Alleged SAVAK Victim testifies on an American Liberal TV


Alleged SAVAK Victim testifies on an American Liberal TV
by Darius Kadivar

Following Shah's downfall a Liberal American Alternative Media Network interviews an American "Iran Expert" and an Iranian claiming to have been Tortured by SAVAK, the Shah's Secret Police (1979).

Living in Torturing Dictator Shah's IRAN after CIA Operation Ajax - Two insider's Views (1979):

Video Desciption as presented by program:
In a stunning and emotional powerful program, an Iranian poet and political
dissident vividly describes his incarceration and torture at the hands of the
Shah's CIA established secret police -- SAVAK (after CIA Operation Ajax).
Additionally, Lisa Radcliffe, who recently returned from an extensive trip to Iran, relates her experiences.
She also shows the State Department documents which the students holding the hostages gave her, documenting CIA involvement and counter-revolutionary activity of the U.S. which continued right up to the takeover of the embassy.

Alternative Views was one of the longest running public access television programs in the United States.

Produced in Austin, Texas in 1978, itproduced 563 hour-long programs featuring news, interviews and opinion pieces

from a progressive political perspective. Show founders and on-air hosts, Douglas Kellner and Frank Morrow,

produced the show on virtually no budget using facilities at Austin Community Television (ACTV)

and The University of Texas at Austin.

They also pioneered an innovative syndication system that placed the program in almost 80 television markets around the country.

Each installment of Alternative Views included a regular news section that utilized material from mostly non-mainstream news sources to provide stories ignored by establishment media, or interpretations of events different from the mainstream. (More Here)



Golshifteh Farahani on Iranians

Capacity to Lie - interview for

Asghar Farhadi's Film About Elly





Poetess Shahrnush Parsipur


between SAVAK & SAVAMA



Poetess Shahrnush Parsipur ( author or Women without Men) She speaks about difference of treatment between SAVAK and SAVAMA, the IRI's secret Police:



Egyptian Parallel experience



Egypt discovers a cyber hero for its anti Mubarak revolution

In Wael Ghonim, Egypt's anti-Mubarak street movement finally found ahero to rally around after a period of leaderless protest. The Egyptian-bornGoogle marketing executive first played a role in organising the oppositionthrough Facebook, only to disappear into police custody for 12 days.Testimony on Egyptian TV (English Subtitles):

Press the "CC" button in the video player to turn on English Subtitles

Part I

Part II


Shah and SAVAK
Miscellaneous Footage

Shah of Iran on the issue of Torture:
This is a clip from a documentary titled "Crisis in Iran" by the History Channel with Mike Wallace

Shah of Iran on his Popularity amongst Iranians:

Khosro Golesorkhi's Trial:
Poet and Marxist Leninist Khosro Golesorkhi's televised trial created much heated debates in Iran. Accused of trying the abduct the Royal family ( the Shahbanou and Crown Prince) along with several other culprits who were pardoned after demanding forgiveness from the Shah, Golesorkhi on the other hand refused to apologize for his actions against the Crown and was ultimately executed.

Iran Secret Police "SAVAK" HQ seized by Civilians - Feb 79:
Islamic Republic Propaganda Footage: SAVAK HQ seized by civilians & execution of Iranian Generals: Rahimi, Nassiri, Khosrowdaud...., Feb 1979

Part of Televised Interview of Head of SAVAK General Nassiri ( bandaged head) shortly after his arrest:

1979 radio broadcast: execution of Nasiri, Rahimi, Naji & Khosrowdad:
February 15, 1979 The announcement tells of the execution of "the first group of criminals" four days after the revolution, including General Nematollah Nasiri (former head of SAVAK), General Mehdi Rahimi (Tehran Martial Law commander), General Reza Naji (Isfahan Martial Law commander) and General Manouchehr Khosrowdad (Havanirooz Commander). (Audio Recording Courtesy of Jahanshah Javid)

Related pictory:

REPUBLICAN OFFSPRING: Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in Savak Prison (1970's)

REPUBLICAN OFFSPRING: Massoud Rajavi at Tehran University during Presidential Campaign (1980)

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Man Arrested For Being a SAVAK Agent (1979)


Who and What Replaced SAVAK ?

Khomeiny Makes Fun of Shah:
Khomeiny makes fun of Shah's looks and weakness in the face of US Presidents

(NOTE : ToWatch Double Click Here)

Portrait on British TV of the Hanging Judge Ayatollah Khalkhali responsible for many executions after the Revolution:

An interview of Khalkhali who in his last years became a "reformist", One of his last interviews before his death from natural causes:

CNN's Reza Sayyah explains Video exposes Iran crackdown:

New video purportedly shows violence, previously denied by Iran, at Tehran University after 2009's disputed election

BBC Persian's coverage of Released video on Tehran University Crackdown:

Ahmad Batebi interview with Anderson Cooper (CBS):
Ahmad Batebi tells CNN's Anderson Cooper, in his 1st U.S. television interview how he was tortured for 8 years in an Iranian prison and how he managed to escape.

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ROYAL ACCOUNTABILITY: Crown Prince Reza on Torture During His Father's Rule

David Frost's interview of Shah in Panama and Ted Koppel's Q&A (Full Uncut Version)

BOOK: Vevak, au service des ayatollahs - Histoire des services secrets iraniens

VEVAK ( IRI's Secret Services) denounced in French Book To be Released in April

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HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: MKO Highjack Boeing 747 with 200 hostages (1983)

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Vendetta Against Anglican Bishop in Iran (1980)

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Shah's Generals Executed and Imperial Army Disintegrated (1979)

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Manoucher AZEMOUN at Revolutionary court (1979)

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Amir Abbas Entezam Chained to Hospital Bed (1990's)

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Hadi Ghaffari executioner of Amir Abbas Hoveyda (1979)

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Pulitzer Prize Photo of Rebels Executed by Iran's Revolutionaries (1979)

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Shah of Iran wounded after Assassination Attempt (1949)

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Rafsanjani speaks to Press from Hospital (1980)

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Ahmad Kasravi and secretary assassinated (1946)

HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Prince Shahryar Shafiq (1945-1979)

JAVIDAN: Shah's Imperial Guard dies during an attack by Khomeini guerillas (1979)

JAVIDAN: Farokhroo Pārsā (1922-1980)

JAVIDAN: Fereydoon Farrokhzad (1935-1992)

JAVIDAN: Generals Ayat Mohagheghi and Mehdi Rahimi


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When the USA/UK/France/Germany do torture its called Rendition!

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

It's unacceptable all the way round.

It's an act of hypocrisy for some to criticise the shah who have been responsible for far worse. Comparing shah to them one finds a saint.



Brain washed idiot !

by Shemirani on

امان از آدم دروغ گو

نکنه ایران اون زمان سی‌ بری بوده گولگ هم داشته  ما خبر نداشتیم

Kazem alaa ?!!!(probabily not his real name), pseudo " poet and writer" what he becomes after 30 years ?!!

 dissident from high school hahahahaha  what an idiot another example of those who should educated themself before  playing el che role and ruin millions lifes !

The road of hell is paved with good intentions ! (in this specific case he didn't convinced me of his good intentions ) he looks more like a soap opera comedian paid to say so !


Azadeh Azad

Unbelievable Golesorkhi

by Azadeh Azad on

I can understand the Latin-American Liberation Theology as a Christian movement. But it is utterly inconceivable that a Marxist-Leninist would publically pronounce a verse from Koran or glorify Imam Hossein and Imam Ali as martyrs of the path of freedom! I suppose both Al-e-Ahmad and Shariati's reactionary ideas had greatly influenced the Iranian Left of the 1970's. Also, it seems that Iranians are very good at emptying out the content of any ideology and fill it with whatever stuff they consider convenient.

This having been said, however, Golesorkhi's authoritarian body language and fanaticism matches quite well the dictatorship of the Proletariat he was envisioning for the future of Iran.



Where would victims of SAVAK be today...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Specefically, where would khosrow Golsorkhi, Jazani, and the rest of secular/Marxist opposition figures would be today if SAVAK had not murdered them? They'd be burried in some mass garve such as Khavaran, created by the islamist regime as the gift to their colonial British masters, as the  "Final solution" to the "problem of Marxism and Secularism" in Iran.

SAVAK never disappeared after the 1979 revolution. It was in fact enhanced, strenrthened, and changed name to what we know as the "Ministry of Etelaat", under the islamist regime. SAVAK will be finished and it's members punished only when the Islamist regime is Finished and People's Revolutionary justice is delivered to it's criminal, thieving, money hungry leadership. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by afshin on