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Most recent/important videos on the June Uprising

"Outside My Door," Someone visiting Iran has made a video clip of the second night after the protests just outside her house:

Very clear footage of Tehran, Vali e Asr Ave, on the eve of elections:

Dortmund, Germany:

Vienna, Austria:

Bucharest, Romania

Athens, Greece:

Berlin, Germany:

Sidewalk confrontation between crowd and police, Tehran, July 3:

"Allah o Akbar" night time, Shemiran, July 5:

Man shot in the head, Tehran:

Oh My! This is lovely! Watch these Americans in Montana celebrate 4th of July, wearing green in solidarity with Iranians' quest for freedom. Very touching, gave me goosebumps!:

Tehran a few hours after election results were announced:

How Ferdowsi went "green" during the demonstrations:

Isfahan, police beat up a young man:

"Daneshjoo mimirad, zellat nemipazirad", Kashan University protests, July 4:

Police destroy satellite dishes, Tehran, July 1:

Los Angeles, June 28th, 2009:

Mainz, Germany:

10-year-old boy shot by basijis while out on Gandhi Avenue with his father. He died later. This is horrible:

Riot police shooting paint ball bullets at crowd. An explosion is heard:

July 2nd, police attack one young man:

Thursday, July 3rd, relatives of those killed during the recent protests gather in Behesht e Zahra:

Tehran, June 28th (according to clip), protesters and police:

St. Louis, Missouri:

Toronto, cycling rally in solidarity with Iranians:

Mohsen Makhmalbaf speaks at a Paris rally, June 26th:

Thugs attack demonstrators, Tehran:

Running from danger, Tehran:


* Sound of gunfire
* Street battles
* Helsinki, Finland
* Adelaide, Australia
* Police destroy people's property
* Woman dares riot police to hit her
* Tehran, Allah o Akbar
* Streets of Tehran
* Riot police destroy private property
* Qoba Mosque: "Marg bar dictator"
* Police harass and attack people
* Riot police arrive Qoba Mosque
* Rooftop chanting
* Paris protests
* Darmstadt, Germany
* Protests in London
* Human chain in Toronto
* Denver, Colorado
* Demonstrator shot by basij
* Tehran University students protest
* Police use tear gas to disperse crowd
* Tehran street clashes
* Khamenei's picture on fire
* Iranians marching in Montreal
* Angry crowd resolutely yells "Allah o Akbar"
* "Marg bar dictator"
* "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein"
* Karoubi among protesters (1)
* Karoubi among protesters (2)
* "Irani meemeerad, zellat nemipazeerad"
* "Marg bar dictator"
* "Beheshti, kojaee? Mousavi tanha shodeh"
* Mousavi addresses crowd
* Crowd chants for Karoubi and Mousavi
* Allah o Akbar in the dark
* "Natarseem Natarseem"
* Basiji shooting at people from a rooftop
* Tulsa, Oaklahoma
* Tokyo, Japan
* Las Cruces, New Mexico
* Greenlake, Seattle, Washington
* Constant shooting, people shot
* Police beat up protester
* People throw stones at police
* Neda Salehi Agha Soltan's grave
* Candlelight vigil for martyrs in front of Tehran University
* Funny song against Ahmadinejad
* Protesters prevent attack on police
* Salt Lake City, Utah: Actress Alyssa Milano and actor Chris Gorham attended
* Canberra, Australia
* Auckland, New Zealand
* Colombus Circle, NYC, Amnesty International
* Coquitlam, Canada: Mayor speaks
* San Jose, California
* Christchurch, New Zealand
* Frankfurt, Germany
* Maastricht, Netherlands
* Prague, Czech Republic
* Cyprus protests
* "Dolat e koodeta, estefa estefa"
* Demonstrators shot
* Amsterdam, the Netherlands
* Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
* Silent Night in Western Ontario
* Frankfurt, Germany
* Bremen, Germany
* Copenhagen, Denmark
* Basle, Switzerland
* Man shot as crowd charge forward
* Basijis firing into crowd
* Protesters beaten, Baharestan
* Athens, Greece
* Berlin, Germany
* Las Vegas, Nevada
* Bern, Switzerland
* Lusanne, Switzerland
* Munich, Germany
* Camp Ashraf for Neda
* Dublin, Ireland
* Seoul, Sout Korea
* Miami, Florida
* Cardiff, UK
* Warsaw, Poland
* Washing DC, Dupont Circle
* Coppenhagen, Denmark
* Denver, Colorado
* Clashes, Baharestan
* Baharestan, police
* Regime thugs attack homes, cars
* Green balloons around the world
* Tehran chaos
* Truck slams into demonstrators
* Protesters affected by gas attack
* "Scream of Silence"
* Rasht
* Saghez, Kurdistan
* New York, New York
* Leeds, UK
* Hanover, Germany
* Peaceful Tehran demonstration
* People move injured protester
* Glendale, California
* Basiji captured, let go
* Man is shot dead
* Protesters charging at police
* Fighting intensifies
* "Marg bar Jomhoori-e Eslami"
* Shots fired at Tehran crowd
* People escaping bullets
* Kermanshah
* Bandar Abbas night time
* Woman injured, Isfahan
* Tense air in Rasht
* Ahvaz, Khuzestan
* Another man killed
* Amazing confrontation with police
* Man shot in Tehran
* Protesters setting up barricades
* Tel Aviv, Israel
* San Francisco, California
* San Diego, California
* Toronto, Canada
* Dallas, Texas
* Washington, DC, White House
* Cologne, Germany
* Windsor, Canada
* Oslo, Norway
* Candlelight vigil in Austin, Texas
* Silent vigil, Vancouver, Canada
* Hague, Netherlands
* Atlanta, Georgia
* Police attack crowd at Tehran University entrance
* Badly injured man
* Young man cries by pool of blood
* Firing shots
* Five policemen beat one protester
* Pro and Anti-Ahmadinejad crowds
* Outside Tehran University
* Azadi Square march
* Road blocks by police, Azadi Square
* "Marg bar Jomhooriye Eslami, Marg bar basiji"
* Military show off on Tehran street
* Makeshift first aid station
* 7 Tir Square protests
* Young woman beaten by police
* Baharestan, Allah o Akbar
* Tabriz: "Azarbaijan jonbesh kon"
* Shiraz protests
* Sports complex turned into a military garrison
* Protesters gather
* Defiant people kept from leaving an alley
* Reza Pahlavi joins demonstrations
* Two injured by basijis
* Protesters celebrating
* 7-year old boy beaten
* Tehran people throw stones at the guards
* Tehran: Man shot dead
* Young man shot dead
* Allah o Akbar at night in Shemiran
* Police car in blaze
* Tehran: Azadi Square
* Tehran: Valie Asr Square
* Tehran: Gandhi Avenue
* Babol demonstrations, 4 parts
* Security forces making arrests
* Crowd charging biker police, Vanak
* Attack on residential complex
* More helicopter spraying
* Protest in Tehran (at Forsat Street)
* Basijis attack protestors and break into homes
* Shiraz protests
* Isfahan, injured students
* Tehran, men unconscious or dying
* Man killed
* Protests contnue
* Neda Agha Soltan shot in Tehran
* One person killed in gun shooting in Tehran
* Memorial service for Hossein Tahmasebi
* San Francisco protests
* Man shot in Tehran
* Isfahan, injured protestors
* Oroumieh: Man is killed (?)
* Charlotte, North Carolina
* San Jose, California
* Nashville, Tennessee
* Stockholm, Sweden
* Zahedan, "Nirooye Eftezahee!"
* Ahvaz
* Abadan: Woman shot
* Khorramabad, Lorestan
* Portland, Oregon
* Alboquerque, New Mexico
* Seattle, Washington (1)
* Seattle, Washington (2)
* Protester shot in front of Basij station
* Los Angeles protests
* LA Iranians fighting over flags
* Orange County protests
* Protests Munich, Germany
* Washington DC protests
* Sacramento protests
* New York City protests
* Austin, Texas
* "Day of Mourning" march, Tehran
* From Isfahan rooftops shouting "Allah-o-Akbar"
* Tehran "Million Silent March" (1)
* Tehran "Million Silent March" (2)
* "Toop, Tank, Basiji Deegar Asar Nadaarad!"
* Protester killed by police
* Isfahan, several wounded protesters
* Orumiyeh protests
* Koln, Germany: "Iraniye ba gheyrat, hemayat! Hemayat!"
* Protest in Gothenburg, Sweden
* Protest in Glasgow, Scotland
* London: "Een Entekhabe Maa Neest"
* Houston, Texas, demonstration
* Massive Tehran demonstration
* Sari: "Taghalob, Taghalob, Taghalob!"
* Yazd University students
* Qazvin Azad University students
* Man shot during demonstration
* Protesters in front of Iranian embassy in London
* Tehran, Vali Asr: Incredible demonstration
* Tehran: Police car set on fire
* Isfahan: "Atal Matal Tootooleh, Diktatore Kootooleh"
* Several shot in Tehran alley
* Protest gathering in Kerman
* Massive demonstration in Isfahan
* Pro-Ahmadinejad rally
* Wounded Tehran University students
* Takhte Tavoos protests
* Wounded students at Isfahan University (1)
* Wounded students at Isfahan University (2)
* Shiraz: "Marg bar Diktator"
* Man shot near Azadi sqaure
* Basiji shoots at protesters
* People marching in Shiraz
* Demonstrations in Isfahan
* Tehran Metro protest ;o)
* Tehran crowd shouting pro-Mousavi slogans
* Police beat people
* Demonstration in Dubai
* Demonstrations in Hamburg
* Sobhan housing complex in Tehran attacked (1)
* Sobhan housing complex in Tehran attacked (2)
* Shiraz crowd burn police motorcycle
* Tehran University dorm attacked
* Isfahan protester shot dead
* Crowd carrying wounded man
* Man shot, put in ambulance
* Basijis shooting at crowd
* Shot at Azadi
* Protester beaten inside home
* Jam e Jam rally
* Girl shot in Tehran
* Hospital staff walk out (1)
* Hospital staff walk out (2)
* Security forces, crowds in Rasht
* Bandar Abbas, transporting detained protesters, June 15
* Basiji fires at angry demonstrators



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Ananymous jan

by KouroshS on

Don't be angry. You are throwing the same point that i made right back into my face. how smart of you. I am embarrasing myself by talking to some ardent, zealous, individual like you. That is the real embarrasing issue here. shame on me.

Regardless of what IRI has been doing lately, there is no denying that at least some of those protestors maybe, just maybe following some mko ideaology, as i am sure there are those who subscribe to various different ideaologies. you and i are not amongst them so we can NOT be the judge.

I thank the god up above for the blessing of your unwillingness to reply to me EVER.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

Placing the word MKO in the same sentence --when talking about the protestors-- is a very old propaganda tactic.  Remember George Bush talking about Saddam and 9/11 in the same sentence all the time?  It creates the impression that the two are related.  The regime in Iran has been trying that tactic for the past few days and its agents and supporters are doing the same.  If you cannot see that, then you shouldn’t embarrass yourself by writing a comment like you did below.

Nonetheless, this is not about me.  It’s about the brave men and women who are suffering on the streets of Iran.  Therefore, I will not respond to any more of your comments and will not address any other issues in your comment below because that will cause a distraction from the real issue. 



by Benyamin on

This is the last time I respond to your comments! And frankly I amnot just responding to you but also letting everyone else to know where I stand as everyone knows about yours.

If I want to respond to you and your believes is wrong since those are your personal believes and by principal I just don`t believe changing ones belives is right.

But I feel exhausted whenever anyone connects personal belives or religion to political problem. You are a "holy" person and holy in Latin is "alone" or "isolated" you have to understand that I mean no harm and I don`t want to offend  you. You siad Iranian kids are "god`s" kids. As if I must or must not believe in that. As if once god has entered any discussion I have to shut up and stay aside. You are caling me "brother" but I don`t think you understand the real meaning of it. You are asking everyone to sit at home and do nothing because "god" will take care of "its" own(since I have no idea when and where god has a gender). Iranian kids are dying on the streets and all you have to say to me is that?

If you and people like you have understood "god" that  way I pitty you.

Hypocreet, that is the word comming to mind, I told you about our kids and you said they are god`s kids and "he" will take care of his own!!! If that so, why do you go for a walk with your kids? why don`t you just let them go on their own after all their god will take care of them? why do you live in somewhere other than Iran and not in places like Antartica? I bet there are answers for everyone of them since I know "religious" people have answers to everything they don`t think of them hypocritical.

But I want you remember, we ought to help one another in times of trouble if not we are not humans(nashayad ke namat dahand adami). and that is how we prevail not by praying. although praying has its own place and time no disrespect.

Cezare, "emotions" and "feelings" makes me human. If you crush those in you then you are less of it.

Life is great because of two things "hope" and "freedom" you only live for one.

Take care 



Ananymous observer

by KouroshS on

Your little analysis is totally runing it for those same brave and proud young iranians whom you seem to be siding with. I can guarantee you that one of their desired goals is to once and for all do away with this labelling and name-calling and accusations made against one another.

It really is not of yours or anyone concern for that matter to pass judgemnets against those, whom based on your not so perfect and to the point and accurate analysis, seem to be siding with the IRI. You don't have the right to call anyone a complete idiot or a nationless idiologue. It is time that we quit playing these games and start solving problems. If you think that someone is "essentially" holding a certain position in a conflict or an argument, all you are doing is making assumption and we know that whoever makes assumption is making an a... out of himself and the other person. IS that what your intentions are?

Your angry and insulting expressions are not going to make your case one bit more credible than you want them to be. We all are here because we ALL support those brave kids, So why don't you stop being a "kase dagh ta az ash" and let them pick and choose and make the final judgement.

Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

The nonsense that you spew here is no different than the bullshit that is thrown at Iranians by Khamenei and IRI's propoganda machine.  Blaming others such as the MKO, Israel, U.S., Europe and other bogeymen is an old trick of the IRI.  Although it had some traction in the past (and served as an effective weapon to silence all opposition) with the whole nuclear issue and other points of contention with this regime, no one is going to believe that the brave men and women on Iran's streets have any connection to any foreign entity...well, at least no one who is not: 1) a complete idiot; 2) a paid IRI agent; 3) a hopeless nationless idiologue. 

Your statements are an afront and an insult to the memory of those in Iran who are sacrificing their lives and liberty to bring about change to their country.  By explicitly or implicitly supporting the carnage that is taking place in Iran, you are essentially admitting that you are a part of this ruthless and criminal regime.

The attacks on people in Iran do not come from protestors, but rather from your Basiji bosses.  Here, watch this and tell us how the MKO, U.S., Israel, Englans, blah, blah, blah is somehow related to this:


Lastly, know this: the overwhelming majority of Iranians hate you, your regime and your legacy.  You are a known entity in Iran: a shameless "thugacracy".   



by RAPE (not verified) on

PLS Warn Parents in Tehran


109. June 24, 2009
4:32 pm


Arabaspeaking Hizbollah Basij have started raping young teenage girls in central tehran in order to humiliate fathers whom demonstrated.

15 year old girl commited suicide by jumping from roof after being raped by 2 arab speaking basij militia at Mashhadi Rahim rd. Father was denied the body that was driven away by black van by other militia. please inform others of this .

will send u more news from tehran. my sources are russian intel, relatives in isfahan, tehran and qom.

very dangerous now in tehran and isfahan. basij everywhere with guns shooting ppl and raping girls (only arab speaking basij, not iranian)

— Darius



by cezare on

As a fellow Iranian brother, I must tell you Benyamin, (hope I got it right this time) that you are letting your emotions rule your spirit. Human emotions are unstable and will take  you on a rollercoaster ride. You must accept some things are beyond your reach. All men including you have a destiny. You must strive to stay on that track where your fate will lead you. In my case as everyone already knows by now is a close personal relationship with my God.

I am not trying to preach to you or anything but in this relationship I have absolute assurance of my daily walk including my childrens walk. When you say our children I do not know who you mean. The people of Iran are God's children and it is their responsibility to have that relationship with their creator as well. Every one is accountable to their creator one day. Those who do not believe in their creator cannot understand the fact that no death is final to God and His will will prevail. There are many in Iran who have lost faith in their creator because of the veil of religion. But that's another subject all together. I Know emotions are running high for everyone. But let us encourage each other in these dark times with the knowledge of truth, because truth will set a man free. No government can set a man free, even in so called free lands. In the US there are tens of millions of people who are a prisoner of their minds.

When I say that I mean that they have allowed their mind to control their way of life. Drug addiction, power, lust for wealth, lust for sensuality, so on and so forth. There are as many prisoners in the west as is in the east. So what freedom? It all starts with a revolution in a man's heart. Peace be with you brother.





by Benyamin on

I am 35. and you have never written my name right. 

What you said about life it is all good and dandy, but you have forgotten alot about humanity, even if you simply forgot the fact that you forgot them does matter and speaks vollume.

For instance just because you can`t change someone`s mind doesn`t mean you should accept them. There are more important things that we all do in every day life. and one of those things is "justice" when you want to buy a computer you ask yourself a logical question if you can afford it?  and wether you buy or not you will find out later on if you did yourself a justice when you perchased the computer.

We have had a few moments in our history when people lost and found "justice" . a few times that we gave everything we had just to find out it has been kidnaped by a new thife. I cannot "tolerate" the injustice, I cannot tolerate the innocent souls getting axed by thugs.

I didn`t vote, but I am outraged by the way they are treating our youths. remember to experience what already has been experienced is unwise.

And we have experienced this many times.

We have the third full scaled revolution for democracy in the history of mankind after the french and the americans. but look at our place in the world and theirs. we faught for democracy when most countries around us didnot exist and you are asking me to be patient?

Patient for what? another 100 years? NO brother, I love all Iranians, even the Hezbollahies that faught for Iran and really believe in Islam, but not those that kill in its name for little money and fame and perhaps other reasons.

Lets agree to disagree but that should not translate to stay aside and watch our kids getting killed. one way or another we have to die for it, if it isnot today then 20 years down the road our kids will die to do it, I say let`s be Iranian and die for our kids instead handing them an unfinished business.

"injustice" is like a burning fire that wont go away it is a sensation that stays in everyone`s consceous. The last word that Neda Agha Soltan said was "I am burning" . What she felt is being felt by everyone who owns a free spirit not just in Iran but all over the world. NO, Cezare, we can`t afford to sit aside after we have been kicked once, we cant afford to shut up just because we can`t change someon`s mind. Because later on all we feel is "burning" sensation in our body.

"Live free or die"

Susan B.

It's time for Mullah's to pay for their crimes!

by Susan B. on


Kourosh thanks for the kind

by cezare on

Kourosh thanks for the kind words and Benjamin, no, I have not read his comments but from the tone of his voice I can tell he is a reasonable gentleman. It is important for man not to get offended by any man. This is a sign of strenght in a man. I don't know how old you are Benjamin but you sound young, I am 45, so I know a few things. I would like to know how old you are if you do not mind disclosing that information. Listen, patience, virtue and tolerance are important traits for a young man just to help him from getting offended. Really if you think about it, only our creator has a right to be offended for having us turn away from him. Who is man who has a grave waiting for him to be offended? Do not waste your youth challenging any other man's opinion because it is just that; a mortal man's opinion. keep your diligence to look into opinions and matters with a neutral point of view, that way you will know at the end that you fought the good fight. After all, life is a fight , but not a fight over land, money or power, nor even a fight over who is going to win the next bloody revolution. This is a fight over men's souls.


Why people are setting cars

by Akbaragha (not verified) on

Why people are setting cars on fire when they can drive them on the basigis on foot and motorcycles. This would work better than rocks and sticks.


little Mehdi

by Benyamin on

your postings are all in support of criminals and you come up with reasonings that are insulting to me. You are a minority here and in Iran.

my question to you is why don`t you go back to Iran and live with your beloved Khameneie?

I am free to comment about your comments as you have done the same so far.



Benyamin, the BIG

by Mehdi on

When you are don insulting and name calling, try to come up with something vaguely rational to say. Why are you so worried about what people think about my posts? 


To little Mehdi

by Benyamin on

Quit the intelligence service of IRI and connect with the masses of Iran. Don`t be stupid. be wise Khamenie is the end his age and his policies wont last much longer.

No one believes you


Is MKO taking over this movement?

by Mehdi on

It started as a peaceful protest and now we see a mob who throws rocks and fights the police, MKO-style. Why is Mousavi allowing this bloodshed to go on? Is he really that much different than Ahmadinejad? Or is this not about Mousavi anymore? Is this the same large group who started it asking for some change or is it a smaller group asking for violent revolution?


از یک گزارش، در

Nemidanam (not verified)

از یک گزارش، در باره 7 گروه بندی در سپاه
چند دستگی میان فرماندهان
سپاه بزودی علنی خواهد شد!

در پی دستگیری و نا پدید شدن سردار علی‌ فضلی روز گذشته (دوشنبه) جلسه‌ای غیر رسمی‌ از طرف سردار حاج سعید قاسمی فرمانده سابق لشکر ۲۷ محمد رسول الله با حضور ۱۶ تن از سرداران قدیمی‌ سپاه تشکیل شد. این جلسه به منظور اعلام نارضائی از وضع موجود در کشور تشکیل شده بود. سردار سعید قاسمی در این جلسه اظهار داشت که وضعیت موجود بسیار نگران کنند و شرم آور است و کاملا با آرمان های امام مغایرت دارد. من در صورت سرکوب بیشتر و شدیدتر مردم در کنار مردم قرار خواهم گرفت. اعلامیه امروز(دیروز) سپاه که در آن تهدید به خشونت کرده بود، بیشتر جنبه داخلی داشت و می خواست ناراضیان داخل سپاه را بترساند.

در سپاه چند خط عمده وجود دارد :

1- بچه های حاج داوود کریمی که در بیمارستان ساسان به دلیل عوارض شیمیایی شهید شد .. حاج داوود کریمی در راس و بدنه سپاه و بسیج طرفداران قدری دارد که این روزها بیش از همیشه جایش را خالی می بینند و بر گفته هایش در خصوص انحراف اساسی نظام از خط امام صحه می گذارند.

2- بچه هایی که طرفدار آقا محسن (رضایی) هستند و ایشان به اتکاء این گروه کثیر و خانواده های آن ها علاوه بر طرفدارانی که بین غیر نظامی ها دارد کاندید شد.

3- بچه های طرفدار آقا رحیم) رحیم صفوی ) که بسیار گلایه دارند و این بهانه که رهبر بیش از 8 سال منصوبین خود را در راس امور نگاه نمی دارد را قبول ندارند چرا کهمصادیق خلاف آن را می بینند . کنار گذاشتن آقا رحیم و حکم تزیینی مشاور عالی برای ان ها سوال است .

4- طرفداران جریان اصلاحات که از زمان آقای خاتمی در راس و بدنه بودند . هر چند سران آن ها را تا توانستند کنار گذاشتند اما کماکان در راس پاره ای از امور هستند و هم قسم شده اند تا وقتش نرسیده تقیه کنند .

5- طرفداران تفکر مهندس موسوی که در خلال چند ماه گذشته هم را پیدا کرده اند.این افراد حتی پیش از انتخابات در مورد سناریوی جناح تند رو و طالبانی هشدار داده بودند .این تفکر بیشتر در بدنه بسیج و سپاه پایگاه دارد و اعتبار خود را از خط امام می گیرد.
6- هاشمی رفسنجانی نیز در سپاه و هم در وزارت اطلاعات پایگاه خاص خود را از گذشته دارد . این پایگاه اطلاعات را به او می رسانند و از همین طریق فهمیده بود می خواهند بعد از انتخابات اگر احمدی نژاد بازنده شد کودتا کنند و نامه ای که به رهبر نوشت و هشدار داد بموجب همین اطلاعات بود . هاشمی اطلاعات همین گروه را به علمای قم منتقل کرده است . اطلاعات مربوط به لباس شخصی ها را بچه های سپاه که بر وضع پیش آمده معترض هستند حتی به قم و مجلس هم رسانیده اند .

7- در سپاه و بسیج و اطلاعات و دستگاههای امنیتی جناحی هم هستند که دو طرف را دارند . یکی به نعل و یکی به میخ می کوبند تا ببینند چه می شود.

Noosh Afarin

سركوب معترضان در ميدان بهارستان

Noosh Afarin





ایران احتیاج به شاه الله هان نوکر یا خر خمینی پرستان حزب الله ندارد.
«مرحم زخم  ایران و ایرانیان ازادی است»


Stop this stupid civil disturbance

by Mehdi on

I for one do NOT support this type of damaging destruction. You had your stupid demonstrations and you did NOT have much support. Give it up. You are not a majority. Stop your violence and disturbance. 


Huh....Look who is defending Cezare

by Benyamin on

I have never voted for the IRI not even in the last elections. But what made me angry was the fact the youths in Iran were tricked and used to stage the biggest lie of the century. Witnessing them getting killed so innocently and getting beaten and humeliated right in front of the eyes of the world. And yet I see these people that make their comment here about democracy and accusing the very same youths of violence and that Iranian youths should shut up(or quiet down) "it wont go anywhere" remember what you wrote Cezare those are your words not mine. What is interesting is that they live somewhere that they wont get beaten or humeliated. Cezare please read Kurush`s comments before your accept his support.

Being Hezbollahi isnot a crime. Yes I said that. I believe in full scale democracy not a limping one. But I also believe in the same democracy that religious minorities and nationalities must be free. I believe the right and life of humans must be respected and protected.

 Talk is cheap.  There are those brave young souls that in fact putting the words in action by the brave women and men in Iran and yet listening to those people supporting Ahmadinejads gang and calling the demonstrators to be "non Violent" where as every one of their protests was dragged to violent by the police forces or Baseejis. they never asnwered my questions about why the government of Iran is so weak that by their own addmission(if true) these people are just bunch of Khash o Khashak(puggs). Then why are they so afraid of them? why they have closed off just about every legal channel on them? why they don`t even let them to gather and put their love ones to rest for ever? why 3 millions rigged ballot didnot matter for  Gaurdian council? Ahmadinejad said:Iran is the freest country in the world!!! if it is then why are you killing my dear brothers and sisters for doing "peaceful" demos? Why the national media doing nothing and in the middle of the clashes where Iran was number one news and headlines all over the world yet the Iranian media were talking about Gaza?!!!

All oppositions way of communications have been closed and locked so there will be no voice to be heard, so they can kill and arrest and shut them for ever! 

Remember those that claim they don`t support the IRI and yet they get so defencive when you call them Hezbollahi but yet they defend just about anythiung the IRI is doing but just don`t call them Hezbollahi???

I invite every one to read the comments written by Cezare and Kurush please go ahead and read them. Those were written by them not me.

God bless all the innocent souls that were drowned in their own  blood by islamic thugs.



Mehdi, shame on you!

by moo (not verified) on

Brainstorming Iran: An X-Ray of Immediate History

"Last night, I instigated a sit-down skull session with seven colleagues that are closely following the situation in Iran, with, between them, encyclopedic knowledge (and lived experience) of the history civil resistance movements in Iran and around the world, to see if we could agree on an objective set of facts to describe what is happening and brainstorm on what might happen next.

We agreed that our discussion would be off the record, so I’m not going to quote anybody by name. But what I can give you is my own roadmap or x-ray of what the situation in Iran is today, informed by this consultation with: 1. a prominent Iranian human rights defender, 2. an award-winning filmmaker who has spent months at a time on end reporting inside the regions of Iran, 3. a veteran strategist from the African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa that successfully ended apartheid, 4. a Polish student of social movements, 5. a Mexican journalist and civil resistance trainer, and 6 and 7. two individuals much like me: authors with intensive experience and study of civil resistance movements and community organizing.

Some of the words below are, thus, not originally mine, but I borrow them because I agree with how they portray current events.

What we can see in Iran today are two simultaneous struggles, one from below (people with legitimate grievances against their government), and one up above (a power struggle between factions).

Although many had hoped that the post-electoral struggle in Iran would be a one act play, this one seems more likely to be headed into a saga that is four or five acts long. Like many previous social movements throughout history, this has turned from a hundred yard dash into a marathon.

The dynamics of this struggle are also very different than those that have occurred in other countries. The Iranian system is kind of “a state within a state.” There is an elected part of the government – the president and parliament – but they are answerable and subject to a Supreme Leader and the various bodies of Islamic clergy that choose him and that, on paper at least, serve as a check and balance to his powers.

That dual state apparatus, although designed to maintain those in power, has caused the regime of Supreme Leader Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad – very much joined at the hip - the problem of having to defend itself on two fronts at once. If it loses control of only one of those institutions, it loses everything. describes the dual dynamic this way:

“…hardliners now find themselves caught in a cycle of doom: they must crack down on protesters if they are to have any chance of retaining power, but doing so only causes more and more clerics to align against them.”

About ten years ago, a deep split emerged in the high clergy that, under the Iranian Constitution, has the final say over all matters and is above the elected government in the hierarchy of state. About half of those theocratic leaders came to the view that the theocratic system is not desirable, that involving itself so heavily in political institutions was making them dirty (or defiled). Although that sentiment is heavy in Qom, the religious seat of power, the objective conditions have not appeared – until now – to provoke action toward reform.

Nobody knows if reports like this one, from IBT Times UK, are accurate. But the scenario it outlines is informative as to how those theocratic councils have, under law, the power to overturn the applecart of State:

"Iran's clerical establishment is considering scrapping the position of the Supreme Leader, currently held by Ayatollah Khamenei and forcing out President Ahmadinejad according to reports.

"The country's Expediency Council and the Assembly of Experts is reported to be considering the formation of a collective leadership to replace the position of supreme leader, according to Al Arabiya, citing sources in the holy city of Qom."

Although there is presently no way to confirm or negate the accuracy of that report, the Iranian people are very well aware that those councils have that power. Their demonstrations and strikes are infused with appeals to that clergy to exercise its influence and change the course of the State. The protests are not aimed at Washington, or at the United Nations, nor at any other external power to intervene (if there's one thing that almost all Iranians agree on it is that they will never again be ruled from abroad, which is why the regime - and its clueless apologists abroad - flails so desperately to portray the protesters as dupes of CIA or other foreign manipulation; a tactic that is so far not gaining traction in any way to quell what is a distinctly Iranian revolt). The demonstrations are, instead, very shrewdly aimed at the internal dynamics inside Iran; the self-actualized protests of a people very well informed as to their indigenous opportunities for self-rule.

It is also no secret that former President Rafsanjani, himself a high cleric and influential in those councils, has been holed up in Qom lobbying his fellow clergy in an effort to bring the axe down upon the current regime.

Add to that dynamic the overlapping, and sometimes competing, security forces in Iran. The most repressive in recent days have been the Basij militias and the Revolutionary Guard, whose leadership is considered to be intensely loyal to the Khamenei-Ahmadinejad regime. (One can safely presume that the “morals police” and “security police” are in that hardliner camp, too.)"



who's winning in this violence

by AntiViolence (not verified) on

حاشیه‌ پر ماجرای دیروز خیابان آزادی
آشوب‌هایی که بهترین‌های "محمد" را از او گرفت

این اتفاق دیروز برای "محمد" افتاد و او را به عزا نشاندند. شاید او هرگز باور نمی‌کرد که دامنه آشوب‌هایی که این روزها خانه، مغازه و خودروهای مردم را به آتش می‌کشد، بهترین‌هایش را از او بگیرد.شبکه ایران: تصور کن که صبح یک روز بهاری همانند بسیاری از روزهای خوب زندگی با همسر و فرزندت خداحافظی می‌کنی و برای کسب لقمه‌ای نان حلال، امیدوارانه دل به کار هر روزت می‌‌دهی.

در انتهای روز که با روحی خسته از زندگی ماشینی این روزها، به خانه برمی‌گردی، دوست داری که به مانند هر روز "لبخند" و "خسته نباشید" همسر یا فرزند، خستگی چند ساعته‌‌ات را در آنی از تن بدر کند که ناگهان از همسایه‌ها می‌شنوی که پزشکی قانونی از تو خواسته هر چه زودتر پیکر بی‌جان عزیزترین‌هایت را شناسایی و هویت آنان را تایید کنی. چه حالی می‌شوی! دوست داری که ...

این اتفاق دیروز برای "محمد" افتاد و او را به عزا نشاندند. شاید او هرگز باور نمی‌کرد که دامنه آشوب‌هایی که این روزها خانه، مغازه و خودروهای مردم را به آتش می‌کشد، دیروز به جان بهترین‌های او برسد و آنان را از او بگیرد.

همسر و دختر محمد رجب‌پور اما، قربانی بی‌رحمی آشوبگران معترض شدند. آشوبگرانی که به بهانه اعتراض به نتیجه انتخابات، حاضر شدند نه تنها اموال عمومی و خصوصی را تخریب کنند که حتی جان زن و بچه‌های بی‌گناه را نیز قربانی هیجانات خود و خواسته‌های غیرقانونی نامزد محبوبشان کنند.

در هر صورت همسر و دختر رجب‌پور که در مهد کودک "آوای باران"، در حوالی خیابان آزادی -روبروی حوزه 117 قدس-، کار می‌کردند، آنچنان که پدر خانواده می گوید"روز گذشته هدف تیراندازی آشوبگران قرار گرفتند."

این مرد داغدار که جزئیات واقعه را مو به ‌مو شنیده و البته به دلایل قابل فهمی از بیان دقیق آن ابا دارد ، شهادت همسر و دخترش را با شهادت دو سرباز دیگر همزمان دانسته و می‌گوید: عصر دیروز تعدادی از اغتشاش‌گران با سردادن شعارهایی به این حوزه حمله کرده و دو سرباز را نیز به شهادت رساندند که در این میان براثر تیراندازی آشوبگران، همسر و دخترم که پشت درب ساختمان مهدکودک بودند، مورد اصابت گلوله قرار گرفته و به شهادت رسیدند.

رجب‌پور به ایرنا گفته امروز عصر جنازه اعضای خانواده‌ام در میدان ولیعصر(عج) تشیع و فردا تدفین و خاکسپاری می‌شوند



by KouroshS on

I found your comments on demoncracy and the concept of a repulic government very informative. It is a shame that even on this thread where the whole purpose is to respect those whohave lost their lives and for us to respect and remember those who risk their lives, right before our eyes in the clips that we watch. there is still those who demonstrate so vividly that they have no capacity for logic and it is them who is always right and redicule others' ability to read or write.and do not want to let go of this nonsense bickering. It is all about Hezbollahi vs Non-hezbollahi to them and nothing more.

Thank you for being the one who has had the maturity and wisdom to end this debate in a logical manner.



Look benjamine and Majid. I

by cezare on

Look benjamine and Majid. I don't want to cause strife and if I did I am sorry. Let's just agree to disagree. Just remember; let's respect our first amendment rights and everything will be allright. Peace be with you both.


A Voice (for Neda)

by GCW (not verified) on

by Gary C. Wagaman

A correspondence with freedom
through dialogue
in a world of revolutions,
this is a rebellion
against silence.

You can no longer corrupt
or conspire against me.

I echo off walls and ocean floors,
I slip into your ears with
soft whispers and
we debate
when our conversations create

I march through city streets,
the echoes prove there are
millions of me.

You prey on me with batons
and bullets but my message
travels with satellites and

It rages through the world
I still make a noise

I have a choice




by Majid on


" I told you once and I am a busy man "

WHAT? you're a " busy man " doing what?

check your own track record and your activities and count your own comments since you registered here! busy?

 You live here for crying out loud.......LOL

"busy man" my foot.......LOL



by Benyamin on

don`t meddle in thing that don`t concern you.

Good day


Benjamin. I told you once

by cezare on

Benjamin. I told you once and I am a busy man. No one likes to be accused and be labled but there you go again labeling me with the mullas. Once you get this straight I will find time to educate you more.


To Cezare

by Benyamin on

Obviously you still need to read, although it seems you have done "some" homework but not "enough" since you still didn`t understand what I mean by "read next time".

As you stated in your comment and trying to make it seem so "sphisticated" just like the mullahs! but you were not successful in your attempt.

But law must be respected or else the Majority wont respect the right of minority and it is the government in charge and the officer to enforce the same law. now since you like to read and apparently writre, I ask you some questions and please answer them and don`t beat around the bushes ok?

Where Iranians can take their complain to within the current Iranian system? How  can they proceed? who they can go to and complain?

If it was only about Law and rules and majority, then the USA would have never changed to what it is today since the Supreme court of the USA was the one rulling against the will of majority over 50 years ago and said Segregation is unlawful and get this "undemocratic" they didn`t say "unrepublic" they said "undemocratic" please don`t try to educate me when you have no idea what you are talking about.


To Benjamine

by cezare on

I have read more than you know. Democracy is the majority rule and not the law of the land. Maybe you should read up. A republic is the law of the land where the majority can be overruled by it Get it? If you know alittle bit of history you should know how democracy in the early greek city states produced some of the wildest excesses of government imaginable and in every case ended with a mob rule, then anarchy and finally tyranny. Democracy is not a stable government. Democracy comes from the Greek root Demos which means people and crodian which means rule. The rule of the people or the majority rule sounds good but suppose that majority decides to take away your home or business or child. Obviously there has to be a limit to the flaws in democracy where the majority isn't restrained. If more than half a people can be persuaded to want something in a democracy they rule. 

Suppose a gun man is captured by a lynch mob or in the case of Iran the "Basiji". And they vote 35 to 1 to execute him.( Democracy}

Then suddenly a cop shows up and puts a stop to it citing the interpretation of the law that forbids such actions until proven guilty in a court of law. So you see, the rights of the government aren't subject to a majority rule, but by the law of the land.

Republic comes from the root Latin Rez means thing and publica meaning public. It means the public thing the law. A true republic is where the government is limited by law leaving the people alone.


Franklin put it best; "we can keep our Republic as we know it or we'll end up with an ologarchy of the elite."

So Benjamin. Do not conclude in your head that other people are not as well read as you especially when you have confused the definitions of Democracy vs a Republic.


lol.....funny little Mehdi

by Benyamin on

Obviously I can see signs of retreat in your statements from where you started, to answer to your comment I invite everyone to read your earlier comments and how you supported the regime and you still do but trying to hide behind "humanity" which you and your Hezbollahi friends pretent to believe in.

 I have been telling you and your thuggish friends that "all of the protests have been peaceful" it is your Hezbollahi friends that have killed and beaten and damaged peoples properties!

But you on the other hand has been questioning that and the reasons behind the protests and so on. which I see no need to repeat. you are what you are and I am sorry that people like you call themselves Iranian.

Get a life Mehdi and be ashamed.

Haya kon