A suggestion to Iranian.com

by jimzbund

I would like to suggest to setup an award or nomination poll and let the Iranin.com cyber citizens to vote for them. Eg, the best article, post, poster,picture or in general like the Iranian man / woman of the year, most hated, most liked, etc  for the either the Gregorian or solar calendar. We vcan then maybe present them with an honorary diploma or even phD since everyone else in Iran has one!!!

To begin with, I would like to suggest the Iranian.com as the best online social networking site for all Iranians. There might be other sites that I maynot be aware but being a JIMZBUND, I doubt it!

Jimzbund, the agent who never sleeps!


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میرزا چغندر

I'm afraid I might jinx you by my seconding, Jimz

by میرزا چغندر on

I'd like to suggest a category as the "Most Active Index Finger" for those who keep flagging comments made by people like me.

One might as well consider a "Shame" category for those who show tolerance towards opposing ideas.

However, I do not suggest a Life-time Achievement Award for a gutsy site owner who would not be easily influenced by the centers of money and power against independent contributors; for that reward will remain unclaimed for a long time to come.