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Most recent/important videos on the June Uprising

"Outside My Door," Someone visiting Iran has made a video clip of the second night after the protests just outside her house:

Very clear footage of Tehran, Vali e Asr Ave, on the eve of elections:

Dortmund, Germany:

Vienna, Austria:

Bucharest, Romania

Athens, Greece:

Berlin, Germany:

Sidewalk confrontation between crowd and police, Tehran, July 3:

"Allah o Akbar" night time, Shemiran, July 5:

Man shot in the head, Tehran:

Oh My! This is lovely! Watch these Americans in Montana celebrate 4th of July, wearing green in solidarity with Iranians' quest for freedom. Very touching, gave me goosebumps!:

Tehran a few hours after election results were announced:

How Ferdowsi went "green" during the demonstrations:

Isfahan, police beat up a young man:

"Daneshjoo mimirad, zellat nemipazirad", Kashan University protests, July 4:

Police destroy satellite dishes, Tehran, July 1:

Los Angeles, June 28th, 2009:

Mainz, Germany:

10-year-old boy shot by basijis while out on Gandhi Avenue with his father. He died later. This is horrible:

Riot police shooting paint ball bullets at crowd. An explosion is heard:

July 2nd, police attack one young man:

Thursday, July 3rd, relatives of those killed during the recent protests gather in Behesht e Zahra:

Tehran, June 28th (according to clip), protesters and police:

St. Louis, Missouri:

Toronto, cycling rally in solidarity with Iranians:

Mohsen Makhmalbaf speaks at a Paris rally, June 26th:

Thugs attack demonstrators, Tehran:

Running from danger, Tehran:


* Sound of gunfire
* Street battles
* Helsinki, Finland
* Adelaide, Australia
* Police destroy people's property
* Woman dares riot police to hit her
* Tehran, Allah o Akbar
* Streets of Tehran
* Riot police destroy private property
* Qoba Mosque: "Marg bar dictator"
* Police harass and attack people
* Riot police arrive Qoba Mosque
* Rooftop chanting
* Paris protests
* Darmstadt, Germany
* Protests in London
* Human chain in Toronto
* Denver, Colorado
* Demonstrator shot by basij
* Tehran University students protest
* Police use tear gas to disperse crowd
* Tehran street clashes
* Khamenei's picture on fire
* Iranians marching in Montreal
* Angry crowd resolutely yells "Allah o Akbar"
* "Marg bar dictator"
* "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein"
* Karoubi among protesters (1)
* Karoubi among protesters (2)
* "Irani meemeerad, zellat nemipazeerad"
* "Marg bar dictator"
* "Beheshti, kojaee? Mousavi tanha shodeh"
* Mousavi addresses crowd
* Crowd chants for Karoubi and Mousavi
* Allah o Akbar in the dark
* "Natarseem Natarseem"
* Basiji shooting at people from a rooftop
* Tulsa, Oaklahoma
* Tokyo, Japan
* Las Cruces, New Mexico
* Greenlake, Seattle, Washington
* Constant shooting, people shot
* Police beat up protester
* People throw stones at police
* Neda Salehi Agha Soltan's grave
* Candlelight vigil for martyrs in front of Tehran University
* Funny song against Ahmadinejad
* Protesters prevent attack on police
* Salt Lake City, Utah: Actress Alyssa Milano and actor Chris Gorham attended
* Canberra, Australia
* Auckland, New Zealand
* Colombus Circle, NYC, Amnesty International
* Coquitlam, Canada: Mayor speaks
* San Jose, California
* Christchurch, New Zealand
* Frankfurt, Germany
* Maastricht, Netherlands
* Prague, Czech Republic
* Cyprus protests
* "Dolat e koodeta, estefa estefa"
* Demonstrators shot
* Amsterdam, the Netherlands
* Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
* Silent Night in Western Ontario
* Frankfurt, Germany
* Bremen, Germany
* Copenhagen, Denmark
* Basle, Switzerland
* Man shot as crowd charge forward
* Basijis firing into crowd
* Protesters beaten, Baharestan
* Athens, Greece
* Berlin, Germany
* Las Vegas, Nevada
* Bern, Switzerland
* Lusanne, Switzerland
* Munich, Germany
* Camp Ashraf for Neda
* Dublin, Ireland
* Seoul, Sout Korea
* Miami, Florida
* Cardiff, UK
* Warsaw, Poland
* Washing DC, Dupont Circle
* Coppenhagen, Denmark
* Denver, Colorado
* Clashes, Baharestan
* Baharestan, police
* Regime thugs attack homes, cars
* Green balloons around the world
* Tehran chaos
* Truck slams into demonstrators
* Protesters affected by gas attack
* "Scream of Silence"
* Rasht
* Saghez, Kurdistan
* New York, New York
* Leeds, UK
* Hanover, Germany
* Peaceful Tehran demonstration
* People move injured protester
* Glendale, California
* Basiji captured, let go
* Man is shot dead
* Protesters charging at police
* Fighting intensifies
* "Marg bar Jomhoori-e Eslami"
* Shots fired at Tehran crowd
* People escaping bullets
* Kermanshah
* Bandar Abbas night time
* Woman injured, Isfahan
* Tense air in Rasht
* Ahvaz, Khuzestan
* Another man killed
* Amazing confrontation with police
* Man shot in Tehran
* Protesters setting up barricades
* Tel Aviv, Israel
* San Francisco, California
* San Diego, California
* Toronto, Canada
* Dallas, Texas
* Washington, DC, White House
* Cologne, Germany
* Windsor, Canada
* Oslo, Norway
* Candlelight vigil in Austin, Texas
* Silent vigil, Vancouver, Canada
* Hague, Netherlands
* Atlanta, Georgia
* Police attack crowd at Tehran University entrance
* Badly injured man
* Young man cries by pool of blood
* Firing shots
* Five policemen beat one protester
* Pro and Anti-Ahmadinejad crowds
* Outside Tehran University
* Azadi Square march
* Road blocks by police, Azadi Square
* "Marg bar Jomhooriye Eslami, Marg bar basiji"
* Military show off on Tehran street
* Makeshift first aid station
* 7 Tir Square protests
* Young woman beaten by police
* Baharestan, Allah o Akbar
* Tabriz: "Azarbaijan jonbesh kon"
* Shiraz protests
* Sports complex turned into a military garrison
* Protesters gather
* Defiant people kept from leaving an alley
* Reza Pahlavi joins demonstrations
* Two injured by basijis
* Protesters celebrating
* 7-year old boy beaten
* Tehran people throw stones at the guards
* Tehran: Man shot dead
* Young man shot dead
* Allah o Akbar at night in Shemiran
* Police car in blaze
* Tehran: Azadi Square
* Tehran: Valie Asr Square
* Tehran: Gandhi Avenue
* Babol demonstrations, 4 parts
* Security forces making arrests
* Crowd charging biker police, Vanak
* Attack on residential complex
* More helicopter spraying
* Protest in Tehran (at Forsat Street)
* Basijis attack protestors and break into homes
* Shiraz protests
* Isfahan, injured students
* Tehran, men unconscious or dying
* Man killed
* Protests contnue
* Neda Agha Soltan shot in Tehran
* One person killed in gun shooting in Tehran
* Memorial service for Hossein Tahmasebi
* San Francisco protests
* Man shot in Tehran
* Isfahan, injured protestors
* Oroumieh: Man is killed (?)
* Charlotte, North Carolina
* San Jose, California
* Nashville, Tennessee
* Stockholm, Sweden
* Zahedan, "Nirooye Eftezahee!"
* Ahvaz
* Abadan: Woman shot
* Khorramabad, Lorestan
* Portland, Oregon
* Alboquerque, New Mexico
* Seattle, Washington (1)
* Seattle, Washington (2)
* Protester shot in front of Basij station
* Los Angeles protests
* LA Iranians fighting over flags
* Orange County protests
* Protests Munich, Germany
* Washington DC protests
* Sacramento protests
* New York City protests
* Austin, Texas
* "Day of Mourning" march, Tehran
* From Isfahan rooftops shouting "Allah-o-Akbar"
* Tehran "Million Silent March" (1)
* Tehran "Million Silent March" (2)
* "Toop, Tank, Basiji Deegar Asar Nadaarad!"
* Protester killed by police
* Isfahan, several wounded protesters
* Orumiyeh protests
* Koln, Germany: "Iraniye ba gheyrat, hemayat! Hemayat!"
* Protest in Gothenburg, Sweden
* Protest in Glasgow, Scotland
* London: "Een Entekhabe Maa Neest"
* Houston, Texas, demonstration
* Massive Tehran demonstration
* Sari: "Taghalob, Taghalob, Taghalob!"
* Yazd University students
* Qazvin Azad University students
* Man shot during demonstration
* Protesters in front of Iranian embassy in London
* Tehran, Vali Asr: Incredible demonstration
* Tehran: Police car set on fire
* Isfahan: "Atal Matal Tootooleh, Diktatore Kootooleh"
* Several shot in Tehran alley
* Protest gathering in Kerman
* Massive demonstration in Isfahan
* Pro-Ahmadinejad rally
* Wounded Tehran University students
* Takhte Tavoos protests
* Wounded students at Isfahan University (1)
* Wounded students at Isfahan University (2)
* Shiraz: "Marg bar Diktator"
* Man shot near Azadi sqaure
* Basiji shoots at protesters
* People marching in Shiraz
* Demonstrations in Isfahan
* Tehran Metro protest ;o)
* Tehran crowd shouting pro-Mousavi slogans
* Police beat people
* Demonstration in Dubai
* Demonstrations in Hamburg
* Sobhan housing complex in Tehran attacked (1)
* Sobhan housing complex in Tehran attacked (2)
* Shiraz crowd burn police motorcycle
* Tehran University dorm attacked
* Isfahan protester shot dead
* Crowd carrying wounded man
* Man shot, put in ambulance
* Basijis shooting at crowd
* Shot at Azadi
* Protester beaten inside home
* Jam e Jam rally
* Girl shot in Tehran
* Hospital staff walk out (1)
* Hospital staff walk out (2)
* Security forces, crowds in Rasht
* Bandar Abbas, transporting detained protesters, June 15
* Basiji fires at angry demonstrators



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Dear Sadness

by Fair on

I stand and cry with you for this boy and all other victims of this regime.

And I will try to answer your question "why?"

The answer is that there are people among us like Nifky who give themselves the right to determine which Iranian is human and which is not. And those who are not human in their opinion have to shut the f*ck up. At any cost. They give themselves the right to beat, kill, rape, and torture other Iranians, if that is what it takes to silence them.

If you dare to stand with the "wrong" group of Iranians, you are quickly categorized into one of several categories, all of which carry a death sentence.

As long as there are enough parasites like this in our society, we have no hope of ever reaching our full potential, and we will continue to have a meager existence. Even if the CIA, MI6, British Petroleum, and every other foreign power in the world leaves us completely alone.

I am sorry for us. I am sorry for our children. And most of all, I am sorry for this young Iranian boy and those like him.




Bush didn't shoot Gore supporters

by Fair on

Maybe the CIA would rather keep all these "morons" in the US for themselves. Perhaps it would serve your stupid brain if you go and find out about the contributions of Iranians to the US. You know, all those bache soosool monarchist MKO supporters:)

You REALLY want us to shut the f*ck up, don't you? Notice how it is not working? I am STILL talking? Are you getting frustrated just about now? Are you finding it a little difficult to practice your Islamic Republic rules here on Well, if you continue to feel a little uncomfortable about this, I have some advice for you. GO F*CK YOURSELF. Because I OR ANY OTHER IRANIAN THAT YOU DON't LIKE ARE GOING NOWHERE.

Listen you terrorist thug, Even the fundamentalist right wing Bush didn't unleash anonymous terrorist criminals with knives and guns on Gore supporters when they protested. You know why?

Because this country is a republic and has freedom of speech. Something you koobideh eating and your koobideh generating AN and Khamenei do not want.

And badbakhte beechareh, your Pakistan example is so stupid you just put your own foot in your mouth again. If 1 million taliban come out and march peacefully in Pakistan (which already was a military dictatorship), THEY DON'T SHOOT AND KILL THEM. THEY DON'T KILL DEFENSELESS WOMEN AND LITTLE KIDS. If they do, that means the government is really afraid of them and/or has something serious to hide. Also, many more than that ordinary citizens come out for Bhutto. You know why? BECAUSE SHE IS POPULAR. How many people came out for AN, even though they had full permission and guarantee of security to do so? So HOW POPULAR IS AN? If he is and indeed won, IT WOULD BE VERY EASY TO PROVE. Not even a nice try , you have no arguments left - which explains why you want everybody here to just shut the f*ck up. You would think that AN with all his oil money and power would be able to hire a better propagandist/PR person than YOU MORON.

And it is clear for everyone to see who is bache soosool: those who go into the street with no defense to face the "tough guy" police (lebas shakhsi) who use chains and knives against kids? Or the lebas shakhsi apes on motorcycles who go and attack those kids? You talk about "law and order". Then why is there anybody besides police doing this? What are anonymous lebas shakhsis doing in the streets, beating kids to death? Are these tough guys? Put one of these morons one on one with another armed person, take away their daily allowance from the purveyors of law and order in your system, and I will show you how long these common street criminals will last.

Khak bar sare pook va be-vatanet that you sell out support such criminals in the name of law and order. Go tell your bosses whose koobideh you gulp down everyday that on you are exposed and everyone knows whose payroll you are on and which side you take. That of murderers. Cheezi keh ayan ast cheh hajat beh bayan ast.


You and your animal masters are going down dude.

And when you do, you will be haunted again and again by these words:



Now keep barking. Because you have every right to do so in the free world.







by sadness (not verified) on

Hello everyone. Did you guys see the top video? One of OUR IRANIAN HAMVATAN 10 year old boys was shot to death.

My heart is broken.

Why? :..(

never ever again

Bachehaa Nikfy sounds exactly like jaleho

by never ever again on

Attention Fair & Kourosh & Majid:

you can tell jaleho character and this one are the same by: poor command of English and styles of support for IRI. The HELL with them BOTH!!!




To Fair

by Nikfy (not verified) on

You're a terrorist for supporting the MKO and/or the Monarchist's savak goons.

Living outside of Iran, you have no legitimate stake in Iran's future. What? You want to go back for christmas? LOL! Is that your legitimate reason?!

Remember when Bush beat Gore? Did people pour into the streets rioting? NO!

Police meet force with force to keep law and order and the rule of law.

Furthermore, Pakistan is a country of 300 million, if 2 million taliban supporters pour out into the streets does that mean that the whole country is taliban supporters? NO YOU FOOL!

IRan has approximately 70 million people, if 1 million bacheh soosools, pour out the streets does that mean that is what the rest of Iran wants? NO YOU FOOL!

You are just a sore loser, Dr. Ahmadinejad won.

Furthermore, don't you think that the CIA could have easily changed this regime if they wanted to? Of course they can, the only problem is that they know there are alot of MORONS like you and they have no real legitimate replacement!

Do you not know that Mousavi is a staunch supporter of the Islamic Republic?

If you believe in the cause, go be part of the cause, until then please have a cup of STFU!



by KouroshS on

Marizi na?

I think you have a very serious illness, And if what you've got is what i  think it is, then there is no cure for it...

You claim to be a Jewish iranian-american. Let's not worry about the jewish part for now and stick with the Eyeranian- Amereecan part of it. You have made some horrible mistakes in your sentence structures and grammer that it really makes me doubt your level of american-ness. A real iranian-american would at least get the language part right.  Me? I am still iranian to the core while i love america.  So if you ccc meee makeeing meestakes. eets eezz oonlee nacchooral.

USELESS my boy is someone who likes to spew negative thoughts and makes nonsensical and dumb predictions as to who will become what and in what society.  Besides, It really takes a very ignorant person to compare the situation in US to that of iran, for such a person is totally ignoring the economical and social factors that dominate in each of these countries, and consequently determine what prospects lay ahead for a particular individual.

One issue that proves that your assertion have been utterly baseless, is the Higher education currculum is so highly acclaimed and rated in iran that  is accepted by virtuall ALL countries in the world specially the top Universities in USA. Just imagine that if this IRI regime of Yours was intelligent enough to create enough jobs for its graduates in order to convince them to remain in the country, At what pace the rate of our economy's progress would have been.

I suggest that you refrain from making political/social commentaries and concentrate on your Koobideh serving buisness. May i suggest a name for your Business? How about : Jaryanesh be gooshet khorde.



KAVEH get the hell out of my country and go back to Iran!

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.

This is America, if you don't like America go back to Iran and live with Iranian President Ahmadinejad and Spiritual Leader Ayat'Allah Seyed Ali Khamenei.  




by Fair on

You talk about CLASS? LOL!! Listen D**CKFACE, if you don't like my tone, then look at your own first. Look down in the posts, who started getting disrepsectful and calling people names. It was YOU. But now that you get a taste of your own medicine you don't like it. What is wrong, you don't name calling? Or only when you do it is ok?

Furthermore, it is none of your business what I have accomplished in this country, but rest assured, I am actually very accomplished here, just like so many other fellow Iranians. And no thanks to your murderer bosses. But for a second, just imagine that is not true and I do indeed get welfare in this country and am nobody here. Why is that? Why does an Iranian outside of Iran get welfare? Why cannot a down and out Iranian go back to his or her country where he/she belongs, and has to get help from a foreign country? How does that make YOU another Iranian look in the world? And what would YOU do to help that Iranian? So far your solution is to call him a bache soosool and tell him to SHUT THE F*CK UP and to KICK HIM. In your world, Iran belongs to only some Iranians, not ALL Iranians. That is because you have no concept of being Iranian, and being a citizen of that nation. You only have a concept of power and fascism and excluding people. That is why you deserve it every bit when I say KHAK BAR SARET.

And as a matter of fact, I DO set foot in Iran and love being with and helping my people, and people are very appreciative of me and others like me. We are one. We are IRANIANS. However, in your case, being a bassiji murderer and terrorist supporter, you may not be as liked.

If Iran is for respectable people, then the first that must leave are the two neanderthals, Khamenei and AN, your idols. Directly to be followed by their koobideh eating thugs like you.

Show respect, and you will get respect. Otherwise, you will get the treatment you got from me and more, and guess what- you deserve every bit of it and more as you brought it on yourself.

And remember as you stand with the murderers and the terrorist brown shirts - remember the voices from the streets of Iran:




Now go ahead. Keep barking.







to Fair and Banayan

by Nifky (not verified) on

First of all, thank you Banayan for your comments. You are on point.

To Fair, you are low class blood sucking leech who is probably on welfare in this country.

With your lack of class, I hope you never set foot in Iran. Iran is for respectable people and you have no class. Just look at your tone.

I am a Jewish Iranian-American who does not want to see bloodshed in Iran. I have the wisdom and insight to understand that a regime change will cause thousands of deaths. Iran will turn into another Iraq. Therefore, don't try to attack me with Islam, because it won't work.

You on the other hand, are useless in this country and think you will be able to do something in Iran after failing in this country. NEWS FLASH, if you can't make anything out of yourself in this country, you won't be able to in Iran either. So put away any thoughts of going to Iran and being useful or lucrative.

You are an extremely bitter person. Perhaps its the after taste of my koobideh in your mouth LOL.


Khak bar sar-e-adamkoshet Nifky

by Fair on

I am not the one telling people what to do, your beloved butcher adamkosh leaders are the ones doing so.

THEY are the ones who dictate how to think, what to read, eat, wear, and how to go to the bathroom. THEY are the ones who say if you oppose me I will send anonymous terrorists to beat you to death in the street. NOT ME.  If you care about letting Iranian people make their own decisions, talk to them.  HAVE YOU?

And like I said, who the hell are you to say where I was and what I did for my country and what price I paid. GO F*CK YOURSELF BADBAKHTE BEECHAREH. You are NOBODY to tell people what to think.

And Expediency council my A**. First of all, it was not them, it was the WATCHDOG COUNCIL beesavad-e-badbakht. Now who is in the WATCHDOG COUNCIL: 6 animals picked by Khamenei, and 6 other animals nominated by another animal nominated by Khamenei. That is right, these hand picked by the leader animals job is to watch out so that the people (the very people you said voted 30 years ago) don't vote "the wrong way". And they did their job alright. And then you IDIOT say they did a recount and everything was fine? And we are supposed to "STFU" after that?  If you MORON believe that then I have a few bridges to sell to you stupid sucker.

Khak bar sare pook e adamkoshet you criminal. You will go to the compost with your bosses. Call your bosses in the ministry of intelligence and tell them I said go to hell.

Remember these words coming from the streets of Iran:




WE WILL NOT STFU!!  NEVER!  Now go bark at the moon as much as you want.  Maybe you find another neanderthal's picture in it.



Bijan A M

Hey Nifky...

by Bijan A M on

What a fool you are. You think this regime will gradually change into a democracy? How stupid can you get?... forget about hipocricy, What do you think will get rid of the rule of blood thirsty Islam?

So, if I am exiled and live in the west, I have no right to support those who risk their lives for freedom? Can you get any more brainwashed? Every drop of your blood combined with all those akhoonds in Iran will pale against a single drop of FAIR's blood who lives outside Iran.

We don't have to live there to feel the pain or conduct the fight. So, STFU.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You and the other yo-yo Banayan need to enter the witness protection program.


to Fair

by Nifky (not verified) on

Don't soozeh eenghad. if you love your country so much, go to Iran and do what you think the IRanian people should do.

You're a hypocrite telling people what to do from here. You're a hypocrite for telling them to put their lives in danger. Furthermore, the Expediency Council did a partial recount and all was well for your information.

If you loved iran you wouldn't want thre to be a power vaccuum in Iran with NO REAL LEADER!

You want to turn Iran into another Iraq a la 2003. You want hundreds of thousands of people to die. You want the streets of Tehran to be filled with suicide bombers. You want Tehran to turn into Baghdad. Then you will only be happy that the regime is gone and you won't care that people are dying.

You're a selfish fool, who has no understanding of the future and what you want.

The best feasible option is for Iran to stay under its current regime and have possible policy changes.

You are following into the propaganda of the Monarchists and MKO.

When I said eat my koobideh I was using imagery you fool.


Nifky the SCUMBAG

by Fair on

What's wrong? You are finding it hard to scare people? The voices of your opponents are louder than usual? Are you feeling a little uncomfortable, just about now?

I can tell you are very upset, just like your coward masters.

When you scumbags get upset, you have one response for the people-STFU.

Khamenei said STFU.

AN said STFU.

And now you say STFU.

Well you know what Nifky?

This is, there is freedom of speech, and you don't get to decide.

And most importantly,the people have now told YOU criminals to STFU.

And now you are proud that your brave butchers were able to put down large numbers of unarmed protestors with guns and knives and thugs. Congratulations scumbag.

It seems the only election you neanderthals ever care about is one that hapenned 30 years ago.  If the one that hapenned on June 12, 2009 also went your way, why don't you just open up the boxes and share for the whole world to see?  What have you to hide? 

Furthermore, you have no idea what I have or have not done for my country, so you know what? GO F*CK YOURSELF A**HOLE. 

You and AN and Khamenei and other butchers have no right to determine how ANY Iranian ANYWHERE should think, believe, eat, and sleep. Today millions of Iranians have spoken. Your answer to them is STFU. And of course, you would love if everybody was intimidated by you and your terrorist friends. Well no more. Iranians are not afraid. You will be dealt with, and the lowest scum of our society who are in charge now will be history, and your source of koobideh will be gone. What will you eat then?

And long after you scumbags and parasites are in the compost where you belong, Iran will still stand tall and proud, and you will be a footnote.



Hasta la vista baby.




to Magid and Fair

by Nifky (not verified) on

First of all, the overwhelming majority of people voted voted for Islamic Republic 30 years ago, many of your family members and possibly you did also.

2nd of all, violent rioters must be dealt with violently. Order and rule of law must be kept in the country or else anarchy will prevail.

You fools most likely want there to be anarchy in Iran. You want someone to let out all the prisoners and let out murderers and rapists. However, that is easy for you because you live in the west and away from it all. What hypocrites you guys are.

Furthermore, if you want the people in Iran to start a revolution and overthrow the government, if you have the balls, go to Iran YOURSELF and try to help them out. Until then STFU (Shut the F$%K up!).

You want people in Iran to risk their lives and die and start a revolution so they change the regime so one day you can enter an Iran with out the IR?

You are hypcrites, you have no right to ask for anyone to do something you will not do.

If you are not willing to go in the Streets in Iran and protest, pleast STFU. If you believe in the rioters and you are not willing to go be one of the rioters, you are a punk sissy.

If you are not willing to send your kids from the US to help the students in Iran, then you need to STFU, because you want someone else to send their kids but NOT YOUR KIDS. YOU ARE ALL HYPOCRITES.


You are a bunch of selfish none-patriots who left your motherland. And chose another citizenship. If you loved your motherland so much you should have stayed there. Your other option is to get on a plane and go back and join the opposition.

Until then, please eat my kabob koobideh, I make great koobideh, and please do not voice your opinions on what Iranians in Iran should do.


Who has condemned this crime?

by Fair on

Let History bear witness- who has condemned this crime?

-Ordinary Iranians everywhere

-Reformist Iranian figures (Moussavi, Khatami, Montazeri, etc.)

-Western governments and HR organizations


And who has not condemned this crime?



-All senior shiite clergy except Montazeri

Have the sunni clergy in the muslim world condemned this?

If not, then they have no right complaining about "crimes against muslims and Palestinians". It would be utter hypocrisy.

It would be very interesting and important to have a list of all muslim, both shiite and sunni, religious senior figures opinions on this massacre by the butchers of Tehran.




News from the Media

by Davood_Banayan on

Americans for a Democratic Republic in Iran.




The Iranian government has not only arrested all the Iranian protesters working and living in Iran, they have even arrested Iranians working as translators for the British Embassy.

This protest was over before it started.




by po (not verified) on

It might take a few months but the next step is for the people to reorganize themselves and get armed! Once that happens no basiji or sepah or army can stand in their way.



by TEHRAN (not verified) on

It might take a few months but the next step is for the people to reorganize themselves and get armed! Once that happens no basiji or sepah or army can stand in their way.


Next step

by HH (not verified) on

It might take a few months but the next step is for the people to reorganize themselves and get armed! Once that happens no basiji or sepah or army can stand in their way.



Its easy for u to say that

by sara229999 (not verified) on

Peace after what happened.... and still happening? its easy for u to say b/c i am sure u live outside iran but its not that easy for one's are living there?



by Majid on

In All honesty how do you categorize Iranian people?

Let me help you,

1) MKO supporters.

2) Monarchists OR as you put it "Shaahis"

3) people who stick their head in a "Chaah" full of sewer in search of their 12th Imaam, and of all places on earth....somewhere near Qom........LOL

And..........that's it! right?

Well,I have news for you, there's one more ........

There are people who OWN and BELONG TO and CRY for and DIE for that piece of heaven called IRAN.

When time comes those people will not forget who traitors were.

Your filthy days are numbered! 




by Majid on


You're just wasting your time and energy my friend.

Discussing IRI matters with these people is the same thing as wrestling with a pig in the mud, after a while you realize the S.O.B. is enjoing it!

Just let them ssffocate in their own vomit. 


election or COUP???

by capt_ayhab on

Calling this bloody coup against Iranians an election is utter stupidity and ignorance, which only IR supporter are capable of.





by Fair on

If Dr AN actually won the election, why doesn't he and his bosses just open up the ballot boxes for all to see and count with neutral observers observing? What do they have to lost by doing so?

And why doesn't a larger crowd than those who came for Mousavi show up for AN? That wouldn't be difficult if he indeed had so much support. Why does he need to resort to beating and shooting people to death instead?

The riots are not just in Tehran, and given that the rioters face mortal danger, you can be sure there are many more dissatisfied than the bacheh soosools. So what you need to deal with more than anybody is that IRI's fate is sealed once and for all. Your idol AN and Khamenei, the two butchers of Tehran, made sure of that on June 12,2009. Every day that your "IRI here to stay" regime is still here is with its hands dripping the blood of innocent Iranians. Just like Hitler promised the 3rd Reich will reign for 1000 years, so do you fascists today. But since you are utterly ignorant of history and underestimate your own people, when your fate comes, usually you are taken by surprise.

I hope for your sake when that day comes the people treat you nicer than you treated the opponents now. But don't be surprised if they don't.

Listen to them, carefully, again, and again:





You and your bosses will pay one day, and when you do, these words will be ringing in your head. Now THAT is something you need to live with and deal with my friend.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

The only thing that is bogus here is you.

Your beloved spiritual leader is incapable of reaching the conclusion that 2+2=4, let alone reach a conclusion regarding a sham election.

As far as who rules over him and the council of jackasses, my money is on 70 million plus Iranians before any so-called Mahdi or messiah.


To Indigestion

by Nifky (not verified) on

You are the sore losers, you lost the election. If you have actual reliable evidence cough it up, otherwise, shut up. There is no reliable evidence Dr. Ahmadinejad did not win the election.

I don't care that there are 1 million people in the streets, they are the million who voted for Mousavi and lost. The vast majority of Iranians are middle to lower class who voted for Dr. Ahmadinejad. THe upper class and northern Tehran bacheh soosools voted for Mousavi and are in the streets rioting.

THe IRI is hear to stay and is not going anywhere. The most we will see are reforms. But the regime will be here forever. Live with it, Deal with it.

Shahis and MKO, you clowns might as well take off your clown make up.


To Nifky: real losers are you and your ilk

by Incurable indigestion (not verified) on

Don't be such sore delusional losers! I know you guys are already shitting in your pants but try to deal with the facts! sooner or later this sorta thing happens to all tyrants and despots, regardless of crown or turban on their heads!

The protesters were/are young, old, men, women, religious and non-religious ordinary average Iranian people inside Iran fed up qith ypour oppressive rule in the last three decades! Open your eyes and ears and see them for what they really are!

Are you that delusional and delirious to claim that all those million of people who stood up to your bullying filthy Rahbar and his stooge sidekick Antari and demanded their rights were/are all MKOs and Shahis?!!!


Wake up losers(MKOs and Shahis)

by Nifky (not verified) on

The IRI is here to stay and it is not going anywhere. Don't get your hopes up while you are abroad.


MRX1: Please say something you haven't been saying for 30 years

by Mehdi on

Anything else? Perhaps somethign that is vaguely related to reality?