Missed "Opportunities" - In "Life"

by Shaer

Apparent Though It May Be, Yet So "Unclear" ..
Far And wide, All But Not Clear ..

Two Steps Ahead, Yet One Step Back ..
The Glory Of Heaven, All But "Missed" ..

World goes Around, Much Opportunity At Hand ..
In Every Corner, Something Waiting In Anticipation ..

Come My Brothers, Life Is Too Short ..
Embrace It With Gusto, No Doubt In Sight ..

From The Depths Of Despair, To The Heights Of Exhilaration ..
Many Opportunities, Yet Missed They Are ..

My Mind Wonders, Trying to Grasp The Occasion ..
Not Satisfied, Yet Determined ..

Life Presents Itself, Much Opportunities ..
Most "Beneficial", Least "Obvious" ..

Embrace All, Ignore None ..
Come My Brother, Never Know where Your "Pearl" Lies ..

As Adam To Eve, And As My "Lover" To Me ..
Come My Lover, Let's Waste Not A Moment ..

This Moment, May Not Come Again My "Lover" ..
Embrace Life, Leave aside "Doubt" ..

My Passion, My Love, My Very Being ..
Ready To Flow, Delay Not Its Manifestation ..

The Sweetness, The Oneness, My Manhood ..
Let's Not tarry, All heaven Is Waiting ..

The Sweetness Of Lips, Come My Lover, Embrace ..
Missed Opportunities Abound, Missed Opportunities Abound ..

As Days Go By, And weeks In To Months ..
Regret Much Abound, What Missed Opportunities ..

Come, My Lover ..
"Let's" ..

"Not" ..
"Miss" ..

"On" ..
"Life" ..

"God" ..
"Is" ..

"Waiting" ..

Copyright ©2008 Shae'r


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Signs of Transcendence by

by Anonymousgggfrg (not verified) on

Signs of Transcendence
by GodsChild (not verified) on Sun Mar 30, 2008 03:31 PM CDT

Transcendental experience is to experience Gods Divine Love, which is being at His Presence. If a faith provides for its followers to have that experience and feel closer to God, then they become more loving and they not only love God in rational ways but also they realize their love for their fellow human being and also learn to love themselves and love EXISTACNE as Gods creation.


I Was Inspired

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.. To write This Poem Following the "Conclusion" Of The discussions That Took Place For The Past Four (4)  Days At "Mona 19's" Blog  On The Iranian Bahai'i School Children:


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Please Read

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I have put together three (3) Collections of Poems on the following themes:

I. Encouragement and Healing, with thirty seven (37) Poems;

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