Constitutionalist Khosro Fravahar Blasts Esmail Nouriala For Hypocritical Jomhurykhah Bias


Constitutionalist Khosro Fravahar Blasts Esmail Nouriala For Hypocritical Jomhurykhah Bias
by Darius Kadivar

Iranian Constitutionalist from Austria, Khosro Fravahar, criticizes writer and former actor/director Esmail Nouriala and fellow likeminds for dismissing dialogue with Monarchists. Fravahar further argues that despite calls by Nouriala (under the disguise of democratic discourse)for the establishment of a National Congress of deemed « Secular »  Opposition Forces, he deliberately tries to silence and marginalize the Monarchists while promoting deemed « secular » Jomhurykhah’s like Mehrangiz Kar, Journalist Ali Reza Nourizadeh (See Disclaimer Below), Mohsen Sazegara or Greens like Fatemeh Haghighatjoo and other deemed advocates of a Republican system of government.

DISCLAIMER: Views expressed in this program (as well as critics towards the people mentioned) are those of Khosrow Fravahar and don’t necessarily reflect my views.

Constitutionalist Khosro Fravahar Blasts Esmail Nouriala over Jomhurykhah Bias :


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