Change your Arabic names to Iranian names

by jimzbund

I am so glad that the recent heros who lost their lives for their homeland had beautiful Persin anames, Neda , Sohrab, Taraneh...Iranians should use beautiful Persian names for their kids and if possible change their Arabic names to Persian names. We have to seperate our identities from those tokhmeh Arabs who are raping and pillaging Iran and Iranians. Avoid using Islamic or Arabic term like ...( insh, mash,) allah.... salaam...etc.

payyandeh Iran and Iraninans


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Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

007........ kheyli sepaas!

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

For the compliment on my name


khaleh mosheh

Lets not worry about

by khaleh mosheh on

Changing our names too much.. Its the Islamic dictatorial regime and their general abuse of the populace including their religeous belief that needs ending.



by jimzbund on

Allah massaleh alla mohammad va alleh Mohammad, keep worshipping the stone and stoning the Iraniand. 


Bund, Jimz Bund


to ???

by jimzbund on

this was meant for Persians not Arabs, if you are not proud of your heritage then follow the Arab imperialism and help the IRI to finish the job. 


Bund, Jimz Bund


Nadia khanum

by jimzbund on

people take it seriously when it is concerned with their nationality humanity and religion. unfortunately many are confused about which comes first and at what price. as for the temporary wives , I just needed them for a mission which was accomplished.

As long as Nadia is not Fatemeh Batool,   it is beautiful !


Bund, Jimz Bund

Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez

007 Congrats!

by Natalia Alvarado-Alvarez on

I see that some people are taking your blogs more seriously these days.  Good for you!

So, how did it go with that temporary wives idea of yours? Any takers?

PS: By the way people should just have the names they want. Mine is not Arabic but I prefer Nadia when asked. Too many Natalia's in my family.


This must be one of the most foolish ideas

by Anonymous8 on

ever proposed!



by skhel on

I really dont see how changing our names into more Iranian sounding ones is going to change anything. We lack perspective, if we think this is an important issue.


Afshin, I'd like to look forward too

by Cost-of-Progress on

But if we do not learn from our past, we are bound to repeat it. I think we are saying the same thing, roughly.

I am sure that most everyone here (the Persians)- even those defending Islam and it's doctrine - love Iran and want to see a free and prosperous Iran.

I know that I do even after 33 years of not living there.

The saying: "You can take the man out of Iran, but you can't take Iran out of the man" is very true.

Jaavid Iran.


To Ayhab

by Cost-of-Progress on

Captain....(AHAB), you said:

..."Our OWN Nader Shah the Great killed 20,000 to 30,000 Hindus in one day
on March 22, 1739, just because he got pissed off at Mohammad Shah of
India. Where do you think Peacock Throne, Kooh-e-Noorand Darya-e-noor
came from?"

OK, first off, it's Mr. "Cost". 

I'm not sure what this has to do with us Persians wanting to maintain our national identity and culture? So Nader killed a bunch of Hindus (right or wrong), and that makes it OK for the Arabs to stick it to us in the arse for 14 centuries via their beloved Religion of Peace?? Why is it "bad" to want to revolt against tyranny, be it that perpeterated by Nader,  Arabs, or the relatively new comer Imperialist powers, etc., etc... 

I was born in a secular Persian family (muslim by decent, all of us), but unlike Afshin, I was not lucky enough for my dad to have lived long enough for me to be able to have meaningful conversations with regarding religion. As a small boy, however, I do remember him warning me about the clergy, to never trust them, to think for myself and decide for myself. My mom, although a borderline believe (in my mind), never pressured me in practicing the religion and I was never interested. I did have some conversations with her regarding the validity and concept of God, but those did not normally result in anything, because the answer was always that "we are too small to question these let it go..."

I have come to realize the pivotal role religion has played in the shaping of human history in the past 4-5K years. Unfortunaly, most of its effects have been to the disadvantage of mankind, brought on by Man himself. Now, that is what I call irony.

By the way, I see nothing wrong with respectful debates. I've been debating on the Net for a long time in various online communities and I am amazed by the array and variety of "opinions" out there.

Baa ejaaze...

ex programmer craig

If only...

by ex programmer craig on

Somebody could change the name of "mullah" to "nazi". Then we could send Brad Pitt after them.



Reza- Rio ...

by jimzbund on

to ham baa in videot filmemoon kardi ! Your joke is taken light heartedly.You made more sense when you were in San Diego ! 


Bund, Jimz Bund

Ahmed from Bahrain

Afshin Afshar

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

Thank you for your greta post 21Aug. I share your sentiments as it mirrors my own progress. Then with an Iranian friend, as someone I aspired to,  we started a journey the result of which is at this website:

One thing I know is that we, as humans, will always keep moving on. Such is the way of exapnding the self that mirrors the expanding universe.

Qurbanat and thanks to all here for having a good heart. Glory to Iranians who are thinkers and lovers of art, poetry and a pure heart.

Ahmed from Bahrain


Thanks! Reza-San Diego

by yolanda on

    Thanks! Reza-San Diego for the video link. "Self-Inflicted suffering", very interesting topic! I learned something here!



Reza-Rio de Janeiro

Mr. jimzbund

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Thank you for your comment. I never wanted us to promote Islam and Arabic over Iran and Iranians! In fact, if you have the time and patience to read, you will see that in many of my comments on all articles by others (such as yourself) and in few of my own blogs here, I wrote repeatedly and have been a relentless advocate of promoting Iran and Iranians in order for us to be Free and Independent....

So believe me ham-meehan, I know where you are coming from, feel your pain due to all injustices us Iranians and Iran have suffered in these past dark 30 years of our lives!

But to change one's mentality is one of the most dangerous wishes and approaches that ever existed in the history of mankind !!!

Since every human being on earth (regardless of race, religion, colour and etc.) is mainly controled by of his/her own Mind, Thoughts and Ego (unfortunately), it is only natural that when confronted by a different thought than his/her own, he/she is automatically wired to REACT and almost in all cases Negatively to the other thought and Idea especially when he/she thinks that such THought/idea by other is being imposed and dictated on him/her!!!

Well my friend, the problem starts right there!! This creates another REACTION in the other one's thoughts that initiated the First thought/Idea and soon before you know, these opposite thoughts/Egos go head to head and in all out confrontations!!! Into these viscious circles that sometimes even becomes physically violent , hence what is happening in Iran andto Iranians....

With all due respect, I am enclosing this clip for you and all my fellow Iranians in hopes of everyone here not taking it the wrong way... I know very well that there are many of you here and out there who are perhaps older, more expeienced and even more educated I am... I am not here to lecture you or any one else, just recommending another possibility in my own little way to help rescue Iran and Iranians that will lead to our collective Freedom and Independence ...




Reza-San Diego

by jimzbund on

 I believe there are other parallel processes that should run to get rid of the forign occupation of Iran and their imperialistic goals. We can't promote Islam and Arabic culture and hope for a free and peopsperous Iran. That was the mistake that Shah made he financed the akhunds to please and shut them up but they oppsed every white revolution item that he introduced. The main goal of evry Iranian right now as you mentioned is to UNITE to get rid of the evil IRI but unless our mentality is changed, it will be the business as usual.

Paayandeh Iran 

shaad zi

Bund, Jimz Bund


Q you need a queue , as U have no clue !

by jimzbund on

So , is Q for Qamar khanum or Qassim ?  


Bund, Jimz Bund



by jimzbund on

I never mentioned the Azeri or Kurd or any other ethnicity names . My point is dircted towards the Arabic names  adopted by Iranians of any ethnicity. This is how other nations ended up as Arabs ( the clear one is the Egypt ) . why should a Bahai person by the anme of eg, Asssaullah spend time explaining thet first of all he is not an Aeran and secondly he is not a Muslim !!! or try to hide the Allah part of their names !. A persian name will be self explanatory.  


 Shaad zi

Bund, Jimz Bund

Reza-Rio de Janeiro

By attacking each other here, The Only winner is EVIL I.R. Now!!

by Reza-Rio de Janeiro on

Ham-meehanaane geraami,

I read so many of everyones's comments here and in all honesty I can see that you all say and want the same thing for Iran and Iranians, yet find the way to attack each other (I will spare all with the names of the individuals who have gone on the rampage! You each know who you are...)

I can also understand and sympathize with such reactions as I have been guilty of such ego-trips perhaps many times here myself and if I have offended anyone (aside from The I.R. criminals) , I do apologize...


Now, more than ever before we must unite to fight the EVIL I.R. together not to fight amongst ourselves!

I.R. like their Evil bosses (The British) love to divide and conqure!!!!

Please don't let this sad situation to intensify any further!!!!

Mr. Jimzbund, despite of your possible good Iranian intention ,You have opened a serious can of worm here Sir, I hope you and every single one of us here will refrain from creating such useless and self destructing diveds amongst ourselves NOW and in the future!!!

For the love of GOD, Who cares about the names NOW???? Have we already solved all our other problems and Freed Iran and Iranians??? Somebody please come forward and let's take these I.R. criminals to International Criminal Court first!!!!!!!!!! Can we at least try do that first before all these nonsense here?????????

For heavan's sake, We have so many more serious and vital issues to tackle and solve collectively as Iranians NOW! PLEASE................

Zendeh baad Iran va Irani,

Down with EVIL I.R.

Awarness,Consciousness, Freedom, Independance, Justice, Love and Peace for all.


Stupid sellout Mossadegh, Pahlavi, Shamlu, Dehkhoda, Ferdowsi

by Q on

Why? why did they betray the country by naming themselves with Arabic names?

Why? Why didn't they listen to enlightened cultural guardians like "jimzbund" ?

Ari Siletz

Glad to meet Afshin

by Ari Siletz on

I'll email you through your blog account, and we'll chat over brew.

Meanwhile here's a name anecdote relevant in this context. Way back when my brother was six, my father went to enroll him in elementary school. The principal, a nationalist,  wouldn't enroll him because my brother's name was Eskandar. She gave my father a lot of grief about naming his son after the destroyer of the Persian empire. My father listened patiently, then asked if there was a copy of the Shahnameh in the school office. She said, no. My father said he didnt' think so.

I don't need to tell you the rest.


re: Dear Afshin

by Afshin_Afshar on

Dear Takavar,

I really do not want this conversation do what I am preaching against, namely to divide us.

You seem to be fixated on Changiz, Tyamor, and Atilla, but what about Solmaz, Aydin, Jeiran, Aysel, Tural, Sevda, Mira, Gyular, etc.

Or Kurdish names like Birzo, Biyan, Afran, Rolan, Runa, Bersin, Pejan, Navin, etc.

And the same goes for Arabic, Lori, Balouchi, and other ethnic names.

Why as Persian-Iranians we demand the right to preserve our heritage, and at the same time suggest others should give theirs up.

I happened to love the name Solmaz. What would be wrong with me naming my daughter that?

What is more beautiful than us Iranians borrowing what we like from each other regardless of our ethnicities? My answer is absolutely nothing. 

Let's celebrate who we are and celebrate our diversity as a nation. Doing that will only make us stronger. 



Dear Afshin

by Takavar on

What specific names have kurds and  Lors? They use arabic names too. What names choose Azeris for their kids? Either arabic or Turkish. Is it good to name your son Changeez, Tyamor, Atilla, and other wild animal's names who killed millions of us Iranians? Isn't an insult to all Iranians to give our kids such names? Just think about it!


This is war times

by Mehrban on

It maybe nonviolent (on one side) but it is war times.  The "tolerant camp",  I would applaud you in normal circumstances.  What is identity anyway? In normal times, a political construct really only useful for people who want followers.  But this is not normal times.  What these soldiers of resistance are saying and doing is resisting the ignorant and well armed forces that with one Arabic verse or another as prelude rape and kill.  They are not "bigots" or "racists" as they have been repeatedly called.  

They are patriots of a country that is on its knees (have you been to Iran lately?).  What are they saying?  Honor your language, honor your culture while it is being destroyed.  Name your children Iranian (not Persian) names as a symbol of resistance.  In view of the atrocities committed on a daily basis in Iran, what is so objectionable about that? 

Why do you insist on distorting a patriotic impulse into bigotry?  All this while Iranian culture is under attack. Who is the real victim here?

 [[Bein e khodemoon though, did you ever think you would have to defend folks who have done nothing to their attacker except to have the "wrong" name?]]

Who has been attacked for having the wrong name? 



by Afshin_Afshar on




by Sassan2 on

I respect your approach, but Islamic illiterates like Ayab always try to confuse the issue -- or perhaps Islam has eroded their ability to think rationally. My point about identity is not racist. I don't say that Iranians are somehow "better" than Arabs or Mexicans or Africans. All I say is that we need to preserve our unique identity in this world.

The Ayhabs of the world, the dimwit twits that they are, feel that their semetic religion is somehow threatened by those who think like I do, so they attack us personally as racists.

Is Islam a race??? 

To me, it's like the difference between a salad and a pea soup. With a salad, every item has its own flavor, tase and color -- all beautiful and worthy. The tomato has its own color and flavor, as does the cucumber, as does the lettuce, the onion, etc.

But in a pea soup, eveything is one color, one taste. Is that what we want our world to be like? One taste, one flavor? I'm not saying that the tomato, its crimson color and acidic taste is somehow "better" than the lettuce -- no way! All I'm saying is, put together in a big beautiful bowl, the different taste, colors and flavors are wonderful and the add to the asthetic beauty of the world.

Admittedly, I prefer the salad over the pea soup. I'm not promoting racism (unless the Islamic culture is a race). Indeed, it's not "racist" to promote my unique identity. I'm not saying Persians are better than Turks or Arabs -- all I'm saying is I think the Persian culture is worthy of preservation, without its cultural symbols being eroded unnecessarily.

Moreover, as Kaveh V says, Iranians have earned the right to protect their identity. We've been attacked so many times in our history. This is what separates a run-of-the-mill KKK and an Iranian nationalist. America has never been invaded and never been subjugated -- the KKK has far less right to be threatenend by foreigners.

Arabs invaded us TWICE (once physically, 651 AD, and the second, ideologically, 1979). Although I can hate them for what they did to us in the past -- the physical raping and looting of my homeland -- and be a racist, but I'm not. I have never said that Arabs are somehow sub-human. And I don't say that Iranians are somehow "better."

All I say is that I love my country more than I care about my religion and I want to protect "what's left" of my IRANIAN IDENTITY!

Is that so wrong?


re: Don't mislead us please!

by Afshin_Afshar on

Dear Takavar,

I assume this was directed at me. If it was not, please ignore.

jimzbund said "Iranians should use beautiful Persian names for their kids and if possible change their Arabic names to Persian names."

My question was and is what about Azeri-Iranians, Kurdish-Iranians, Lori-Iranian, Arab-Iranians, etc.?



Don't mislead us please!

by Takavar on

 Nobody is talking about putting one ethnicity over the others. That was a suggestion made by JB for all Iranians .



by Sassan2 on

So interesting of you to mock me as a "little man" who shouts, when you CONVENIENTLY (seemingly because you have no logic) avoid answering my argument and attack me personally. Not one word in your last post was directed at my argument in favor of Identity preservation, all you did was insult.

Typical of Islamic goons who either inject "Israel" into every conversation about IRI's crimes or resort to personal attacks. My last post, was very lucidly written, without any antagonism, but you have NO answers so you attack me personally!

Who's the real "little man" where it counts, as in brain size? 

Too bad you can't grow intelligence -- I've destroyed you every time I've caught your phony baloney on this site, every time you've resorted to obfuscation to further your Islamic agenda! You can't argue, so you belittle your opponent.

What a pathetic twit you are.



by Afshin_Afshar on