where are you? See what your IRI is doing to Iranian people. Abarmard you said, you are very proud of IRI because they are very CIVIL.


The right thing to say is,

by Anonymousiran (not verified) on

Lannat bar Mohammad va al Mohammad, including Mullahs.


7 people got killed!!!

by Benyamin on

Have you noticed Ahmadinejad`s supportes that called us traitors are now so quiet? have you noticed they have disappeared in thin air? have you noticed they don`t show up and support the criminal elements anymore?

They must feel stupid now, they must feel criminal if they have any consceous. But I ask them if they do, it is not too late and they should denounce the dictators.

 PS:I amnot supporting Rafsanjani, heck, infact I didnot vote, but I am for Iran and Iranians. and peaceful and none violent movement.


I am angry

by Benyamin on

since the IRI has come to power I have never voted in any elections. But I am angry that the youths votes was rigged and they have been tricked by just a few people in Iran. I got a headache when I heard someone got killed by the betrayal blood thirsty Baseej forces. I hold not only the Khamenei and Ahmadinejad but also the higher ranking Police forces responsible for not protecting people against the shooters.

The shooting happened to close to my families residence and I called home right away thank god everyone was ok but I felt guilty and sadened.

Supreme leader must be questioned and fired this has happened before(Montazeri), it isnot too hard. whoever that supports baseej now is only supporting criminals and therefore leaves no ligitimacy to their own opinion.

Baseej must be dismantled. It has become a nuisance and a liability for our country.

Ahmadinejad must be arrested for killing and beating of women and children and even elderly he failed to protect people and that is his main responsibility! Some officials like the head of gaurdian council must be removed and investigated.the commanders of Sepaah and baseej and Police must be investigated, and removed specially the commander of Police for not protecting people of Iran and failing Iranians.

People in Inteligent ministry must be investigated for not doing their job right. first, for not be able to detect a massive fraud in election which in turn was caused the unrest and followed by some getting killed. second, for not identifying or reporting the ones with "informal dress coders" to attack defencless people. 

I personaly ask the soldiers to kill the commanders that order direct shooting at defencless people. In my opinion that is the right thing to do. I am sorry for saying that, but is there any other way to stop them? 


Vote count

by Shojan (not verified) on

I believe the people in charge of the vote counting and announcing a victory for Ahmadinejad actually had plan to change Iran. A straight victory for Mousavi would not spark a real change for Iran but now people have an excuse to rebel and are fed up. We have to thank the Internet, satellite dishes, and President Obama for this coming revolution. Why President Obama you ask, because if a racist country like the U.S is ready for change, then there is hope for Iran to choose what's right for it's freedom. These people could be backed by the CIA or other intelligent services.


شهرت در برادر کشی

Hami Ghafel (not verified)

با فلبی آکنده از نفرت شاهده دوباره ای بر جسد بی جان عزیزانمان که به دست عزیزانمان کشته و حمل می شود
ای برادر ننگ بر ما
با آرزوی آزادی از نادانی


Use Tanaab and Seeme boksols against Basigi forces!

by Concerned-Iranian (not verified) on

People who protest in Iran (mainly Tehran now) must tie up robes across the streets and lay them loose on the ground so they are invisible to the charging Basijis and thugs attacking them with motorcycles.

Pour motor or cooking oil on the streets ground to make it slippery against charging forces. Provoke these thugs to attack them and while they charge the people, (hidden people from the width of the street) they should lift the robes (seem boksols) up, tie them up against the trees on the opposite sides of the streets or the blvd and force the attackers to fall off their stupid bikes (while speeding toward them) and throw them on the ground!

After the basigis fall on their A$$es and totally disoriented and hurt, Immediately after, people must charge and attack them in big numbers on the ground ,contain them, hand cuff them and take their weapons away from them... Use it against them, show it in sign of defense to scare these thugs or just burn their weapons, shields, uniforms and motorcycles so these bastards can't use them again against innocent Iranian people!

Brave people of Iran, get your robes, seem boksols, your sticks, shovels, hammers, screw drives, knives, Ghameh, rocks and any basic weapons you can get your hands on, raise them up in the air , scream in thousands and defend yourselves against the tyranny of EVIL ISLAMIC REPUBLIC and their murderous forces.

Give them a taste of their own medicine. Create fear amongst them Scare these coward losers to death in overvehlming numbers!!! Come on, One Thousand brave man and woman with backing of hundred Thousands of more people behind them will send a chill down their coward spines. It will create an absolute Terror inside their worthless lives and they will surreder or join the masses...

Zendeh baad Iran va Irani,
Victory and Aazadi is very near for Iranians against Evil Islamic Republic! At last!

Be Omide Parvardegareh Bozorge , Khodaya Amen.


7 students dies 2 days ago.

by adf (not verified) on

7 students dies 2 days ago. 7 more are killed today.