ROYAL GREEN: Shahbanou Farah at Albert & Charlène's Monaco Wedding


ROYAL GREEN: Shahbanou Farah at Albert & Charlène's Monaco Wedding
by Darius Kadivar

Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi of Iran was amongst the numerous royal guests and heads of states invited at Monaco's Royal Wedding. Also Present was Prince Karim Aga Khan also of Persian ancestry. Her Majesty chose to wear an elegant green dress and headscarf for the occasion.

Prince Albert II of Monaco has married South African former swimmer Charlene Wittstock in a religious ceremony, after Friday's civil wedding. (See Video Report of Religious Ceremony here at Related News)

ITN News Report on Religious Ceremony: 



Monaco, Monaco, - July 02, 2011. Prince Karim Aga Khan (R) and Empress Farah Pahlavi arrive at the Palace du Palais to attend the religious wedding ceremony for Monaco's Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene at the Palace inMonaco July 2, 2011.

MIDDLE: Monaco, Monaco, - July 02, 2011. Shahbanou Farah at Wedding of Prince Albert and Princess Charlène Wedding. Seated next to Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland

BOTTOM : Monaco, Monaco, - July 02, 2011. Shahbanou Farah, Prince Karim Aga Khan and Former French First Lady Bernadette Chirac


Euronews Report On Civil Wedding:

Civil Wedding On Friday July 1st:

Monaco - Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Charlene are wed in a civil ceremony at the Royal Palace in Monaco on Friday, July 1. After the wedding ceremony, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene kiss and embrace on the palace balcony and wave to the crowd.

Grace Kelly : The American Princess:

Some 3,500 guests,including royalty and celebrities, attended the event at the Place du Palais.

This will be followed by a lavish dinner prepared by a celebrity chef.

Prince AlbertII, 53, and Princess Charlene, 33, married in a civil ceremony in the principality on Friday.

Earlier in the week, the palace denied reports in the French press that Ms Wittstock was having second thoughts about the wedding.

Princess' tears

On Saturday,Prince Albert II, and now Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene each said "Oui" (Yes) at the service led by the Archbishop of Monaco, Bernard Barsi.

The archbishop held the couple's hands together, before declaring: "What God has joined,men must not divide."

Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene then exchanged rings in white gold and platinum.

After the ceremony, the couple walked to a chapel dedicated to Monaco's patron saint, St Devote, where Princess Charlene placed her bouquet - as the local tradition required.

The princess then burst into tears as a young choir sang.

The guest-list at the religious ceremony included the kings of Spain, Sweden, Lesotho and Belgium, the presidents of France, Iceland, Ireland, Lebanon, Malta, Germany and Hungary, France's richest man, celebrated opera singers, top models and racing car divers.

Fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and supermodel Naomi Campbell, also attended.

The UK was represented by Prince Edward, the Earl of Wessex, the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II.

All the ingredients for the lavish celebratory meal, created by Alain Ducasse -himself a Monaco citizen - will come from within a 10km (6-mile) radius of Monaco.

More than 1,000 journalists from around the world have been accredited to cover the festivities in the principality, whose citizens number just 7,618.

Princess Charlene represented South Africa in the swimming competitions at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

The tiny principality, which covers about 2 sq km (less than one square mile), is the world's smallest independent state after the Vatican City.

Prince Albert IIhas been the ruler of Monaco since the death of his father, Prince Rainier III, in 2005.

Friday's event was clouded by press reports suggesting that Ms Wittstock had come close to returning to South Africa, after learning secrets about Prince Albert's private life.

The royal family dismissed the claims, as well as suggestions she had only turned back after royal aides persuaded her to stay as "jealous rumours".

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by Truthseeker9 on


Setareh Sabety

puke green

by Setareh Sabety on

horrid color in my opinion and so soon after the son's tragic suicide! and at such a catholic wedding. here in france until very recently widows wore black for life. the gall these people have and the love to show themselves in public when there is so little to be proud of! also, it was the saddest wedding of the century. so forced. the bride looked veritably depressed. and of course he is gay. just look at the guignols take on him. really funny. I know someone who knows him personally and believe me albert of monaco is gay. remember even oscar wilde had children it does not mean that he was not gay. It is really sad to see that someone has to go to such ends to cover up something that I believe is perfectly natural and should be celebrated. and the hypocrisy of the long never ending catholic wedding ceremony. ugghghghg. really I would never wish this for my daughter. and farah should learn to turn down a couple of these euro trash parties! or at least wear a more somber color like mme chirac!

Azarin Sadegh


by Azarin Sadegh on

Je suis ravie pour Albert…Je croyais qu'il était homo…J’avais tort !

Oh mon dieu! Ca faisait tellement longtemps que je n'avais pas vue Caroline et Stéphanie de Monaco! Elles n'ont pas changées du tout! Quelle beautés!

Je comprends le choix de Kandinsky mais qui est Antoin Bordel? (wink wink) Pourquoi choisir cet artiste?



Hat or turban?

by statira on

Shahbanoo looks fantastic for her age and in her dress. But I wish she had picked a hat insteadof a turban!

Jeesh Daram

سلمان: آل ابا

Jeesh Daram

سلمان آقا: آل عبا خاندان حضرت محمد هستند و ما را با ایشان کاری نباشد. ولی اشاره من به خاندان "آل ابا" اشاره به خانواده ای است که دور دیگ آش و خورش مینشینند و چپاول میکنند.  " ابا "بمعنی نان و خورش است و مولوی گوید /  یا زبان همچون سر دیگ است راست
چون بجنبد تو بدانی چه اباست اشاره من به ابا در اینجا آن بخور بخور یکمشت مفتخور در آستان رضوی است که پول نذز و نیاز یک ملت فقیر را میگیرند و برای خودشان و دار و دسته شان خرج میکنند.  لذا در فرهنگ اینجانب ایشان از خاندان آل ابا هستند و اگر روزی امام بطلبدت و به آستان ایشان بروی خواهی دید که تبدیل به لاس وگاسی شده است که با جیب پر بآنجا میروی و با جیب خالی باز میگردی. مطلب دیگر آنکه شما نمیتوانی از خانواده ولایت فقیه نباشی برای اینکه این حکومت اوج اسلام است، همانظور که حکومت اسرائیل اوج صیهونیزم است و کتمان اینکه اصل این دو دین با نوع حکومتهایی که برپا کرده اند فرق دارد یک دروغ، فریب و تلف کردن عمر است.  اسلام و شیعه گری همین است و صیهونیزم هم همانست که میبینی و بخود وعده مدینه فاضله نده که آنهم سرابی بیش نیست.  


Darius Kadivar

Simorgh5555 Please allow me to return you the compliment

by Darius Kadivar on


ببخشین که به اسب شاه گفتیم یابو!



یکی دیگه داره حالشو میکنه، جنگ و مرافعه اش اینجاست!


این تازه عروس هم چند تا بچه شاهکار میزاد و بعدش هم مثل گریس کلی دق مرگ میشه! 


Darius Do shut up please!

by Simorgh5555 on

Do shut up please! Prince Albert eats, drinks and farts lieke every one else. If he can't keep having bastard children then why should he enjoy a privileged position? If you are suggesting that 'Royals are like every one else' then it defeats the purpose of their existence altogether. How can you hold anyone in high esteem if he can't set an example and his sister is the local tramp of the tiny island. Your whole Hello! Magazine attitude and idolising Royalty for the sake of it makes people's stomach turn. Have you anything better to do than justify the existence of human beings who have done nothing to earn their privileged position as if they were put on this planet by God. You make the worse advocate for Royalty in Iran.



by Truthseeker9 on


Darius Kadivar

Truthseeker9 Is there a Law against Fathering outside Wedlock ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Prince Albert II of Monaco formally acknowledges illegitimate biracial son (August 15, 2005)


If so then I guess by now nearly half of Iran's population is composed of Illegitimate Qajar bastards ...




Including this Eminent One:


SATIRE: Lookalikes Abbas Milani and Nasseredin Shah ;0)

And Most Probably some so called Qajar Princess' are even half breed Pahlavis only they don't know it yet:

LOOK ALIKES: Marjane Satrapi and Ashraf Pahlavi (Response to RezaChe) ;0) 


In your insatiable pursuit of Irrefutable Truth I Look forward to seeing your very own Anonymous DNA Results ...

And Hers Too :

ROYAL CURTSY: Shirin Ebadi Greeted by Monaco's Prince Albert II at Geneva UN Panel (2008) 


But given how hungry you poor devils are here are some leftovers from the Party for you and Mammad ...




Make sure to keep a bite for Shirin Khanoum too ...


Noosheh Jaan !







by yolanda on

Thank you, Truthseeker9, for the news update!

Prince Albert is a stud!


Very classy!

by Truthseeker9 on


"... Then, last week, royal officials are said  to have confiscated her passport en route to Nice airport via the helicopter service that runs between the Mediterranean  principality and France. She was then persuaded to go on with the marriage.

‘Several sources have confirmed that an arrangement was reached between the future bride and groom,’ reported Le Journal  du Dimanche.

Sources said the Monaco palace had hoped the glitzy wedding – attended by a host of celebrities and European royalty – would ‘overshadow’ new claims about secret children fathered by Albert.

If an ‘arrangement’ has been reached, however, it may be that Charlene’s principal aim will be to produce a legitimate heir for Albert in return for a multi-millionaire lifestyle.

The prince is due to undergo DNA tests because of claims that he has fathered a third, and possibly even a fourth, love child...."

Still, nice couture choices by all!

salman farsi

ال عبا نه ال آبا

salman farsi



برادر جیشوی من


شما قبل از اینکه به فارسی‌ من ایراد بگیری نوشتار خودت رو درست کن.  بعدش هم که من از تبار ولی‌ فقیه نبوده و نیستم و اگر با آرا و افکار من آشنایی داشتی چنین نمی‌گفتی که میگویی. این هم آیه‌ای از سوره مبارکه بقره در تاکید به نظافت شخصی‌ که شما احتیاج داری.

إِنَّ اللّهَ يُحِبُّ التَّوَّابِينَ وَيُحِبُّ الْمُتَطَهِّرِينَ   

 For an Islamic democracy

Darius Kadivar

French TV Video Footage and Commentary

by Darius Kadivar on

Shahbanou Farah's arrival commented by French Journalist Stéphan Bern on France 2 Special Wedding Coverage. (Saturday July 2nd, 2011) 

Jeesh Daram


Jeesh Daram

اولا توجه کن که ما در نوشته فارسی لغت و و اژه "دویوم" نداریم و شما سعی کن از همان لغت صحیح "دوم" استفاده نمایی.  دیگر اینکه آن مطلب در مورد دکتر اقبال یک نوشته کاملا جعلی است،  چون او اصولا سواد اینجور اظهار نظر کردن ها را نداشت که حالا بیاید از اسلام دفاع کند و زردشت را بکوبد.   ایران آینده از آن روشنفکرانی باید باشد که گول هیچ دینی را نخورند و قبلا هم گفتم تمام بدبختی ما در قانون اساسی مان گنجانده شده است.   شما بجای اینکه از شاه و دار و دسته اش عیبجویی کنی، بیا و بما نشان بده نماینده امام زمان و ولی فقیهت برای ایران چه کرده و از ساخته های آنها برای ما بگو.  از شاه برای ما مثال میزنی؟ شاه خودش یک شیعه اثتی عشری بود که چپ میرفت خواب حضرت عباس را میدید و راست میرفت پنجاه تا عکاس دنبالش میرفتند مشهد که از بوسه زدنش به صحن حرم لاس وگاسی ثامن آل ابا عکس برداری کنند.  شاه خودش یکی از شما پلو خورهای صدر اسلام بود.  منتهی حسنش این بود که امر بمعروف و نهی از منکر را غلاف کرده بود و عربی بلغور نمیکرد.  این عربی بلغور کردن شیعه ها از کثیف ترین کارهایی است که یک متظاهر بدین میتواند انجام دهد. مثلا فکر میکنید اگر یک جمله را بعربی بخوانی یا بنویسی در مزخرف بودن مطلب تفاوتی میکند؟  شما از شاه بما نگو اگر راست میگویی از صفات نیک رهبر فعلی ات بگو ببینیم چی توی چنته داری. فطتپتپونه فی اخ اخکم من ضرباً زورا. قال فرعون لموسی و هارون: الخشک و ملخشک لایتچسبک. یا پسر ناصرالدین شاه قاجار خودت مراد دل همه را بده 


What have Islamists being doing for the past 33 years?

by AMIR1973 on

The last people in this world who have any standing to lecture others are the thuggish followers and propagandists of "political Islam". What have they been doing for the past 33 years? Here's a brief list:

1) Executing tens of thousands of Iranian men, women, and children

2) Sending hundreds of thousands of others to their deaths during an 8-year war prolonged by their "Emam", who is the single most destructive Iranian in thousands of years of Iranian history

3) Torturing

4) Raping

5) Lashing

6) Amputating

7) Kidnapping

8) Hostage taking

9) Hijacking

10) Storming and blowing up embassies

The list is a lot longer than this. 

For an Islamist to lecture us about the Shah and his family is like a Stalinist lecturing us about the excesses of Tsar Nicholas II. Talk about "beyond absurdity". 


هر دم از این باغ بری میرسد


First, whining that 'amid all these problems' from those who defend the perpetrators and founders of these problems. And as though the defenders of the rapist republic have done but 'eat, sleep, perpetuate rapist republic light, and bad mouth the very countries they would not leave for the islamic heaven'; even when their beloved khatami was in power.

Now the other twisted & confused one (i am not talking about Trita). I do like updated name for your twisted ideology " mulsim". Mulsim actually sound more like a disease or poisonous brew that it is.

"It is not appropriate for a mulsim queen who...". There are no queens in islam. Heck, there are no women anything in islam. Also, there is enough abuse inside Koor'an (aka:Quran) to screw people up for generations. No need for your subjective additions. The existing kooranic rules also should have stopped you from viewing this video full of women dressed un-mulsimic. But then again islam is nothing without hypocricy and bigotry.

"Muslim (aka mulsim) women observe a period of mourning after the
death of their children or husband for at least a year". why not 1400 years of mourning? You do it for the gutless moftkhor you call imams.

"For an Islamic democracy": now, this one is just plain precious.

My comments were in extension of JD's, so read his first khaen sefat.




Yeah, amid all the problems

by Mammad on

DK enlightens us with clips and photos of a woman who has been doing nothing over the past 33 years but eating, drinking, going to fashion shows and attending "royal" weddings, as another "royal!" That is how he wants to "restore" monarchy in Iran. It is beyond absurdity!



salman farsi

ببینید شاه چه دفاعی از اسلام کرده

salman farsi


اول اینکه تمام القاب و عناوینی که به من توصیه کردید ارزانی‌ خود. دویوم در ثواب گریه و زاری به یکی‌ از بلاگ‌های من بروید و ببینید حضرت مولانا چه فرموده. سوماً به آخرین بلاگ نام رفته ببینید شاه چه دفاعی از اسلام کرده، رابعاً
و السلام و علی‌ من التبع الهدی

 For an Islamic democracy

Jeesh Daram

سلمان فارسی

Jeesh Daram


درویش سلمان فرمودید یک ملکه مسلمان باید یکسال در سوک از دست دادن عزیزش باشد و سیاه پوش.  اتفاقا ایشان سی و دوسال است که در سوک و عزای از دست دادن وطنش به یکمشت مفتخوار عرب گرای پس روست که عیب همه را می بینند بجز معایب خود.  این حضور در مراسم عروسی یک توقف کوچک است در ادامه عزای این مادر، همسر و یک ایرانی.  شما این امر به معروف و نهی از منکر را غلاف بفرمائید و بگوئید این سیستم اسلامی چه بمردم ارائه داد که هر دیکتاتور در لباسی دیگر نمیتوانست.  در تاریخ ایران دو خائن بزرگ وجود داشتند، اول سلمان فارسی بود که ایران را به عرب فروخت و دوم افشین بود که بزرگمرد بابک خرم دین را به دست اعراب سپرد.   دیگر این امر به معروف و نهی از منکر خریداری ندارد و شما بهتر است بیشتر به "تولی و تبری"  خود  بپردازی.  وقتی یعقوب لیث صفار فرزند رشیدش در جنگ کشته شد، فرمان داد تا مجلس شادی بر پا کنند و سوگواری را جایز ندانست.  ایرانی واقعی دنبال ننه من غریبم اثنی عشری نمیرود مخصوصا اگر مسلمان واقعی باشد.  فقط قشری های مفتخور و فاسد دست نشانده هستند که دائما تمرکز فکری شان در این است که چگونه آبروی افراد را بخاطر عدم رعایت قوانین دینی ببرند و حتک حرمت کنند.  من اگر جای شما بودم اسم خود را عوض میکردم و یک اسم آبرومند مثل جیش دارم و یا شاش دارم و یا سنده بزرگ دارم انتخاب میکردم و از این برنامه امر به معروف میکشیدم بیرون، که هم در دنیا و هم در آخرت چیزی دندان گیری نصیبت نمیکند  آریا مهر هم همین اشتباهات و گرایشهای اثنی عشری باعث شکستش شد. هر کس بدین تظاهر کند سرانجام از نردبان خواهد افتاد. آنکه به ایران افتخار میکند نیازی به نردبان ندارد و مردم در تاریخ روی دست بلندش میکنند، اشاره به امیرکبیر است

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

در مجموع بِریز و بِپاشِ  فراوان بِکردَند و ما نَمکگیرِ  حضرتِ  شاهزاده شُدیم :) .

-چندْ مِلیونی که خرج شد،از کیسه خودِ  شاهزاده بود و ایضاً کمکِ  فراوان کردند به انجمن‌های خِیریه !

-شاهد دیدارِ  دو هَم میهن بودیم (و چند نفری دیگر که به بهانه این مراسم در آنجا حاضر بودند )،اول شهبانو خانمِ  پهلوی که لباسِ  ایشان چنان ما را راضی‌ نکرد و کاش آن دَستار را به سرِ  مبارک نمی‌‌بستند وگرنه ایشان هَمچنان زیبا هستند.

نفر بعد آقای آلکس دَلّال هست که ایشان دوستْ پسرِ  خواهر زاده شاهزاده آلبرت دوّم است و پیش بینی‌ میشود که ازدواج کنند.

- آقای شیراک به خاطر ناراحتی‌ِ قَلبی حاضر نشد در مراسم،امّا پیامِ  تبریک ایشان خوانده شد.

-خانمِ  کارلا خانمِ  سارکُوزی (بُرونی) باردار هستند و هدایایِ  ایشان تحویلِ  خاندانِ  گِریمالدی شد .

-چند اَعضایِ  سلطنتی نیامده بودند و یا تنها نماینده یی فرستاده بودند و بهانه این بود که گرفتارند و هزار داستانِ  دِگر که بیشتر شبیه دعواهای خانوادگی است که در قَدیم بسیار دیده میشد !

خانمِ  گوگوش به زودی در مُوناکو کنسِرت خواهد داد.

وَ تماّم .

salman farsi

In Islam

by salman farsi on


Breaved mothers and wives must dress in black for a year.

Bother Mort,

You look too sweet to call you my brother :) but Farah is an ex-muslim queen of Iran as she often brags about her being a daughter of Fatemeh Zahra (salaamollah alaiha).

 For an Islamic democracy 


Made Me Cry!

by Faramarz on

I always cry at the weddings!


DK Jaan,

Where was Chirac and how come Carla Bruni was missing? And were Charles and the British royalty not invited?



by Truthseeker9 on




LavishRoyal ceremonies are so

by jasonrobardas on

nauseating !! Watching them makes me want to throw up!!


This is like Hello!

by Simorgh5555 on

This is like Hello! Magazine. Cheap tabolid fodder. Is there anyone in the audience including chauffeurs  and tennis player that has not had sex with Princess Stephanie? Not even all the stupid pomp and crap pyrotechnic shows of Jean Michel Jarre can cover up the fact that beneath it all you have a dysfunctional family who serve no purpose at all. Not even a role model. A role model my big hairy backside! 

If this was Iran the people would have got rid of these leaches years ago. In our monarchical  system all freeloaders and bi khasiyats were kicked out good and proper. 

Mort Gilani

Farah Pahlavi is an Iranian queen, not a Muslim queen.

by Mort Gilani on

 Shove your Islam and Islamic democracy .....


Awash In Silliness And Unnecessary Grandeur .....

by R2-D2 on

Especially that tweet Agha Khan :) !!!!!





by yolanda on

The green outfit looks better on video....I watched the video on CNN this morning........your photos don't do the justice.....the color looks washed-out! Girls like me have sensitive eyes! :O)

Thank you for sharing! DK!

 I learned something: I thought it is lime green, you call it royal green!

salman farsi

Too soon to attend a wedding

by salman farsi on

It is not appropriate for a mulsim queen who should be in mourning due to the recent suicide of her son (only six months ago) to attend a festive wedding. Muslim women observe a period of mourning after the death of their children or husband for at least a year.

 For an Islamic democracy