Sargord Pirouz username blocked

by SargordPirouz

Well, the original Sargord Pirouz user has been blocked. (This is actually a superseded version of the original username.)

No reason has been given by the admin for blocking Sargord Pirouz. It would be nice to at least know why.

I don't think Sargord Pirouz violated the user agreement, nor to my knowledge did this username break any of the rules of conduct. If this is not the case, I'd at least like to know when and where this occurred. 

Perhaps this is a case where the admin finally got fed up with a user not being anti-Iran and pointing out those here that are anti-Iran on a regular basis. But I have no idea, really, as no reason for the blockage has been given, whatsoever.

So we'll see if this new modified username is tolerated.

I will say this: if there's a problem, let me know how it can be corrected. If you want Sargord Pirouz to stop pointing out posts that are anti-Iran or part of a concerted anti-Iran propagandist effort, let me know. Better still, put it in the rules of conduct so that everyone will know that that sort of conduct is not permitted. Under such universal restrictions, Sargord Pirouz might even still stick around. But we should be upfront about it, nonetheless.


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Sorry Souri - I just saw your comment (explanation/question)

by MM on


I do not like SP's comments either.  However, I have seen much worse comments left alone while certain commentors are banned.  If we are to have a civil society and be able to talk to each other without being targeted, we need to have a set of rules that are understood and respected by everyone. 

As a matter of fact, JJ's new suggested rule of automatic removal of a comment after 5-10 red flags, w/o Admin's strict supervision, scares me since it will start a faction war where, for example, a bunch of seculars (not a likely story for seculars like me) would target a commentor from a different faction and after a few clicks would either shut the person up or banned.

Finally, let me ask you Souri.  Should we red flag and ban someone who advocates violence such as bombing Iran........etc?


Embed Videos?

by SargordPirouz on

I learned that from good 'ol Darius. You know how many times he did that to me? Once he even threatened me with a shooting clip featuring a sniper. I laughed it off, of course. But someone not as sure of themselves as me might have reacted very differently. And just think how I'd have been treated had I done that?

Embed videos? I totally copied that from Darius, I'm almost reluctant to admit. So if this is the case--and how can we know, the Admin hasn't provided citations--than Darius should have been blocked numerous times for over a year now. (I'm glad he wasn't)


Uh uh, uh, not so fast, SPink,

by DelilahNY on

We go one by one. Answer my question first. That's what I asked you to do:

Do you remember the embedded video incidents or not?

Then we move on from there.

Look, SPinkster, I've taught everyone from 13 year old learning disabled inner city kids to PhD candidates at an Ivy League University. And you definitely remind me of both.

With very little in the middle. So answer my question, please, and then we'll make some progress.


Yeah, I don't know what SPink means either

by SargordPirouz on

But it's kinda cute.

Regarding "f*ck": there was a post put up just yesterday that had the word "shit" in it. Nothing happened to it, and it didn't even have a letter substituted.

How is it that a letter substituted curse word (which is considered okay on most forums) is not acceptable on IC and gets a user banned, while a fully lettered curse word on another blog post on the same site gets a free pass?

I'll tell you why: it's because there's an excuse needed to block a frequent user that's not anti-Iran and exposes others that are. That's the bottom line distinction to all of this.


Ach, Du Liebe! Es ist unglaublich... Sargoooooooooord...

by DelilahNY on

 Please answer all three questions:

1. Did you just mean to say your blogs were deleted?

2. But I've been asking for a little courtesy from the Admin in providing specific citations of violations but none have been forthcoming.

Say whaaaat? They did, because within the discussion as a whole, between them, Souri, Shepesh, and me, we were very specific. For example, They said you used f*ck to antagonize  people  this past week and Souri had already explained how you did that on the Alireza Iranian of the Day Thread, link which Shepesh had provided, and how injuring it was. They said you were using embedded videos to harrass and attack members I had explained this AT LENGTH, from my first post on. They shouldn't have to spell out the specific video incidents. A) because you should remember them; and B) because they already had been.

Is it possible you don't remember? Look, you are FAR from the most abusive person here but this week you were beyond the beyond. Sorry but you were. Do you remember the embedding video incidents that began on DK's news thread, yes or no?

3. Why do they call you SPink, SPink?

No comprendo.


While calling IRI

by vildemose on

While calling IRI supporters  "stalkers" may be a little hyperbolic, calling them rational is equally hyperbolic.  You can no more reason w/ people who think that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim socialist now than you could reason w/ people who think 'stoning', mass executions, and 'torturing' and shooting  of political dissidents in broad daylight  are justified. and part of the cultural norm of IRI society.


Admin - one more thing (maybe two)

by MM on

I just saw JJ comment in his blog Looking back, looking ahead that:

"Or we should implement a system where comments that get 5 or 10 red flags would get automatically removed."

I think that the automatic removal based on 5-10 red flags, w/o Admin's oversight, will start a faction-war where, e.g., the IRI-supporters, the Shahis, the greens or the seculars (well, a wishfull thinking as far as seculars for now) would target a commentor and either shut the person up or banned.  BAD IDEA, unless strictly supervised independently.

PS, it would be a good idea to publish your new rules.  I would love to see them in the same format done by Bill Maher in his HBO show, see, e.g., Videos for bill maher, new rules


Yeah, Fair, remember all that "Waffen SS Major" nonsense...

by SargordPirouz on

You used to spew. Go back and read some of those old comments. Most are quite hateful and in clear-cut violation of the rules. 

But you're anti-Iran, so you got a free pass. 

You've only recently lightened up on that nonsense after I exposed your bogus combat veteran claims. That's what it took.

Whatever, it worked. So if you're going to be more civil in the future, that's good for you.



Ah, so the old blog posts were deleted...

by SargordPirouz on

I didn't think they were very good anyway. Really, their only current use was to present an "I told you so"  to post-2009 election politics and to expose the site owner's pocketing of money derived from pro-Zionist advertisers advocating war against the people of Iran.

I suppose I could reassemble a tree containing links to the deleted fils, using archived material. But I probably won't bother. Most here can remember my "I told you so's."

No Fear: I agree with you. But I've been asking for a little courtesy from the Admin in providing specific citations of violations but none have been forthcoming. Whatever. Like I said, they pulled the same hiding routine when I highlighted the Zionist pro-war advertising scandal. In certain ways, they remind me of the cowardly General staff of Reza Shah in 1941, that ran away and went into hiding during the initial stage of the Anglo-Russian invasion. The run-and-hide routine is not far removed from the cut-and-run routine.


Tabrik va Tasliat

by Fair on

baraye shahadate Sargord Pirouz.

Wow- I just noticed this and other threads after being away for a while....

I am not for censorship, and vehemently support freedom of speech.  Furthermore, it is not my or anybody else's (certainly not shahid sargord's) place to dictate to the admins of this, a private site which provides such an incredible service to the Iranian communities worldwide, what to do or not to allow on this website.  They are not obliged to provide service or forum to anyone.

That being said, with freedom comes responsibility and judgement.  Shahid Pirouz has brought much of this on himself when from day 1 he came to a website named, and attacked those Iranians who nonviolently and so beautifully asked for our basic human rights.  He called them subversives and seditionists, and those of us who support them "anti Iran".  He called those who raped, murdered, imprisoned without trial, tortured, censored, and brutalized on a large scale "law enforcment", and attacked their voiceless victims shamelessly in bad taste.  He embarked on a disinformation campaign that trivializes the crimes and despicable acts of a fascist regime against our people by insisting their equivalence to western countries, and continuing to do so despite massive evidence to the contrary.

This is not just a mere "disagreement" or difference of opinion.  This is downright propaganda and lying and disinformation and attacking the Iranian people, to whom Shahid Pirouz has no ability to connect or comprehend.  He claims he accepts Iran for what it is, yet he cannot even define Iran or connect to Iranians. And when he is proven to be not able to that, he goes down a racist path of shamelessly and collectively attacking all "FOB" Iranian Americans, one of the most successful and respectable communities in America, as not being as worthy of "native sons" like himself.

His attacks are not limited to large groups of respectable Iranians, he has also given himself permission to attack individuals here, accusing them of false things and repeating lie after lie about them, in a pathetic attempt to discredit them, myself being only one of the targets.  

And in all his posts, he has yet to contribute actually any useful information or viable argument about anything related to Iran.   He is just about attacking those who expose the regime and trying to discredit them by whatever means necessary, including lying, labelling, and slander.

When a person like this comes on to such a website and behaves in such a disruptive disrespectful way,and with such poor judgement, he should not expect any love or respect in return, and should not be surprised whatsoever by either the reaction of other readers or the admin as we have seen here.  No more than a neo Nazi should expect respect denying the holocaust in front of a Jewish gathering, or that Stanford guy Ullman putting down Iranians publicly.

As I said before, it is not my place to either condone or dispute the decision by the admin here.  But I can perfectly see the point of view of the admin, and look forward to a future where we can discuss actual issues based on logic and arguments and learn something, without the threat of regime apologists and advocates attacking those whose only crime is to speak their beliefs and opinions.

I hope one day this person that calls himself Sargord Pirouz learns to respect Iranians from ALL backgrounds, and to respect the universal human rights of ALL Iranians, at which time I and many here will be happy to discuss respectfully and productively with him. Until that day, I say GOOD RIDDANCE.


Dear Onlyiran: "Just look at "No Fear"

by Bavafa on

Hence I found the need to edit my post to make that correction since I had not seen his/her post at first.

Ironically, he (Nofear) is one of those that actually agree with the ousting of SP. Much like Mehdi in another post that blames the victim (a political prisoner), he seem to be advocating that if you go against the grain (in opposition) then you deserve what you get.




dear S. P,

by bushtheliberator on

You might be able to sneak into "Angry Arab Comments Section",but don't mention your Native American heritage, because they might think you're related to " Princess Pokeyhanus".


Mehrdad Jaan

by Onlyiran on

Just look at "No Fear"'s comments.  here are some excerpts:

 "As much as i enjoy reading your comments..."

 "But if you get banned by giving them a legitimate reason to do so, it would be their victory and our lost." [sic]

 Are the IC forum admins sympathetic to anti Iranian cockroaches who frequently post here ? perhaps ...

Now bear in mind that "No Fear" is an unabashed IRI supporter.  She even has a photo of AN as her avatar.  Also, the whole phrase "anti-Iranian" was invented by the American SP, and these supposed anti-Great Satan warriors have been using it ever since.  I guess they're not smart or "independent" enough to come up with their own, and they have to rely on Americans, even for their slogans.

And as far as SP's account, I couldn't give a rat's behind one way or the other.  I'm for free speech.  So, him staying on doesn't really bother me.  He does need to control himself with the personal attacks and the silly harassment of other bloggers with the "Type A", Type B" nonsense though...



OnlyIran: Respectfully

by Bavafa on

Do you see any fan of SP here? I see many who are advocating free speech and fairness and hardly think any of them are IRI supporters.

Edit: Just to be on the fair side, since last night that I looked at this last, it looks like a couple of those who I consider IRI supporters have joined to comment but still vastly are not IMHO.



Why no Shahid Fred? & etc.

by DelilahNY on

--Why not Fred?  Reread Admin's last two posts in conjunction with my post Okay, Folks, 1 More. If you still don't understand, ask No Fear. He will explain it to you.

--Admin said Shahid first. Credit where credit is due.

--I said at one point that in most cases accounts shouldn't be deleted but blocked (left open for viewing, closed for posting), but not in this one. I totally did NOT mean that. I meant in most cases, people should be given an explanation when blocked.  They should  also be given warning. But there will always be exceptions. 

--If you think blocking should be related to politics you are on the wrong site du-uh.

--SPink, why do they call you SPink? 

I don't get it.


OK Admin

by MM on

I just saw your last comment.  If you apply the rules across the board, w/o prejudice, I am with you.  As I said in my comment to JJ, I want IC to be an avenue of communication amongst various factions while we all try to find a common ground to stand on.  Good luck.



by AryamehrNYC on

Sadly, this SP has lost that priviledge. 


What I find quite interesting

by Onlyiran on

is that all of SP's fans are the site's staunch IRI supporters.  Just look at the comments on this thread and you will see.  The irony--which is obviously lost on this bunch--is that IRI supporters's main claim to fame is their (and by extension their regime's) is their "independence" and how they won't succumb to the Great Satan's wishes, but at the same time, the only American guy on this site has become their leader.  They're even too dumb to come up with their own slogans, and have to borrow his, such as "anti-Iran cheerleader", etc.  How ironically funny...

And a note to Admin:  you seem to be making a lot of "gard-o-khaak" here.  If you're really interested in a better discourse on this site, please have a bit of consistency in your position.  Just look at the comments on this blog from JJ:


half of them are personal attacks.  In fact, I flagged several of them, none of which were removed, and again, this is on JJ's own blog.  By contrast, a relatively harmless comment of mine on this thread was removed yesterday.  So, you guys need to look inwards for the problems of this site.  The reason why the comment section has become such a zoo is because of lack of consistency and transparency.  What you need to do--just like many other sites do--is to list the name and email address of anyone who is monitoring any given blog, and for God's sake, hire a few more, instead of placing the burden on just one person.  You can't have a decent site on the cheap.  Then have a clear, consistent policy and apply is across the board.  Lastly, the site's owner shouldn't encourage personal attacks by allowing them on his own blog.  he should set an example.  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


As much as I despise SP's opinions he DOES have a right to say his drivel. As much as anyone else. So please NO censorship.

By God when are we going to learn to tolerate opposing points of view.



by AryamehrNYC on

...has no right to spew his Anti-Iranian/pro Arab rubbish on this site any longer.  He has shown how intellectually challenged his rants truly are when he tries a revionist approach to Iranian history, a common Islamic Republic tactic.

Hit the road and may you be someone's hood ornament in the very near future.


What, seriously!

by J.S. on

No one, not even one person, can explain why SP gets a booth but Fred does not?

I mean really!

No one? We are enforcing rules here right? No name calling or personal attacks right?


Dirty Angel

At this rate

by Dirty Angel on

At this rate, there is some heavy chest-beating in order.

Ouch, mine's gone flat already!  Hello, hello, where are my knees?

"Stuff happens and some, one way or another, get stuffed"

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

That's a good one, too! Although he sounds like the "Shekast Khordehgaan."

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Thanks Ari

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


While at it I will make a shameless plug for my blog. No one seems to read it but everyone is reading the resurrection of SP. Here is my blog about real "Jashns" of Iran. We can add "Pirozegan" to them.



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

G Rahmanian Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I suggest:

Jashen-h Piroz-egan ! 

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

In memoriam, you could delete a space from your user name on that day.

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

It's a day for celebration. No flagellation allowed! Thst's for perverts!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Shahid Sargord Piroz

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I second that! We should anoint Jan 13 as "Shahid Sargord Piroz" day. Do I get to go and beat myself with a chain? Or something worse :-)

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

I loved your comment about "shahid Sargord Pirouz." Very funny! Let's not forget to celebrate the occasion next year on this date!

Anahid Hojjati

Thanks Arthimis for your explanation

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear Arthimis, No I did not think that you were disrespecting me since discussion was about Sargord. Thanks for your explanation. So you think it is bad that Sargord shares info about his family and for instance what his American grandma did, etc? I don't see any harm in him sharing this info. Whoever is interested, can read and those not interested, can ignore it.