Sargord Pirouz username blocked

by SargordPirouz

Well, the original Sargord Pirouz user has been blocked. (This is actually a superseded version of the original username.)

No reason has been given by the admin for blocking Sargord Pirouz. It would be nice to at least know why.

I don't think Sargord Pirouz violated the user agreement, nor to my knowledge did this username break any of the rules of conduct. If this is not the case, I'd at least like to know when and where this occurred. 

Perhaps this is a case where the admin finally got fed up with a user not being anti-Iran and pointing out those here that are anti-Iran on a regular basis. But I have no idea, really, as no reason for the blockage has been given, whatsoever.

So we'll see if this new modified username is tolerated.

I will say this: if there's a problem, let me know how it can be corrected. If you want Sargord Pirouz to stop pointing out posts that are anti-Iran or part of a concerted anti-Iran propagandist effort, let me know. Better still, put it in the rules of conduct so that everyone will know that that sort of conduct is not permitted. Under such universal restrictions, Sargord Pirouz might even still stick around. But we should be upfront about it, nonetheless.


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by AntiMozakhraf on

Your response is niether here nor there as I see it. This is a legitimate objection to have to this issue: If abuse is wrong when practiced by Sargord, then why is not wrong when practiced by someone else? And if it is wrong regardless of who engages in it, then why were you silent with you know who's dragged out and svere abuse of another user but you feel compelled to speak out against Sargord? Because he supports the IR? Don't people have the right to support the IR even if you and I happen to not like it? What happened to democracy? And why does this 'Admin' we speak of see fit to block Sargord but not other abusers? 




by Mehrban on

Please do not read more than there is in my comment, I am just saying that IR supporters use these tactics to derail the discussion.  I am not calling anyone an IR supporter.   I do believe that SP's treatment of Fred was abusive.  I am focussed on this "one" issue at "this" time.  

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Dear IC Admin: If you are going to reinstate this pro-Islamic

by Everybody Loves Somebody ... on

Republic regime of murderer, at least require that he demotes himself to a rank of a Basiji!? (A Sargord = LT Colonel)  is a relatively high rank in the military where competent and noble officers would be promoted to!?) And an appropriate user ID for him would be, "Defeated Basiji!"



by DelilahNY on


Especially considering the LOATHESOME way you behaved to a community the majority of which was GRIEVING. Stop using this egoic defense mechanism of self-induced thickness, this petty, stupid, auto-hypnosis, because it serves you at the moment. Coward is one who will not look inside.

Why don't you take a look down the barrel of that gun?



Then maybe more people will attempt to listen to your views more objectively. About half of them are valid imho. As a fringe benefit. Do ssmething for Iran by letting yourself be heard.

We ALL could use a bit of growing up because we're human so we're flawed.


I have only scanned the first paragraph of your post. I'll be back later.


ps This is an important matter. People should be reading up the thread, not down.If you found this post offensive, please, suspend this judgement for a moment and read my first carefully, and then SP's reply, and try to understand my frustration. You can also consult my blog on/to him and my and his comments on the Alireza I. of the D. thread. Thanks. I had to shout. Sometimes my friend SP goes deaf).


It is the plastic screen which unites, it is the plastic screen which tears apart.  




by Shepesh on

MM, VPK and I are not IR supporters - sorry, but I do not think you are being fair here accusing people of being IR supporters if they question something. It is a relevant question to ask when you see someone asking why they have been blocked, and then you compare their behavior with others on the site and scratch your head when you see little difference.

What some are saying is if this person is blocked, why are the same standards of behavior not applied to others? Why is rudeness and profanity/ name-calling termed abuse for SP but termed "tolerable quirk" for others?



by SargordPirouz on

Yeah, you're right about a site owner's right to suspend or expel. But without manning up and offering an explanation? That's cowardly, in my book.

Like I've said a few times here, simply provide the citations that caused this action to be taken.

You're right, they don't have to do so. But I'll tell you this, had ANY warnings been offered by the Admins, I'd have heeded them and modified my commentary accordingly. I wouldn't have changed the viewpoint of the commentary but I'd have constrained them to fit the applied rules cited in violation by the admins.

That's how it works on most other forums I frequent. Here, for lack of a better explanation, a lazily administered heavy-handedness appears to be the rule. Definitely in need of improvement.


My dear friend, (PS, PPS) (ppps lol proof/edited as ptomised)

by DelilahNY on

 Just scanned this blog and haven't had time to read the thread, but saw your early comment saying you've been blocked with no explanation. (Btw, blocked is a misnomer. Your a/c was deleted). I shall endeavor to explain it to you as I believe I was part of this.

Oftentimes the moderation here is very uneven, and sometimes unfair, as was the case when my Rosie. account was deleted for certain 'reasons' which render that word laughable. (And here I'll just say for some others who may be interested that in my sometimes turbulent three years it was the only time any account of mine was discontinued without the mutual agreement of Jahanshah and me due to periodic extreme difficulties I've had and caused onsite...).

Be that as it may, Jahanshah has always admitted moderation is not his forte and if he continues to do it he does it overall out of love. And there are times when it is not necessary for him to offer an explanation (although in general he should imho...and as Mouse has been advocating for, a/cs of members who've made signifcant contributions--you, me, Mouse, Ayhab, Farhad Kashani should never be deleted but blocked--which means open for viewing and closed for posting, as is my original account Rosie T.)

At certain times it is not only not necessary to give an explanation but the ONLY right choice because we are all adults here and if we don't use this site to GROW UP, sometimes we need a gentle nudge. Which is the silence that should engender reflection when the reason is so obvious.

I busted my (vulvic) balls on the Alireza Iranian of the Day thread to try to get you to see the harm you were doing. I even wound up spontaneously writing a blog about and to you because I was so upset, although I really don't want to write blogs as Delilah. Truly.

I tried to tell you that you are doing things that are very destructive both to the site and to yourself. It happens that I respect many of your political views and even ultimately share some. And I like you, as I told you, very much. I did everything I possibly could and I believe others understood because I noticed a drop in the number of people who were becoming incensed and acting inappropriately on a mourning thread--(thanks to your flagrant abuse on that thread). They were either ignoring you or trying to reason with you in civil fashion. I also noticed (now all this may be coincidence) that for a couple of days you were not attempting to hurt people during this terrible, terrible ccollective ordeal.

But then--business as usual. Dirty, dirty business.

I noticed yesterday that you posted a vicious post on a new Alireza thread by DK. It was an embedded video that was malicious. And doubly malicious because you know how much this tragedy has affected DK. Your intent was to hurt and humilliate.

True, there is no 'rule' against being mean but there is a rule that videos are not to be embedded when distracting from the content of the submission. And so I wrote to Jahanshah, who's very busy right now 'gallivanting around Europe' as you said once snydely and accusatorily, when he has been living on a shoestring for fifteen years to sacrifice for this site. And has been so during all this well-earned globetrotting. So I believe he hasn't had the opportunity to check the threads as assiduously as he normally does.

I suggested the video be unembedded but he chose to delete your comment and this was equally fair. And I didn't see you 'kvetch' about it which is a testimony to your good nature and intentions when you are Dr. Jeckyll and not Mr. Hyde.

However, this morning I saw you'd done it again, you'd embedded another hateful, sadistic video.

Now I can't speak for Jahanshah, but I can speak according to Comrade's line he uses under his posts, which is simplest explanation for events is best--"Occam's Razor", as I learned. I will hazard a guess that all this may have had something to do with your a/c deletion. And it was up to you to figure that out. Jeesh, you're no dummy but you're thick as hell as a subconscious defense mechanism when it serves your needs. Now, I don't know what may have transpired since after I witnessed all this, but if anything else did, I can just imagine...

Use your American and Iranian brains and heart, a good combination, in future, is my suggestion to you. If you know so much about user agreements you surely know the basic three rules to avoid deletion of posts. They're on every post. C'mon, give us all a break. You have no right, no right whatsoever, to purposely repeat the same violation of those rules after your post has been deleted and spit in Jahanshah's face when he pays your rent. Especially when for you have been intentionally hurting so many people in mourning left and right

Rosie Redux revisiting.

ps Sargord, ARE YOU HERE NOW OR ARE YOU NOT? IS THIS BLOG UP OR IS IT NOT? "Golly", sometimes you...don't...get it. Barbari bread is wonderful. Just stop sh-tting it out on people's faces when they're in mourning.

I leave this without proofreading for now as I don't have the time. Please no one click on reply and I'll come back and proof it later as well as read the blog and thread carefully. (NB: have corrected, Click reply to your heart's delight, but don't forget if my post gets deleted so will  

pps My friend, I opened the Delilah a/c a couple of days after the Rosie. a/c was deleted in a moment of impulse and sadness. But when I did it. I had the decency and intelligence to write Jahanshah and tell him, and tell him that if he wanted to delete it he should.

Did you do that today?


It is the plastic screen which brings together, it is the plastic screen which tears apart.


AntiM "we" I did not like that word but left it "them" either

by Mehrban on

 AntiM you know the fastest way to kill a legitimate argument is to say why was it not applied elsewhere?  IR supporters do it all the time.  I was not focussed on policing this thread.  I was focussed on SP's treatment of other bloggers which I have been noticing for sometime and I always thought that I would not have had Freds constitution to bear the pressure.  I am glad this specific issue has come to a head.  




by AntiMozakhraf on

Some people seem to be just that. They get all flustered when they 'feel' SP is being abusive but remain silent when one of their own has a total, public and lengthy meltdown abusing another user who subsequently left (yeah ok ...temporarilybut that is irrelevant).

And this morning I flagged EA's abusive comment where he calls SP Badbakht and Jackass, but it is still there, as are ALL the other comments where people call him names. And 'Admin' in conveniently absent just as is the case whenever doodoo hits the fan on IC.

What a pathetic mess 'we' are. No wonder we keep getting dealt the hands that we do. Khalayegh har cheh layegh.

VPK, I really don't care much for you or your opinions (REALLY), but I'll give credit where credit is due. Good for you for standing up for equal treatment.



Waterloo, lol

by SargordPirouz on

Too funny, Darius.

You know, Mehrban, if those folks at "Fred" were human for a change, told us things about themselves and were real people instead of invisible propagandists--in effect, if they were more like Darius--I wouldn't classify them as A, B, C, D, Alpha and Beta. 

Is it harassment challenging a team of folks dedicated to advocating war and economic hardship on the country my dad came from? 

That this is encouraged by the admins here at by means of nearly every single time featuring these hate blog posts on the main page goes a long way in showing just what direction their sympathies are coming from. (That and pocketing advertising money from a pro-Zionist, pro-war against Iran group.)

I reiterate, all those folks at that propagandist effort have to do is come forward, reveal themselves for who they are and tell me to cease and desist. They can do so informally in the comments section. I will comply.

But you expect me to stay silent while a dedicated team of anonymous, faceless people spew hate against an entire country, day after day? 

Shifteh has the right attitude. Yes, we don't agree. But I make her laugh, nonetheless. She's sure of herself. Not like those cowards that everytime they disagree with someone, it's "Rabid Haji Liar" this and  "Rabid Islamist Rapist" that.

Still waiting for those specific citations from the Admin. 


"May JJ have Merci on his Username", @copyrights Faramarz

by Rea on

I vote "uniranianly" to have him back. For my comments are always deliciously ignored.

Bonne nuit. ;o) 

Darius Kadivar

OK Comrad Jaan maybe this is more appropriate ... ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Nazi defeat at Stalingrad US news

Bonne Nuit aka Shab Khosh From This side of the Atlantic ! 




by comrade on

practically, there is no such a thing as "blocking a user" in this site, where one can come back like a hero.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Darius Kadivar

Tasliat Sargord Jaan ...

by Darius Kadivar on


VPK, I am not talking about the supporters of IR on this site

by Mehrban on

of course we all tolerate them.  I am talking about this blanket description of tolerance that could cover the abuses of IR itself.  SP on a consistent basis hounds a specific blogger.  This in my opinion goes beyond the description of Democracy and tolerance.  I would like to strive for a community that is tolerant of all different ideas, and is not tolerant of abuse.  What SP has been doing is targeted abuse of a specific blogger.  

To tolerate abuse has nothing to do with Democracy.  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


It is hopeless trying to teach some tolerance is pointless. SP was his own worst enemy. Now he is a martyr,  Thanks!


Anyone heard of the "Naughty Step"?

by Shepesh on

My daughter tells me this is the new method for teaching children a lesson for unacceptable behavior without violence, shouting etc. After being on there for a certain time, and if they apologise and have learnt their lesson, they can come off the Naughty Step. :-)

I suppose on websites we have Naughty Step = 'Blocked' for a period.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I do tolerate all of them. Name one except for the spammers that I ever flagged.

Personally I cannot stand Fesenjoon but I put up with him. Will you put up with SP>


A Sermon by Reverend Faramarz for the Late SP Username!

by Faramarz on

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Who Knew Major P is a Bust!

A sermon by Reverend Faramarz on the occasion of the demise of Sargord Pirouz username!

“Forasmuch as it hath pleased Almighty God of his great mercy to take unto himself the soul of our dear brother here departed, we therefore commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life, through our Lord Jesus Christ; who shall change our vile body, that it may be like unto his glorious body, according to the mighty working, whereby he is able to subdue all things to himself.”

"May Lord Have Merci on His Username - Amen"


Okay VPK, then why don't we all tolerate the abuses of IR.

by Mehrban on


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Is for everyone. Do I have to teach you everything? By God tolerance is for everyone.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I do not agree with you but will fight to keep your voice {no matter how stupid} heard.


Thank you Ms Shifteh (and JD)

by Souri on

And I want to add this too: Don't insult him! At least be fair, give him back exactly the same thing he is doing to you! ............

And plus, plus:

When writing to/about him, write in English. Be fair. Don't be mean. Give him the opportunity to understand what you say and answer back if he wants. Otherwise, you are only degrading yourself, hiding behind Farsi font and insulting in hope that he won't understand it.

Have some courage at least. What are you afraid of? 

JD: I truly appreciated your wise comment to Sargor. Thanks.

The good behavior of the people, warms our heart and make us thankful.....  And the bad ones, just make us to recognize and appreciate the good ones!


I am sorry Shideh but tolerance is for people who

by Mehrban on

have different ideas than yours.   What SP has been doing is much more than that.  If he did what he does on a consistent basis to Fred, to me, you could be sure that I would stop writing here from intimidation.  Democracy is one thing but it does not include tolerating repeated and targetted abuse.  

Shifteh Ansari

Free Sargord Pirouz!

by Shifteh Ansari on

Fellow Users:

We must practice and teach respect and toelrance through inclusion of those who annoy us.  I am against changing Sargord Pirouz's (or anyone else's) name and using it to retaliate for his insults.  That may be a solution in grade school, but not in an adult environment.  When he calls me anti-Iran, I merely smile, because he has no idea how anti-Iran he, himself seems in his comments.  Live and let live. 


Digeh nemikoneh, bebakhshidesh.



by oktaby on

You ain't worth it & beyond reform.



Jeesh Daram

by Rea on

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etc, etc, etc

Love it !


A constructive comment, Jeesh

by SargordPirouz on

I thank you for that.


I read it, Oktaby

by SargordPirouz on

My Persian ain't that great, I admit. But I caught the gist and replied.

Whatever, I spend too much time here, anyway. I originally came to learn but most of my time I spend confronting ignorance. Really, there's not much to this.


Jeesh Daram

Dear Sargord

by Jeesh Daram on

For as long as you have been in this forum and under this user name, you and I have not had a direct exchange of any kind, positive or negative (correct me if I am wrong). While you have all the rights to be pro-Iranian government just like a few million other people are, but there are always marginal issues that ignites people's anger.

For the most part, Iranians abroad are people who love their country like you do, they grief for the nostalgia, the aroma and familiar scents of mother land, the uniqueness of their homeland.

Regardless of relative security and economic success that we as Iranians have all around the world, yet in our hearts many wish that if we could maintain all of such amenities in our homeland and life would have been so much better. Collectively we are still in grief to be away.

Such people, all of us, need compassion, support and cordial unity in speech and thought. The attacks on you have always been more vulgar than I have seen from you toward others and a credit is due to you, but the antagonist persona that you have given to your name and avatar, pushes people to the edge of their tolerance (perhaps you say look who is talking when it comes to a chat room user name).

Of what I have seen, regardless of if people away from their homeland were mourning, celebrating, supporting or criticizing, in every forum your presence was felt heavy handedly and you created an image for yourself that has been difficult for quite a few to reconcile with.

Perhaps a middle ground can be reached, perhaps you can ask others. But deleting or blocking your username is not a solution, unless you become vulgar too, because you can always come back as Reza Khan Mir Panj or similar names and really give people a hard time.

I also must add that has been becoming more and more homogenous which leads to boredom, if I might say. Batch of articles about the same subject, ceaseless assault on religion and 99% with absolutely not a single solution offered. I think a few opposing opinion is highly essential as long as it remains civil and clean from libel and smearing dirt on each other, be it with a pen, language or one's voice.

All things considered I have seen far more antagonistic characters with sever anti-Iranian persona than you are considered of. I think you are a knowledgeable person who has sided with the enemy of this forum. See if you can channel your energy to build on what is good for Iran, without changing your allegiance necessarily. Good luck.