IRANICAN MOFTKHOR: From a 1/2 "Pahlawi" EYE-RANIAN Coin to why people resist new theories (sic)


IRANICAN MOFTKHOR: From a 1/2 "Pahlawi" EYE-RANIAN Coin to why people resist new theories (sic)
by Darius Kadivar

Random Thoughts From an American Coin Collector ( IRANICAN ?) who just acquired a Neem Pahlavi Coin ...

NOTE: Between Ourselves in his strange exposé "Faghat Daree Vary Nagoft" ... But I won't tell You which parts I agree with ;0) 

Summary: People who benefit from a system want to believe the system is correct, which creates a demand for theory to justify it. Acedemia, media and even religion will rally to build theory around the economic system in place. As long as the masses think they will benefit from the system, they will not want to change it and will resist your attempts to give them alternate theories ...

Shah of Iran smiles sarcastically to  a French ( Or Swiss) Journalist's question and tells him to think before suggesting him that his eventual departure from the Throne would solve Iran's problems:

Tajzadeh speaks about Shah's Era and the Social Freedoms ( albeit Not Political Freedoms) one month before the election :


Self Proclaimed Opposition Leader Amir Jahanchahi (Also See Iran's De Gaulle ? by eroonman) on French bfm tv 15 09 2009:

Part I:

Part II: 

Orson Welles as Harry Lime Cuckoo clock Speach in The Third Man:

Sadegh Ziba Kalam on Reza Shah Pahlavi (I) contributions:

Gérard LeNorman Si J'Etais Président De La République:

Jacques Dutronc - L'opportuniste - Le Clip - 1968:

Gerard lenorman - Le petit prince:

Recommended Reading:

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