SAVAK DEMYSTIFIED: Former Officer Speaks on Shah's Notorious Secret Police


SAVAK DEMYSTIFIED: Former Officer Speaks on Shah's Notorious Secret Police
by Darius Kadivar

Man claiming to be a former SAVAK officer (Name: Ahmad Farasati?) is interviewed by an Online Monarchist TV (Seemayeh Padeshahy Iran) to share his views on the Shah’s notorious Secret Police.

NOTE: Given the Length of the interviews in several parts, I will post them separately as a Series of blogs under the title SAVAK DEMYSTIFIED.


Part I :

Part II :

DISCLAIMER: All views and claims expressed in these interviews are those of the participants and creators of the video and not necessarily mine. Given the recurrent controversy regarding the Shah’s Secret Police, reliable Feedbacks, testimonies from viewers and or former victims or their families are most welcome.






Shah of Iran on the issue of Torture:

This is a clip from a documentary titled "Crisis in Iran" by the History Channel with Mike Wallace

SAVAK HQ seized by civilians & execution of Iranian Generals: Rahimi, Nassiri, Khosrowdad.Feb 1979:

Poetess Shahrnush Parsipur (author or Women without Men) She speaks about difference of treatment between SAVAK and SAVAMA, the IRI's secret Police:

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Reading a Scenario!

by HHH on

Looks like he had memorized all these. No one other than the Savak chief knew how many departments Savak has and what activities it's involved in. This man is pretending he ran the Savak and wrote the book on Savak!

Esfand Aashena

Who said anything about Shah "watching"?

by Esfand Aashena on

Shah in his inteview acknowledged the torture.  Plain and simple. 

Everything is sacred

Mash Ghasem

What I wanna know is, how Fardoost became such an asset

by Mash Ghasem on

for mullahs?

Wasn't he supposed to be shah's keeper and all that.

And all those rumors of some demonstrations starting  from Fardoost's houses?



by Shemirani on

می‌دونستیم با دروغ سرکار آمدند ولی‌ تا این حد دروغ یادمون نبود ! نه یکی‌ نه دوتا چقدر جفنج گفتند ! یکی‌ بگه که اون زمان چطور این حرفا باورش شد با عقل جور در نمیاد مثلا وقتی‌ میگفتن زیر زمین کاخ نیاوران شکنجه می‌شه و شب‌ها شاه میره پایین تماشا ...چطور این جفنگیو باور کردید آخه ؟ ......  جمهوری خواهان (ایرانی‌) به کدمتون می‌شه اعتماد کرد تا روزی که الام نکنید دروغ گفتید و دروغهای دیگران باور کردید و اشتباهی‌ بزرگی‌ بوده ضد منافع مملکت به شما اعتمادی نیست چون باز فردا دروغ خواهید گفتد



by ali_aaa on


Esfand Aashena

به روباه گفتند شاهدت کو؟ گفت دُنبم!

Esfand Aashena

An online Monarchist website asking a former Savak agent where is your alibi?  he said his tail! 

Everything is sacred