Iran, A Hope: Une Pensée Pour Clotilde ...


Iran, A Hope: Une Pensée Pour Clotilde ...
by Darius Kadivar

French Teacher Clotilde Reiss is set up for a mock Trial by the IRI on absurd grounds of espionage for foreign powers. She is being tried along with 100 other detainees since the protest crackdowns. Arrested on July 1st she risks a death penalty if "proven" guilty. (French Report Here)

I would like to dedicate these songs to her and the other detainees put on trial today as well as others on hold in Evin or throughout the country. Not Only Do I Hope But I demand their immediate Release by the IRI authorities.

Aznavour - Mireille Mathieu - Une vie d'amour Music Score of Movie "Tehran '43":

Photocomposition as Aznavour Sings "She":

Aznavour Sings "She":

Aznavour sings: "Yesterday When I was Young":





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Dear Mr. Kadivar,

by Arthimis on

Thank you for bringing such an important issue about this poor young
French lady in light for all Iranians here to  understand the magnitude
of it and to sympathize ...

This Evil and criminal action by S.R.O.I (satanic Republic Occupying
Iran) to imprison this innocent young woman is beyond disgusting and
unbelievably sad for the sake of this poor girl's life, her family and
loved ones, Universal justice and our horribly tarnished Iranian
reputation around the globe!!!

These Islamic bastards have no hearts and souls... They are the scums of
the universe and may GOD show them what Universal justice and karma
truly is... On behalf of all True Iranians and Ms. Clotide Reiss who
have suffered by this EVIL regime occupying Iran...

PS. Merci beaucoup pour Charles
Vraiment impeccable... :-)

Darius Kadivar

Indeed Nazy Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

The way this French girl is being treated is truly "Un Iranian" and at Odds with all notions of good heartedness and hospitality for which Iranians have always been admired for.

Clotilde's friends in Paris have been very supportive and TV showed that they all know that this show trial is nothing but the regime's fault and that Iranians at large are equally victims of this parody of justice.

I also think she will be freed soon but the IRI is trying to intimidate the French government for their staunch support and encouragement of Green Protestors in Paris amongst other things.

The girl may not have been wise but she is certainly not a spy nor a danger to anyone.

I think that the regime has lost total credibility in the eyes of the world and more importantly in the eyes of most Iranians both inside and outside Iran.

In the Hope of seeing Iran back in its real place that is a country of generous hospitality and kindness that has made its reputation throughout history.

Warm Regards From Paris FRANCE


Nazy Kaviani

Dear Darius

by Nazy Kaviani on

I am sad to think that this young woman's interest in Iran and Iranian culture has had such a sad and complicated ending for her. This is not in keeping with how Iranians are taught to treat guests. I know she will be released soon, judging from all the other cases of people charged with the most serious crimes, forced to make confessions, and then released and allowed to leave the country. It is a worn out and sad show which has been staged too many times.

Thanks for the nostalgic music Darius.


They are just

by Anonymouse on

They are just discrediting and embarassing themselves more and more.  First it was Ahmadi "wins" next instead of celebrating the win let's kill and torture people so they "admit" Ahmadi "won"!

Which sane world leader can now sit across a table with a straight face?

Everything is sacred.

ex programmer craig

Not even accused...

by ex programmer craig on

...of doing anything illegal. They say she took pictures of the protests and wrote a letter which she delivered to the French embassy?

Her arrest itself is a human rights violation.

It's pretty sad.