French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner praises Iran's Green Struggle
roozonline / Nooshabeh Amiri- Hossein Bastani
22-Dec-2009 (6 comments)

In an exclusive interview with Rooz, the French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, discusses Europe’s preoccupations with the Ahmadinejad administration’s domestic and foreign policies. Kouchner addresses the Iranian authorities, saying: “The demonstrators are representing the majority of Iranians; the youth movement and the women’s movement; this is the heart and the most important part of the country.”

Addressing the Iranian people, he emphasizes, “All the countries in the world are really attentive to what’s going on in your country. In a sense, we are all Iranians. We are all in favour of a peaceful, free and modern Iran.” He indicates:  “The people demonstrating for freedom in the world must know that they can count on us.”

Darius Kadivar

"We Are All Iranians Today" say's Kouchner

by Darius Kadivar on


marhoum Kharmagas

Local sales force of ... fascism (to OmidK)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Omid, it seems that the local sales force of military corporate fascism has forced even a mellow guy like you to speak up against them (in Lakani's and here)!


Kouchner in Rwanda

by Souri on

Just go inform yourself about the role of Kouchner in Rwanda's genocide.

He showed so much  irresponsibility and indifference and lack of humanity,  in the affair of Rwanda that they still talk about it in every book and article on Rwanda's genocide (800, 000 death) 

Of course they brought this number to 500,000 in the media, to justify UN (and Kuchner) who never admitted that to be a genocide!






Never in my life did I think I would bare witness to an Iranian

by OmidKarimi on

dedicating so much love and make so much excuses for a french government. Your entire post is filled with historical fallacies and ridicolous arguments, had it not been for French, UK, US support, Saddam would have never dared to invade Iran in the first place and Kouchner and his friends wouldnt have had any Iranians to operate on to begin with. To say that previous french governments held that responsibility is bull. Its like saying Germany owes no reparation money to the jews just because Hitler ruled Germany, not Merkel. 

And I promise you this, if Kouchner and Sarkozy were in power in those days, they would do far more worse than what Mitterand did. Sarkozy and Kouchner wouldnt flinch a finger if Iran got bombed tomorrow at an international stage. 

You dont see any contradictions in his post? Let me help you: His nation has over 500-1000 thousand nuclear weapons, has tested and destroyed more environments with its nukes, and gave the Israelis and Iraqis nuclear technology, and now they are denying Iran the right to enrich Uranium at a 3,5% scale under the IAEA monitoring system just so they can sell Iran enriched Uranium. I hope that helped.

His so called "support for the Iranian people" is mainly propaganda. The French dont complain about human rights issues in the 50 or so totalitarian nations it does trade and commerce with. The French government is exporting Iranophobia, and Iranian businesses and people are hurting for it.

If you want to thank anyone for green banners waving in France, thank the movements, the Iraniana nd French People, stop praising these rats, it makes me sick.

Get your priorities straight baradar. French foreign interests does not meet Iranian foreign interests, be it a democratic Iran or not. And you can thank the French for that. 


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Darius Kadivar

OmidKarimi You are blaming the wrong person ...(Kouchner)

by Darius Kadivar on

Non of what your accusations can apply to Kouchner (a humanist and one of the founder of the French Doctors which operated in War Zones like Afghanistan but also on the Iran Iraq war Front when allowed to do so) nor was the current French government who was not in power during the Iran Iraq War nor had any involvement in Sheltering Khomeiny in France ( That was Giscard D'Estaing who although Right Wing belonged to the UDF part and not the RPR which is today known as the UMP)

It was the Socialist government of Francois Mitterand which  was involved in the Arms deals with both Iran and Iraq during the bloody 8 year war.

Your accusations are therefore baseless.

Politics is a Reality with which all nations have to cope with and as such no one is a saint and from that perspective the French government is no exception. No government acts based on pure altruism. All do based on their own interests but also based on what they feel fits best their policies or international vision.  

But there is no doubt that the current French Government's stance towards Ahmadinejad's government has been far more supportive of the Iranian people's struggle than any other European government be it Great Britain or the US to date.

For the Green Movement ( which demonstrated spectacularly last summer in Paris unfolding the Green Banner) To Refuse France's Helping hand is not only strategically wrong but foolish.

One does not always have the luxury of choosing one's friends but one can always benefit from the opportunity of the staunch support from a democratic state.

In addition France was also amongst the first countries before the US to support the Polish people during the Solidarnosc movement which led to the downfall of the communist dictatorship in Poland.

I see France's foreign policy aimed at supporting the People's legitimate demands as opposed to those of it's illegitimate government. I feel all the more comfortable saying this that I did not vote for Sarkozy as President so my endorsement of his government's policy are not based on his right wing ideology or his personality but on what I see as an opportunity to seize in our own interests while maintaining a critical and lucid eye on the French government's actions. 

As Such I see no contradiction in Kouchner's statement and I personally welcome it.

You are Free to think otherwise.



Boro Gomshoh Kouchner

by OmidKarimi on

I hope that when a democratic government, for the people and by the people of Iran emerges, it will build 20 enrichment sites, and develope missiles that can out-run yours ten fold, so that you reconsider gift wrapping national treasures like Khomenei to our country or giving men like Saddam intelligence and weapons to kill us, or to pull back from international deals and keep our people's money. Moron of a snake he is. He can keep his "support for the Iranian people", nakhastim.


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