Fashion funeral

Photo essay: Farah Pahlavi at Yves Saint Laurent funeral

by Darius Kadivar
Farah Pahlavi among celebrities attending Yves Saint Laurent's funeral service on June 5, 2008 at Eglise Saint-Roch in Paris, France. The designer Yves Saint Laurent, who dramatically changed the face of fashion when he became Chief Designer at Christian Dior, died on June 1, 2008 at the age of 71. (Photos by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

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Me too

by Kishmish (not verified) on

OMG, I noticed the exact same thing (the bra thing)... How in-appropriate...


Her Elegance

by Sid Sarshar on

Recently my wife and I were taking an after dinner stroll in the town of Healdsburg located in the wine country in northern California.  We stopped on the side walk by the  Ralph Lauren home furnishing store for a look thru the window. we particularly liked a picture frame they had on display.  My wife commented on the black and white portrait on displaying in the frame.  She thought it was very elegant.  I took a close look and it was of FARAH.  She must have been in her early 20’s with the crown on her head and a simple shoulder less dress.  It was nice to see her amongst royalties and Hollywood’s classic actors which filled other frames.

It was a feel good moment.


I admire Farah

by marie (not verified) on

I admire Farah. She is a Lady. She had suffered all her life, and I believe that now, she needs to have a break with a life as peaceful as possible.
We can't go back in life, seasons pass for all of us.
Today is nice for some, the same day is bad for others,.... tomorrow is another day.
I admire Farah for her courage.


RE: Farah you are so dear to me.

by Saman on

“I have always admired you because you preserved the cultural heritage of Iran.”


OK, where is Ashton Kutcher because we’re being punk’d?!


That SOB Sarkozi

by Anonymouse on

Talked crap about Iran about bombing Iran to pieces when he first got to power.  Presumably to divorce his old wife and appease his now new chic wife.


Farah you are so dear to me.

by Anonymoundo (not verified) on

I have always admired you because you preserved the cultural heritage of Iran.


My previous comment, for

by Anonymou (not verified) on

My previous comment, for clarification's sake, was a reply on the topic of her being attached or detached to the people in those years, and nothing else.

The subject wasn't about the validity or observations about the revolution, current events, the government of the Islamic Republic, nor anything else.

As queen, not much was expected from her. But she was detached from the people, most of the people in the royal court were. I'm sure she must have been idealistic and meant well in her boorzhooaa-chapee way (extra wealthy and very powerful dillusionary with leftist views, while living the very plush life). As for it being alright, wrong, good or bad, or not important, it depends on any individual's personal opinion. Setting those stamps of approval or rejection aside, as for being detached, that's just what she was decades ago (in my opinion of course).



by anoosh (not verified) on

she is a true lady....I am no fan of the shah, but she held her own while losing everything.
It's funny how the akhoonds declare that she stole billions of dollars from iran, while rafsanjani has bought half of toronto with the billions he has stolen from iran's oil sales!!
it makes me sick that the mullahs with the help of the british and that idiot carter ruined our country.
on ANY level, the mullahs are a millions times worse that the pahlavi's- this cannot be denied!
may god bless our homeland and free it soon!



by Alborzi (not verified) on

Its interesting, the Iranians in Iran and the Immigrants are facing major challenges and are facing discriminations. Organizing them could be useful, but neither Reza or Farah have done so in the years since, instead they are continuing with what brought the revolution in the first place.


YSL was gay?

by Anonymouse on

DK jan thanks for the quote but didn't know he was gay, not that there is anything wrong with it! That quote is actually so gay ;-) he was a liberatarian (a USA thingy only) and an anarchist (what?!) and he threw bombs at the legs of society? (WTF?!) 

Bottom line, seems to me that France is honoring him for helping their economy and creating jobs.  I don't know if US had this kind of ceremony for Henry Ford or Rockefeller.  The stuff about being revolutionary fashion person, is like saying Paris Hilton is a revolutionary debutant.  Anyway, RIP YSL.

Nazanin good observation, sargoozi's wife is not wearing a bra and I think she may be wearing a semi-see thru shirt as well.  Hopefully after a while Iran France relations can warm up and she can go to Iran with sargoozi and wear a fashionable rosary and become a revolutionary model!

As far as bashing Farah, bubba give it up guys. You can't go back and ask for a refund after a revolution. Iran has moved on and you are still concerned with dollar-e 7 toman?!

Darius Kadivar

FYI/YSL Style and Fashion Through the Years

by Darius Kadivar on

“He was a libertarian, an anarchist and he threw bombs at the legs of society.” -Pierre Bergé,Yves Saint Laurent's former partner & Lover


Watch Audio Slide Show of YSL Revolutionary Fashion Work 

YSL then working for Dior explains his art on TV in 1959 


Sister of Jackie Kennedy in Video Report on YSL who leaves Dior to launche his own Style in 1962


JAZZ Ad Video Clip for YSL Eau de Toilette for Men 1986


PARIS Perfume by YSL  Ad Video Clip 1986 


Catherine Deneuve Ad Video Clip for YSL Crème de Soin 1990's


ELLE by YSL Ad Video Clip 2000


CINEMA By YSL Ad Video Clip 2000


Farah: Reality Check

by botshekan (not verified) on

Long before this character Kadivar was born, in early 1950's, a young girl from a modestly well off Iranian family arrives in Paris to study Art and Architecture. Her name was Farah Diba. Soon after her arrival she is attracted to the existantialist philosophy of J-P Sartre and the Leftist idealogy of A Camu, to both of whom she remains faithful to this day. She was also absorbed into the anti-Shah student circles and adopts a Marxist-chic style of thinking. She forges friendship with many leftist students and activists again many of them remain her friends and associates to this day.

She never finished her Architectural studies but she had a hell of a good time in the war-liberated Paris of the fifties for a few years. Later when the call comes from Ardi Zahedi to get ready to become an Iranian Queen, Farah Diba, soon to be a Pahlavi, carries with her a baggage full of leftist ideas to her new life in Iran. During her time as Empress Farah, she entertained, promoted, ecnouraged and befriended many ex-Tudehi friends who had returned to Iran and had adopted the same style of thinking as Farah. Rumor had it that even in the failed kidnapping plot by Golesorkhi and friends, had chosen Farah and her son as their targets because they knew she was sympathetic to them.

Farah, has never stopped being a closet-Commie so please be kind to her. She is one of us!


So, Farah does not owe anything to Iranians?

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

No she does not owe iranians anything... here is why...

She was a decent lady at the time.

A whole country was deceived to scream on TV screens of every corner of the world "death to her husband" day in day out, only because they wanted him out of the way earlier in history to set up their shop of religious oppression sooner as we see today.

Had any of those murderous mullas got a hold of ANY member of her family at the time, they would have issued a fatwas to make his/her meat halaal and had eaten him/her alive in front of live TV audience. This is a fact for those who really know mullas and their anger towards her family (recently mullas issued a fatwa declaring crocodile meat halaal because a mulla relative had a crocodile farm in northern iran and wanted a market for his crocodile meant!). The harm to his family aside, that would have been an eternal black stain on iranian culture which has never embraced such savagery.

She lost her young daughter as a result of home sickness.

She is vindicated to a large extent of accusations as a result of getting to know who the accusers were -- the current IRI leaders.

P.S.: she seems to be quite modestly dressed in these pictures.


noosh jooneshon

by CEO (not verified) on

All the money that Pahlavis supposedly stole from Iran Noosh jooneshon, I much rather see them take the money than bunch of MF Arabs . How come nobody gives a damm about the money that is leaving Iran for Arab causes for the past 30 years?. I don't think it is anybody's business what she does or where she goes, leave her alone.


People PULEEEZ!!! Instead

by n.zanincanadai on

People PULEEEZ!!! Instead of fighting, analyze the pictures.

Am I the only one who notices sargoozi's wife isn't wearing a bra? Is that appropriate for a funeral? Also, why hasn't she dyed her hair? her roots are all out. Not very lady like if you ask me. :) especially for the wife of a head of estate. i expect better. mesle inke az khab pa shode.


Well said sopoor.

by jamshid on

Well said sopoor.


aadat be tazaahor kardid

by soopoor (not verified) on

آنها يى كه ميگن فرح در مراسم ِ ايرانى هايى كه مردن شركت نكرده،بايد بگم چرا بايد شركت كُنه؟كه چى بشه؟عادت كرده ييد تظاهر ببينيد؟خوب دلش نخواسته تظاهر كُنه..اما اين شخص رو دوست داشته و مى خواسته كه بره..حالا كه چى؟ديگه اين خانم مسئوليت اى نداره در قبال ِ مردم اى كه بهش خيانت كردن.كسان اى هم كه ميگن آخوند و پهلوى مثل هم هستن بايد بگم اگه اينطور بود شما ها يعنى مجاهدين و كمونيست ها رو گروه گروه بايد اعدام ميكردن تا اينقدر زبون درازى نكنين.يكى يكى كشتن كه واسشون قد عالم كرديد.مثل اين كه ارزش ِ شما ها همون اين است كه ريخت و قيافه هاى رئيس جمهور ِ محبوب تان (يا اون يكى فرارى يه با روسرى آبى)را تو دنيا تحمل كنن نه يك خانم ِ شيك و عطر زده .حرف از دزدى از بيت ال مال هم نزنيد كه نصف بيشتر ِ شما ها كه خارج هستين با پول ِ مردم ِ گرسنه دارين كيف ميكنين.اغلب كلاه گذاشتين و دارين مى ذاريد.دزد دزد رو نمى تونه ببينه صاحب خونه هر دو رو


Stop this non-sense

by AnonymousJPN (not verified) on

I was speechless after reading the comments on this page. You people can't stop bad mouting not only the Pahalavi family, but also M. Yevs Saint Laurent. Get a life and stop your vicious attacks on other people. What have you guys done for humanity, ask yourselves before judging others.


So typical!

by Nader on

As soon as you criticize the Pahlavi, you are labled to justify the cause!?!

They are all the same (Pahlavi and Akhoonds). I was only reffering to her since it was brought up. I'll make sure to lashout at Ahmadinezhad under appropriate thread when the time comes.

So, Farah does not owe anything to Iranians?

I love the sense of humor in some:-) 

Kaveh Nouraee

It Never Changes

by Kaveh Nouraee on

How some people act as though Farah owes anybody anything,



Leave her alone

by Fatollah (not verified) on

You hypocrites live outside Iran! So does she, she is free to do what ever she likes. Stop blaming her and take responsiblity for your own actions just for once. Three decades have passed and you are still crying out loud for the misery which you brought upon yourselves. Why do you people complain so much! I am sure Islamic republic is what we deserve. Leave her alone.


Leave Farah alooooooone....

by Saman on

Leave the poor, old woman alone. She always lived in a state of denial and her zip code hasn't changed since 79. What more do people really expect from a failed, short lived, dictatorship/"dynasty”? Let the old lady live in denial and still believe Iran’s revolution was not a popular uprising, the mullahs crawled form under a rock and surprised us all … and someday she’ll return back to Iran while millions welcome her with “flowers and candy”.


Life is good Mrs. Pahlavi … I got your back!


Hala chi? mikhein enghelab

by Enghelabi (not verified) on

Hala chi? mikhein enghelab konin shah va malake ro az Iran
biroon konin?


Re: Pahlavi's endless money

by Negarandeh on

Ya, I heard it too. I think everyone else also heard it many times. We also heard that the doorknobs of their toilet was made of gold and they had a golden toilet bowl in there. the shamelessness of islamic propagandists has no end. they have turned a progressive nation into a miserbla bunch that many of them leave their home wishing to get a toilet cleaning job in Europe or America and still have no shame in repeating their cheap lies which they used to fool Iranians and take billion dollar ride of them.  Pahlavis deserved whatever money they took and even more. They did more for Iranian people than any others. stop making nonsensical remarks because Farah Pahlavi attended a funeral or wore a nice dress. talk about the 200 billion dollars which Ahmadinejad has received for oil just in last three years and tell us what he has done with it.


از بد حادثه

متاسف (not verified)

اینها فقط یه مشت مفت خور بسیار معمولی هستند که از بد حادثه (البته واسه مملکت بدبخت ما)، یک زمانی قدرت رو بدست گرفتند و همچین گندی به ایران زدند که هنوز که هنوزه داریم چوب ندونم کاری هاشون رو می خوریم
بیش از هر چیز دلم برای اون قشر حقیر و توسری خوری می خوره که هنوز بعد از سی سال، دست و پای این مفت خورها رو می بوسند و تملقشون رو می گن لطفا اشتباه برداشت نکنید، این قشر متاسفانه بسیار گسترده هست و بخش عمده اش هم همین الآن در ایران داره دست و پای "علیحضرت خامنه ای" و نوچه های او رو می بوسه و واسش شعار می ده!
دست بوسی یک ضعف بسیار زشت و شرم آور فرهنگیه


"I like Farah, but I think

by Anonymou (not verified) on

"I like Farah, but I think she is detached from the realities of Iran and has decided to live in her own little world. Too bad".

Believe it or not, she never was attached. I lived in Iran when she was supposedly an architect, and of course quite an art and culture personality and expert. Remember a bunch of european supposed artists running down the bazaar naked as an artistic expression in Iran? One of her -attachments-. That of course, didn't infuriate anyone in Iran.

Just detached now? I don't think so.


I was once given an

by jamshid on

I was once given an expensive "Yves Saint Laurant" shirt as a gift. After the third or fourth time that I washed it, the colors began fading away.

My "Walmart" shirts however, can last up to a decade.

Anyone who buys these stuff, just because it has a label, deserves to be ripped off. Really! Good for Yves!

I like Farah, but I think she is detached from the realities of Iran and has decided to live in her own little world. Too bad.


Pahlavi family have endless money to spend, thanks to...

by Nader on

Iranian people!

They are all on permanent VACATION at our people's expense!!

By the way, here is YSL's bio.

He was a GREAT designer period. He will be missed by many.

The son of an insurance company president, Yves Saint Laurent was born in Oran, Algeria. He inherited his fashion sense from his mother. He studied first at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, but felt frustrated by the syllabus so left after a few months. Saint Laurent left home at the age of 17 to work for the French designer Christian Dior. Following Dior's death in 1957, Yves, at the age of 21, was put in charge of the effort of saving the Dior house from financial ruin.

Shortly after this success, he was conscripted to serve in the French Army during the Algerian War of Independence. After 20 days, the stress of being hazed by fellow soldiers led the fragile Saint Laurent to be institutionalized in a French mental hospital, where he underwent psychiatric treatment, including electroshock therapy, for a nervous breakdown.[3]

In 1962, in the wake of his nervous breakdown, Saint Laurent was released from Dior and started his own label, YSL, financed by his companion, Pierre Bergé. The couple split romantically in 1976 but remained business partners.[4] During the 1960s and 1970s, the firm popularized fashion trends such as the beatnik look, safari jackets for men and women, tight pants and tall, thigh-high boots, including the creation of arguably the most famous classic tuxedo suit for women in 1966, Le Smoking suit. He also started mainstreaming the idea of wearing silhouettes from the 1920s, '30s and '40s. He was the first, in 1966, to popularize ready-to-wear in an attempt to democratize fashion, with Rive Gauche and the boutique of the same name.[5] He was also the first designer to use black models in his runway shows.[6] Among his muses were Loulou de la Falaise, the daughter of a French marquis and an Anglo-Irish fashion model; Betty Catroux, the half-Brazilian daughter of an American diplomat and wife of a French decorator; Talitha Pol-Getty, who died of drug overdose in 1971; Catherine Deneuve, the iconic French actress; Nicole Dorier, a top model of the House between 1978 and 1983 when she became one of the master's assistants dedicated to organizing his runway shows and then the "memory" of his house when it became a museum, the Guinean-born Senegalese supermodel Katoucha Niane, the daughter of writer Djibril Tamsir Niane and supermodel Laetitia Casta, who has always been the bride in his shows since 1997 until the last runway show on January 7, 2002, when she sang a tribute song to the couturier together with Catherine Deneuve. Ambassador to the couturier during the late 1970s and early '80s was London socialite millionairess Diane Boulting-Casserley Vandelli, making the brand ever more popular amongst the European jet-set and upper classes.

In 1983, he became the first living fashion designer to be honored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In 2001, he was awarded the rank of Commander of the Légion d'Honneur by French president Jacques Chirac.

Saint Laurent retired in 2002 and became increasingly reclusive. From then until his death he spent much of his time at home.

He also created a foundation with Pierre Bergé in Paris to trace the history of the house of YSL, complete with 15,000 objects and 5,000 pieces of clothing.

He died on June 1, 2008 from the effects of brain cancer, at his residence in Paris



by Anonymouse on

DK jan did YSL did anything other than being a fashion icon from the 70s?  I just don't know, simply don't know and this is a question to find out from you who live in France and probably hear more on your news about him.  If you know please let us know. 

If he did something beyond fashion like big charity work, then ok and the rest of my comment is unwarranted and inappropriate. 

If not, then these pictures are funny.  Farrah and Sargoozi's new wife are getting photographed to show that they used his perfume and miss their complimentary bottles?! Sargoozi's wife may be crying because she sent the complimentary bottles to her mother who was the one who actually used the perfumes.  Is this just a good photo op? It is news but the reaction just doesn't seem right.


So many famous Iranians have died . . .

by Anonymous4today (not verified) on

Well, well.

So many famous Iranians have died, but she has not attended their funeral.

The last I heard, Ms. Pahlavi lives in the U.S. Apparently, she has money to indulge in this sort of fancy activities.

With the likes of Ms. Pahlavi, Ms. Ansari, etc., our community will not progress.