IRI Press TV claims 'Parasite' Queen Elizabeth II Fears UK Break Up


IRI Press TV claims 'Parasite' Queen Elizabeth II Fears UK Break Up
by Darius Kadivar

Islamic Republic’s English Speaking Propaganda channel Claims that The British Monarchy is on the verge of collapse and that the Royal family is a parasite on the natural order because it unequally separates people into classes based on hereditary and not according to natural law, an analyst says. 

In an interview with Press TV, Charlie Veitch, political activist, elaborates on Queen Elizabeth II's recent comments that she may be the last royal head ofstate. 

'Scots will see parasite monarchy's end' :

NOTE: Charlie Veitch is a 30-year-old stunt film-maker and anarchist who is part of the group Love Police. He was

amongst 55 activists who were arrested but not charged prior to the Royal Wedding to ensure they did not disrupt the celebrations ( See Related News Here )


Reality on ground is Quite Different


There is a "republican movement" taking place in almost all Constitutional Monarchies in Europe however they remain as marginal as Royalist Movements existing in Europe’s Republics. The reason is that both European systems of governments happen to be democratic and tolerate dissent.


Exporting A Republic - TheFall Of The Monarchy? (BBC)

Small crowd demonstrates in Front of Buckingham Palace:

Britain being a Democracy, peaceful demonstrations against the Monarchy are tolerated



Constitutional Monarchy VS Republic


Explaining the concept of a Constitutional Monarchies to a Staunch Republican:

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BBC cyber-attack 'linked to Iran'

by Darius Kadivar on

BBC cyber-attack 'linked to Iran' (bbc)


The BBC says its Persian Service has been targeted by a "sophisticated cyber-attack" which it is linking to other attacks on the channel which broadcasts to Iran.



Did the

by MRX1 on

propaganda T.V mentioned any thing about how close the regime is bringing Iran towards ethnic hate and disintegeration?


She deserves it. Let it be a lesson to her...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on


a) not inviting his royal highness alahazrat khodaygan khamenei and his entire fak o famil to Bukingham palace  for Harry katy wedding bash.

2) closing down so publicaly the 1.5 billion dollar London  bank account of prince valahazrat mini_me khodayagan mojtaba Khamenei.

Dandesh narm!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by Quebeqi on

It is quite interesting that the MNA of Québec's Assemblée Nationale in my riding, Mr Amir Khadir, used the same "parasite" epithet to describe Prince William and his bride on their upcoming visit in Quebec city. Coincidence? Since last week, his many rantings inside the National Assembly and out, many Québécois are now asking the question whether or not our MNA plays the game of the IRI on Quebec and Canada's soil.


A historical note: Some

by Simorgh5555 on

A historical note: Some Scots take offence at the title of Elizabeth II because Elizabeth I was not the Queen of England and Scotlands. Unification of England and Scotland came later. At the time of Elizabeth II coronation some Scots even trashed post boxes with the Royal emblem QEII.


The real parasite is the

by Simorgh5555 on

The real parasite is the Islamic Republic who is persecuting alongside class and ethmic divisions. The stupid charge against the Queen is to.disttact from their violent supression of Iranian Arabs of the Khuzestan region as well as.the ongoing entanglement between the Terror Regime's security forces and Baluch separatists. Still this is exactly what the British deserve when they allow terrorist media outlets such as Press TV to broadcast in the UK. Of course, this is not new. The BBC gave Khomeini a platform to spread his vile propaganda and sadly its time for Britain to also reap the benefits of allowing terrorists untremelled free speach.