OUR BEST ALLY: France's President SARKOZY


OUR BEST ALLY: France's President SARKOZY
by Darius Kadivar

I have to say I was particularly worried about the news of an eventual exchange of French Student Clothild Reiss for Shapour Bakhtiar's Assassin. Such an Exchange Would have Dishonored France. Instead Sarkozy Made one of His Finest Comments on the Iranian People's Struggle on National Television. I say this all the more comfortably that I did not vote for Him ( But for Segolene Royal)  ;0)

Watch Interview of Sarkozy Here

To Equate the crime of an Assassin like Ali Vakili Rad to an innocent Student, Clotild Reiss, ridiculously accused of Spying in Iran for Foreign Powers would have been an endorsement of such accusations but also an insult to the universal values of Justice and Human Rights to which France has often boasted to defend. 

Listen to French Iranian Police in charge of Bakhtiar's security explain How Bakhtiar Was Assassinated by IRI agents: AUDIO

Clotild Reiss Is currently safely in the French Embassy and therefore on French Soil. For Ahmadinejad to demand that she should stay in Iran until France liberates Ali Vakili or any other person as a gesture of good will would be absolutely contradicting his own Judiciary which set her free on grounds that the televised Trial was not enough.

I wish Clotild will be able to leave the country and come to France in a near future nevertheless !

Sarkozy's Staunch Support for the Iranian Democracy Movement known as the Green Movement was demonstrated from the Very start of the protests and violent clampdown on Iranians after the elections. The Green Petition that was unfolded in Paris at the Champs de Mars was also warmly greeted in France. And Sarkozy's government honored such people as Shirine Ebadi ( Greeted by Bernard Kouchner regularly when she comes to Paris ) and Simin Behbahani ( who was awarded the Simone De Beauvoir Award in Presence of Sarkozy's former Minister of Culture Christine Albanel. )








My Humble BUT FIRM Opinion,




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Darius Kadivar

Sarkozy's Defeat Might be a Victory for Iran's Islamic Republic

by Darius Kadivar on

Sarkozy's Defeat Might be a Victory for Iran « Commentary Magazine

Sarkozy has been the leading voice of skepticism over negotiations among Western leaders, and he has taken the lead in pressing both the Obama administration and European governments to adopt the sanctions targeting Iran’s energy exports and banking sector that have had a painful impact on the Iranian economy. Britain supports France’s zero-enrichment demand, but hasn’t been quite as activist in promoting it. London is also more likely, analysts say, to go along with the consensus if Western powers can fashion an interim deal that offers concrete progress in reinforcing barriers to Iran using its nuclear program to create weapons, even if that leaves the issue of Iran’s ongoing enrichment to 3.5 percent unresolved for now. A nuclear compromise involving steps to diminish the danger of weaponization in the near term, but which leaves Iran with the capacity to enrich uranium and at the same time eases international pressure on Tehran, is precisely what the Israelis fear right now. And Sarkozy, while rejecting Israel’s threat to take military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities, could be more willing to push back against a compromise on the enrichment issue than Hollande would be.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Plus de pouvoir pour lui et l'autre ennemis de l'islamique mal !

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!

Samer Srouji

Sarkozy's support ... more chance to see donkeys flying

by Samer Srouji on

I beg to differ. Just because Sarkozy rambles some positive things about the Iranian democracy movement, this does not make him a national hero.  This is the same president that has put our troops in Afghanistan and does not lift a finger for the Palestinian cause.

You think Sarkozy gives a damn about Iran? Think again. He probably wants a few good oil contracts, and will sell out to the Ahmadinejad regime if it is worth his while. I don't know how you can praise the president that has most sold out France to the Americans.

Lets not be naive and think that every person that decides to ramble positive things about the Iranian struggle from the comfort of his couch actually has good intentions.

Let them ramble and praise all they want, just like they did during the anti-Syrian "pro-democracy" (ha!) Lebanon protests in 2005, but the next year when Israel bombed Lebanon for 45 days non-stop, none of these Western leaders muttered a damn word in defense of Lebanese "democracy" or the dead and terrorized civilians. (except de Villepin, who had the  magnamity to go to Beirut for a week during the bombing and then proceed to do absolutely nothing from the comfort of his 5 star hotel.) 

So my friend, lets see how your beloved Sarkozy reacts when Israel bombs Iran, I hope it is obvious to you that they have started the theatrics for the event, "all options on the table, Iran is not complying ... blah blah." He and all the other fascists on the UN Security Council will all go silent like the hypocrites that they are, and leave the Iranian people to pay the price.

We have more dignity than that!


Bravo M. le Président!

by Quebeqi on

Il était fabuleux au Conseil de Sécurité aujourd'hui. En rendant public ce que sont les véritables motivations de ce régime et de ses méthodes d'intimidation, de chantage et du non-respect des traités, Sarkozy a rendu un fier service au reste du monde. Le temps des Chamberlains est terminé. Place aux Churchills et aux De Gaulles!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

The best President in Europe ... He reminds me Aznar.

Thank you Dariush jan .