Latest protests

Most recent/important videos on the June Uprising

"Outside My Door," Someone visiting Iran has made a video clip of the second night after the protests just outside her house:

Very clear footage of Tehran, Vali e Asr Ave, on the eve of elections:

Dortmund, Germany:

Vienna, Austria:

Bucharest, Romania

Athens, Greece:

Berlin, Germany:

Sidewalk confrontation between crowd and police, Tehran, July 3:

"Allah o Akbar" night time, Shemiran, July 5:

Man shot in the head, Tehran:

Oh My! This is lovely! Watch these Americans in Montana celebrate 4th of July, wearing green in solidarity with Iranians' quest for freedom. Very touching, gave me goosebumps!:

Tehran a few hours after election results were announced:

How Ferdowsi went "green" during the demonstrations:

Isfahan, police beat up a young man:

"Daneshjoo mimirad, zellat nemipazirad", Kashan University protests, July 4:

Police destroy satellite dishes, Tehran, July 1:

Los Angeles, June 28th, 2009:

Mainz, Germany:

10-year-old boy shot by basijis while out on Gandhi Avenue with his father. He died later. This is horrible:

Riot police shooting paint ball bullets at crowd. An explosion is heard:

July 2nd, police attack one young man:

Thursday, July 3rd, relatives of those killed during the recent protests gather in Behesht e Zahra:

Tehran, June 28th (according to clip), protesters and police:

St. Louis, Missouri:

Toronto, cycling rally in solidarity with Iranians:

Mohsen Makhmalbaf speaks at a Paris rally, June 26th:

Thugs attack demonstrators, Tehran:

Running from danger, Tehran:


* Sound of gunfire
* Street battles
* Helsinki, Finland
* Adelaide, Australia
* Police destroy people's property
* Woman dares riot police to hit her
* Tehran, Allah o Akbar
* Streets of Tehran
* Riot police destroy private property
* Qoba Mosque: "Marg bar dictator"
* Police harass and attack people
* Riot police arrive Qoba Mosque
* Rooftop chanting
* Paris protests
* Darmstadt, Germany
* Protests in London
* Human chain in Toronto
* Denver, Colorado
* Demonstrator shot by basij
* Tehran University students protest
* Police use tear gas to disperse crowd
* Tehran street clashes
* Khamenei's picture on fire
* Iranians marching in Montreal
* Angry crowd resolutely yells "Allah o Akbar"
* "Marg bar dictator"
* "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein"
* Karoubi among protesters (1)
* Karoubi among protesters (2)
* "Irani meemeerad, zellat nemipazeerad"
* "Marg bar dictator"
* "Beheshti, kojaee? Mousavi tanha shodeh"
* Mousavi addresses crowd
* Crowd chants for Karoubi and Mousavi
* Allah o Akbar in the dark
* "Natarseem Natarseem"
* Basiji shooting at people from a rooftop
* Tulsa, Oaklahoma
* Tokyo, Japan
* Las Cruces, New Mexico
* Greenlake, Seattle, Washington
* Constant shooting, people shot
* Police beat up protester
* People throw stones at police
* Neda Salehi Agha Soltan's grave
* Candlelight vigil for martyrs in front of Tehran University
* Funny song against Ahmadinejad
* Protesters prevent attack on police
* Salt Lake City, Utah: Actress Alyssa Milano and actor Chris Gorham attended
* Canberra, Australia
* Auckland, New Zealand
* Colombus Circle, NYC, Amnesty International
* Coquitlam, Canada: Mayor speaks
* San Jose, California
* Christchurch, New Zealand
* Frankfurt, Germany
* Maastricht, Netherlands
* Prague, Czech Republic
* Cyprus protests
* "Dolat e koodeta, estefa estefa"
* Demonstrators shot
* Amsterdam, the Netherlands
* Milwaukee, Wisconsin
* Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
* Silent Night in Western Ontario
* Frankfurt, Germany
* Bremen, Germany
* Copenhagen, Denmark
* Basle, Switzerland
* Man shot as crowd charge forward
* Basijis firing into crowd
* Protesters beaten, Baharestan
* Athens, Greece
* Berlin, Germany
* Las Vegas, Nevada
* Bern, Switzerland
* Lusanne, Switzerland
* Munich, Germany
* Camp Ashraf for Neda
* Dublin, Ireland
* Seoul, Sout Korea
* Miami, Florida
* Cardiff, UK
* Warsaw, Poland
* Washing DC, Dupont Circle
* Coppenhagen, Denmark
* Denver, Colorado
* Clashes, Baharestan
* Baharestan, police
* Regime thugs attack homes, cars
* Green balloons around the world
* Tehran chaos
* Truck slams into demonstrators
* Protesters affected by gas attack
* "Scream of Silence"
* Rasht
* Saghez, Kurdistan
* New York, New York
* Leeds, UK
* Hanover, Germany
* Peaceful Tehran demonstration
* People move injured protester
* Glendale, California
* Basiji captured, let go
* Man is shot dead
* Protesters charging at police
* Fighting intensifies
* "Marg bar Jomhoori-e Eslami"
* Shots fired at Tehran crowd
* People escaping bullets
* Kermanshah
* Bandar Abbas night time
* Woman injured, Isfahan
* Tense air in Rasht
* Ahvaz, Khuzestan
* Another man killed
* Amazing confrontation with police
* Man shot in Tehran
* Protesters setting up barricades
* Tel Aviv, Israel
* San Francisco, California
* San Diego, California
* Toronto, Canada
* Dallas, Texas
* Washington, DC, White House
* Cologne, Germany
* Windsor, Canada
* Oslo, Norway
* Candlelight vigil in Austin, Texas
* Silent vigil, Vancouver, Canada
* Hague, Netherlands
* Atlanta, Georgia
* Police attack crowd at Tehran University entrance
* Badly injured man
* Young man cries by pool of blood
* Firing shots
* Five policemen beat one protester
* Pro and Anti-Ahmadinejad crowds
* Outside Tehran University
* Azadi Square march
* Road blocks by police, Azadi Square
* "Marg bar Jomhooriye Eslami, Marg bar basiji"
* Military show off on Tehran street
* Makeshift first aid station
* 7 Tir Square protests
* Young woman beaten by police
* Baharestan, Allah o Akbar
* Tabriz: "Azarbaijan jonbesh kon"
* Shiraz protests
* Sports complex turned into a military garrison
* Protesters gather
* Defiant people kept from leaving an alley
* Reza Pahlavi joins demonstrations
* Two injured by basijis
* Protesters celebrating
* 7-year old boy beaten
* Tehran people throw stones at the guards
* Tehran: Man shot dead
* Young man shot dead
* Allah o Akbar at night in Shemiran
* Police car in blaze
* Tehran: Azadi Square
* Tehran: Valie Asr Square
* Tehran: Gandhi Avenue
* Babol demonstrations, 4 parts
* Security forces making arrests
* Crowd charging biker police, Vanak
* Attack on residential complex
* More helicopter spraying
* Protest in Tehran (at Forsat Street)
* Basijis attack protestors and break into homes
* Shiraz protests
* Isfahan, injured students
* Tehran, men unconscious or dying
* Man killed
* Protests contnue
* Neda Agha Soltan shot in Tehran
* One person killed in gun shooting in Tehran
* Memorial service for Hossein Tahmasebi
* San Francisco protests
* Man shot in Tehran
* Isfahan, injured protestors
* Oroumieh: Man is killed (?)
* Charlotte, North Carolina
* San Jose, California
* Nashville, Tennessee
* Stockholm, Sweden
* Zahedan, "Nirooye Eftezahee!"
* Ahvaz
* Abadan: Woman shot
* Khorramabad, Lorestan
* Portland, Oregon
* Alboquerque, New Mexico
* Seattle, Washington (1)
* Seattle, Washington (2)
* Protester shot in front of Basij station
* Los Angeles protests
* LA Iranians fighting over flags
* Orange County protests
* Protests Munich, Germany
* Washington DC protests
* Sacramento protests
* New York City protests
* Austin, Texas
* "Day of Mourning" march, Tehran
* From Isfahan rooftops shouting "Allah-o-Akbar"
* Tehran "Million Silent March" (1)
* Tehran "Million Silent March" (2)
* "Toop, Tank, Basiji Deegar Asar Nadaarad!"
* Protester killed by police
* Isfahan, several wounded protesters
* Orumiyeh protests
* Koln, Germany: "Iraniye ba gheyrat, hemayat! Hemayat!"
* Protest in Gothenburg, Sweden
* Protest in Glasgow, Scotland
* London: "Een Entekhabe Maa Neest"
* Houston, Texas, demonstration
* Massive Tehran demonstration
* Sari: "Taghalob, Taghalob, Taghalob!"
* Yazd University students
* Qazvin Azad University students
* Man shot during demonstration
* Protesters in front of Iranian embassy in London
* Tehran, Vali Asr: Incredible demonstration
* Tehran: Police car set on fire
* Isfahan: "Atal Matal Tootooleh, Diktatore Kootooleh"
* Several shot in Tehran alley
* Protest gathering in Kerman
* Massive demonstration in Isfahan
* Pro-Ahmadinejad rally
* Wounded Tehran University students
* Takhte Tavoos protests
* Wounded students at Isfahan University (1)
* Wounded students at Isfahan University (2)
* Shiraz: "Marg bar Diktator"
* Man shot near Azadi sqaure
* Basiji shoots at protesters
* People marching in Shiraz
* Demonstrations in Isfahan
* Tehran Metro protest ;o)
* Tehran crowd shouting pro-Mousavi slogans
* Police beat people
* Demonstration in Dubai
* Demonstrations in Hamburg
* Sobhan housing complex in Tehran attacked (1)
* Sobhan housing complex in Tehran attacked (2)
* Shiraz crowd burn police motorcycle
* Tehran University dorm attacked
* Isfahan protester shot dead
* Crowd carrying wounded man
* Man shot, put in ambulance
* Basijis shooting at crowd
* Shot at Azadi
* Protester beaten inside home
* Jam e Jam rally
* Girl shot in Tehran
* Hospital staff walk out (1)
* Hospital staff walk out (2)
* Security forces, crowds in Rasht
* Bandar Abbas, transporting detained protesters, June 15
* Basiji fires at angry demonstrators



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Kick into the shin, then elbow into chest

by WomenSelf-defense tips (not verified) on

then the bottom part of the palm of your hand straight UP the nose


Basij Killing Tips

by Fighter (not verified) on

It should be note that the Basij are specifically targeting the weak, young, & frail.

In 100% of the Youtube videos you see a slightly built kid or old man being ganged up on by 2-6 men.

If you ever see a well built or muscular youth he usuaully beats the hell out of them.

Pls tweet these tips, that most street/guerrila fighters use.


-Wear tight clothes, tight belt, strong shoe laces

-Wear oil or suntan lotion so you cannot be gripped

-Wear an athletic supporter or CUP to protect againt groin kicks

-Do not wear loose clothes; that can be strangled or twisted around you

-Get brass knuckles or a piece of metal that can be bent over fist with rubber

-Small piece of wood with three nails in it to fit in fist.

-Put talcum powder in pockets and throw in eyes

-Carry water pistols with bleach

-Carry small razors

-Tape clubs to both outer-legs under pants

Fighting tips:

-Always run; if cornered or outnumbered, strike first and hard, retreat immediately

-Most will be stunned by ingenious but savage nature of your response. That gives time to strike others or flee

-Never stop moving, twisting, trashing; use legs for traction

-Always approach sideways; with the width of your body, so smallest area is exposed

-Punch into the throat: this cuts off breathing

-Swipe legs to trip and push over

-Poke into eyes

-Bite onto fingers; and clamp down

-Twist arms backward, elbow above shoulder to break

-Hit the upper back of head, not front (too thick) or sides (easy to miss)

The goal is to stun, strike and flee.

Most people try to box, become indignant and want to retaliate or go into submission while they are winning.

These tips are primitive and spark terror; the opponent will be unsure if your next bite will be on jugular or if his eye will be ripped out.

It also taps into your own self-preservation intincts, while the stings of club blows will be numbed out as noise. This is how pit bulls lock on and are impervious to attack as they are wired that letting go means death.

Fight dirty -- that is your only hope, and their worst fear.


video of vote riging

by bikar (not verified) on


Beginning of the End

by Anonymous111 on

اینها تا کی‌ میخوان اینطوری حکومت کنند؟  پنج سال دیگه؟  دهه سال دیگه؟ بیست سال دیگه؟  مگر شاه هم تو سال ۱۹۵۳ همین کار رو نکرد؟  اون هم کودتا کرد.  ولی‌ هیچکس قبولش نداشت و بالاخره سرنگونش کردند.  اینها هم همین سرنوشت رو خواهند داشت.  خون این هم میهنان ما تلف نخواهد شد. 


Basiji beats 7 year old boy - Tehran, Iran (June 20th 2009)

by puss on

Maya Parsi

World Supports

by Maya Parsi on


Nang bar Sepaah

by Benyamin on

Vay vay chi shodeh? artesh bihgeyrat shodeh!

David ET

what's the wait?

by David ET on

Why Neda has not been named as Iranian of the day?

or the month

and the year


Mort Gilani

Please broadcast the messages below in Twitter.

by Mort Gilani on

Please Do Not Pay Any Bills Water Gas Electricity Phone Metro Etc... Pay Nothing #IranElection Tehran Iran #Neda

Please Do Not Show Up For Work & If You Must Please Do Nothing #IranElection Tehran Iran Neda #GR88 #Neda

Please Turn On All Car Lights Tomorrow #IranElection Tehran Iran Neda #GR88 #Neda

Please Withdraw All Your Funds From Bank(s) #IranElection Tehran Iran Neda #GR88 #Neda

Thank you.


Gaurdian coucil

by Benyamin on

Just declared Ahmadinejad the rightful winner of the elections???

even though there has been 140% over ballotting in 50 cities by their own addmission but the logic is, since the margin is too great then Ahmadinejad is the winner!!!

What a sham? who was saying they need to go through legal channels? the Gaurdian council made its mind up 2 days before the elections. What law? what Islam? what Justice? what people? only one thing is above all even god and that is Khameneie or velayat e fagheeh.

Those that support Khameneie are traitors.


No I do not have any proof

by shirazie (not verified) on

My sources are like yours .. family in Iran, news and twitter...

so far have not heard their names, only Besij.. That does not make RG goods guys.


The revolutionary Guard not

by cezare on

The revolutionary Guard not in the fight? Do you have proof of this Shirazie? 


You can't escape it. People

by cezare on

You can't escape it. People are drunk with innocent blood. Charlotte; are you
trying to drive the point that it was okay for Neda to die in cold
blood and her picture used as a poster child for your worthless
revolution? How much more of those images would satisfy your lust for
revenge. Is it any wonder you are just a commentor and not an elected


The end game

by shirazie (not verified) on

Khominie seems to have only the besij as his tool. The regular police and revolutionary guards (RG)have not been in the fight.

The guardian council will try to remove Khomeini to save IRI. Besij will resist and RG will move in .

Tuesday general strike is a must.. The banks were open in Iran today.. we need to see bazaar to shut down Tuesday. then let the sharks begin eating each other

David ET

Once upon a time

by David ET on

rosie is roxy is roshan

A bit more on Neda

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

(from with link to the original persian blog)

A bit more on Neda. A blogger apparently in touch with Neda's family members offers some new details (translated by reader Nima): she was born in 1982, apparently her full name was Neda Agha-Soltan, and she was at the protest with one her professors and several other students. She was, they said, shot by a basiji riding by on a motorcycle. Also, she was apparently buried today at a large cemetery in the south of Tehran. ABC News' Lara Setrakian writes, "Hearing reports Neda was buried in Behesht Zahra cemetery earlier today, memorial service cancelled on orders from authorities.

khaharam ast


Mort Gilani

Ferocity Unleashed

by Mort Gilani on

Baseball bat is not nice.  Invite the basiji family for Adas Polo dinner, and sprinkle some rat poison on their dish.


I know this is really unhealthy but I can't help thinking it. .

by Ferocity Unleashed (not verified) on

I am heading to Iran. . .and like every family mine is mostly opposition and we have a couple of Basiji jerks among us (you know the ones who come late to the mehmooni and leave early because they can't handle "bee Hejabi". . .I am so tempted to invite them over for dinner and then once they're over take a baseball bat to them and make human goosht koobideh out of them.

I know this is uncivilized and inhuman, and against what I believe (most of the time). . .but every time I look at the footage of Neda's death, the idea become a little bit more appealing.

Maybe it won't change the country. . .but if I can't change the country perhaps I can change my family's gene pool. . .the thought of my cousin's kid peeing himself as he gets beaten to a pulp albeit is not humane nor legal. . .seems to become more and more of an option when I see what his "buddies" are doing to my hamvatans. . .

Keep showing Neda's footage. . .I may just decide to invite the family for dinner and have my own "paak saazi". . .

Mort Gilani

Check this out

by Mort Gilani on


Hoy Zebel20

by Benyamin on

pick your battle you half brained bone head.

what you say in one comment is totally different from the other comment sounds like the people in charge of killings in Iran more than anything else.

One minute they say every one you see outside is pretty much a "few puggs" and then next minute they are heros. You are as confused as Ahmadinejad himself and have no way out.

We all know what you meant by being protective.

Neda Agha Soltan was a philosphy student much more mature than you are with all you got.

I am angry and extremely disappointed at you. Even in Iran those who voted for Ahmadinejad are being apprehended on what they voted for and you are still worried about them.


Shame on you.


Jahanshah Javid

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on



This is a crucial time for

by zebel20 on

This is a crucial time for all of us Iranians, and ideas being processed by us individuals can cause hate and damage each of us while going through this horrific tragedy.

We are all by far love our country unconditionally as we want the best for our children and so on. I would like to stop making anymore statements over the current situation as it will offend some Iranians, and my attention isn’t to make harm to my fellow Iranians. Thank you so much for your time and your respond to my comments, what do I know I am not a politician. I sincerely apologise for any harm I may have caused you.

And I might say the French aren’t all that smart, they are well known to be a bit arrogant and cocky

i wish iran was in the world cup so we could say dodoododod iran. take care


to Zebel20

by puss on

describe the difference between 18-1y/o or 18+1y/o in terms of their rights, their life, ...? Educate me.

I am ssuming you are highly over-educated and have the biggest brain on the earth and born in Paris. 



PLEASE be careful

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

from which standpoint you record your videos; it's best to Move around

AND Mujaheddin, filthy propaganda thugs. Iran doesn't need yet another dictatorship


ahmadinejad, mosavi,

by zebel20 on

ahmadinejad, mosavi, khamenayi and rafsanjani, they are all the same, aga benyamin, you are misunderstood, these demostrations is not going to make any difference in our country even with mosavi in power, this is the point i am making. so right now who are we fighting for, this is a clash between khamenei and rafsanjani, nothing more.

and one more thing, people do die in demostrations, even in america, even in england, and guess who kills the demostrators, the police, you do get one or two animals who dont have no feeling or respect for human life themselves so they use their weapon against those who have a different point of view.

what you think i dont have a feeling, i cried when they show that video clip on tv. and i dont support either side, they are both cut from the same tree(regim) 


since you love mosavi,and 

by zebel20 on

since you love mosavi,and  not that i like ahmadinejad, to  me they are all the same, you should go and take that poor girl's place and die so she could still be with her family.


dutch NOS doubts our Beloved Neda's death ...

by NOS Hater (not verified) on

Quote the dutch national network NOS;
" ... we have to bring in consideration that NEDA's video could also be FAKE and that is to demonize Iranian government and provoke masses ..." !!
I assume bastards have similar doubt on others too.

// (paragraph 16.04 uur)

Guys, flood NOS with email against their statement and pass this around to other broadcating networks;
NOS email:

The dutch police yesterday during Iranian demonstration in the hague has confiscated a picture of ahmadinejad from a protestor, photoshoped as a Nazi !! Jewish people participated in rally as well.
It seems dutch really care for their mahmoud's image in public.

Together we are solid.


Mosavi said he is ready for

by zebel20 on

Mosavi said he is ready for shahid shodan, didn’t he make such statement, how would people react to his statement of being ready to die for his cause.
Back to my main point using people as a shield.

In case since you have no brain, you should know mosavi is part of the same current Iranian regime, as you so despite, so why the Iranian youth as young as 16 should die for heartless people like mosavi.

You think he was going to make a change in iran, and he was going to lesson to what the youth wants in iran?

One more thing, parents should not allow their kids under the age of 18 to attend these demonstrations, people wants to know what happened to their vote, under 18s don’t vote, maybe they do in your dahat.


A poem to Honor Neda and her Fallen Freinds

by Shirin Ghobadi (not verified) on

Dear Neda

Neda you have not died in vain
Your voice still resonates loud and clear
Your death has woke the world-
Your blood has paved our course
In your honor and those of your fallen friends
We stand and demand your vote –
We will not succumb to tyranny and force
And fight until we prevail.
No Neda your death is just a start.
The marches will go on and on
until wrongs are undone
until freedom in ours
O – Neda – The lioness of my heart – my soul
You are the symbol of our pride
You have made our nation proud
You are my mother, sister, and child
You gave voice to our cause
No, you have not fallen in vain
You have given us courage to rise
And when that day of freedom come
We will cry out your name from the rooftops of Tehran
for all the world to hear
That Neda was our guide, our saving grace.
O dear Neda from your call,, thousand of lionesses have risen to fight
and they are all proud to say.

Dear Neda

Neda you have not died in vain
Your voice still resonates loud and clear
Your death has woke the world-
Your blood has paved our course
In your honor and those of your fallen friends
We stand and demand your vote –
We will not succumb to tyranny and force
And fight until we prevail.
No Neda your death is just a start.
The marches will go on and on
until wrongs are undone
until freedom in ours
O – Neda – The lioness of my heart – my soul
You are the symbol of our pride
You have made our nation proud
You are my mother, sister, and child
You gave voice to our cause
No, you have not fallen in vain
You have given us courage to rise
And when that day of freedom come
We will cry out your name from the rooftops of Tehran
for all the world to hear
That Neda was our guide, our saving grace.
O dear Neda from your call,, thousand of lionesses have risen to fight
and they are all proud to say.
that their name is too. “Neda”

With humility and with heart full of anguish and grief I offer this simple poem to honor her memory and those of other people who have died. May justice prevail and punish their killers.

Shirin Ghobadi
facebook shirin ghobadi


Zebel20 not so Zebel

by Benyamin on

What Zebel20 is implying is that their kids(the murderous regime of Khameneie) should not be attacked but they have a perfect reason to attack the kids of Iranian people.

For him/her information I must say that Neda was aimed at and killed absolutely aimfully!!!. She was shot in a way to die what does it make any difference? if she was 18+1 day? or 18-1 day? she was female are you trying to say the islamic thugs wouldn`t have killed her? do you know what the heck you are talking about? in Iran the age of maturity is 15 and that means the thugs would kill anyone at this point.

I suggest you should talk to aljazeera and press tv your views are closer to khameneie and Ahmadinejad.