Sarkozy: Israel will attack Iran

"If we don't act"

Haaretz: French President Nicolas Sarkozy told the American news network CBS on Tuesday that an Israeli military attack against Iran would be "disastrous" and that Israel must understand that "we are determined to ensure its security." Hours before U.S. President Barack Obama opened a landmark summit of 47 nations on nuclear security in Washington, Sarkozy told CBS's Katie Couric that "I would not want the world to wake up to a conflict between Israel and Iran, quite simply because the international community has been incapable of acting." "I consider the fact that Iran should get its hands on a nuclear weapon - a military nuclear weapon...dangerous and unacceptable. Unacceptable, quite simply. President Obama has wanted to stretch out his hand in order to show clearly to the Iranians that it was not they who were the target, but their leadership," Sarkozy went on to say >>>

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Darius Kadivar

Arthimis & Free Thx

by Darius Kadivar on

Thank you for your kind comments and support.

Appreciated and Mokhlesseem !



Free, You are right...

by Arthimis on

Although you wrote your "French Foreign Policy"'s comment for someone else here, I too found it true and fair in terms of your rightful opinion about the facts of the matter..

Now, I don't see anything wrong about Bavafa's stance on Iraq's invasion. Every human being with heart would simply agree that it was wrong on so many levels ,mainly with such massive loss of human lives...

Now, the best thing that came out of it was a removal of a psycho-path criminal (Saddam) in such important and dangerous area in the world ...

As  far as French stance on Iraq goes, despite its government's evil exploitation and foreign policy for sake of money and power, majority of French people (if not all) and culture stance was against that war based on humanistic stance...

So naturally a democratic governement of such nation is obligated to voice the majority of its people who swores to protect at any cost... Plus the fact that it would have been perfectly in line with their own ideal goal of economic benefits from Iraq for 30 years as you put it in your comment...WIN-WIN situation for them!

So, none of us here represents any government! (except the S.R.O.I 's on line here... JK:-) ) Therefore, in my humble opinion :

French People's opinion against war = Bavafa's opinion = Fair Reason and justification for Bavafa's (and other people's) respect for French people and culture.

Overall, I agree with your anger about French Foreign policies that has hurt Iran and Iranians for over 31 years including housing another even bigger Pscho-path named Khomeini who almost destroyed Iran and Iranians to this day...

If we want to talk about Foreign government's criminal records against Iran, There is a long list! There are at least 8 main governments (G-8) who have F$@ked us over to the bone to this very moment by their direct behind the scene involvements and gigantic business realtionships with S.R.O.I as their single most profitible customer and servant for their evil purpose despite letting them running their filthy big mouths to con the entire world's population including of their own respective countries... To suck us completely dry to the last drop of blood, oil and gas and etc. Those at least 8 also paved the way for so many other countries in Europe , around the globe and even Turkey who became the middle business men to supply Satanic Republic junks and whatever else they sold us (some times, up to 100 X the true value) and made Trillions of $$$ in benfeits from us to build their own repective countries...

So bottom line, I get and share your anger about all these criminals inside and outside, but people and civilizations are a different story...


Free Iran and True Iranians...


Bavafa, really?

by Free on

"First, I have a lot of respect for French and admired their stance against the Iraq invasion."

Really? The only reason the French resisted the invasion was for MONETARY reasons! That's because Saddam was Chirac's boy, for over 30 years! The French were building Saddam Hussein a nuclear reactor, for Chrissakes! As an Iranian, how could you respect French foreign policy vis-a-vis Saddam's Iraq -- they were trying to hand over nuclear technology to one of the most evil men on Earth? 

The only country that Saddam Hussein visited in his 30 plus years as leader of Iraq was FRANCE! A trip that was organized in the late 1970's by Mr. Chirac. Their business deals and contracts dates back decades!

And the main reason the French and the Russians resisted the invasion was because Saddam was on the books for a lot of loans, held by France and Russia. This was not a principled resistance (to stand up to the cowboy Bush). It was all about money -- future contracts and previous loans. How can you have any respect for this sort of European mercantilism, at its worst.

Again, the French were arming a man whose hero was Joseph Stalin whose resume boasts 30 million murdered. Saddam Hussein killed nearly ONE MILLION Iranians, and the French were arming him with the technology to make nuclear weapons. Thank God Israel destroyed their Osirk facility in 1981 or else we, as Iranians, would've been prey to his nuclear arsenal one day. And do you think he wouldn't have used them, the way he used his chemical weapons against us?

How, as an Iranian could you have respect for this sort of craven, hypocritical foreign policy on the part of the French? Saddam Hussein, our mortal enemy, was their man in the middle-east for decades! Sometimes, I seriously think Iranians are abjectly ignorant of facts and circumstances to our own mortal detriment.


Arthimis: Likewise thanks for your thoughtful response.

by Bavafa on

Two quick points: First, I have a lot of respect for French and admired their stance against the Iraq invasion. My second point is about the other N-power in ME, namely Israel, was to show Sarkzy lack of objectivity in this regard and as such should not be taken seriously.



Arthimis re: Darius Kadivar

by Free on

I completely agree with you about Darius and his genuinely heartfelt sincerety and pride when it comes to his true faith, which is Iran, and considering the amount of abuse he takes at times, he's always curteous and classy, unlike yours truly when one of these closet IRI supporters intices my temper. It is truly amazing how much passion he puts into this arena -- and the beautiful thing about Darius is that he truly believes in what he preaches, through and through and without a doubt.

Unlike the legion of IRI apologists, Darius is no phony! He doesn't hide behind an anonymous avatar and he's got the onions to stand for something that not too long ago, would have engendered unmerciful and widespread scorn, and at times still does.

In a way, he's a bit of a trail blazer in this arena, specially for someone like myself. You may disagree with the man, but you can't deny that he's honest and loyal, but most important of all, he still has his integrity in tact, something that the IRI apologists could only dream of.


I have a Crush on ... Whatever...

by Arthimis on

Are you a Child or just acting and writing like one?

Do you think you understand and know everything???

Do you feel by unleashing your negative frustrations here , you actually help anyone, IN PARTICULAR, TRUE IRANIANS ?

I am honestly not a fan of Sarkozy or any other NON-IRANIAN ENTITY, but judging by your comments before and here on this subject, it is clear that you have ZERO (correct) information on Sarkozy and his policies! In particular, it seems that for some strange reason, you are not being able to understand this interview which was translated in near perfect English!!! You and people like you have a lot of growing up to do...

Now kindly please get back to your Alex Trebek ...


Iran dar Aamaar!!!

by Arthimis on


Mr. Darius Kadivar

by Arthimis on

I often read your blogs and comments here on

I just wanted to Thank you on a personal level for all you have done here so far... You are a vast and deep source of good and true information and a treasure for Iran and all those who are interested in your level of Good (and sophisticated) Thoughts and most importantly  for your LOVE and LOYALTY to IRAN and True Iranians... Thank you very much.

Love and Peace



Bavafa, Thank you

by Arthimis on

Bavafa, Thank you for your kind respond. I see your vaild points and agree with all of them , but one! And that is your "any other country in Middle East" thing respectfully (as well) .

As I said before in all my comments, I am a proud Iranian and after what happened to my/our country in the (EVIL) hands of S.R.O.I , my only concern has been Iran and Iranians in the past 31 years, period. Do I care for other people and nations who have been wronged? Sure I do, I am also a human being like you and others with good Conscience ... But, my main and primary concern NOW is Iran and only Iran!

As far as French bashing goes, I have noticed many Iranians and Americans (Not you my friend) find it amusing to crap all over French and anything French, due to an extreme level of un-awareness and lack of understanding the realities and perhaps even due to a lot of inferiority complexes... just because they simply find it funny ... And also because French are civilized enough NOT to send Terrorists/Assassins to slash people's throats who don't agree with them and/or think they insulted them!!!  And blow things up in coward acts of revenge...!!!

This stupid trend frankly has been in effect in the U.S. ever since France opposed the U.S. for attacking Iraq and I unfortunately see the Iranians who live here copy the same ignorant attitude just to look cool and fit in with the rest! On a personal level, Besides living here in the U.S. for 26 years, I also have had a chance to both live and travel to France and few other countries in Europe and South America on so many occasions and I can honestly say in my humble opinion and with my own personal experiences, I have found French people in general to be far more aware on so many levels as compared to the American counter parts... (Of course, there are always exceptions, such as yourself here) who stand out due to your/their own level of Conscience, education and most importantly roots and culture... Those who are not stuck in the box and are multi dimensional on so many levels...

I hope, I could express myself clearly to you Ham-Meehan...

Free Iran and True Iranians.

Awareness, Consciousness, Love and Peace.


Arthimis: respectfully

by Bavafa on

I am not sure where you got this "Iranian-American hateful attitude toward France, French culture" ? Has it been said some thing to that affect here that you are so appalled? Please, if you want to be taken seriously, keep it to the facts.

I called him a moron, because I believe he is acting like one and this is my reason. His country along with 7 other countries are armed to the teeth with nuclear bombs, his ally (US in this case) has already used these type of bombs against civilian and have constantly threaten non-nuclear nations, as recently as last week, with nuclear bombs. He acknowledges that giving up his N-bombs is more like a dream then calls Iran a terrorist state. When he is asked "what if the sanction emboldens the regime against Iranians" the same Iranians that he was praising, he completely skipped the question by given some non-sense response as if we are dumb.

Now, we all hate IRI and want it gone, but that is not and should not be a reason for me to stand down and kiss up to him while his country has been benefiting from the same regime that we hate so much.



Had he said some thing about the other country in ME that has the nukes and has been occupying other nations and has been killing civilians with banned weapon, etc… that would have given him, at least the appearance of, more objective

Darius Kadivar

In that case Might as Well Blame Shirin Ebadi & Simin Behbahani

by Darius Kadivar on

too ...

France's FM Bernard Kouchner Bows to Iran's Shirine Ebadi (Paris)

French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner praises Iran's Green Struggle

Simin Behbahani with the Simone de Beauvoir Prize ( From hands of French Culture Minister of the TIme: Christine Albanel)


Oh and while your At it Marge Add Satrapi to the list too :

DEUX FOIS: Persepolis Wins 2 French Oscars and Enters French Film History! by DK

Enjoy Your Ratatouille !


Mellateh Olagh Which Can't Even Come to Terms with it's Own Flag and Identity !

Survey on the use of Iranian flag

But want to Lecture the Whole World !

john hanassab

moosu sarkozy

by john hanassab on

we all konw they are all after free oil from iran they are trying hard to find a road to get to iran the rest is a lie and dramma

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Bahahaha. Thank you USA for the precedent for Iran War.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

"Imminent danger" "existential threat." 

Great another war. Can Israel please pay for its own nonsense? They are nuclear armed. Why the fudge would Iran attack them? The point of nukes is deterrence. Israel knows this, but Israel has been screwing up stability since day one. Even if Iran got a nuke, EVEN IF, they'd sit on it like everyone else and use it as protection and deterrence. We have paid over 5 trillion in the USA to subsidize nukes, are we really surprised when other nations try? Particularly when Israel has more nukes than citizens? They don't even attend nuclear summits because they are such cowards and moral dwarfs. They can't pretend to be any better than IRI. They are WORSE. the USA must stop funding this madness. 

There is NO PROOF of a nuclear weapons program. Go to hell Sarkozy and Israel. Sarkozy is a good butt-boy. How cute. When he was in the US he was making out in public and laughing about his facial hair. Now he's trying to discuss foreign policy? What a moron. He should have said "I'm really not qualified. Where's my trophy wife? Have you seen her? I can talk to you about her. I don't really know anything else about anything."

Darius Kadivar

Oh ... Iran Holds An Innocent French Citizen Clothilde Reisse

by Darius Kadivar on

Who Loves Iranian Culture:

Iran, A Hope: Une Pensée Pour Clotilde ...

In Politics An Ally Is NOT supposed to be a Joon Joony Buddy or Family Friend But someone who can at Best be Useful to Your Cause If You Use him Well :

OUR BEST ALLY: France's President SARKOZY by DK

This is True Whether You are In the International Arena or The National Arena of Politics.

SO GET REAL Before Talking CRAP !

Recommended Blogs:

NO BARGAIN POSSIBLE: French Foreign Minister Kouchner On Clotilde Reisse (Interview)

PARIS GATHERING: Shapour Bakhtiar and Soroush Katibeh memory honored in Paris (FRANCE)

BOOK: New Revelations on Bakhtiar's Assassination


Dear Darius,

by Free on

I could not have said it any better!

Well done! 

Every single word, spot on! 

Intellectual laziness... IRI stooges, please consider this concept. You people reek of this malady.

Darius Kadivar

ANONYMOUS capt_ayhab Who doesn't Have the Courage of his opinion

by Darius Kadivar on

You Represent the Quentessential Problem like Some fellow IRanians on this site: Not Only Politically Immature and Unrealistic But YOU DON't EVEN LISTEN to what you watch.

Without Your Wikipedia You are Lost ! ...

Unlike Our Poor Brothers and Sisters in Iran isolated from any news other than the UN IRANIAN IRI Propaganda they are Fed with, You on the other hand Despite Having Access to the Western Press and the REALITIES of INTERNATIONAL POLITICS you STILL don't Understand The BASICS !

If You think Politics is a Personal Issue. NOTHING IN LIFE IS FOR FREE !

You Cannot Snub the International Community as if You Owned the World and Had No Accountability. This is true whether One is a Democratic State or a Dicatorship. ALL Belong to the United Nations.

Shah of Iran at the United Nations 1948 :


Iran under Ahmadinejad as a member of the Same Organization brandishes that Israel should be Wiped Off the Map of the Middle East added to the fact that it wishes to have the Bomb.

For Your Information I did Not Vote for Sarkozy but for Royal !

I regret it already. If I had to vote again I would vote for Sarkozy even today where he is at the lowest in the Polls. I share his international Vision and Policies. UNLIKE YOU I don't belong to the Hezbeh BAAD !

I will go Even further and Applaud With Both Hands Next time he Meets Farah on an Official occasion like Yves Saint Laurant's Funeral :


I don't write to make Friends here or seek People's Pity by speaking about my personal Issues like YOU Do All the time. One Tear Here and An Irresponsible Comment There.

Un Peu de Pudeur S'il Vous Plait Monsieur Le Moralist de Mes Deux !

So Before Lecturing me on Patriotism and Maturity Little Man Go Clean in Front of YOUR Own Door. YOU HAve been Supportive of Ahmadinejad All the Time Until Last June Where it Hit You in the Face Very Much like the Rest of the NIAC Supporters on this site.

ANONYMOUS capt_ayhab You Don't Only Behave like an OLAGH But You are Also a COWARD Hiding Under an ANONYMOUS Bold Stance But do not even Have the Courage of YOUR Own Outrageous Opinions !


Period !

I'm Finished with Your Likes !

Good Day !


Darius Kadivar

Did He Say France Will Attack Iran ? Did You even LISTEN ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

To the Question the Journalist Asked " What do you think about a Potential Attack on Iran by Israel ?"

Answer: "Ce Sera Une Catasrophe"

Some of You People have WAX in your ears !

No need either to underline his clear support of Iranians back Home in this very Interview either.

His Comments are those of a Reasonable and Realistic Man Not a BLind Neo Con War Mongerer.


What's so wrong with what he said about Iran?!!!

by Arthimis on

Honestly I can not comprehend these Iranian-American hateful attitude toward France, French culture and Sarkozy here in specific!!

As an Iranian, I only hold French Government and that Son of bitch (Valéry Giscard d’Estaing) responsible for housing the Bastard Khomeini who later unleashed his psychotic hatred and fury on Iran and Iranians and later the entire world with his Evil legacy...

Yes, also historically, during the Qajar dynasty, French left us alone against the Russians to be defeated in an unfair military fashion...

But since many years ago and here in this clip specifically , Sarkozy is full of praise and admiration for BRAVE Iranian men,women and children who came to the streets to ask for their vote and their GOD given and basic human rights against the tyranny of Satanic Republic Occupying Iran!

He along every other French Official, French people and French media have been supporting and praising Iranians, Iranian culture and civilization!!! I do not know of a single country in the west (or even East) that has praised Iranians and our civilization as much as French did and still do!!!  (hence, this very video clip as a proof!)

So what is wrong with us Iranians hating him and the French so much????!!!!  Just because Sarkozy says half way in this interview that that France and the rest of the world have a duty to match the courage of all those brave Iranians on the street against a repressive regime????!!!

Has any other nation, anyone else out there in the west been as nice , respectful and sympathetic to us Iranians as the French have??? And of course by "Iranians" I mean the true Iranians... I do not mean the Hezbolahis and basijis and other S.R.O.I 's supporters/mercenaries on line...

Let's be honest , fair and logical and NOT get too emotional for once please!





I bet Obama, i.e., unruly Mustache,

by Free on

believes that "zionists" are responsible for the creation of insects as well, you know those pesky flies that bother guys like Obama as they manage their affairs in Qom.

I can almost hear him on a specially hot afternoon, "Damn those zionists for all these pesky flies around my mustache!" It's not the zionists, Obama. Maybe you should wipe your mustache clean after you eat some mahst-o-khiar so the flies won't bother you so much.

Oh, no, the zionists specifically trained those pesky flies to intentionally bother Obama.

Oh, that's it alright.


he needs different affair partners

by Monda on

who could teach him a thing or two about world politics. Ah! Avazi... running his mouth like that!


U.S. won't let IRI to have

by benross on

U.S. won't let IRI to have nuclear weapons. Period. It's not the first time that I say it. This must be reassuring for anyone who cares about Iran and its freedom from IRI. I personally am reassured about it.

On the subject of Israel attacking Iran, it is foolish to think everybody knows it is a disaster except the Israelis themselves! But if this rhetoric gives an additional argument to justify stopping IRI from acquiring nuclear weapon, well, I suppose some segment of the public opinion needs that sort of argument.


Can some one tell these

by Bavafa on

Can some one tell these morons that if they get rid of their N-Bomb then there won't be any N-Bomb for the others to get a hold of and use them.

Their arrogance is beyond belief. They have armed themselves to the teeth, threatening non-nuclear nations with Atomic bomb and they call them terrorist. Who is the real terrorist here?


P.S. I swear, most of us believe AN is a moron and I say he is... but next to this guy he is actually a decent man


Sarkozy,,,,, go fetch an iced tea

by capt_ayhab on

Go fetch Mr. Obama an iced tea and stop talking bigger than your mouth..

Go fetch Sarkozy boy  or no more petrol for you.

Where is DK to play some Googoosh  for his beloved leader?




by آشنا on

Qu’est-ce qu’il raconte ce connard, ce lèche-cul?

Who cares about what this kiss ass talking about?


Sar-kosy speaks up! Playing the scare card again! I dare Israel

by obama on

He is another zionist that the zionists put in charge of France! Why doesn't he tell the world about his roots and connections with the israelis? Good bye! Shalom sar-kosy!

when it comes to the stronger, Israel always uses the others to do the dirty work for them! Couldn't fight hezbollah, but wants to fight Iran! That would be their end! I mean their END!