Sargord Pirouz username blocked

by SargordPirouz

Well, the original Sargord Pirouz user has been blocked. (This is actually a superseded version of the original username.)

No reason has been given by the admin for blocking Sargord Pirouz. It would be nice to at least know why.

I don't think Sargord Pirouz violated the user agreement, nor to my knowledge did this username break any of the rules of conduct. If this is not the case, I'd at least like to know when and where this occurred. 

Perhaps this is a case where the admin finally got fed up with a user not being anti-Iran and pointing out those here that are anti-Iran on a regular basis. But I have no idea, really, as no reason for the blockage has been given, whatsoever.

So we'll see if this new modified username is tolerated.

I will say this: if there's a problem, let me know how it can be corrected. If you want Sargord Pirouz to stop pointing out posts that are anti-Iran or part of a concerted anti-Iran propagandist effort, let me know. Better still, put it in the rules of conduct so that everyone will know that that sort of conduct is not permitted. Under such universal restrictions, Sargord Pirouz might even still stick around. But we should be upfront about it, nonetheless.


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EA - U just (in)directly called SP a jackass - where is Admin?

by MM on

And where in the name of !@#$% are those rules? 

Or, do I get blocked for the use of the randomly chosen profanity; !@#$%?


Cyber Harrasment

by Mehrban on

In the real world for what SP does systematically to Fred's and to a lesser degree to DK's blogs he could have been arrested or if he were part of an organization he would have been fired.  Both Fred and DK are too cool to be bothered by him none the less, I can see why someone would be blocked for Cyber Harassment. 

Dirty Angel

"Type A, B, C, and D"

by Dirty Angel on



"Stuff happens and some, one way or another, get stuffed"

At the risk of wing-chopping, seconding Bavafa, MM and AntiMozakhraf


You know, I also participate

by SargordPirouz on

You know, I also participate on a number of other forums. On some of these forums, admins intercede on commenting deemed inappropriate with verbal explanations and warning provided directly into the commenting section. 

This way, the user knows what is acceptable and what is not.

Through my many years of commenting on a number of different forums, I've been warned once on a US military forum  (for which I apologized and was encouraged to simply modify my comment) and never blocked. 

And, as a matter of principle, I have never flagged anyone here on despite over a year of abuse. My reasoning is, if you don't like an offensive comment, ignore it. Or provide the personal shortcoming displayed by the offender in rendering such a personal attack, in as much as it is related to the subject matter.

But simply blocking a user without specific warning and without specific explanation? This is counter-productive, to say the least.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

snitch... lol

agha, ejaazeh!



by SargordPirouz on

I didn't see anything wrong with the first comment.

The second comment was mean, I'll grant you that. But how many times have I seen another user refer to commenters he doesn't like as "Rabid Haji Islamists" even though there is absolutely no reference to Islam in the comment he doesn't like?

There's a lot of mean commenting here. I get it a lot. But I don't cry about it. And if mean commenting isn't allowed, so be it. But provide clear cut rules about it, have an admin intercede in the comments section and provide an specific explanation for the cause of a username blockage.


COP: This is not in defense of SP by a long shot

by Bavafa on

Only stating what we have observed and fairness, I would be saying and coming to the "rescue" if this was Fred, although he uses far worse language and rhetoric then SP.

Now if admin wants to use his irrelevant comment as an excuse, then at least that is not off base.

I sure hope this is not the type of changes that JJ is intend to roll out soon.



HG - U called SP "sargoh" in an ongoing blog - where was admin?

by MM on

There are others who call him sargooz, SPinc, .......

My point is that the rules should be applied equally, and everyone should understand and adhere to them. 


and members of that "certain club"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

see it as their daily job, to attack individual bloggers, shout them down for expressing their views who happen to be not aligned with islamist regime's official policy. The club members call you anti-iranian, exile, Zioonist, joo, aipac, sipak, jipak, the names which make little sense to most of us!

 The "club membership' seem to cover all shades of Iranian politics juding by their avatars. From mousavi supporters to ahmadinezhad to even "commies"! But they all have one think in common: Their love and devotion -overtly or covertly - to the islamist regime and it's policies. You think I am being paranoid? Then just watch and see how this particular blog developes or take a look at the daily show on "Fred's blog"!!!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Esfand Aashena

Sargord-e see how you've written your blog.

by Esfand Aashena on

You want examples?  admin will flip you a bird before giving you any example, but out of the goodness of my heart and to shut those who are going to tear their shirts in the name of democracy and free speech, here are 2 examples.

Example 1

Example 2

See how you're the first comment to attack the contributor with your 2 bit comment which as admin says is just focused on personal attack?

When you call someone (everyone) anti-Iran that is a personal attack!  This is not Islamic Republic where they can attack anyone and paint them as anti-Iran.  You're as anti-Iran as they come yet you go on an Iranian website and don't see calling someone anti-Iran as a personal attack.  Jackass! 

Everything is sacred

hamsade ghadimi

actually not that amazing. 

by hamsade ghadimi on

actually not that amazing.  if you belong to a certain club, their members will come to your rescue whether they like your "tone" or not.  as long as you stay on message, you're in good standing with them and they will come to your rescue.  i hope that no entity or individual was slighted or slandered by this message. :)


I agree with MM on this (minus the 'respectfully'!)

by AntiMozakhraf on

While I may not share SP's political views I have never seen him use profanity although plenty of profanity is thrown his way on a regular basis. Where are your rules then Admin? You can'tpick and choose. State your rules in a clear and detailed manner and stick to them. Enough with the Irooni Bazi already!



Pretty amazing

by Cost-of-Progress on

that people are coming to this character's "rescue". I hope that he learns a thing or two about free speech and that eveyone deserves to be heard much like he's been heard (OK maybe ignored, but he was able to post day in and day out) even though the entity he so vehemently defends affords none to its own citizens.





Admin - I respectfully disagree with your decision to block SP

by MM on

I rarely agree with SP, if ever.  But SP, as far as I know, does not use profanity (comparatively speaking) and every time he has made a comment, he has been given back 2-3 times his contribution.  OK, he may use a bid of condescending remarks here and there, or his remarks on the latest Pahlavi suicide may not have been so understanding. 

HOWEVER, if you are going to make this a federal case, you should publish those guidelines clearly (NOT lawyerly) and hold everyone to it.  As it is said in Farsi " you gotta beat everyone AS HARD and WITH THE SAME STICK". 

If it appears that you are giving preferential treatment to a faction, you may not be any better than the IRI controled sites.


Admin: thanks for discussing the matter

by SargordPirouz on

Could you provide some additional assistance?

Please direct me to cases where this user did "not contribute any thoughts about the subject of the page you are commenting on and focus on personal attacks" or "use profanity and harass/attack those you don't like."

Off the top of my head, I can't think of any cases where this has occurred. But I do comment a lot here on IC. Please help me out with this. Give me a few citations so I have something to go on.

In the past, I can think of cases where I've endured virtual campaigns of personal attacks for my acceptance of Iran as it is. And I've provided these attackers with the reasons for their shortcomings in making these attacks. But this hasn't happened recently, in my recollection.

Anyway, yeah, please point out specific cases of commenting you don't want repeated. That would really be helpful.


This is not, by any means,

by Bavafa on

This is not, by any means, meant to be in defense of SP regarding the blabbering that he spew all day long on EVERY subject and don't mean to contradict Admin here about the use of profanity, as I am sure they know more and I hardly read SP post, it is just that I have not seen any from him despite much that has been dished out to him.

However I can say that he provides some of us, in fact most of us for that matter, with laughter which he does not intend to be funny.



That's right

by admin on

You will be blocked again, for good this time, if you continue to use profanity and harass/attack those you don't like.

If you do not contribute any thoughts about the subject of the page you are commenting on and focus on personal attacks, your comment will be removed.

Do it over and over again and you will be blocked.

You are perfectly aware of the rules on this site.