Former Officer Speaks on Shah's Notorious Secret Police


Former Officer Speaks on Shah's Notorious Secret Police
by Darius Kadivar

Man claiming to be a former SAVAK officer (Name: Ahmad Farasati?) is interviewed by an Online Monarchist TV (Seemayeh Padeshahy Iran) to share his views on the Shah’s notorious Secret Police.

NOTE: Given the Length of these interviews in several parts, I will post them separately as a Series of blogs under the title SAVAK DEMYSTIFIED.


DISCLAIMER: All views and claims expressed in these interviews are those of the participants and creators of the video and not necessarily mine. Given the recurrent controversy regarding the Shah’s Secret Police, reliable Feedbacks, testimonies from viewers and or former victims or their families are most welcome.






General Nematollah Nassiri (1911 in Semnan— February 16, 1979), was thedirector of SAVAK,the Iranian intelligence agency during the rule of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.Nassiri had gained notoriety for removing Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadeghfrom power (see Operation Ajax).Nassiri was appointed head of SAVAK followingthe failure of General Hassan Pakravan, the previousdirector, to prevent the assassination of Prime Minister Hassan Ali Mansur on January 21,1965.

In late 1978, at the encouragement of ambassador to the United States ArdeshirZahedi and Martial Law Chief General Gholam Ali Oveissi, Nassiri was imprisonedwith several other high-rankingofficials, including Pakravan and former PrimeMinister Amir Abbas Hoveida. Nassiri remained in prison until the fall of ShahpourBakhtiar's government on February 11. On February 16, he was executed by firingsquadafter a summary revolutionary trial.

Televised Interrogation of General Nassiri, Head of SAVAK shortly before his execution

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