Sargord Pirouz username blocked

by SargordPirouz

Well, the original Sargord Pirouz user has been blocked. (This is actually a superseded version of the original username.)

No reason has been given by the admin for blocking Sargord Pirouz. It would be nice to at least know why.

I don't think Sargord Pirouz violated the user agreement, nor to my knowledge did this username break any of the rules of conduct. If this is not the case, I'd at least like to know when and where this occurred. 

Perhaps this is a case where the admin finally got fed up with a user not being anti-Iran and pointing out those here that are anti-Iran on a regular basis. But I have no idea, really, as no reason for the blockage has been given, whatsoever.

So we'll see if this new modified username is tolerated.

I will say this: if there's a problem, let me know how it can be corrected. If you want Sargord Pirouz to stop pointing out posts that are anti-Iran or part of a concerted anti-Iran propagandist effort, let me know. Better still, put it in the rules of conduct so that everyone will know that that sort of conduct is not permitted. Under such universal restrictions, Sargord Pirouz might even still stick around. But we should be upfront about it, nonetheless.


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Anahid Khanoom,

by Arthimis on

Anahid Khanoom, Bebakhshid... I did not mean to disrespect or mock anyone (certainly not you), if the stories are true! In fact if his stories are half true, I officially apologize to him right here for suggesting he is a liar! Although , I doubt I was wrong on all since many other people here share my views in this regard... Moreover, many of us have big families and perhaps most or at least some of them made it big on many levels inside and outside Iran... And more power to them all as long as they are good human beings above all...

Iran before any Religion and Ideology for Iranians.

Free Iran and Iranians 


Sargord Jaan , your new

by Arthimis on

Sargord Jaan , your new "Avatar" looks like the Khoda biamorz: "Shahid Sargord Pirouz" lol :D)

I'm glad you have been resurrected and I mean that... You deserve a promotion in rank! Maybe a "Shahid Sarhang 2", if you behave! :D

But in all seriousness and honesty and to your defense, what I personally appreciated about you was the fact that despite your I.R. support you remained civil in your opinion and exchanges with others... 

Looking forward to our future disagreements on who really is a True Iranian...

Iran before any Religion and Ideology for Iranians.

Free Iran and Iranians. 

Maryam Hojjat

He has ADD!

by Maryam Hojjat on

I have asked you all IC members to ignore SP comments since he has ATTENTION DEFICIET DISORDER. You did not hear me and he has been getting all your attention.  If you are bothered by this Islamist American ignore him totally.


ps You look good.

by DelilahNY on

Black and green suits you.


Failed Prophet of Unblockestan,

by DelilahNY on



And by the look of things, so am I.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

For what it

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

is worth please unblock Sargord. Someone has to make me look good :-)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

If "Mo Fear" don't

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

like you then mo' pawa to ya.

No Fear

I am with the admin on this on.

by No Fear on


As much as i enjoy reading your comments , but as Mola pointed out, you must make your point without breaking any laws.

We are not revolutionaries. If you get permanantly banned, those who enjoy reading your comments would be the ones who would lose. Compare it with the revolutionary actions of Jafar Panahi who now is banned making any movies in Iran. His audience are the ultimate losers because he wanted to be a hotheaded revolutionary.

Are the IC forum admins sympathetic to anti Iranian cockroaches who frequently post here ? perhaps ... 

But if you get banned by giving them a legitimate reason to do so, it would be their victory and our lost.

Ultimately, it displays a weak and simple political approach by you to allow your ideological rivals to shut you down easily.


By Jove,

by DelilahNY on

 I think he got it!


It is the plastic screen which is plastic.


Unblock Sargord Pirouz!

by Disenchanted on


    He has a right to express his opinion. I have read his comments. He is certainly civilized in his approach as far as I have seen. Granted he is not always agreeable and at times attempts to defend the indefensible.

    I think all the users and contributors on this site have a right to know why he is blocked if that is the case.

     On the other hand I believe this site can not be used as a source for propaganda by secret services of Iran's adversaries. If an organization is using an alias to publish two blogs a day advancing agenda of some unsavory country, that should not be allowed!




by SargordPirouz on

Too funny. 


Oh, yo-yo, I dunno.

by DelilahNY on

I just want a date. My ideal match:

Family-oriented, works hard, plays hard, looking for soulmate, lives in Laguna Beach.  Willing to relocate: maybe. Favorite cuisine: Persian, Italian, Thai. Three things he can't live without: passport, French tickler, chelo kebab. Age range: 18-99.


It is the plastic screen which...oh, whatever.


Without sargord there is no content on this site

by Mehdi on

There will be only Israeli propaganda left. We might as well go watch Israel TV!



If sargord is blocked I will leave too!

by Mehdi on

I am serious!



by yolanda on

Hi! Rosie,

     Oh, Really? So who wants the clicks? SP?  IC? or Who orchestrated the drama here?

 I hope everyone is happy and unscathed!


Yo-yolanda, ps

by DelilahNY on

I got news for you. There is no SP. He's a concoction of the owner of This whole charade is all for clicks. You know...dinero...

ps and there is no delilah either. but don't tell anybody.


It is the plastic screen which brings together, it is the plastic screen which tears apart.



by yolanda on

Wow! Sargord looks like the greatest comeback kid in IC history....his popularity just reached its stratosphere and zenith......

I wonder if his username will be unblocked and re-instated!

Is this the 1st earth-shattering act by the new management team to usher in the new era of IC?

P.S.  Arthimis: Your post cracked me up! well said!


First they came for SP

by JavoonDeerooz on

and i didn't protest, because I was not SP. Then they came for No Fear, and I didn't protest because I was not No Fear. Then they came for me and there was no one left to protest. 


SP is a troll , an informed troll.  But nevertheless , you need to have a voice of opposition, otherwise you are no better than people you are trying to topple.


Omid's "Sargord" avatar is cool--it becomes Sargord II

by SargordPirouz on

Well, username "dead," the trick is in not taking oneself too seriously. And yeah, I like to amuse others, as well as being amused myself.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Arthimis, in some Iranian families, this happens

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear Arthimis, you wrote:" There is not a single subject out there (Political, Social, Art,
Music, Cartoon, you name it...) that Sargord Pirouz (or as Mr. Kadivar
calls him : "S-Pink") is not related to , personally or through one of
his "Half Iranian/Half American/Half European/Half Asian and Half You
name it again..." family members!!! lol :D"

Actually in some Iranian families, it does happen that the family is so big and they keep track that one might be somehow related to many subjects out there. I personally do feel like that myself.  So if Sargord is faulted for being related to many events, then some others have to be faulted too. But then, Sargord writes about his connections. 



What if Sargord Pirouz is

by Arthimis on

What if Sargord Pirouz is not really a Pro-I.R. in reality and instead an agent of Homeland Security trying to identify the I.R. Supporters/Collaborators in the U.S. !!! Just sayin'... lol :D))

I used to get angry at him and even insult him on his Pro-I.R. and Anti-Iran and Iranian posts, but now I realize how amusing he is...

There is not a single subject out there (Political, Social, Art, Music, Cartoon, you name it...) that Sargord Pirouz (or as Mr. Kadivar calls him : "S-Pink") is not related to , personally or through one of his "Half Iranian/Half American/Half European/Half Asian and Half You name it again..." family members!!! lol :D

Sargord Joon, If you were in Pre revolution Iran, You could have become "Mard Hezar Chehreh Cinema" and of course with your family too...

I gotta give you a credit though, with all your "Negative Propaganda" you have made a name for yourself here... :-)

I hope you will stay here and amuse us some more... And be a release valve for all Iranians (yours truly included) who want to cuss out your beloved I.R. ! :-) Although, I'm starting to feel sorry for you and honestly don't want to insult you anymore , but please don't push it Paasdaar joon! or I have to call you "Sarbaaz Sefr" (Soldier Zero) again! lol :D)


Iran before any religion and Ideology for Iranians...

Free Iran and Iranians.


Admin is Just

by Mehman on

The admin(s) is a man of justice and neutrality, right?

What he did to Sargod he has done it and will do it to any other person with any 'other' political affiliation because as a just admin, he is not politically biased towards some, right? 

If anyone from any camp does the same thing that Sargord has done, the just and impartial admin will do exactly the same thing to him/her, right?

Sargord has insulted and harassed an innocent IC member, right? so far so bad, therefore he has been deleted without any warning according to the laws, right?

This rule has been already applied and will be applied in future by the just admin to any other person, no matter what political inclination they have, right?

And so far, since the rules have been always impartially applied to all, any person who has done the same thing to Sargord (that the cruel and rude Sargord did to an innocent IC member), he/she has received the same punishment, no matter who he/she was, right? 

So there is nothing wrong with IC's justice and all is well, right?


... and I am now seeing a mammoth coming out of a cave in front of me running towards me before it vanishes into the air, right?


Anahid Hojjati

wow, look how many comments there are on Sargord 's thread

by Anahid Hojjati on

I was not here for few hours and I see so many comments and now I just saw "Omid Hast" changing his Avatar to one that Sargord had. Quite interesting.


Who sargord really is... I tell you !

by dead on

This guy, Sargord, is just playing you. He is having fun with the controversy he is creating. He is not pro IRI, it's just an act. He/she is having a good laugh reading your comments. Smart up people


I am much more stupid

by J.S. on

than AntiMozakhraf but I can post some of 10001 examples of Fred using anti-religious and/or personal attacks. Inclusive but not limited to inferences that others are Nazies.

So Admin, or FOR THAT MATTER, any other member explain to me why this standard, of banning, is being hypocritically enforced!


Okay, folks, 1 last one to ALL --cross-posted w/SP ps admin

by DelilahNY on

Suppose for a moment you're "JJ". You have a guy who keeps insisting you're in the hands of the Zionists when you're anti most Israeli actions vociferously. Accusing you of 'gallivanting' about Europe on Zionist money. You see me PROVE--and I mean PROVE--with hard evidence, on a thread you and Sargord are both on, that it's not true. And yet the story never ends.

And then  you have Sargord really trying to hurt a grieving community, jeering, antagonizing--but that's no grounds for deletion, not even of his posts. But it creates a backdrop. And then you have Sargord embed a vicious video intended to hurt a member by LAUGHING at Alireza's death on the grieving member's thread. And so you delete it on solid grounds that embedded videos WILL be deleted if distracting to the thread--that's under every comment when we post. And the next day he does the exact same thing.

What would you do? Would you feel you owe him an explanation? I said below I don't know what else happened these past two days, but imho that's more than enough. Sargie's here, alive and well. Thank god Rea and Comrade and a few others get it. Finito. I'm spent. 

ps admin, sorry, just saw your posts--I'm fried. I used Comrade's Occam's razor according to what I've seen. Didn't see the curses, but--six of one, half dozen of the other, n'est pas?


It is the plastic screen which brings together, it is the plastic screen which tears apart.



by SargordPirouz on

You're capable of civil discussion. I appreciate that.

Y'know, I don't lose any sleep over negative comments or personal insults thrown my way.

Truth be told, I actually get a kick out of Darius' name for me: SPink. Maybe that should have been my new username. lol 

Well, it looks like those specific citations will not be forthcoming from the admin. They behaved the same way when I challenged them for pocketing money from Zionist advertisers advocating war against Iran: they hid.


Yeah Admin, I'm stupid too

by AntiMozakhraf on

You say "And let this be a warning to other Sargords out there who launch
personal attacks on SP because of his views. There are several of you on
this thread alone cheering the action taken against SP, while you are
just as abusive. You're favorite form of harassment is calling SP
"Tahgooz" and "Tahgoh" and...

All abusers are the same...."

Really? So how come these anti SP abusers haven't been blocked yet? Is it because the dozens of times each one has called SP a name isn't enough? Pray tell, what is the magic number?

And why is EA's offensive comment to SP on this very blog (calling him badbakht and jackass), which I flagged this morning still there?



by J.S. on

I am using my brain and I guess I am even more stupid than I even thought!

So personal attacks are not excepted here. Okay I got that. So explain to me why Fred´s repeated personal attacks against Moos have not lead to this standard being enforced?

Again I am really really, really, really stupid. So by all means write your response in simple language so I can understand this.

Please, go on to explain why his anti-islam comments have not lead to a ban or at min lead to the actual ohhhhhh 10001 comments being removed?

For the record I am christian born and raised, so if I am offended I can imagine how 90+% of my countrymen and women feel (ergo the muslims or those who have muslims in thier families) when they read the verbal diiiihhhharrrreaahaaaa...




by AntiMozakhraf on

If you accept evil, then you may as well support it. And accepting a regime is not quite the same as accepting the country or its people.

That said, I do see the point you are trying to make andI don't disagree with you on everything you say, just most.