PEACEFUL REALM: Shah and Shahbanou Visit Norway (1967)


PEACEFUL REALM: Shah and Shahbanou Visit Norway (1967)
by Darius Kadivar

Shah and Shahbanou of Iran's State Visit to Norway Greeted by King Olav V of Norway and wife Princess Consort Märtha of Sweden (1967). Norway has been subject to an unpredecedant dual terror attack on it’s soil which is considered as the worst act of violence in this peaceful realm since World War II (See Related News)

Norwegian royal family meet Utoya island massacre survivors:

Norway's royal family and Prime Minister have met survivors of the Utoya island massacre, where at least 85 people have been killed. 







King Harald condemns ‘gruesome acts’ ( Related Video Interview Here)



Norway’s King Harald also went on national TV late Friday night, to condemn the “gruesome acts” that shocked the country earlier in the day and to express his sympathy to the victims andtheir families.

The 74-year-old Norwegian monarch said his thoughts were with the injured and the families of those killed in the attacks on the government complex in downtown Oslo and the Labour Party’s summer youth camp at Utøya inthe Tyri Fjord – “but also with our prime minister, with whom I’ve spoken, and the political Norway.”

King Harald said he also wanted to thank “all those who have helped save lives” during the long day of tragedy.

“Now it’s important that we stand together and support each other, and that we don’t let fear take over,” he said.

Flags around Norway were ordered at half-mast on Saturday. Police confirmed 17 dead and several more critically wounded.

Strong explosion rocks Oslo, 7 dead, 15 injured in 'car bomb' blast :

Oslo, Norway, Bombing and Camp Shooting (ABC News):

Norway deals with the aftermath of two deadly attacks

(NOTE: To Watch Double Click Here) 

Norway massacre suspect 'had links to right-wing groups' (AL Jazeera) :







The Nobel Peace Prize is Bestowed in Norway which hosts the only Nobel Prize outside Sweden.

Shirin Ebadi Greeted by the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize Concert Hosts Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones:








Coronation of King OlavV (1958):


KingOlav 5th of Norway’s Coronation in Trondheim Nidaros Chatedral 22 june 1958.


King Haakon Restored on the Throne after WWII:

King Haakon father of King Olav (and grandfather of the current King Harald) arrives home after 5 years of exile in London during the2nd world war. He arrived in Oslo with the rest of the Royal Family of Norway

Royal Wedding Queen Sonja Married to Crown Prince Harald (current King Harald):

King Harald’s Coronation Oath in Parliament:

King Harald become officially the king of Norway 21 ofJanuary 1991 after his father king Olav died.

Queen Elisabeth welcome King Harald of Norway:

Queen Elisabeth invtied King Harald and the Royal family of Norway for 100 year celebration of the "freedom" of Norway in 2005.








Crown Prince Haakon of Norway- Zeitgeist Europe 2009:

Crown Prince Haakon Presents his country’s achievements at the Dignity in Development Project Symposium in Budapest Hungary

Christian Amanpour interviews Norway's Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Mette Marit on CNN shortly after their wedding:


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Morocco's King Mohammed VI allowing Female Imams to take charge

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TOPKAPI: Ottoman Royals angry over careless handling of historical throne 


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Darius Kadivar

Keep your 'Sincerity' for your FB Friends 'Poet'...

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and before making irrelevant comments maybe you should stop smoking Walt Whitman 'Leaves Of Grass' 


This Post had absolutely no comment in favor or against the Pahlavis ( whom I respect nevertheless) but simply connecting two totally different countries through a common souvenier including a reference to your Idol Shirin Ebadi. 


Now Go and Focus on Your "Sincere' Poetry in your Sunny Florida ! 

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I Sincerely Hope .....

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As you know, everytime that the Shah went under pressure, he Fled our Beloved Iran -

The first time, the British and the Americans bailed him out (1953) - And, the second time, in 1979, there was no one to do that :)

As you know, on the second occasion, 1979, after he Fled Iran, many of his Generals were one by one arrested, and subsequently executed :)

P.S. In your blogs please remind your readers on the Shah's bravery - Like I said, a Total Coward through and through :) !



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Look in the mirror maybe you may recognize yourself 'Poet' !

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