May 1, International Labor Day: developing news

May 1, International Labor Day: developing news
by Shifteh Ansari

Today is May 1st, the International Labor Day, and tomorrow, May 2nd, will be National Teacher's Day in Iran. Labor activists such as Mansour Osanloo have been imprisoned and prosecuted over the past several years. In an attempt to intimidate teachers and to keep them from demonstrating for their rights, earlier this week members of teachers groups were arrested in Iran. Even so, it appears that there will be some demonstrations in observation of May Day today and Teacher's Day tomorrow. I will be posting any news I find about this weekend's events here. Please join me if you find any news. Let's get the voices of those who are risking their lives and freedom to express their thoughts out of Iran. We are the media.


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Khamenei's nightmare

by fooladi on

Is every tin pot dictator's nightmare: The disciplined masses of the Iranian working men & women revolting and toppling him, sending him packing to USA, london, zurich or wherever his bank accounts and his paid mouthpieces like this character "sargord pirouz" are hiding!


Shifteh Jan, MM Aziz, Others

by minadadvar on

Thanks for all your hard work.

Shifteh Jan, you are an inspiration.

Shifteh Ansari

Thank you Was Rosie

by Shifteh Ansari on

Thank you for sharing the link to your very interesting blog and the related discussion. 


May 01 Summary of

by vildemose on

May 01

Summary of Workers’ Demonstrations (Posted by: Free Iran)

War veterans gather outside parliament to demand rights

GVF — A number of veterans of the Iran-Iraq war gathered outside the Iranian parliament today.

The semi-official Fars News Agency reported today that around twenty veterans of the Iran-Iraq war gathered in front of the Iranian parliament in order to voice their demands to parliament members.

The veterans’ main concern was a lack of attention on the part of the authorities towards their health needs. In the end, they were allowed to meet with the MPs in order to discuss their problems with them.

Workers’ demonstration in Tabriz amidst heavy security presence

GVF — Hundreds of workers and their supporters have gathered today in front of the Labour Bureau of the city of Tabriz to demands their rights on the occasion of International Workers’ Day.

According to the website of Human Rights and Democracy Activists, hundreds of workers and their supporters gathered today in front of the city’s Labour Bureau located on Imam Khomeini street around 11am and protested against the widespread firing of workers, unemployment and poverty in the country.

Heavy security presence in Tehran on International Workers’ Day

GVF — Various reports from the Iranian capital Tehran indicate a heavy security presence today on the occasion of International Workers’ Day.

The official website of Green Movement leader Mir Hossein Mousavi Kaleme has reported that police and security forces are making their presence felt in the area between Enghelab (Revolution) Square and Azadi (Freedom) Square.

Also, a considerable number of security forces are present in the vicinity of the Iran’s Labour and Social Affairs Ministry which lies on Azadi (Freedom) street. Police forces are also patrolling the area close to the important Fatemi Square. According to eyewitness, special anti-riot forces are moving towards the Navab and Behboudi streets.

Demonstration reported in Shiraz

GVF — Workers in the city of Shiraz (Fars province) staged a demonstration today on the occasion of International Workers’ Day.

According to the Kaleme website, at 10am the demonstrators who were initially around fifty people, gathered in front of the office of the governor which is located on the city’s Azadi (Freedom) street.

The demonstrators held banners saying that the massive number of layoffs meant that they would be facing a “dark future.” A message written on the placards read a sarcastic message congratulating workers for their unemployment and another said “We will not back down until we get out rights.”

A worker in the meat industry who was present at the demonstration said that he had been fired from his job and had not received any income for the past seven months. He added that 1,200 job cuts had been put in place at the meat factory as a result of privatisation in the production unit. Workers at this particular factory also staged a similar strike in front of the company’s administration on April 11.


bingo. thx dk

by humanbeing on

here were the specific words that jarred me out of my comfy little existence, thinking about the brave youth in iran who risk all  C’est nous qui brisons Les barreaux des prisons Pour nos frères. ,,,, La misère. Il y a des pays Où les gens au creux des lits Font des rêves. Ici, nous vois-tu Nous on marche et nous on tue Nous on crève ...

Darius Kadivar

Here You Are Human Being Jaan ... (Chant des Partisans)

by Darius Kadivar on

Le chant des partisans

Paroles de Maurice Druon et Joseph Kessel, musique d’Anna MARLY, 30 Mai 1943

In it's Original Version first broadcast from the BBC Listen Here 

Part of the lyrics here:

Ami entends-tu

Le vol noir des corbeaux

Sur nos plaines.

Ami entends-tu

Les cris sourds du pays

Qu’on enchaîne ...

Ohé partisans

Ouvriers et paysans

C’est l’alarme !

Ce soir l’ennemi

Connaîtra le prix du sang

Et des larmes ...

Montez de la mine,

Descendez des collines,


Sortez de la paille

Les fusils, la mitraille,

Les grenades.

Was Rosie

Here, Shifteh, something else that might interest you...

by Was Rosie on

Azadeh Azad


by Azadeh Azad on

Thank you dear Shifteh and Vildemose aziz - and Mardom Mazloom, for posting all these informative news and links.

We shall overcome!



chant des partisans in dk's comment

by humanbeing on

i commented on this in another blog, but repeat part of it here in this context. a haunting clip, and very relevant. 

i don't know the chant des partisans word for word, but i caught a few phrases which i paraphrase "il y a des pays ou\ on va au lit pour re/\ver... ici on va cre/\ve/"

it is inaccurate, but i'll try to google the lyrics.

bon courage to all the brave brave people of iran.

Darius Kadivar

In Solidarity ...

by Darius Kadivar on



by timothyfloyd on


Shifteh Ansari

تدابیر شدید امنیتی در میدان ونک به مناسبت روز معلم

Shifteh Ansari

ساعت 7:25 امروز 12 اردیبهشت 1388 یک اتوبوس نیروی ضد شورش در میدان ونک مستقر شدند

Shifteh Ansari

فیلتر شدن کلمات معلم و آموزگار در پیامک ها

Shifteh Ansari

From Neda-ye Sabz-e Azadi

به دنبال بازداشت مسئولان مجامع صنفي معلمان در روزهاي اخير،پيامک هاي
داراي مضامين مربوط به معلم و دبيرو آموزگار هم به صف محدوديت ها شبکه
پيامک کشور پيوست.در استانه روزمعلم،نگراني مقامات امنيتي و مخابراتي کشور
از استفاده از پيامک به عنوان يک رسانه براي دعوت به تجمع و بيان نارضايتي
معلمان موجب شد سانسور هدفمند پيامک ها در دستور کار قرار گيرد.

بنابر گزارش خبرنگار جرس از روز شنبه 11 اردبيهشت ماه سيستم مخابرات
کشور با استفاده از نرم افزارهاي وارداتي هرگونه پيامک مربوط به روزمعلم،با
مضامين هاي سياسي يا حتي بدون مضمون سياسي راسانسور مي کنند.سانسور گسترده
پيامک حتي شامل تبريک روز معلم نيز مي شود.
اين در حالي است که در رسانه هاي رسمي نيز در قياس با سال هاي گذشته کمتر
نامي از روز معلم
برده مي شود.گفتني است بازداشت مسئولان انجمن صنفي معلمان و سازمان معلمان
بازتاب گسترده ای در میان این قشر داشته است.


Shifteh Ansari

Dear Fair

by Shifteh Ansari on

Thank you for the words of support.  They mean a lot to me.  Please consider helping with posting the news when things start moving again, and you know they will all the way to June 12 and beyond.  There is no fizzle in the cards, as you know, because this movement did not happen overnight to disappear overnight.  It is based on real demands and serious grievances which will not go away until they are addressed.

It made me smile when some naive people said after their Norooz visit to Iran that Iranians were not preoccupied by the protests and rather, they were celebrating the eid and having a jolly good time.  The naivete in that statement comes from someone who doesn't understand that the Iranian people have the upper hand in the situation now.  Of course they would celebrate Norooz.  Of course they would get married and have parties.  Of course they would go mountain climbing in Tochal and enjoy their lives like they should do. 

But given just a few hours' notice, they are capable of coming to the streets and creating unbelievable fear for those who are now ruling Iran illegitimately and fraudulently.  Iranians don't need to give up their normal lives and national holidays for this.  They are learning the least costly ways to show their disgust with this regime and at the same time to preserve their lives and freedom so that their fight can go on.  Iranians inside Iran know much better than Iranians outside Iran that this is a long battle which will take time, but which will erode and topple the Islamic Republic of Iran in the end.  


Shifteh jan: Thank you for

by vildemose on

Shifteh jan: Thank you for your dedication and true love of Iran. I will try to keep abreast of the activities for the next two days and will report.


Shifteh Ansari

Thank you Vildemose Jan!

by Shifteh Ansari on

Thanks for sharing your interesting finds.  It is really good seeing you here again.  Please keep an eye on tonight/tomorrow's developments, too.  There might be some activities starting soon.

I think the most significant thing that happened today was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's top secret appearance at Tehran University, where he and his cronies didn't even dare inform people of his cowardly visit.  He spoke to a group of pre-selected Basijis and left, using the back door, but not before hearing "death to dictator" from the few students who did learn about his visit.

Everyone knew about this moron's visits to Zimbabwe and US, Iraq and Afghanistan weeks in advance, but the regime does not dare announce Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's movements in Tehran for the fear of protesters showing up and booing him.  Can there be a worse disgrace for a guy who got "elected" through fraud?




Thank you Shifteh Jan for the great work

by Fair on

as always, and for providing a voice for the oppressed people of Iran.  No amount of shameless treason and low attempts by fascist propagandists can hide the truth in the 21st century.  Their days are past, and the people of Iran will not forget them.  Of course, such scum will easily change clothes when the time comes, and they will start all over again.  Such low lives are the root of our problems in Iran since the beginning of our history.

And the reason for our survival all these millenia is people like you who are not intimidated by them.  Thank you for being Iranian and standing with the people of Iran in the face of fascism.



Free Osanloo

by vildemose on

On status of Osanloo:

From Persian2English: On the eve of International Workers Day, Mansour Osanloo has come under increasing pressure as he faces new charges. .

Shahrzad News –On April 25, Mansour Osanloo, President of the Executive Committee at Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company (SWTSBC), was taken in handcuffs and shackles before the 6th investigative branch of the Karaj Revolutionary Court, where a new case was opened against him. According to the Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran (HRDAI), Osanloo has been accused of “having ties to the enemies of the state inside the prison.”

Under pressure exerted by the Intelligence Ministry interrogators, and based on a complaint filed by the Gohardasht prison warden and deputy warden, a new case has now been opened against Osanloo.

Osanloo has been under increasing physical and psychological pressures in recent months. He has repeatedly been placed in solitary confinement at ward 1; infamously known as the doghouse. On March 14, based on unfounded reasons, he was unexpectedly moved from ward 4 to ward 5 and placed with addicts and dangerous inmates who suffer from contagious diseases...more


Hey fascist major

by Fair on

The excuse this June 12 will be the same excuse as today and the same excuse as every day for the last 31 years.  That fascist thugs like you will do anything to kill the opposition, will deny the most basic right of peaceful expression to Iranian citizens, and will stop at nothing to make sure that fascism stays in power in Iran.

What are you thugs afraid of?  Why is Iran at the bottom of the world for jailing reporters and closing down newspapers?  All this shear fear and terror on your fascist's part because of a "fizzle"?

Just put a lid on it, you make me sick.  Shame on you for betraying the people of Iran.



Shifteh Ansari

Sargord Pirouz

by Shifteh Ansari on

Yes, another fizzle in a long series of fizzles which have had the Iranian government up in arms and armed to the teeth.  You are so right.  It was really insignificant.  You don't need to worry your pretty little head about any of these inane details and events, Sargord Joon.  I hope you at least read some of the things I posted, and that you didn't draw your conclusions from just watching videos and looking at pictures.  If you have a hard time reading the Persian text, you can push them through a translator software and see what they are saying.  I recommend the articles I posted this evening as a good summary of today's fizzle.

Sounds like you had a great Labor Day.  Here's wishing you a happy Teacher's Day tomorrow also.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

Shifteh jan: thanks for the great information - god bless IRAN

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Every voice counts! Every action counts!


In an open letter addressed

by vildemose on

In an open letter addressed to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, a group of Iranian-born academics based in the United States and in Europe have warned of the spread of superstition in Iran by state officials

Academics Warn Of Spread Of Superstitious Beliefs By Iranian Officials

Shifteh Ansari

Dear Was Rosie

by Shifteh Ansari on

Thank you for your kindness.  My life as an Iranian in diaspora changed last June when I saw the peaceful and unarmed people of Iran beaten, cut, and shot on Iran's streets. My promise to myself then was that if I couldn't be there to do something to help, I would do whatever I can here to make the voices out of Iran heard. Thank you for the compliment; not everybody thinks very highly of me here! I am doing this for Iran, so praise or criticism do not affect me much. Thank you.


Workers took to the streets

by vildemose on

Workers took to the streets in various cities in Iran to celebrate the International Workers Day to raise their demands.  Despite Heavy security forces presence, workers staged demonstrations in various cities. The city of Tehran

Continue Reading...


  Intimidation In Iran

by vildemose on


Intimidation In Iran Keeps Protesters From Rally

planned demonstration in which Iranian workers were to join reformists in an antigovernment protest failed to materialize on Saturday, apparently the result of intimidation and a large police presence.

Two Iranian opposition leaders, Mir Hussein Moussavi and Mehdi Karroubi, had called Thursday for workers and teachers to join the reformists in a broad-based coalition.

The call went unheeded on Saturday, analysts said, largely because of government intimidation.

But the lack of action may also reflect a failure of the opposition leaders to win over workers and teachers, who have their own grievances, to the antigovernment cause. And it raised questions about the ability of the opposition to mobilize a mass protest planned for June 12, the anniversary of Iran’s disputed presidential the rest below:

Sargord Pirouz

Most of the videos depicting

by Sargord Pirouz on

Most of the videos depicting NAJA deployments actually show metro police. There are a couple showing conscript-police and cadre, but most are metro. (Didn't see any SG, SF or border protection reinforcements. Or any IRGC "order force" or "quick reaction force.")

Also, some of the videos show metro busses in use, as well as taxi services, apparently contradicting the claim of a city-wide strike.

In general, it looks like another fizzle, with some now making another round of excuses.

You know, the police force strength evident in these videos isn't anything extraordinary compared to that which is brought up in preparation of demonstrations in any Western metropolis. Only in this particular case, significant numbers of demonstrators failed to actually materialize.

Wonder what the excuse will be this coming June 12. 

Was Rosie

For Shifteh,

by Was Rosie on

Sad afarin! You won, in my book.


Shifteh Ansari

یک سال سرکوب معلمان معترض در ایران

Shifteh Ansari

From BBC Persian.

Read the entire article here:

امسال مراسم روز معلم در حالی در ایران برگزار می شود که اعتراضهای پس از انتخابات ریاست جمهوری به مطالبات این صنف رنگ و بویی تازه بخشیده است.
سرکوب اعتراض معلمان در اسفند ۱۳۸۵ در مقابل ساختمان مجلس فصل تازه ای در رابطه حکومت ایران با قشری را گشود که تعلیم و تربیت بیش از ۱۲ میلیون دانش آموز را بر عهده دارند.
حالا دیگر دسته ای از معلمان معترض فعالانه مطالباتشان را پیگیری می کنند و از پرداخت هزینه کمتر هراس دارند.
درخواست از نامزدها
کانون صنفی معلمان ایران پیش از انتخابات ریاست جمهوری میثاق نامه ای برای نامزدها فرستاد.
در این میثاق نامه هفت مطالبه اصلی مطرح شده بود، از جمله به رسمیت شناخته شدن تشکلهای صنفی معلمان، لغو تمام احکام تخلفات اداری فرهنگیان، افزایش حقوق و به رسمیت شناخته شدن حق برگزاری تجمعات.
سعید پیوندی، جامعه شناس و کارشناس مسائل آموزشی ایران می گوید که انتخابات سال پیش اولین باری بود که معلمان به عنوان یک گروه اجتماعی فعال وارد میدان شدند و حرفهایشان را با نامزدها در میان گذاشتند و "بخاطر همین در تاریخ سی سال اخیر جنبش معلمان اهمیت داشت."

Shifteh Ansari

کارگران آمدند

Shifteh Ansari

Rooz Online, Samnak Aghaee:


Read the whole article here:


با وجود تدابیر شدید امنیتی و استقرار گارد ویژه در بسیاری از مناطق
مرکزی شهر های بزرگ کشور، در روز کارگر، ده ها هزار کارگر معترض در نقاط
مختلف کشور به خیابان ها آمدند و در دفاع از حقوق قانونی خود و علیه سیاست
های اقتصادی دولت شعار سر دادند.کارگران معترض، مراسم دولتی روز جهانی
کارگر راکه با حضور مسئولان دولتی صبح دیروز برگزار شد بایکوت کردند و طبق
درخواست یازده تشکل کارگری مستقل، عصردیروزمقابل ادارات کار تجمع کردند.

براساس گزارش های رسیده، تجمعات کارگری روز گذشته در نقاطی
از تهران، اصفهان و سنندج و تبریز منجر به درگیری بین کارگران و نیروهای
انتظامی شد. هنوز هیچ منبعی از تعداد بازداشت شدگان احتمالی این درگیری ها
خبر دقیقی منتشر نکرده است.

دیروز صدها کارگر معترض تهرانی از نقاط مختلف، خود را به
مقابل وزارت کار رساندند تا همان طور که در بیانیه مشترک تشکل های کارگری
اعلام شده بود مراسم روز جهانی کارگر را برگزار و اعتراض خود را نسبت به
وضعیت وخیم جامعه کارگری اعلام کنند. گزارش های منابع خبری و حقوق بشری
حاکی از آن است که از ساعت سیزده بعد از ظهر تا ساعت هفده جمعیت کارگران
معترض با همراهی مردم در مقابل وزارت کار و مجلس به بیش از چهار هزار تن

در نقاطی از تهران هم که زیر نظر نیروی انتظامی و گارد ویژه
بود، از همان شروع تجمع، درگیرهای پراکنده ای بین کارگران معترض و نیروهای
انتظامی رخ داد. به نوشته برخی از منابع خبری در درگیری کارگران با گارد
ویژه در برابر وزارت کار، حداقل پنج تن از کارگران بازداشت و بیش از ده تن
دیگر مجروح و راهی بیمارستان شدند.




Shifteh Ansari

تنها نيمى از پولى را كه خرج نيروى سركوبتان كرديد به خود كارگران

Shifteh Ansari

تنها نيمى از پولى را كه خرج نيروى سركوبتان كرديد به خود كارگران ميداديد ، امروز وضعتان بهتر از اين بود
پس از 22 بهمن ، تهران چنين قشون كشي را به خاطر ندارد . از ميدان آزادي نيروي سراپا مسلح گمارده بودند تا خود ميدان امام حسين . وزارت كار در محاصره كامل مزدوران تا بن دندان مسلح بود و در هر تقاطعي ، انبوهي از نيرو و ادوات سركوب . ميدان انقلاب كه اوج نيرو بود . هر چها ر طرف ميدان در اشغال كامل . هر سمت چندين ون مجهز شده و بنز هاي انتظامي . حتي بالاي پل عابر پياده رويروي وزارت كار ، بيش از جمعيت عابر ، نيروي لباس شخصي با بيسيم و اسلحه هاي كمري مستقر كرده بودند تا مبادا عكسي و تصويري از اين لشگر اشغالگر مخابره شود .
سوال اين است كه چقدر هزينه برداشته اين قشون كشي شما ؟ تا كي ميتوانيد اين هزينه را از جيب ما بپردازيد . اگر نيمي از همين پولي كه امروز خرج سركوب كارگران كرديد ، به خودشان ميداديد ، امشب فرزندانشان گشنه سر بر بالين نميگذاردند .