SargordPirouz censored from any commenting on the "Fred" propaganda blog

by SargordPirouz

So the Admins are deleting all SargordPirouz comments from the "Fred" propagandist blog, the blog that in many of its two posts per day advocates economic hardship and war be launched against the people of Iran.

This, while the latest comments fully conformed to the rules of the site yet were censored by a full deletion.

I'm guessing the Admins are upset that a user of is standing up to this daily propagandist effort advocating war and economic hardship against the people of Iran. I'm also guessing they're in agreement with this advocacy by their continued policy of featuring these blogs on the main page, and by the past acceptance of advertising money from a pro-Ziounist, pro-war against Iran group.

The admins also locked the "Sargord Pirouz username blocked" thread from any further commenting.

What are we to conclude from these rash actions by the admins? Perhaps they're fed up with an individual regularly countering the most ardently anti-Iran material here on It's too much for them to accept a regular contributor to this site who will not remain silent while others here barrage the site--with Admin support--on advocating war and economic hardship upon the people of Iran.

A sad state of affairs but not unexpected from anti-Iran elements of the diaspora.


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Sargord Pirouz username blocked
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A Tribute to Sargord Pirouz

by Faramarz on

Turn out the Lights, the Party is over!

In the Iranian tradition of kindness and forgiveness, here is a tribute to Sargord Pirouz by Willie Nelson.

May he find happiness and a true identity wherever he is!


Turn out the lights
The party's over
They say that
All good things must end
Call it tonight
The party's over
And tomorrow starts
The same old thing again

But the crazy crazy party
Never seen so many people
Laughing dancing
Look at you you're having fun
But look at me
I'm almost cryin'
That don't keep her love from dyin'
Misery cause for me the party's over
Turn out the lights...

Once I had a love undyin'
I didn't keep it but I tried
Life for me was just one party
And then another
I broke her heart so many times
I had to have my parting wife
I had to have my party
Why broke her heart so many times
But one day she said
Sweetheart the party's over
Turn out the lights...


wonder why the falsely

by merlin on

wonder why the falsely named iranian public affairs group actually serves in opposition of iranians? this may help.


as pirouz has stated these groups that are iranian in name only serve the financiers, Rosenbergs in this case.


sargordpirouz please

by merlin on

sargordpirouz please continue exposing the truth to these lemmings and fools that are so brainwashed and directed by their enemies that they call for, whine about and work for the destruction of Iran, Iranians, self-determination, sovereignty and so on. They beg for zionists and globalists to rape more of their existence, but not before putting on a little lip gloss or eyeliner. mistakes of god.


Never mind I think I figured it out

by J.S. on

Islamic Zionist. Or basically that girl Mona from Super Sweet 16 that was half jewish and half muslim-Iranian.

Can I call you Mona?


On another note, and again, if SP is banned for name calling so should Fred. But after all this no one can explain as to why Fred is not even censored.



by J.S. on

I am more baffled by what they both are going to call you now.

Rabid Islamist + zionist barbarian = ?

I think you are on new ground... Lol


birds of a feather flock together

by Bavafa on

As far as I am concern, SP and Fred are only the two side of the same coin. Both as illogical and propagandist, with nothing else to do then just dedicate their time to be anti-Iranian. One vigorously attack IRI, without any concern or regards for the Iranian people yet defends or at best brushes off any crimes by Israel/West. The other vigorously defend IRI, yet attacks any thing that goes counter to IRI. Both very well might be getting paid for their time and efforts on IC.

However, I am still baffled by the action of 'admin' regarding SP censorship if in fact it does not violate the not-so-well-published rules. The admin picking up on SP, mimic SP infatuation with Fred closely




by masoudA on

IR supporter complaining about cencorship??!!!!   woow - no end to veghahat!!! 

An IR supporter who seldom has anything original to say, calls Fred propagandist and complains about the treatment he gets for showing up in every one of his blogs and making the same tired claims over and over, and over..............Why would you keep repeating the same thing - unless - unless you are the propagandists engaged in yet another character assassination campaign. 



by Delavar1 on

I couldn't help but to repeat my comments for you.You keep saying over and over again that those opposing the Republic of Islam in Iran are "anti Iranian". Fabrication instantly becomes fact and the more far-fetched, the better!  That was the strategy Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda director, used in his war against the Jews of Europe and it worked. The Islamists like you (Sargord Pirooz) may not be very original but you certainly have figured out how to seize upon a good idea and run with it! Calling Iranians who are against the rapist Islamist terrorist regime in Iran "anti Iranian" was a stroke of genius. A very BIG Lie... but brilliant nevertheless! So to you Any Iranian who likes his herritage, who loves Kourosh the great and the real Iranian culture and wants democracy in Iran  is "Anti Iranian".  Today's Islamist propagandists such as Al qaeda, Hezbollah regime in Iran or elsewrhere or what have you uses a technique called "turnspeak" whereby the aggressor becomes the "victim" and the true victim becomes the "aggressor!" . The classic examples include  when Hezbollah killed the Lebanese president Rafik Harriri and blamed it on America or when the Islamists in Tehran killed Neda and blamed it on the green movement or when the same rapist regime slained Foroohar and his wife and blamed it on Israel and America. Another example is the poor U.S. Journalist (Chief of Wall Street JournalDaniel Pearl  who was kidnapped and subsequently behaded by Al Qaeda. At the time he was accused by his Islamist  kidnappers of being an American Spy. Oh, and byt the way , how many of Bahai's whether old or young. man or woman teenager or child were executed in Iran by your terrorist Islamist regime for being "Zionist spies"? Did any of those people deserve to die? Were those tens of thousands of people all spies for Israel and America? real spies for the Zionists? How many of communists did you execute in Iran for "not believing in God" or being "enemy of God"(Mofsede felarz)?. How many political prisoners whether man or woman, or teenagers were raped in Evin prison or prisons elasewhere before their executions?  Examples are numerous. Have you no shame?

So you, Ahmadinejad,  and the rapist Islamist regime in Iran on the other hand who support the Hezbollah rapist terrorist regime in Iran are  "true Iranians" and the rest of us Iranians are "anti Iran"? Please do not make me laugh. What an intellectual mind you have. You are brilliant. Mashaallah..... Here is the  quote from the famous  Nazi Joseph Goebbles (Hitler's propaganda director):

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”   So Mr. sargord, you see this is how your beloved terrorist rapist govt. in Iran has so far survived. There is no doubt in my mind that you are a mercenary of the same Islamist Republic regime  in Iran since you try to use the same method of "turn speak". that they have been using for over 30 dark years in Iranian history. 



by DelilahNY on

I posted my reply to you on Sargord's war thread by mistake.



by vildemose on

allows this official, organized, propaganda to continue like this??

Can you tell us this "official" organized entities name?? Where is your proof??


Well thanks Onlyiran

by J.S. on

You are for free speech.

You are anti-personal attacks.

You would critize others than SP for such actions.

You have never called for censorship of SP, because, of course, you are for free speech.

I had it all wrong. I thought you were nothing but a hypocrite than complained. I thought you used personal attacks yourself.

Boy, I am stupid. I am really really really stupid. You are a great example of a great eyeranian.


I wonder if ADL has warned!

by Disenchanted on


        There is an unabashed, ever present of Zionist propaganda on this site. It's not clearly an individual or individuals but an organization behind it. I wonder if IC under pressure to dismiss charge of anti semitism allows this official, organized, propaganda to continue like this? I would be surprised to hear otherwise!


Paying $25.00 to get an ID card doesn't make you an Iranian

by Onlyiran on

we don't have anyone in Iran named "Mark."  Plus, you call yourself an American all the time and even said once that you don't want us to "stink up [your] country" [the U.S.].   (That's right Mola, your hero said that about Iranians in the U.S. such as your fine self)

BTW, if you knew anything about Iran, or if you had ever been there, you would know that under the rampant corruption ushered in by the IRI, one can pay someone off in Iran (with probably $15.00) and get an ID card for a dog if they wanted to. 

You are not an Iranian, never been to Iran and have no idea what that country's all about.  So, stick to things about San Francisco and the Giants, and stop talking down to Iranians.

Rosie: I generally don't read or address your comments, because you have a tendency to just carry things on forever. But, since you have quoted me here, my comment that you have taken out of context is totally about something else.  It's about those who support Mark's political views.  If you read my other comment on that thread, I said that I am for free speech and I don't mind this character staying on. 


To the commenter that requested more blog posts from Sargord

by SargordPirouz on

Check out Sargord's latest upload:


(Warning: graphic images)


Mola Nasredeen

Sargord, you have the right to comment on anybody's blog

by Mola Nasredeen on

We know.

We are aware of their activities on this website, it's nothing new.

We feel your pain when it comes to those who advocate starving, bombing and destroying Iran's civil society. You react to these hatemongers, warmongers, Iran haters who mostly represent organizations such as monarchists, Israeli lobby and others. They don't comment here as individuals, they are here on a 'mission' for regime change at any price to Iranians and Americans alike. You don't want Iran to get hurt and neither U.S.A. 

They demonize and provoke you in the hope of your strong reaction that would lead to getting banned from IC. They have done it in the past, don't be surprised you are not the only one who has experienced this, hint, hint.

You have given many useful information about how Israeli lobby works and how they're trained. You are the one who spoke of the Zionist training handbook called 'Hasbara' and how it tries to demonize and dehumanize other. You should have the right to comment on anybody's blog you choose as long as you keep within the subject at hand. 

Hang in there and don't get distracted by their tactics to ban you. Follow admin's rules as much as you can and if your enmies try to do it to you flag them. Keep on speaking your mind and expressing your view. As an American taxpayer and a human being you have the right to free speech. 


One more. Sorry, I can't resist! OnlyIran, on SP's first martyr

by DelilahNY on

 thread, you wrote,

What I find quite interesting

by Onlyiran on

is that all of SP's fans are the site's staunch IRI supporters.  Just look at the comments on this thread and you will see.

Yes, indeedy-do. In a Free Sargord campaign spearheaded by MM, VPK, and Shifteh.

Okay, I'll stop now. It's been fun.


How many Iranians does it take to fit a face on the moon? None. It never quite fits.


unless. as suspected by most here. you are paid by islamist re

by DelilahNY on

unless. as suspected by most here.  you are  paid by islamist regime to spread hate "

omg. and you took a poll, Roozbeh? Are you frigging serious? Who the hell would pay him?

No offense, Sargie, you know I love you. But from the things I told you this morning, you probably already figured out I don't think you'd make the ideal paid propagandist here..


How many Iranians does it take to fit a face on the moon? None. It never quite fits.


Oh, noooooooo, don't tell me, it can't be...pinch me, I must be

by DelilahNY on

dreaming. Ya know, this is really seriously amusing. And I seriously mean seriously. I was just lying here luxuriating in my bed, thinking about the Shahid Spink thread and how Mehrban was saying Sargord was stalking and hurting poor Fred and how ludicrous that was, and how I wished I'd said something to her about it but I was too busy trying to convince a bunch of virulently anti-IRI Free Sargord activists that The Rahbar, who deleted my a/c two months ago  in the most humiliating way possible with no warning or explanation much less reason was totally justified for deleting Sargord's account with no warning or explanation but with reason. Not to mention patiently, lovingly and tenderly trying to get through Pirouz's thick skull with a pickaxe, which cost me five years off my life but what the hey, my whole family lives til 90 and I don't really want to, and I actually did get through to him on about 2% of what I tried to convey...

and so here I am imagining what comment I would've written to Mehrban about oh poor Fred, but I mean I would've been very nice and respectful to you Mehrban, I can do that, you know, and then I look at the comments page and I see this blog title...omg, I can't stop laughing. And now the 2 percent of what I said that managed to permeate Sargord's impermeable membrain is totally gone forever and I'll never be able to get it back. Oh my god, poor fragile, vulnerable Fred who calls every single person who doesn't totally agree with everything he says, no matter how nice they are, clueless haji, and anyone he really disagrees with anti-Semitic and lapdog. And then addresses the whole thread as my lovelies...and eats his sneerios every morning for breakfast...stalking like stalking Jack the Ripper....and now this...


oh jahanshahid & co. level d team...between the three of you, you just made my day., ya gotta luv it. 



How many Iranians does it take to fit a face on the moon? None. It never quite fits.



by SargordPirouz on

Do you have a current National ID?

Did you vote in the last election? 

You got a problem with dual-citizens with partial American heritage?

Do you think half-Americans shouldn't speak out against war and economic hardship advocacy against the people of Iran?

Or is it you simply don't like it when someone--of any nationality--exposes anti-Iran material and viewpoints for what they are--anti-Iran. 


Comments fully conformed to rules but were deleted

by SargordPirouz on

Hey, it looks like it's too much for the Admins for someone to regularly counterpoint a propaganda effort dedicated to advocating war and economic hardship against the people of Iran. 

And it's usually only one comment per one of the two blog posts that propaganda effort uploads per day. Just one!

But one is too much for the censors, fully conforming to the rules.

Hypocritical? You be the judge. 


Bear this in mind: you're not better because you're an American!

by Onlyiran on

Stop talking down to Iranians like you know everything because you're white.   We're not children and don't need lectures from an American who knows nothing about our culture and and our country.

Also, stop stalking other bloggers with your "Type A, Type B" nonsense.   

Anahid Hojjati

Sargord, I think SamSam's advice is very good

by Anahid Hojjati on

SamSamIIII wrote in his comment:"More blogs & less comments is your remedy." I believe this is a very good advice. You should listen to him.



just grow up and act your age...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

You are really getting much too boring now. 

unless. as suspected by most here.  you are  paid by islamist regime to spread hate and verbally abuse Iranians using this site, just act like a middle aged man that you are and not am eight  year old kid with learning difficulties, let accidently  loose on his daddys computer!  Learn some manners and respect for others. Obey the site's rules and you'll be allowed to say whatever nonsense your hearts desire.

And dont expect any response from me to any forthcoming naneh man gharibam from you or your fan club. I am outa this blog!


Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Basiji Bazandeh, whenever you become Adam* then maybe and

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

just maybe the Admin won't delete your comments! Try it, it will do you good!


* Adam means not Heyvoon!

No Fear


by No Fear on

Have you tried posting on freds blog in a responsible and logical manner?

Are you saying that even reasonable comments are being removed from freds blog?



by J.S. on

I wrote 2 replies to his blog that were also deleted... Hummm...


An advice,an observation & a point

by SamSamIIII on



I tell you this my good Omaru major in all sincerety to help you cope better.

1- There are many issues that bug me to puke point such as the arabo infested Farsi or omaru shaikhak poetry but do you see me going to every Farsi blog & start calling the blogger tokhmeh Arab this or Omar's dung that?.. No, because I am not the Lord of the rings of knowledge and only can speak for myself so rather instead of being anti-aniran I choose/prefer to be Pro-Kiaan and leave others to judge for themselves. Your problem is not your rants but the quality & quantity of it targeting a lone blogger.

Instead get creative & submit your own pointless blabber blogs(due respect:) to level the ground for your arguments how ever absurd it may sounds. Since at the end it is the idea that you present which merits a judgment & not your cyber persona.

2-Compare to fence sitting closet hezbo crowd who cheer for iri version 2 minus Ahmadi I find your open defence of Omaru republic a welcome sign in transparency. Kudos, In a sense that, you have consistently managed to convince me of your Ommatie doppery.

3- This site is run by & for middle of the road old school  socio/cultural lefto-reform with a revised base for status quo & mostly senior age. You as a fundamentalist red neck younger camel have to learn to talk in their lingo in order to bring out many commonalities you share with em. So easy on the repetitious vocabs & the characters you use em for.

More blogs & less comments is your remedy.


Cheers Omaru & keep it cool !!!

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //