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Most recent/important videos on the June Uprising

"Outside My Door," Someone visiting Iran has made a video clip of the second night after the protests just outside her house:

Very clear footage of Tehran, Vali e Asr Ave, on the eve of elections:

Dortmund, Germany:

Vienna, Austria:

Bucharest, Romania

Athens, Greece:

Berlin, Germany:

Sidewalk confrontation between crowd and police, Tehran, July 3:

"Allah o Akbar" night time, Shemiran, July 5:

Man shot in the head, Tehran:

Oh My! This is lovely! Watch these Americans in Montana celebrate 4th of July, wearing green in solidarity with Iranians' quest for freedom. Very touching, gave me goosebumps!:

Tehran a few hours after election results were announced:

How Ferdowsi went "green" during the demonstrations:

Isfahan, police beat up a young man:

"Daneshjoo mimirad, zellat nemipazirad", Kashan University protests, July 4:

Police destroy satellite dishes, Tehran, July 1:

Los Angeles, June 28th, 2009:

Mainz, Germany:

10-year-old boy shot by basijis while out on Gandhi Avenue with his father. He died later. This is horrible:

Riot police shooting paint ball bullets at crowd. An explosion is heard:

July 2nd, police attack one young man:

Thursday, July 3rd, relatives of those killed during the recent protests gather in Behesht e Zahra:

Tehran, June 28th (according to clip), protesters and police:

St. Louis, Missouri:

Toronto, cycling rally in solidarity with Iranians:

Mohsen Makhmalbaf speaks at a Paris rally, June 26th:

Thugs attack demonstrators, Tehran:

Running from danger, Tehran:


* Sound of gunfire
* Street battles
* Helsinki, Finland
* Adelaide, Australia
* Police destroy people's property
* Woman dares riot police to hit her
* Tehran, Allah o Akbar
* Streets of Tehran
* Riot police destroy private property
* Qoba Mosque: "Marg bar dictator"
* Police harass and attack people
* Riot police arrive Qoba Mosque
* Rooftop chanting
* Paris protests
* Darmstadt, Germany
* Protests in London
* Human chain in Toronto
* Denver, Colorado
* Demonstrator shot by basij
* Tehran University students protest
* Police use tear gas to disperse crowd
* Tehran street clashes
* Khamenei's picture on fire
* Iranians marching in Montreal
* Angry crowd resolutely yells "Allah o Akbar"
* "Marg bar dictator"
* "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein"
* Karoubi among protesters (1)
* Karoubi among protesters (2)
* "Irani meemeerad, zellat nemipazeerad"
* "Marg bar dictator"
* "Beheshti, kojaee? Mousavi tanha shodeh"
* Mousavi addresses crowd
* Crowd chants for Karoubi and Mousavi
* Allah o Akbar in the dark
* "Natarseem Natarseem"
* Basiji shooting at people from a rooftop
* Tulsa, Oaklahoma
* Tokyo, Japan
* Las Cruces, New Mexico
* Greenlake, Seattle, Washington
* Constant shooting, people shot
* Police beat up protester
* People throw stones at police
* Neda Salehi Agha Soltan's grave
* Candlelight vigil for martyrs in front of Tehran University
* Funny song against Ahmadinejad
* Protesters prevent attack on police
* Salt Lake City, Utah: Actress Alyssa Milano and actor Chris Gorham attended
* Canberra, Australia
* Auckland, New Zealand
* Colombus Circle, NYC, Amnesty International
* Coquitlam, Canada: Mayor speaks
* San Jose, California
* Christchurch, New Zealand
* Frankfurt, Germany
* Maastricht, Netherlands
* Prague, Czech Republic
* Cyprus protests
* "Dolat e koodeta, estefa estefa"
* Demonstrators shot
* Amsterdam, the Netherlands
* Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
* Silent Night in Western Ontario
* Frankfurt, Germany
* Bremen, Germany
* Copenhagen, Denmark
* Basle, Switzerland
* Man shot as crowd charge forward
* Basijis firing into crowd
* Protesters beaten, Baharestan
* Athens, Greece
* Berlin, Germany
* Las Vegas, Nevada
* Bern, Switzerland
* Lusanne, Switzerland
* Munich, Germany
* Camp Ashraf for Neda
* Dublin, Ireland
* Seoul, Sout Korea
* Miami, Florida
* Cardiff, UK
* Warsaw, Poland
* Washing DC, Dupont Circle
* Coppenhagen, Denmark
* Denver, Colorado
* Clashes, Baharestan
* Baharestan, police
* Regime thugs attack homes, cars
* Green balloons around the world
* Tehran chaos
* Truck slams into demonstrators
* Protesters affected by gas attack
* "Scream of Silence"
* Rasht
* Saghez, Kurdistan
* New York, New York
* Leeds, UK
* Hanover, Germany
* Peaceful Tehran demonstration
* People move injured protester
* Glendale, California
* Basiji captured, let go
* Man is shot dead
* Protesters charging at police
* Fighting intensifies
* "Marg bar Jomhoori-e Eslami"
* Shots fired at Tehran crowd
* People escaping bullets
* Kermanshah
* Bandar Abbas night time
* Woman injured, Isfahan
* Tense air in Rasht
* Ahvaz, Khuzestan
* Another man killed
* Amazing confrontation with police
* Man shot in Tehran
* Protesters setting up barricades
* Tel Aviv, Israel
* San Francisco, California
* San Diego, California
* Toronto, Canada
* Dallas, Texas
* Washington, DC, White House
* Cologne, Germany
* Windsor, Canada
* Oslo, Norway
* Candlelight vigil in Austin, Texas
* Silent vigil, Vancouver, Canada
* Hague, Netherlands
* Atlanta, Georgia
* Police attack crowd at Tehran University entrance
* Badly injured man
* Young man cries by pool of blood
* Firing shots
* Five policemen beat one protester
* Pro and Anti-Ahmadinejad crowds
* Outside Tehran University
* Azadi Square march
* Road blocks by police, Azadi Square
* "Marg bar Jomhooriye Eslami, Marg bar basiji"
* Military show off on Tehran street
* Makeshift first aid station
* 7 Tir Square protests
* Young woman beaten by police
* Baharestan, Allah o Akbar
* Tabriz: "Azarbaijan jonbesh kon"
* Shiraz protests
* Sports complex turned into a military garrison
* Protesters gather
* Defiant people kept from leaving an alley
* Reza Pahlavi joins demonstrations
* Two injured by basijis
* Protesters celebrating
* 7-year old boy beaten
* Tehran people throw stones at the guards
* Tehran: Man shot dead
* Young man shot dead
* Allah o Akbar at night in Shemiran
* Police car in blaze
* Tehran: Azadi Square
* Tehran: Valie Asr Square
* Tehran: Gandhi Avenue
* Babol demonstrations, 4 parts
* Security forces making arrests
* Crowd charging biker police, Vanak
* Attack on residential complex
* More helicopter spraying
* Protest in Tehran (at Forsat Street)
* Basijis attack protestors and break into homes
* Shiraz protests
* Isfahan, injured students
* Tehran, men unconscious or dying
* Man killed
* Protests contnue
* Neda Agha Soltan shot in Tehran
* One person killed in gun shooting in Tehran
* Memorial service for Hossein Tahmasebi
* San Francisco protests
* Man shot in Tehran
* Isfahan, injured protestors
* Oroumieh: Man is killed (?)
* Charlotte, North Carolina
* San Jose, California
* Nashville, Tennessee
* Stockholm, Sweden
* Zahedan, "Nirooye Eftezahee!"
* Ahvaz
* Abadan: Woman shot
* Khorramabad, Lorestan
* Portland, Oregon
* Alboquerque, New Mexico
* Seattle, Washington (1)
* Seattle, Washington (2)
* Protester shot in front of Basij station
* Los Angeles protests
* LA Iranians fighting over flags
* Orange County protests
* Protests Munich, Germany
* Washington DC protests
* Sacramento protests
* New York City protests
* Austin, Texas
* "Day of Mourning" march, Tehran
* From Isfahan rooftops shouting "Allah-o-Akbar"
* Tehran "Million Silent March" (1)
* Tehran "Million Silent March" (2)
* "Toop, Tank, Basiji Deegar Asar Nadaarad!"
* Protester killed by police
* Isfahan, several wounded protesters
* Orumiyeh protests
* Koln, Germany: "Iraniye ba gheyrat, hemayat! Hemayat!"
* Protest in Gothenburg, Sweden
* Protest in Glasgow, Scotland
* London: "Een Entekhabe Maa Neest"
* Houston, Texas, demonstration
* Massive Tehran demonstration
* Sari: "Taghalob, Taghalob, Taghalob!"
* Yazd University students
* Qazvin Azad University students
* Man shot during demonstration
* Protesters in front of Iranian embassy in London
* Tehran, Vali Asr: Incredible demonstration
* Tehran: Police car set on fire
* Isfahan: "Atal Matal Tootooleh, Diktatore Kootooleh"
* Several shot in Tehran alley
* Protest gathering in Kerman
* Massive demonstration in Isfahan
* Pro-Ahmadinejad rally
* Wounded Tehran University students
* Takhte Tavoos protests
* Wounded students at Isfahan University (1)
* Wounded students at Isfahan University (2)
* Shiraz: "Marg bar Diktator"
* Man shot near Azadi sqaure
* Basiji shoots at protesters
* People marching in Shiraz
* Demonstrations in Isfahan
* Tehran Metro protest ;o)
* Tehran crowd shouting pro-Mousavi slogans
* Police beat people
* Demonstration in Dubai
* Demonstrations in Hamburg
* Sobhan housing complex in Tehran attacked (1)
* Sobhan housing complex in Tehran attacked (2)
* Shiraz crowd burn police motorcycle
* Tehran University dorm attacked
* Isfahan protester shot dead
* Crowd carrying wounded man
* Man shot, put in ambulance
* Basijis shooting at crowd
* Shot at Azadi
* Protester beaten inside home
* Jam e Jam rally
* Girl shot in Tehran
* Hospital staff walk out (1)
* Hospital staff walk out (2)
* Security forces, crowds in Rasht
* Bandar Abbas, transporting detained protesters, June 15
* Basiji fires at angry demonstrators



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Benyamin: You answered yourself

by Mehdi on

You said, "...first and most natural reaction is to kill them back or hurt them that is just a natural reaction..."

This is animal instinct. I am not an animal and I refuse to just react and go with that instinct. You claim that "they" are violent, but you then admit that you are no better! What do you think a basiji will say if you asked him why he employs violence? You think he has no reason? He'll probbaly give you the same reason - he is fighting enemies of Islam and God and his first and most natural reaction is to kill. So you just justified them! You at least admitted that you would do the same if you were in their shoes, and that you are no better than them. You say that you two are both just low life animals and deserve each other. I hope that not many Iranians feel like you! 


not this easy

by samad agha (not verified) on

Rather ahmadi stay in power and bring down the regime from whitin than have mousavi stay in power and regime get stronger

Its sad but true.
I hope and wish but don't see it happening. if u think and want regime to change and if this is about regime change, we need more and more shahid.
ppl have to piss the army to a point that they will bring tanks in the street and open fire.
They are not to that point yet.
this will likely be a change from whitin.

Its all about how much ppl want to sacrfice and how far they want to go, and the lack of leadership is another issue


To Mehdi

by Benyamin on

Although I don`t care very much for Israel or MKO or killing the naseejis and so on, But at this moment I prefer them over people like you. Since, your position is one sided and shallow. Why? Because, your attitude allows the killer blood thirsty imposed government to kill but face no punishment.

Let me tell you something Mehdi, When your friend or not even a friend just someone that is out there demonstrating peacefully gets killed your first and most natural reaction is to kill them back or hurt them that is just a natural reaction. and since your people have not stopped killing and they have closed off any channel to persue any complaint peacefully! then violent would occure since not everyone is as patient. 

you need to re-think alot of things you have said on here or yourself will be labled as Hezbollahi.



by author (not verified) on

Ray Bradbury needs to update the title of his book Fahrenheit 451 to……

Baud .451 the speed at which Internet data nearly stops

Wether its Fireman burning books or Revolutionary Guards stoping Data the message is the same!

Clerics you are extinct


MKO and Israel right wing very active here now

by Mehdi on

MKO, full of hatred for Iran and Iranians, along with their cohorts, Israeli right wing are very active now on this site encouraging violence in Iran, spreading falsehood and asking people to "become martyrs" which simply means let's kill each other. They use their usual tactics of EXTREME exaggeration of facts, mis-representation of facts and outright falsehood, along with "estimates" and such nonsense. Let's recognize these people for who they are - INSANE CRIMINALS.

Stop the spread of violence in Iran. This has already gone too far.More people must speak against these damaging demonstrations. 


#'s game

by Revolt (not verified) on

Its a numbers game, and the regime cant win

The Revolutionary Guard total: 120,000
The Army Totals: 400,000
The Basij: 750,00-1 Million

However, 2/3 of those numbers are based at borders, in equipment or bases. If they leave those posts theTailban, al-Qaeda, MKO, etc will flood in.

So at best were are talking about 100,000
standing fight troops. When the marches resume the troops will be outnumbered anywhwere from 5 to 20 : 1

That just wont last......



by Benyamin on

I have heard Khameneie is doing this all to grab the power and control just about every constitutional power house like Majles and Gaurdian council and Expedency council and the assembly of experts to pave the way for his "son" to become the next leader of Iran.

His name is Mojtaba Khameneie and if you look at what and how he is fighting for this  somehow makes sense otherwise, why an old guy getting so adveturous so suddenlly? "dame peeri va ma`reke geeri?"


To Mehdi and Cezare

by Benyamin on

To Cezare

First of all you need to read better or if you don`t understand english I can write it in Farsi for you. I said it is the rule of minority through "the vote of majority" meaning in Iran only shiiaites are allowed to take the top positions(which are the majority) and the minorities are banned by the constitution. Maybe that is why you love the IRI so much. Where as in a real democracy it does not matter what coloro or religion or nationality you belong to you may become a president "through majority vote". Read next time.

To Mehdi 

I believe that I answered partially to Mehdi as well. But it seems to me you have the same mentality as Ahmadinejad when it comes to Census! At any time you see 100k people on the streets it means millions other think alike them since they have families and friends and so on and so forth. But What I meant was, if the people that are demonstrating on the streets are minority why are you so afraid of them? since all of the protests has been peaceful and it was your islamic  friends that dragged the demos to violent. Perhaps you are blind and deaf too and you can`t see what the police brutally ruining the homes and cars and beats people and so on?

Don`t act like we don`t know what you are talking about or what your mentality is? you need to be amongst those people that don`t know anything about Iran, so they can believe your nonsense.


This is for Kaveh Afrasiabi and others like him!

by 1 Hamvatan (not verified) on

شکنجه شدید و داستان ترور نمایشی احمدی نژاد

خبر رسید که خامنه ای از طریق پسرش دستور داد که طرحی را برای ترور نمایشی احمدی نژاد و یا شخص دیگری که به دلیل بیماری لاعلاج آخرین لحظه های زندگی را سپری میکند، برای فرداهائی برنامه ریزی شده که بلافاصله خبر آن با پوشش تلويزيونی وسيع پخش ميشود. برای خنثی کردن اين نمايش و سرکوب وحشيانه بعد از آن به همه اطلاع رسانی کنيد این خبر که از دستگاه امنیتی رژیم درز کرده است طرحی است برای امنیتی کردن فضای سیاسی ایران از این رو آقایان تاجزاده، رمضانزاده و.... در بند 209 زندان اوین تحت شکنجه شدید هستند تا مجبور شوند در برنامه ای تلویزیونی اقرار کنند قصد کودتای مخملی با کمک موسوی و کروبی داشته اند، و به این بهانه حکم اعدام موسوی و کروبی و چند تن دیگربه جرم براندازی صادر شود.

You need proof Mr. Afrasiabi?

Maya Parsi

Do not be afraid " Netersid...Netersid....."

by Maya Parsi on


Benyamin: Say what?

by Mehdi on

Well, I don't see a need to resort to insults like you do but are you saying that by far the majority voted for Mousavi, or even disapprove of the Islamic regime altogether, but are afraid to come out and show it because of a few minorty? You are saying tens of millions of Iranians are afriad of Basijis becaus esupposedly they killed 10, 15 or 200 people? If that is what you are saying, then such cowards deserve to be ruled by the brave ones! What a joke.The largest demonstration was probably 300K or so. Even at 1 million, it is very low numbers to claim that they have the mojority. And this was in Tehran, in smaller cities, the demonstrations have been pathetic. How could they be the majority of Iranians? All afraid of Basiji? Come on.


It is Win or Lose now.

by Rene (not verified) on

Remember what happened in 1980.

Think these protesters better consider the alternative to giving up.
Better to die fighting for their freedom, than slowly be killed by these thugs, sometimes foreign thugs, or shamefully executed behind the walls of Evin with all that may entail.

One of our more famous Revolutionaries reputedly vowed: "Give me Liberty, or give me death."

I pray for freedom and happiness for the women and men of Iran.


Benjamin. Democracy is the

by cezare on

Benjamin. Democracy is the ruling majority not the minority . Get your facts straight before you start accusing people.


What both kaveh and mehdi missing?

by Benyamin on

None of the protests so far has been violent but it is the government and its thugs that have attacked every peacefull movement which by the way it is garaunteed as right for iranians citizens in Iran`s constitution and yet they are being killed, tortured,  beaten and arrested!

Why can`t they demostrate peacefully? why can`t they complain? why are the ruling elite so afraid of a "minority" as Kave and Mehdi trying so hard to make us to believe? Why are they so scared? aren`t these people in Minority? if they are then they are already crushed by majority through votes and ballots, then why can`t they demonstarte peacefully? the so not Gaurdian council has actually agreed some 3 millions vote has been rigged and yet that was not enough ground to annull the elections???

What Kaveh(which is a Harvard graduate) and mehdi seems to miss is that democracy isnot a ruling of majority but it is in fact the rulling of minority and that is the big difference between the right mionded brain and the decomposed one like mehdi`s and Kaveh`s.a minority wether of a visible or religous or nationality could run a country even though he/she is in minority but "through majority vote". If you don`t believe in that you simply don`t believe in democracy. 

They both need to register at a psychiatric medical center.


Kaveh Afrasyabi and Mehdi

by Benyamin on

both have decomposed brains


We've seen enough blood.

by cezare on

We've seen enough blood. let's not get more young people killed. Our voices should unite to make them march peacefully and not violently. Violence will only reap more violence.


A very fair analysis by Kaveh Afrasiabi

by Mehdi on


unveiling brave women

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

CNN just showed some brave Iranain women in Tehran taking off their veils and scarfs in the streets.

rosie is roxy is roshan

mehdi they have to stop.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

it's going nowhere. and they'll shoot them like flies.

and when they strrike they have to stay home.

they can't march.

they'll kill them.


here.non-violent action.





We Won

by @tehran (not verified) on

Readers pls make note this revolution is Won.

They had a 48 hour window to declare martial law, mobilize every tank, and have every helicopter and plane in the sky with a few symbolic air strikes of empty buildings for good measure.

Well they missed that, and know 100s are dead or maimed. It becomes an exponential viral process. Everyday that there no tanks is less days to the end.

I grew up in Iran and will tell you that your average Iranian is generally a well intentioned, kind person.

However, there is a basic primal fear that all have: that is "loss of face / shame".

I have seen this blood vengenance turn otherwise civlized, educated Tehrani's into methodical, cold-blooded brutes.

If ones daughter, house, family or name is defiled or worse killed; there will be hell to pay.

My next door neighbor had their house burned to the ground over a dispute; the CEO of a major company was assasinated in his own garden by street youths; etc.

The regime knows this blood culture exists; but had it deflected to the outside world for 30yrs. Then they thought that they could scold the population like youth for voting and trample them.

Well, well the old geezer Clerics are proving to be senile.

Dont pity these martyrs......pity the wrath that is coming to the Clerics. Every dead martyr will reap the heads of 100 Clerics min.


They should stop the protests now

by Mehdi on

Clearly, the protesters are not a majority. They had more than enough opportunity to attract everyone to their cause and they didn't. Pushing forward will only result in more violence, injury and death. They should pursue the matter through legal channels and continue their progress through peaceful means. Do not listen to those who post "ways to kill" tips. Violence is not the answer. 


The beautiful Iranian people of Montreal united in soul and song

by freedomlovingiranian (not verified) on

Please upload this video, I do not know how to link to it. It is a beautiful moment.



The beautiful Iranian people of Montreal united in soul and song

by Freedomlovingiranian (not verified) on


This is a telling picture!

by choghok on

Watch this one!

Describing picture of Ahmaghinejad, Khamenei and the victim 


/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim


Nuke Iran Internet Spy Center

by 007 (not verified) on

Jackpot !

Found the Orwellian internet monitoring "Nerve Center" in Iran.

It is: Telecommunication Infrastructure Co.,

Pls locate this building on Google Earth in Tehran and re-tweet for opposition to nuke this site

WSJ, reports that Nokia Siemens & McAfee built it. Thanks guys, will be sure to include you in Apartheid boycott list....

ps, both companies have 'termination-routine' kernels in software to abort all use; ie, if you break contract or stop paying licensing fee's... so calling out these companies as suppliers of Dictatorship could disable the monitoring in hours......


Maya Parsi

Vancouver-Canada; Exile Iranian are Supporting Iran - June 21/09

by Maya Parsi on



Maya Parsi

Toronto-Canada; Exile Iranian are Supporting Iran - June 21/09

by Maya Parsi on


he has list in his hand

by shirazie (not verified) on

what was that all about? was he filling the ballots that were unfilled?

The accent was also a bit strange

Maya Parsi

Montreal-Canada; Exile Iranian are Supporting Iran - June 21/09

by Maya Parsi on


ferocity unleashed

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

that's not unhealthy, it's a healthy reaction, but I find the idea of arresting THEM When the time comes and for them to rot in prisons by far better punishment. When they're dead they're dead. I more nasty, I want them to suffer for a very long time