LA Iranians fighting over flags

Embarrassing, June 18


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Are you F*&*ing kidding me?

by desi on

Are you F*&*ing kidding me?  Americans are driving by thinking no wonder Iran has gone to shit.  These people can't even organize a few ribbons, candles and flags.   Look at these fools.  Walking around aimlessly.  I love how they're covering their faces with bandanas and surgical masks as if they're trying to protect themselves from tear gas.  The only thing they're protecting themselves from is the over abundance of men's cologne that must be wafting thru Wilshire.  I get that ex pats want to show solidarity but at least do it, so the suffering Iranians IN IRAN aren't completely humiliated.  Abroom raft.  Goes to show how disconnected we really are with what's happening in our motherland.