Iranian Baha'i School Children


Mona 19
by Mona 19

In April 2007, the Bahá’í International Community


reported that Baha’i students in primary and secondary schools throughout Iran were being increasingly harassed, vilified, and held up to abuse because of their Faith. Many incidents of mistreatment were reported at the time, and it appears that these incidents have been escalating in recent months.

Bahá’í school children in Iran are being subjected to cruel and harsh treatment as part of a government-sponsored campaign against the Bahá’í community. Reports indicate that Baha’i pupils are secretly monitored and reported upon by school officials, are subjected to vilification by their teachers and school administrators, and are forced to listen to vile and outrageous tales about the teachings of their Faith and the moral behavior of Baha’is. It has now become clear that Baha’i pupils in primary and secondary schools are being expelled on the basis of the stipulation in the “Golpaygani memorandum”


that Baha’is “can be enrolled in schools provided they have not identified themselves as Baha’is”
. Pupils are often expelled when they identify themselves as Baha’is, when they try to defend the Faith against utterly unfounded accusations, or when they respectfully attempt to correct gross misrepresentations of the Faith’s history in the textbooks they must study. It has also been reported that Baha’is in secondary schools are to be given grades sufficient to graduate but too low to allow entrance to university.

To learn more about some of the incidents that have been taking place from June 2007 to January 2008, click here to get a summary.



For more information please go to:



With Loving Greetings,Mona




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Glory In This

by scb (not verified) on

. . .let him rather glory in this: that he loves his kind...."

- Baha'u'llah

Glory In This

Baha'is are our kind
Muslims the same
and Christians, the same
Jews, Zoroastians,
Buddhists and Hindus
are of one kind

our kind;Human Beings
(how sacred!)

Bahai children
Muslim babies
Christian youth
Jewish kinder
Hindu students
take a look at them;
and see innocent

the same innocence
the same faith
in life,the same life
being lived by us all
(how sacred!)

so let's save them,
each one
by not fighting
let's take a breath
and forget
ills and abuses
we suffered
when we lost that light
the light of our
(how sacred!)



Let it be you remind me of someone that I know...

by Tahirih on

Someone ,that used to be friends with ,but not anymore!She always has claimed to be free of prejudice and a defender of wronged ones.

But in her personal life she was hurt by a bahai and she just decided that she is going to brush the faith and the followers as the same as the person who did hurt her.

For many years she pretended that she is not mad and would attend the bahai functions once a year(i.e. Nawruz)for her husband.But finally her dark hatred came out as you said in your comment  about calm surfaces and the deep anger and hatred)and ,I am not friends with her,how could I? she pretended for so long to be free of prejudice.

That brings me to you, you with all due respect PREACH that you are free of prejudice ,but you get annoyed when a bahai leaves a comment in an article not related to the faith.

My dear I give you an example,there is a blog entery about this TV personality that is crying for the coming of imam 12th. when we read it as human beings different emotions will be provoked, for example he is lying, he is acting ,doing this for fame in an Islamic government, or he is real.

Are you with me so far?OK ,as a bahai I do have feelings about it ,which is that he is real but he should cry more since he came and clergy in Iran killed him Just like Jesus who was killed by clergy of his time.

OK ,you have been patient ,so I try to make my point:

Why someone can write and say he is acting and I can not write and say he is not acting BUT......

If you look at this situation free of prejudice, you see no difference, both situation is expressions of our beliefesBUT if you have hidden prejudice you see me as preaching and the other person as just stating his opinion.

I am therefore concluding that YOU just like many Iranians have prejudice against bahais,but you try to hide under the mask of free speech and accusing us of be evanjelists.

For your information you are preching too,just the difference is that we PREACH our faith, you PREACH intolorence in the hidden form.




Re: Let it be

by jamshid on

Have you heard the expression: "dig be dig migeh root siaah"?

Thanks for your socio-psychology babbling. However, you failed to answer even one of the questions I asked you. Why, I wonder.


Re: Let it be

by jamshid on

Have you heard the expression: "dig be dig migeh root siaah"?

Thanks for your socio-psychology babbling. However, you failed to answer even one of the questions I asked you. Why, I wonder.


Here is what I have to say

by Let it be (not verified) on

Here is what I have to say, you may take it or leave it:

I believe all citizens of the world should have the freedom to chose and live by their faith and the form of spirituality they chose. That of course is in addition to the rights every individual should posses a as a human being.

Obviously freedom comes with responsibility, so as not to infringe upon other people's rights.

What annoyed me, and I initially stated it was NOT the actual blog regarding the status of those young children in Iran--which is heart-breaking and is absolutely called for and the world should pay attention to and help in every manner possible - but many of the comments on that thread, and many posts before on different blogs and main posts, some totally irrelevant to faith and religion, but those same commentators giving direction and quote upon quote from their scriptures that which were constantly referring to their scriptures and different quotes long and short from those same holy books and leaders of their faith.....
Also other leads to Bahai sites, links, blogs and Q&A's.....
(somewhat like a TV Evangelist who is committed to non-stop and forevermore preaching of his faith and giving sermons, direction, books, pamphlets, prayers, and numerous other material!)

Another point is(this applies to all people) that either practice what you preach or quit preaching... If you don't want to practice then don't, no one is forcing you into doing that, but if you insist on preaching then... PRACTICE !

Further, in response to Tahirih, I am NOT angry, In fact I'm quite calm...
(she, I think, understood part of what I was saying previously)
I have said some things do annoy me, but I am in no way angry.
(go back and read what I have said)

Mona seems well intended and very enthused, also seems to be relatively newer at what she is trying to convey,
but what there is to realise is that human beings have numerous dimensions and keeping up the surface alone is not an indication of what is really going on inside the person.

A facade is merely that, a "facade".

Once that facade crumbles in people (and it does often in instances when they get angry , upset, intimidated or ...) and the innermost feelings are spilled out, then it is visible that the surface and the inside are absolutely not one and the same, in fact at times there is so much anger and dissatisfaction pent up under that facade that it resembles a dam breaking and causing a disastrous deluge!

I have seen people who claimed to be thoughtful, caring and overall "nice" turn into
abominable monsters and the result was that their families and friends were hurt. Among these people whom I have seen of different backgrounds (some have faith others do not) some have also been Bahai's, therefore they
are not all always better than, sweeter than, or more humane than the rest of the wold (people are people).

As for the recruiting- and I have seen that done by some more active members... and as numbers do matter, as it did in the beginning of islam and christianity... therefore when it is joyfully announced that we are now 6 million or 7 million and increasing, that in itself is an indication that numbers do matter and different formats of recruiting are done. --other faiths have done it too, but now times have changed a little.

As for Jamshid, I have nothing to say to you.
You are way out of line, and need to get help for your anger problems.


Re: Let it be

by jamshid on

Let it be, to me half truths are equivalent to lies. Sometimes, we lie without being aware of it. This happens when we lie to ourselves. I have done this to myself many times.

But if you are not a liar and you do hate violence, then please answer these questions:

1. What do YOU suggest that a Bahai like Mona should do in the face of the incredible oppression Bahais are enduring in Iran?

2. Do you believe that Jahanshah Javid, or you, or someone else, anybody, should stop Mona and any other Bahai to express their thoughts and feelings in this site?

8. If yes, would you then consider this a democracy? If not, then what do YOU suggest should be done about Mona and others like her who want to express their thoughts and feelings? What is YOUR suggestion?

You suggested that this site has become a playground for Bahai tabligh. Well, I did some counting of the last 100 blogs, 2 of them were by a Bahai (Mona). Neither one was an invitation to her faith. There was only one quote from Bahaolah she used in these two blogs, that was the extend of it.

Therefore, your suggestion that this site has become this or that, is false. I suggest you practice some tolerance. You can use this site as "tamrin".

Again, I want to reiterate that I am not a Bahai. I am not defending Bahaism. I care less for any religion. But we Iranians have to learn to stand up for each other, be it kurds, azaris, balouch, women, zoroastrians, bahais, and so on.


"Let it be"I have to agree with you ,but!!!

by Tahirih on

I totally agree with you ,not all bahai's are nice and kind .I have seen otherwise too.But ::

the purpose of religion,any one of them is to promote the status of the believer's soul and conduct.We all have different capacity (just like different containairs ),so according to our capacity we will pick up some of the spiritual energy from the guidance of different manifestations.

I used to nag to my friends that why some Bahai's are not perfect example of a bahai.Then someday i was reading a qutation and the just of it was that every person will change according to their capacity, and also the long road to becoming a perfect human being has lots of ups and downs.

For example a man that hits his wife by believing in a faith that says otherwise ,will stop hiting her ,and this is an improvement but he will never be the ideal husband .But an improvement is an improvement!! 

So by believing inthe laws of the faith we will  improve ,but we may not have the potential to be like Jesus,or Abdulbaha( the son of Bahaullah,who was the perfect example of a bahai).

And if you have no prejudice, just skip Mona's articles and ignore her instead of reading it and feeling so angry.We all have free choice to klick or not!!!


Mona 19

Let it Be...

by Mona 19 on

1.Nobody asking YOU( or any one else) to become a Baha'i...If You missed my other blogs Please know this... I Became a Baha'i MYSELF( My Parents are GOOD MUSLEMS...True & sincers Believers)

Nobody minimizing/maximizing any INJUSTICE...and after 30 yrs I leave that part to those who live in Iran.

These links are for Seekers who are interested to know about The Baha'i Faith from TRUE Source.

PLEASE Remember THSES WORDS and Keep it in Your Mind...He who has done an atom's weight of good shall see it...And he who has done an atom's weight of evil shall see it.(Holy Quran 99-7/8)

Good Day,Mona

P.S. If you have any question(s), I'll be more than happy to answer like to reject my Faith....that's fine too.



So... Jamshid... How nice of

by Let it be (not verified) on

So... Jamshid... How nice of you!... You seem to be determined that I am a liar and lying... How very endearing..... that is your option and prerogative of course ...I am not here to change your mind for you...

I am Not a Liar, and I DO hate violence hatred and the inhumanity brought upon "any " people (which has been done thruout the ages repeatedly over and over...)

You can get As Angry as You Like... and hurl accusations as you like too... you attack me verbally here too... but what of it? --that is something you have to deal with personally!

Why so much anger? YOU seem to have a lot of it bottled up inside you!

I said what I believe in.

We should certainly expose and talk of the plight of the Bahai people and the devastation brought upon them( we should expose all people who are being persecuted)and try and help in any manner that we can.

What I am saying here is there no need to attempt to 'recruit' people to join their faith here by constantly referring to the bahai faith, their sayings, their beliefs and giving direction to different sites and links and Q&A's of the Bahai faith... if we do it for one belief then let the Jewish faith and Christians, Muslims and Zoroastrians, Buddhist, Hindus, Sikhs Confucianists, Shintos, Taoists.......... .all come in and advertise and promote theirs too.....

Then let this just become a site for promoting all religions and beliefs and nothing else!

People are people. On an individual basis some are nicer, kinder and more thoughtful and loving than others, they all have their vises and virtues -some people can hide the vises better for quite a while, but that is not to say those same vices are not simmering inside them- (I am not basing this on one or two individual cases, it goes much deeper than that and it is based upon what I have seen for quite a number of years)

We, obviously cannot say that all muslims or christians or... are one way or another, therefore not all Bahai's are kind, loving and saintly either (as it goes they are just people too)... and as I said I have seen otherwise.

That is all.

( I am against violence and anger, so I don't get angry that quickly and I do not tend to accuse people of things I don't know... but 'you' obviously can behave and do as you like)


Re: Let it be

by jamshid on

You lie. You lie when you say "My heart goes out to any child or adult who has to suffer at the hands of inhumane people..."

You used that sentence as an introduction to cleverly cover your own "inhumane" side from the reader.

If you truley hate viloence and suffering, as you said it, then you would not mind this site or any other site being used, no matter how much, to voice the suffering of one of the most oppressed and violated segments of Iran's society.

If you truley hate lies, then you don't make them by cleverly disguising them in half truths.

Your issue is not the number of articles on Bahais in this or any other site. Your issue is that you just don't like Bahais, period. The truth is that you don't like it that there is "too much" coverage on their suffering. This bothers you. It makes you uncomfortable.

I said in here what you didn't have the courage nor the honesty to come forward and say yourself. 

P.S. Just for your information, I am not a Bahai nor will I be one. In fact, I have had many arguments against religion with Bahais as well as members of other religions in this site.



My heart goes out to any

by let it be (not verified) on

My heart goes out to any child or adult who has to suffer at the hands of inhumane people...
I hate violence ...I hate lies and I hate
the notion of suffering for anyone or any is an extremely sad and heart-breaking case.

But folks ...give me a break, this site is becoming an advert board for the Bahai's.
( no othr religion is doing that here)

Let us just leave so-called religions and all aside... but obviously this is a free forum and anyone can write here.

So, kindly spare me trying to promote the overly "nice,kind and loving" beings that are B's ... I have seen otherwise(as in all people- they are no more special than rest of the people on this planet.)
We can certainly make our own choices in our beliefs without being pushed into a corner...


Dear Mona

by Shaer on

Thank You for Your Kind Words ..

As You Know, I Think Very "Highly" Of You, Nevertheless I Believe That You Are "Missing" A Wonderful "Opportunity" To Engage People "Directly" On Your "Faith" ..

After Reading Your Comment Last Night, I was "Inspired" To Write This Poem:


Hope That Explains Everything ..

Take Care .. :)

Mona 19

Dear Readers...

by Mona 19 on

If you have any question(s) regarding The Baha'i Faith,our Central Figures,Belief, Practices,...

Here is my Humble suggestion,PLEASE go to:


and still as Shaer has suggested (and I think that's a Wonderful idea ) We can ask each others questions and create a Respectful and Civil discussion(s).

Respectfully, Mona :)


Shaer,Thank always Very Nice Poem.


....My divinely ordained Revelation may be likened unto an ocean in whose depths are concealed innumerable pearls of great price, of surpassing luster. It is the duty of every seeker to bestir himself and strive to attain the shores of this ocean...This most great, this fathomless and surging Ocean is near, astonishingly near, unto you. Behold it is closer to you than your life-vein! Swift as the twinkling of an eye ye can, if ye but wish it, reach and partake of this imperishable favor, this God-given grace, this incorruptible gift, this most potent and unspeakably glorious bounty.(Baha'u'llah)



The Gift of Unity

by scb (not verified) on

Dear Friends:

Please let me make a short testimonial here about Baha'i culture.

When i think of how many people in the Baha'i community give daily thanksgiving for peace of The Blessed Beauty (a term Baha'i affectionately use to refer to Him).How diverse and varied are the believers, how vivifying the experience of finding this astounding Message of unity for this Day, Ayyam'u'llah (Day of God).

Imagine a room at my 19 Day Feast observance (The Faith has its own calendar called Badi (Wonderous)Calendar, 19 months of 19 days each, with days between the calendar added to make the solar year. Our New Year is Nou Ruz!)

At Baha'i Feast in my community there are Iranians, Ethiopians, Trinidadians, African-Americans, Hispanics, Jews and Anglos from the age of 3 to beyond 70. Each has turned to Baha'u'llah because He said this:

". . .That all nations should become one in faith and all men as brothers; that the bonds of affection and unity between the sons of men should be strengthened; that diversity of religion should cease, and differences of race be annulled-what harm is there in this? ...

Yet so it shall be; these fruitless strifes, these ruinous wars shall pass away, and the 'Most Great Peace' shall come.... Do not you in Europe need this also? Is not this that which Christ foretold?...Yet do we see your kings and rulers lavishing their treasures more freely on means for the destruction of the human race than on that which would conduce to the happiness of mankind.... These strifes and this bloodshed and discord must cease, and all men be as one kindred and one family....

Let not a man glory in this that he loves his country; let him rather glory in this: that he loves his kind...."

- Baha'u''llah to E. G. Brown

This is the gift of human unity.
Much Regard


I agree with shaer ...

by Tahirih (not verified) on

Lets start having a direct dialouge about our faith "bahai faith".and have this opportunity to answer questions.

Iranian masses have been deprived of the truth of our faith and I believe it is time to introduce it,not being stuck in arguments about if it is true or not ,but to answer questions about the history and principles of our beloved faith.

How many of iranians know about our fast ,prayers,law of marriage,and so on.
How many know about Bahaullah's exile from Iran to Baqhdad and palestin(today's Isreal).
How many of Iranians know that he was in prison for 10 years in Akka,and after that had to stay in that land until his passing.

How many know that he said to Naseredin-shah:

O King! I adjure thee by thy Lord, the All-Merciful, to look upon thy servants with the glances of the eye of thy favour, and to treat them with justice, that God may treat thee with mercy. Potent is thy Lord to do as He pleaseth. The world, with all its abasement and glory, shall pass away, and the kingdom will remain unto God, the Most Exalted, the All-Knowing.

O King! I was but a man like others, asleep upon My couch, when lo, the breezes of the All-Glorious were wafted over Me, and taught Me the knowledge of all that hath been. This thing is not from Me, but from One Who is Almighty and All-Knowing. And He bade Me lift up My voice between earth and heaven, and for this there befell Me what hath caused the tears of every man of understanding to flow.

regards ,


Dear Mona

by Shaer on

This Is A Very Good start On Introducing Your faith And Belief To People ..

However, I Want To "Encourage" You To "Engage" People In Discussing the Various Aspects Of Your Faith ..

Let Me Illustrate To You What I Mean:

For Example, In The "Christian" Faith, There Is A Discipline Called The "Apologetics" ..

Under This Discipline, Christians "Engage" Others, Primarily People Of Other Faith, And "Defend" Various Aspects Of Christianity ..

I Personally Believe That This is A "Wonderful" Tradition, And By Questioning The Faith, The Faith Essentially Becomes "Stronger" ..

Now, I Want You To Listen to What I Am Going To Say:

I Want You To Create A "Blog" Out Of This Comment That You Have Just Posted, And Let Others Engage You In What You Have written ..

For Example, I Wasn't aware Of This 1,000 Year business regarding The appearnce Of The Next Messenger .. 

I Am sure Others May Have Other  Questions Regarding What You Have posted ..

Finally, I Want To Leave You With this Thought:

Questioning A Faith Is Very Much Like A Tree That Is Being Subjected To Heavy Storms And Winds ..

Now, If The Roots Of The Tree Are Strong And Its Foundation Stable, Then The Wind and The Storm Would Ultimately Make  It Stronger ..

However, If The Roots  Are Weak and Its Foundation Unstable, Then The Wind And The Storm Would  Ultimately Undermine It, And Blow It Away..

Now, If You believe That Your faith, Bahai'ism, Is A Strong Faith With deep roots and A stable foundation, then you should Not Be Afraid To Subject It To Questioning ..

It Is That Simple ..

I Hope You follow Through With what I Have Just Suggested ..

Good Luck To You .. :)

P.S. After Our Discussions Here, I Was Inspired To Write This Poem:


I  Edited In The  The "P.S." Part  Afterwards ..

Hope You Enjoy It .. :)



by 60M Irani (not verified) on

The scary part of this is not what Akhonda doing rather those whom agreed with them. Back in early 20th century, Hitler had similar concept about Jewish Kids. They were dirt and not deserved to be citizen of Germany or live. Akhound said similar thing about Bahai. They are Najes and kill them.
Let’s fast forward to today, many Jewish kids and adults migrated to America. Look at Jewish community in America, look at last 50 years Nobel prize winners, how many of them have Jewish background?
Jewish doctors contributions to medicine have saved Millions. There are many Jewish CEOs around the world.
How do you know, those kids will not be the next scientists to discover cure for Cancer?
I have many Bahai friends, there is one thing common on them. When you ask them, where are you from? They will tell you, they are Iranian?
When something is wrong, please don’t justify it? Just say, this is wrong… Kicking kids out of school is wrong. There is no justification for it.

Mona 19

Jamshid & Shaer...

by Mona 19 on

... I was trying to move on... :))) but reading all your comments..I feel that I really need to add this... So Gentlmen, May I share The Baha'i view on this Subject. :)

"Progressive revelation"

Baha'i believe that throughout history the Creator has revealed Himself and His Teachings to humanity through a series of Divine Messengers. The Mission of these Emissaries from God is to educate and train the souls of human beings. These Messengers or Teachers have come to all people and parts of the planet.

We believe that there is, in essence, only one religion and all the Messengers of God have progressively revealed its nature. These religions are as chapters of the same book, are as gems which are linked together by a golden chain. God has never left humanity without guidance, nor, we believe, will He ever stop sending Messengers.

There will be others coming after Bahaullah, until the end of time. Bahaullah has specifically stated that another Teacher will not appear sooner than a thousand years.


Until that time, We believe Bahaullah has brought the guidance that humanity needs.

Together, the world's great religions are expressions of a single unfolding Divine plan: "the changeless Faith of God, eternal in the past, eternal in the future." --Bahaullah, Gleanings, p. 136

The study of religious history shows a recurring cycle characterized by the appearance of the Messenger, rejection by the people around Him, the ultimate acceptance of His Teachings, the building of a civilization based on them, its decline, then a religious rebirth through the coming of a new Messenger.

We believe that the continual appearances of the Messengers of God are the source of spiritual renewal and human development to humankind. With every new impulse of revelation from God comes larger and larger circles of unity. So far, humanity has successfully established the unities of clan, of tribe, of agricultural village, of city-state, and of nation.

No matter when and where it appeared, each religion predicted the coming of a unique Promised One of all ages. This is the Messenger that would bring about the logical next step for human development after nationhood, that of creating the largest circle of unity, that of the entire world.

My Humble suggestion for furture study please go to:

Bahaullah and New Era page 122( Please type page # in the little box on top of the page )


Shaer Jan, I know your opinions and view about religion, and I always apprecite your Words of wisdom and Inspiring poems...and I wish more people read your poems.Best wishes to you.

Jamshid, We had so many religoius argument before :)))) ...and I really know how's your point of view, and I respect your opinions and who you are even if you like to be agnostic ;)

Good night, Gentlmen
...and Thank you for reading my LONG comment.

Respectfully,Mona :)




by Nadias on

I am sure that there are more than enough agnostics all over the world to make your dream a reality. Agnosticism is more wide spread than people think.  :o)

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)




by jamshid on

I totally agree with your last post. The same logic applies to the Bahai faith. There may a Bahai "jim jones" in the future who creates a cult based on Bahai religion. But the entire Bahai faith cannot be considred a cult.

Early Islam and Chrisitanity had very few followers. They may had seemed to be "cults" in their ealry age. But that was only the conditions in their early years. Christianity was considered a cult by the Romans. They were persecuted accordingly. Even pre-Islam Persians persecuted Christianity as a "cult" when it became a threat to the Zoroastrian establishment.

But look at Christianity now after 2000 years. Bahais are going through the same things than Chrisitans went through in their first 400 years. I won't be surprised to take a pick into the distant future and see a majority Bahai Iran.

Of course my preference is a majority Agnostic Iran. That would be perfection, so it is too much to ask.


Mona Jan..............

by Nadias on

You are welcome. I too have sent the "Children will Listen" to my friends and family. It really makes one stop and think.

 Adults can argue all they want over many issues but  when it comes down to it, we have to put our issues aside and think about the children.

We need tolerance and respect for each others beliefs. If we as adults do not want to do it for ourselves then we need to think about the children, whom will grow up to be adults one day.

Thank you for the video clip you provided. It is a very lovely and  thought provoking song.

Mona, I look forward to your next blog. Have a very great day and week. ;o)

Yes, Jamshid does have a very big heart. :o)

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)


Mona 19

Thank You :)

by Mona 19 on

...for sharing your Good thoughts/words :)

Wishing all the children of the world, these Precious Pearls, Gems of the future,roses of Garden of humanity to be Loved,Nurtured,Educated,developed wherever they are no matter of their race,nationality, religion,... this is my earnest hope as a MOTHER.

I'm sure those who have children understand my feeling...when we send our kids to school we don't tell them to associate with such and such and stay away from such and such...we don't teach them to check for skin color or nationality, or so many differences...

These innocent souls are so PURE, Spotless,...let's all bring the BEST in OUR CHILDREN...and SEE them with the SAME EYE...

PLEASE, Let's all look at this Video clip and see how THEY cherish each other with the same eyes...and honestly they don't mind the differences...My humble suggestion to you, my dear readers, listen carefully to the words...and how cute and sweet they are :))

Dan Seals - We Are One


P.S.Wishing every single of you to Have a BRIGHT and SUNNY Day :) ...and for those ill wishers not only a great day but also a Loving and Caring hearts to see BEAUTY in everyone.


With loving greetings,Mona


Nadia Jan: Thank You so much again,I will send the link(Children will Listen...) to my friends for sure..many many thanks to you're an angel just need a pair of wing ;)

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

...Thank you ...and you're very welcome...You're a good man with a BIG HEART.

Respectfully,Mona :)


Dear Jamshid - (Clarification For You)

by Shaer on

Not "All" Followers Within Each Major Religion Are Following a "Cult" ..

In Fact, Relatively Speaking, There Are Only A "Few" ..

By That I Mean "Cults" Can Develop Within Each Major Religion, But The Entire Religion Itself Is Not A "Cult" ..

As I Have Mentioned Before, Jim Jones Was A "Christian" Preacher, With A "Church" In San Fransisco ..

He Turned His Twisted "Interpretation" Of "Christianity" In To A "Cult" ..

However, One Can Not Condemn the Entire "Christian" Faith For what He Did, And Call "Christianity" A "Cult" ..

This Would Be Like "Throwing The Baby Out With The Bath Water" ..

Similarly, For "Judaism" and "Islam" ..

As One Of The Earlier Commentators said,  Please "Do Not Miss the Forest For The Tree" ..

You should Condemn The Person Who Turns A Religion In To A "Cult", But You Should Not "Condemn" The Entire Religion For His "Actions" ..

Pure And Simple ..

Hope You Are Clear Now  .. :)


Mona and Shaer

by jamshid on

Mona: Thank you for answering my question. I didn't know Bab was executed. I thought Bab is Baha, therefore I know I am still an ignorant on this subject and need more studying.

Shaer: Thank you for the clarification. I totally agree with you. However, with your definiton, all major religions of the world, Judism, Christianity, Islam, etc, are also cults. Perhaps only Bhudism remains a religion. I think you should narrow down your definition of cult.


Signs of Transcendence

by GodsChild (not verified) on

Transcendental experience is to experience Gods Divine Love, which is being at His Presence. If a faith provides for its followers to have that experience and feel closer to God, then they become more loving and they not only love God in rational ways but also they realize their love for their fellow human being and also learn to love themselves and love EXISTACNE as Gods creation.


Children will listen.....

by Nadias on

Barbara Streisand:

Slide show with song:


Streisand singing it live:


                     "Children Will Listen"

Careful the things you say
Children will listen
Careful the things you do
Children will see and learn
Children may not obey, but children will listen
Children will look to you for which way to turn
To learn what to be
Careful before you say "Listen to me"
Children will listen

Careful the wish you make
Wishes are children
Careful the path they take
Wishes come true, not free
Careful the spell you cast
Not just on children
Sometimes the spell may last
Past what you can see
And turn against you
Careful the tale you tell
That is the spell
Children will listen

How can you say to a child who's in flight
"Don't slip away and i won't hold so tight"
What can you say that no matter how slight Won't be misunderstood
What do you leave to your child when you're dead?
Only whatever you put in it's head
Things that you're mother and father had said
Which were left to them too
Careful what you say
Children will listen
Careful you do it too
Children will see
And learn, oh guide them that step away
Children will glisten
Tample with what is true
And children will turn
If just to be free
Careful before you say
"Listen to me"

Children will listen (repeat 3x)




""ME Too"" such an arrogant reply you have!!!

by Tahirih (not verified) on

I should not be surperized that your alias name is about you!!! it is a sign of arrogance!
you replied to Jamshid and said:

""Please don't be agitated by the 'Emotional' aspect of this argument. I am fully aware of the persecution of the Bahai'is and other 'Minorities' in Iran. Nevertheless, one group's 'Persecution' should not be considered 'Superior' to another group's 'Persecution' given the historical perspective that I have mentioned.""

Ok lets imagine you were thrown out of university,your father's retirement pension was cut off,your sister at age 16 was taken to jail,raped and hanged,your uncle was kidnaped and never seen again,your grand fathers grave was buldoused and people looked at you and said oh they were spy so it was ok all the things done to them .
Do you really think this is getting emotional? and when a good person like Jamshid is defending our rights you call him emotional?

Lets see when it is your time how you would react? because my friend it is getting close!!!!!!soon you will be a minority !!but it is ok as you said YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE THINGS THAT HAPPENED TO MINORITIES!!!!


Do you remember

by Citizen Of The World (not verified) on

In Memory Of MS.Jalalieh Moshtael Oskouee, who was executed on May 10.1982



info about the faith

by leyla (not verified) on

Hi - I noticed, some of you were speculating about what the Baha'i faith is about. is a reliable source of info and i do weekly persian video blogs that can help with highlighting aspects of the Baha'i teachings