Sargord Pirouz username blocked

by SargordPirouz

Well, the original Sargord Pirouz user has been blocked. (This is actually a superseded version of the original username.)

No reason has been given by the admin for blocking Sargord Pirouz. It would be nice to at least know why.

I don't think Sargord Pirouz violated the user agreement, nor to my knowledge did this username break any of the rules of conduct. If this is not the case, I'd at least like to know when and where this occurred. 

Perhaps this is a case where the admin finally got fed up with a user not being anti-Iran and pointing out those here that are anti-Iran on a regular basis. But I have no idea, really, as no reason for the blockage has been given, whatsoever.

So we'll see if this new modified username is tolerated.

I will say this: if there's a problem, let me know how it can be corrected. If you want Sargord Pirouz to stop pointing out posts that are anti-Iran or part of a concerted anti-Iran propagandist effort, let me know. Better still, put it in the rules of conduct so that everyone will know that that sort of conduct is not permitted. Under such universal restrictions, Sargord Pirouz might even still stick around. But we should be upfront about it, nonetheless.


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Sargord, regarding your second reply to me below,

by DelilahNY on

incredible though it may seem, I was totally calm when I wrote that second post. I wrote it that way for a reason. And I have just added a ps to it which I ask you to read, which will clarify that.

Beyond that, and at risk of appearing to be tooting my own horn, I know as many details about this trajectory as anyone here, and more than most. And have attempted to discuss with you tirelessly, and very politely, to drop dead exhaustion--without your replying at times btw.

So, I'm going to drop out of this discussion for some time and then return and offer some input if necessary. For now, if you wish to pursue this with me, please contact me via my account and I will be happy to give you my phone number.

And one more thing. Yes I have seen you abused. Yes I have seen you abusive. Yes I saw j. once treat you unfairly, but you antagonized him, and I tried to mediate, and both of you--being unfair that night--wound up leaving me in the lurch where I was crucified by a gang of apes dumping slop on my head as your proxy. And I paid and paid. It is your Zionist ad thread and all are free to read, and perhaps you should reread too.. I got VERY emotional there. I have been cool as a cucumber on the present thread, I assure you. 

Please feel free to e-mail me if you like.


It is the plastic screen which brings together, it is the plastic screen which tears apart.



by AntiMozakhraf on

You keep dodging the question and that in itself is an answer.

And your 'estimate' is inaccurate. Very inaccurate.


LOL, the latest IC movie : Admin Vs. SP

by Souri on


What is this? Are you going to make a court out of this?

FYI, Many people use those F and S words (and sometimes even worse that this) and they don't get blocked. It's all depend where and how you are using them. Sargord's general behavior is abusive because he is annoying the people by disturbing the serious discussion.

For exemple, in the last few days, he came to every single blog about AP, from the very first day when people were still too emotional and some were mourning AP, to repeat all the time:  Who gives a fuck,,,,ect etc.

In one of those blog (provided here by Shepesh) I replied to him in a very harsh way. My reply got deleted,  but his vulgar comment stayed there for almost two days before someone does flag it.

I believe this is a proof of  much tolerance and patience  practiced by Admin toward SP, while some of the members of the site, have never been so patient with him.

Fair is fair.

The good behavior of the people, warms our heart and make us thankful.....  And the bad ones, just make us to recognize and appreciate the good ones!


Comments & Blogs

by admin on

If you have not seen Sargord using "fuck" and "shit" it's because they have been removed. And he knows perfectly well that he has used profanity.

You can use any word you want in your blog but not in the comments. A blog is your private space and you can say whatever you want (excluding, libel, defamation and personal threats).

The comments are there to have a discussion. To criticize. To exchange views. You cannot have a discussion when someone is cursing and attacking.

Is there a difference between "fuck" and "f*ck"? Does that really need an answer? Use your brain.


well - this is different - please provide real examples

by MM on

I have never seen SP use the profanities sited by Admin.  Please provide real examples and tell us whether $hit, sh!t, sh*t are treated the same as shit.  How about crap, crapola, dong, defecation or poop. 

What if sh!t or f*ck are used in a blog text by the author of the blog?  How about sex scenes in a blog that are obsene to some and border XXX?

Where are these rules?

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

A Note:

Don't give them a reason to ban you from IC. It has happened to other users who stood up against the 'respectable' bullies. They were eventually banned and did not come back under a modified user name.

Go slow and if you can't, Go as slow as you can. 


Shahid e Mazloom

by admin on

Sargord Khan,

You can do all the mazloom namaie for your fans and those who have no idea what you are up to.

You can read, correct? Above the comment box it says:

* Comments containing profanity or personal attacks will be removed. Repeat offenders will be blocked.
* Embedding videos is not recommended and may be disabled.

You have been using "fuck" and "shit" in your comments. You have been embedding videos to make jokes and attack others. And you frequently harass and pester bloggers and commenters you don't like.

Your behavior is clearly abusive. You wanted a warning? THIS is your warning. Continue this pattern and your account will be immediately closed no matter what new username you come back with.

And let this be a warning to other Sargords out there who launch personal attacks on SP because of his views. There are several of you on this thread alone cheering the action taken against SP, while you are just as abusive. You're favorite form of harassment is calling SP "Tahgooz" and "Tahgoh" and...

All abusers are the same. Pro and anti-IRI. You have no manners whatsoever. You are bullies. You cannot stand people who think differently than you. You must attack them. You must curse at them. You must annoy the crap out of them.

You have no place here.


In this context:

by J.S. on


The Rahbar's comments on 'blocking', as promised

by DelilahNY on

 The Rahbar's blog with his comments on 'blocking' of a/c's (and deletion...please remember the word..).

The most pertinent section:

I hate interfering and playing the role of school master. Every time I block someone or delete an offensive comment I do think about the site's motto "nothing is sacred" and I wonder. Was I right? Was I wrong? I never feel completely justified in whatever action I decide take, and it wears you down.

If I judged your comments to harshly and deleted too many of them, I hope you don't take it to heart. If you got booted out of the site for too long, bebakhsheed. You're always welcome here.


I had serious issues with this because people who got deleted didn't necessarily KNOW this. And because in most cases (not SP's this time as I explain in my first--loooong--post),  accounts should NOT be deleted, but left open for viewing. (Louie Louie is one of the latest btw. Kashani and Ayhab broke my heart). I didn't say anything on that thread because I wasn't posting at the time. But for now that's not the central point. And once again, please do read the first comment on this thread as well as MM's and mine a bit down from here. And please do not formulate any opinion on this important matter until reading up the whole thread. if you don't know the details. Please.


It is the plastic screen which unites, it is the plastic screen which tears apart.


Just that I understand this:

by J.S. on

And I am very very very stupid. I mean really stupid. SO I REALLY REALL REAAALLLLLLLLLLLY need someone to explain this to me.

Majority of people agree that SP was banned because of his objections (repeated or not) to Fred´s blogs and personal attacks... Ok I get that. I am 110% clear.

So why is Fred not banned? If the rules apply to SO here so be it! Should they also apply to other members or not?


Amber Alert for SP User Name

by Faramarz on

FBI and the Secret Service are on the case, CNN reports!

Next update in the morning by special agent F.

The new owners of deny any involvement in the disappearance of several user names.

Mash Gholam, the janitor remains at large and is on FBI's ten-most-wanted list! President Obama appeals to the nation to stay calm in these difficult times!

Osama Ben Ladin's second-in-command released a tape this afternoon saying that, "The Infidels will pay a heavy price for this!"


MM jan, I believe you have got that correct

by Bavafa on

And that is a shame for IC, unless the new investors are pushing for this and JJ has little choice but to go along.

I sure hope JJ take steps to correct this, otherwise with this trend very soon 'ali mimone o hozesh'


hamsade ghadimi

rea, we're on the same

by hamsade ghadimi on

rea, we're on the same wavelenght.  just cross-posted w/ you and basically said the same thing.

hamsade ghadimi

narcissism at its best. 

by hamsade ghadimi on

narcissism at its best.  much ado over a "missing space."*  how many people get banned from and get this much attention?  it's surprising with such activism, the killers and rapists governing iran are still in power.

missing space = nothing


Kinda getting funny

by Rea on

So many good commenters have beeen blocked from this site. Not many people protested, though. Maybe because those who'd been blocked hadn't blogged about it. Some left quietly, some came back under a different user name.

So, what's all this fuss about ?


SP IS NOT BLOCKED. (cross-posted with MM, modified)

by DelilahNY on

Thank you MM, for being awake. Forthwith:

His account was DELETED, not BLOCKED. Blocked means closed for posting, open for viewing. He is neither deleted nor blocked. He is here. The reason the terminology is important is because Mouse's discussion on this issue on Looking Back Looking Forward is imho the MOST important matter here.

Check out the first post. Admin came RUSHING over to tell him he'd be reblocked if he continued...what does that mean. He can come back. J. wrote a blog about it. Wait, I'll go unearth it. Samsam was deleted like three times two years ago. What about AryanUR and Boomshakalah...14 million times. Hell, I'm here.  

Oh and btw, anyone unaware of the circumstances of the deletion really has no right to formulate any opinion here until they've read up this entire thread, now approaching 100 posts. With all due respect. It's too important. Beginning, as MM and I have noted, with Admin's post. Post number one.  




It is the plastic screen which unites, it is the plastic screen which tears apart.


Lol w/ELS

by SargordPirouz on

Actually I considered self-demotion to Sarvan but thought the better of it.

MM: You notice the tone taken by the Admin? Still no specific citations...

Edit: Omid, thanks. I don't get most of your illustrations but you have the self-assuredness to take my comments for what they're worth--or not worth.

Omid Hast

I object to Sargord Pirouz's account being closed

by Omid Hast on

I don't like it.


The first comment by Admin is interesting

by MM on

   The first comment by Admin is interesting -----------------

by admin on

You will be blocked again, for good this time, if you continue to use profanity and harass/attack those you don't like.

If you do not contribute any thoughts about the subject of the page you are commenting on and focus on personal attacks, your comment will be removed.

Do it over and over again and you will be blocked.

You are perfectly aware of the rules on this site.


I would like to know 2 things:

1. What profanity did SP use that is so much different than anything seen on IC?

2. What percentage of blogs/comments would be removed and the commentors banned if it was a question of harassing/attacking those we don't like?

But since Admin / JJ are not responding, I will take a crack at it. 

My bet for #1 is that SP's comments are flagged as abusive (flag as abusive) just more often irrespective of a comparison, maybe even analogous to banning of AV for his Baha'i comments!!!  We have seen several condescending comments in this blog and at least three comments with insults towards SP.  The difference is that SP does not turn around and push flag as abusive.

My bet for #2 is that more than half of the comments on IC should be deleted for being non-relevent, insulting, harrassing and personal attacks.  And, of course, the people who write them should be banned.  But, this is such a wide-range subject to personal interpretation and clear rules should apply towards everybody.

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Dear Admin: Have you heard of DHCP?

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol! Basically, SP would unplug his cable modem or ADSL modem and wait a day or so and then he would plug it back in. And then his ISP would assign him a new IP address, that's what DHCP would do for you. So, the moral of the story is that he can come back even if you block his current IP address! It is impossible to get rid of SP, so your only option is to demote him to a rank of Basiji!?


Dear Bavafa

by Mehrban on

If you have not paid attention to Fred's blogs then you probably do not know the extent of the harassment. 

Ps.   I think I have said all I have to say on this topic and I should stop here.




by Doctor mohandes on

why are you setting up conditions / demandshere?

what would be in it for them to do so?Would they have to do this out of some sense of oblugation that they have to you, Just because YOU think they are doing the harmful, evil, thing that they are doing?

You are making such a childish and immature proposal, They do not ever owe you or anyone else for that matter to reveal who they are and why they say what they say. What you say is simply and utterly and totally rediculous. YOu in essence are making a threat. You are making a situation worse.

You Have made up this meaningless "ananymous entity" Only to legitimize your rubbish and dumb charges that you are making against them.  How do we know for sure and how can we tell for certain you are who you say you are? What is there to Guaranttee that you are not LYING Through your teeth?


NO one . I repeat, NO ONE,.not one damn soul on this site or any other site for that matter is under any obligation whatsovere to reveal who they are. So you might as well quit making baseless , absolutely idiotic, unrealistic, crazy, demands based on that condition.

You are NO ONE on this site and have no authority to make such a request. You know it too. you are just in it for self-promotion,,, Heyyy look at me... I have been abused.. Me the sargord. the innocent harmless sargord who have accepted IRan they way it is,,, Now look... They are turning on me.. Banning me.. Blocking me.


Lol w/ImTheKing

by SargordPirouz on

Y'know, I think they'd actually be doing me a favor if they'd ban my IP address. This is such a personal time waster.

I put in a heckuva lot more than I get out of this. 


No offense taken, Bavafa

by SargordPirouz on



lol w/SargorPirouz (wo space)

by ImtheKing on

سرگرد بدون فضا، میدونی بچه پرو کیست؟  موجودیست که حجم حرفهایش از دوبرابر مساحت دهانش بیشتر است!

wondering what would you suppress in your username, next time you'll be blocked, as there are no spaces remaining?


So Mehrban

by SargordPirouz on

You think responding negatively to an anonymous team of bloggers in a 2 post per day effort, intent on inflicting harm and hardship on an entire country full of people, is "harassment"?

Like I've said a number of times here already: all those people have to do is come forward, reveal themselves and tell me to cease and desist. I will do so and never comment on their blog posts again.

It's not harassment when it involves an anonymous entity and there is no issuance of cease and desist. 


Dear Mehrban: with all due respect

by Bavafa on

The only thing that I see wrong with SP on Fred's blog (the few I have seen since I don't pay attention to his blogs) is undue attention. If some one writes a blog, there is nothing wrong with others participating even if it is non-sense that he/she writes as long as it is not profanity. And the non-sense comments by SP (no offence to SP here) is not limited to Fred or DK, he treats every one equally by his gibberish comments. So, unless he is using profanity/language this is not supported on this site, then he ought to be free to writes his gibberish as he wishes.

You don't agree with that? Or do you have specifics that you think merits this censorship.




by SargordPirouz on

How am I supporter of the Islamic Republic? How could I be, other than voting in the presidential election, anyway? I'm a Californian for chrissakes. 

This is my view for the hundredth time: I accept Iran for what it is, politically and socially. What's more, I advocate US rapprochement efforts be directed toward the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Could I be any more clear on the matter? 


No AntiM, you have it all wrong

by Mehrban on

I do not object to SP because who he is or his ideology but for his abuse.  I can say that in my estimate no one has as tagettedly, repeatedly and consistently hounded another blogger as SP has Fred.  

Having said that I have never flagged any of his comments (or anyone's, I don't think) but now that he is blocked, I fully understand. 



by SargordPirouz on

So you didn't like my comments regarding that spoiled guy's suicide. You told me you didn't in your own commentary. We disagree. That's how a online public forum works. 

You don't like my comments? Refute them or ignore them.

But please, spare us the emotionalism. Good ol' Darius, our resident monarchist, doesn't even lose his composure over this the way you are. 

And yes, I posted a few mocking YouTube clips over that spoiled guy's suicide. Again, I was following good ol' Darius' example in doing so. It's one of his favorite things to do. I've given him a hard time about it in the past, but I've never blathered about it in emotional hysterics.

Calm yourself.