Iranian Baha'i School Children


Mona 19
by Mona 19

In April 2007, the Bahá’í International Community


reported that Baha’i students in primary and secondary schools throughout Iran were being increasingly harassed, vilified, and held up to abuse because of their Faith. Many incidents of mistreatment were reported at the time, and it appears that these incidents have been escalating in recent months.

Bahá’í school children in Iran are being subjected to cruel and harsh treatment as part of a government-sponsored campaign against the Bahá’í community. Reports indicate that Baha’i pupils are secretly monitored and reported upon by school officials, are subjected to vilification by their teachers and school administrators, and are forced to listen to vile and outrageous tales about the teachings of their Faith and the moral behavior of Baha’is. It has now become clear that Baha’i pupils in primary and secondary schools are being expelled on the basis of the stipulation in the “Golpaygani memorandum”


that Baha’is “can be enrolled in schools provided they have not identified themselves as Baha’is”
. Pupils are often expelled when they identify themselves as Baha’is, when they try to defend the Faith against utterly unfounded accusations, or when they respectfully attempt to correct gross misrepresentations of the Faith’s history in the textbooks they must study. It has also been reported that Baha’is in secondary schools are to be given grades sufficient to graduate but too low to allow entrance to university.

To learn more about some of the incidents that have been taking place from June 2007 to January 2008, click here to get a summary.



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With Loving Greetings,Mona




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Mona 19

Dear Shaer...

by Mona 19 on

Thank you so much, I do appreciate it.You just said it BEAUTIFULLY. Thanks again for your Inspiring and Wisdom words.

Best,Mona :)

Mona 19

Dear Ali

by Mona 19 on

...Thank You so much for reading my recent blog, I really appreciate it.

Many thanks for your words of wisdom...You're always a wellwisher towards other people.May Blessings of God be with you and your family today and always.

Regards,Mona :)

P.S.I like your sense of humor in MOST of your comments in You are always Positive, Polite and let me say "A TRUE GENTLEMAN" . I do apprecite it :)


here is a link to the

by faryarm on

here is a link to the original document
In answer to your kind and concerned response..""
2. Under the circumstances, why don't our bahai citizens declare themselves as moslim and avoid all these sorts of problems? I know this may not be perfectly honest, but to my knowledge bahai faith is closest to islam and also desperate times need desperate measures."

If you look at the story of Bahai persecution , in most cases it is a matter of Principle for them to hold tight to their belief and honour; it is perhaps that steadfast faith in a Cause they believe will bring change ,peace and harmony to the world.

It is this uncompromising regard for the truth that makes the regime so frightened of perhaps its most obedient religious community; for they the Shia establishment know full well, that if and when the Iranian masses become truly acquainted with authentic Bahai belief that is, one which is Iranian in origin, morally progressive and in full affinity with the Persian soul; they are finished. It is that eventuality that has for the last 160 years been the cause of unimaginable cruelty in the name of Islam.One has to only hear the phone calls and message left for Radio Bahai ( to see how the Iranian public opinion is changing , because for the first time it can have first hand knowledge of what the Mullahs have for so long tried to hide and misrepresent; I sincerely believe we have turned a corner, as the Mullahs actions ( as with their policy with Bahai school children shows) is telling of their desperationat there is daily blogs and a healthy exchange between Bahais and muslims, where brave young iranian bahais respond to the daily attacks in IRI media like Kayhan etc.



by Setiz (not verified) on

This is a difficult time in our history when our country is occupied by an ideology with non-iranian roots. This will not last. In the meantime, we, and specially our minorities, should have patience; and as bad as it sounds get along with the circumstances; there is simply no other way.

Having said that I have two questions if you don't mind responding to please.

1. Do you have access to the original letter (in farsi) that you posted about how bahai's should be treated. That would have been more powerful to have access to than the translation.

2. Under the circumstances, why don't our bahai citizens declare themselves as moslim and avoid all these sorts of problems? I know this may not be perfectly honest, but to my knowledge bahai faith is closest to islam and also desperate times need desperate measures.

Thank you dear.


For Mona: Some Day

by IRANdokht on

Some day by Nazanin




Thank you Mona for bringing

by GoldenRule (not verified) on

Thank you Mona for bringing this to the public.

A child persecuted and intimidated tells of a horrific tale, hate. An insurmountable obstacle we will have to overcome to come out of age!

I can relate to this events very well since I experience my share of it at school even during the time of the Pahlavi. It just was not sanctioned by the clergy and the government at the same time.

Unfortunately, those heads of religion who teach hate don't inform their subjects that doom will follow and proceed learning and the practice of hate.
Those who preach hate have kept us back for centuries, have destroyed our notion and promise of a real life.
Our dreams, hopes, aspirations, and future are held captive in the gloom of the words and sermons of hate.
Alas, waking from this deep dark slumber calls for an unquestionable faith in peace, love and brotherhood. It calls for an unprecedented courage to overcome hate, anger, suspicion and insecurities of our confused times.
It calls for man to be fearlessly sincere with himself and dispassionately destroy his own demon of hate!
Alas, the road is rocky, dark and cold with no end in sight for those who are not willing or not inclined to love and understanding.
May we not follow them.
May we follow the dictates of love, compassion, forgiveness, forbearance, and universal brotherhood.
May we see our people happy, honored and prosperous in our lifetime.



by Zion on

On Islamists and supporters of this apartheid islamonazi regime. Shame.


Dear Mona

by Shaer on

Regardless Of whether One Agrees Or Disagrees With the Bahai'i Faith, It Is Utterlty "Inexcusable" To Deprive Children Of Their "Basic" Educational Needs ..

Unfortunately, The Gulf That Exists Between Islam and Bahai'ism Is So wide That "Logic" Takes A "Secondary" Position To "Raw Emotions" ..

Tks for Your article .. :)

Ali P.

Some day...

by Ali P. on

I hope some day, in our dear land of Iran,religion becomes a private matter between the citizen and whatever he finds as higher power, and people with different faiths, and those without faith, could live with each other with harmony and peace.


Ali P.

Mona 19


by Mona 19 on

...Thank You so much for reading the article. I do appreciate it.



Mona 19

Dear IRANdokht ...

by Mona 19 on

...I'd like to Thank you for reading the News, and I do appreciate your kind and loving I went to the library to pick up some books and one of the books was My Name Is Iran by Ms. Davar 6

" I am Cyrus, King of the World.When I entered Babylon I did not allow anyone to terrorize the Land.I kept in View the NEEDS OF THE PEOPLE and all its Sancturies to PROMOTE THEIR WELL-BEING.I put an end to their MISFORTUNE.The Great God has delivered all the lands into my hand; the lands that I have made to dwell in a PEACFUL HABITATION...."

Many thanks IRANdokht, I'm looking forward to see some day we all can live together with LOVE & PEACE, and as you said beautifully "regardless of race, ethnicity and religion will be proud to be an Iranian"

Best wishes,Mona



Re: Fear

by jamshid on

Fanatic Islamists are scared. They live their lives in constant fear. This fear is due to their insecurities and to having the knowledge that their version of Islam is greatly flawed.

They act on this fear by spreading lies, and when that is not enough, they revert to violence, even against other none-fanatic moslems who have different views.

This is a fanatic Islamist's mentality in a nut shell. They prosecute Bahais and other religious minorities because they are SCARED of the views and beliefs that these minorities hold at an ideological level.


The only Bahai in the world

by Prof. Doctor Danesh (not verified) on

...There is only one Bahai in the world and that single individual is Abol H Danesh.

Anybody who came to you and said I am a Bahai rest assure he or she is either a liar or a fictitious Bahai because there is only one bahai in the world and that one is Abol Danesh...


some day...

by IRANdokht on

Nobody deserves to endure such prejudice and hate, nevermind children!

I wish our people (and the rest of the world for that matter) open minds and caring hearts, to do away with all the unreasonable and unfounded hate and animosity.

Some day, I hope we find our way back to the ancient Persia where the first human rights laws were put in place and everyone regardless of race, ethnicity and religion will be proud to be an Iranian.

Thanks Mona jan