"Apologetics" - Defending One's Faith


by Shaer

As The Breeze, Suffuses Through The Ocean ..
With The Seagulls Ever Present, Contemplating The Moment ..

With Clouds, From on High ..
Eagles, Following their Prey ..

With all Imaginary, And Non-Imaginary Things Present ..
All With Their Spirits, Claiming To Infinity ..

With All Religions, Claiming To One Belief Or Another ..
One Superior, One Inferior, All The Same ..

All Wanting To Defend Their faiths, Hitherto ..
Mine Superior, Yours Inferior, By and By ..

As I Wonder, And As I Ponder Here-to-Forth ..
God Almighty Much Confusion, What A Confusion ..

The Spirit Of God Descended Upon Me, Calmed Me ..
Assured Me, Not Much Difference ..

I Travel Through Humanity, Seeking Messengers For "Enlightenment" ..
Give Them My Spirit, Reveal My Wisdom ..

For The Arabs Mohammad, For The Gentiles Jesus ..
For The Jews Moses, And On And On ..

The Most Important Thing My Brother, My "Spirit" ..
Not My "Words", But My "Spirit" ..

Cling to My Spirit, And You'll Find All You Need ..
No Confusion, No Malice, All You Need ..

The Koran, The Bible, And The Torah ..
All "Words", My Spirit My Brother, All You Need ..

Abraham, O' Father, Come Forth, Embrace Me ..
My Spirit Dwells Within You, All You Need ..

Come Forth all Angels, Tell Me I Am Right ..
The Spirit Overwhelming, All You Need ..

As Time Goes Forth, From Century To Millennia ..
The Spirit Of God Ever Present, All You Need ..

Come My Brother, Confuse Not Yourself ..
My Spirit, All spirit, All You Need ..

Peace Be Upon You, My Brother ..
My "Spirit" ..

"That's" ..
"All" ..

"You" ..
"Need" ..

Go Forth, My "Brother" ..

Copyright ©2008 Shae'r


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Thank You Nadia

by Shaer on

Very Nice Words  .. :)


Understanding, respect, tolerance.........

by Nadias on

are but a few things necessary when it comes to religious/non-religious views and discourse.

Even within the religions thenselves  there are varying points of view.

I am certianly not God.....I was also not selected to be the judge, jury and executioner of anyone...............

As always nice poem........:o)


Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



This Poem Was Inspired

by Shaer on

.. By All the "Discussions"  That Took Place Within the Past 72 hours At "Mona 19"'s Last Blog On The Iranian Bahai'i School Children:


After Reading The Poem, Please Take A Look At The Comments At Her Blog Within The Past 72 Hours ..

Tks  Again .. :)


Please Read

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