Shahrnush Parsipur: "I was Never Physically Tortured by the SAVAK"


Shahrnush Parsipur: "I was Never Physically Tortured by the SAVAK"
by Darius Kadivar

Poetess Shahrnush Parsipur (author of best selling novel “Women Without Men”) in an interview with Luna Shad admits that she was never tortured by SAVAK the Shah’s secret Police despite being detained for 54 days following her resignation from University in protest against Golesorkhi’s execution. (See Below)


Poetess Shahrnush Parsipur ( author or Women without Men) She speaks about difference of treatment between SAVAK and SAVAMA, the IRI's secret Police:


Shah of Iran on the issue of Torture:

This is a clip from a documentary titled "Crisis in Iran" by theHistory Channel with Mike Wallace

Khosro Golesorkhi's Trial:

Poet and Marxist Leninist Khosro Golesorkhi's televised trial created much heated debates in Iran. Accused of trying the abduct the Royal family ( the Shahbanou and Crown Prince) along with several other culprits who were pardoned after demanding forgiveness from the Shah, Golesorkhi on the other hand refused to apologize for his actions against the Crown and was ultimately executed.






Shirin Neshat, NIAC advisor John Limbert and 

Christian Amanpour draw Parallels between today's events

and the so called Coup of 1953 




Amanpour Neshat Limbert:

Shirin Neshat is interviewed by Amanpour on CNN. Neshat addresses the protests in Iran and clips are show of her work which coincidentally addresses the history of student protests in Iran









Ayatollah Khamenei ( Not Spiritual leader then) visits then Hostage John Limbert at the US Embassy:

CNN Reports on Crackdown on Students at Tehran University by IRI militia the Bassij:







You Never Expect the SAVAK  Inquisition:

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